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A new series in which a shifter and vampire fall in love.
I don't got much written up about this book, just a general outline of where it is going. I usually put the blurb here, but I am still working on it. So let me give you a little run down on what this new book, and new series is about.

In the Bloodlines Series, shifters and vampires had been at war for a very long time. With the introduction of the new vampire king Darius, and unification of the twelve shifter tribes, a treaty has been reached. It's shaky, and there is still a deep dislike between the two races.

This first book follows a vampire enforcer- Lucas, and a lone wolf shifter-Sera as they try and protect Jameson, the grizzly shifter who is next in line to run the 12 clans, and Clarissa, a member of the vampire royal family. Lucas realizes that Sera is his mate immediately, Sera is a little slower to catch up.

There are many who will go to any length to keep this union from happening, even if it means killing all involved.

In this story, while protecting the young couple and trying to navigate the politics of their people, Lucas and Sera fall in love. Can they overcome racial tension and prejudice from their people, and their own past demons?

*I realize this is very rough, but this is a new concept that just came to me so I am still in the process of world building, and extra rough draft writing*

Thank you!
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