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You can learn a lot about a person when you clean their house.
Hi there.
Before I sat down to begin writing this, I went to the bathroom. I'll now direct your attention to the picture I have posted as the cover to this blog in order to give you a perspective of my view from the throne.

Yep, that's a giant roach lounging against the baseboard of my bathroom. Apologies for the crude drawing, I didn't take my phone into the bathroom with me to take a picture of it. Hopefully this fact redeems your opinion of my personal habits and hygiene just a little. My point in sharing this with you, dear reader, is that no one is perfect and often you cannot judge a person by what they do for a living. I clean houses part time and I'm actually pretty damn good at it. I would also be pretty damn good at cleaning my own house if:

1) I was being paid to do it
2) I did not live with three little boys, a husband, and a 140 pound dog
3) The above two factors didn't reduce my motivation to do so to nearly zero

These aren't excuses, only reasons why I tend to neglect my own space. So if one came to visit me, say, today around 7 AM they would never guess I'm a decent cleaning lady and that I am actually a very tidy person by nature.

That being said, you actually can tell quite a bit about a person by cleaning their home for them. Not everything mind you, my clients surprise me virtually every time I visit them, but at least a fair amount. That's why I decided to share my daily experiences with you. I feel there is some information of value to them, for practical purposes (do you know how to properly clean really expensive vertical blinds? Verrrry carefully.) and for a glimpse into human nature you may not ordinarily get to see. So I hope you enjoy my little musings and insights. If not, feel free to tell me so but be gentle. I cry easily.

I'm really not trying to be judgmental or a c u next tuesday about these encounters. I think those qualities come out within all of us without our help because we're human. I also know judgment goes both ways, so while I have my opinions about the people I encounter (some informed, some definitely not as much) they have theirs about me as well, I'm sure. Which is OK. I'm obviously good fodder for judgement.
That all said, I wish all of these people happiness. Some say there are people out there who don't deserve happiness, and I've met a few about whom it would be easy to be on the fence. I don't think it's helpful, so when the dust settles, if I'm judgmental (which I've already pointed out I am) know that it isn't without a small measure of regret.
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