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I want to use this blog to document what I am doing with my StoryWorld cards.
Hello everyone! I am not really new around here I just haven't been keeping up with my writing, and posting. Then again, I guess I am new since I feel like I am starting over. I recently started a new online writing course called Writing Blueprints, and I am learning how to write chapter books. It's pretty fun! Since I really enjoy going to the new and used bookstore as frequently as I can, I went yesterday and found something I thought might be a lot of fun to experiment with.

But let's back up to a few years ago when I was in the same new and used bookstore. It was Halloween time, and I was just looking for some kids books with a Halloween theme to read just for fun. I happened on this card set called StoryWorld Tales From the Haunted House. I had never seen anything like it before. Each card has an illustration on it, and it is given a title. On the back of the card you will find the name of the card with a short description of the card, or how it is used. For instance, The Haunted Hallway card says, "Must be crossed to get to bed" which might be a detail you can add to your story if you want to. Then there are three questions on the back of each card. The Haunted Hallway card questions are: How did it become huanted? Who or what is watching the boy? (The illustration on the card shows a boy holding a teddy bear.) Is there a way for the boy to escape safely? You can draw one card and use the questions to write a story about the one card, or you can draw several cards and create a story from them. Also, each card has a visual clue that links it to another card in the deck, and you can create a story that way. You just have to find the visual clues, and if you can't don't worry becasue there is a little book with the deck that tells what cards are connected to each other. There is no right or wrong way of doing it.

I went ahead and bought that box of cards. I opened them up and went through the cards. All of them are beautifully illustrated. I played around with it for a while, but wasn't really confident in writing this way, so I put the cards away and forgot about them for a few years. Then yesterday I came across another StoryWorld card set that was bigger than the one I purchased a few years ago. This one is called StoryWorld Unlock Your Imagination. It is a bigger set of cards with a hard bound book in it to help the user get started.

I thought this was interesting, and I wondered why this set was so much bigger than the first one I pick up. I went on line and did some reasearch about these cards. These cards are based on Tarot cards, but with Tarot cards you do a reading. However, there were some people who were using the Tarot cards to make up stories. I had a set of Tarot cards when I was in my teens because at that age we all are interested in a lot of different things. I never thought of creating a story with the pictures on the Tarot cards, but now I think it's a pretty cool idea. During my reasearch, I found that the larger set is the master card set, and all the other ones are smaller because they are extentsion decks. You can mix things up if you want to.

That is why I am keeping this blog. I am going to keep a blog on what I am doing with these cards, how I am using them, and post my stories in my portfolio. Maybe I can find a few other writers who like to use the Story World cards to write with as well.
September 9, 2018 at 4:36pm
September 9, 2018 at 4:36pm
I have spent the last week working on my first post for this site. I drew a few cards out of my Tales From the Haunted House deck and I wrote a few notes using the prompts on the back of the cards just to get started. My thinking was that if I sit down and try to write a little using the prompts then I could have something more to work from besides the illustration on the card. I guess I wanted to sort of think about it first before I started the actual writing.

After I got started writing the piece, I thought it might be fun to start with my favorite card, and use the hidden clue in the illustration to connect to another card. I guess instead of this being a short story, I decided to write it more like a novel with chapter. I would like for it to be a chapter book kind of story, but I think to do that I will need to change the character to children instead of adults. I don't know yet. I am just sort of experimenting.

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