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Welcome to Greyhollow, a small town with a dark past and even darker secrets...
Chapter Eight is COMPLETE! Sorry for the wait, I got sidetracked but I'm back and better than ever!

Fair warning, this is the rough draft. I will go back and edit when I have down time but for now I am concerned with just getting the story out.

Chapters are subject to change, I will mark any that I've edited as revised.

Enjoy and don't be scared to provide me with any feedback! I don't bite, but the creatures within this book make no such promises...
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prologue 23.54k
Chapter 2 Chapter One: Awakening 13.42k
Chapter 3 Chapter Two: Dylan Goes Vegan 31.73k
Chapter 4 Chapter Three: This Ain't A Taxi Service 12.68k
Chapter 5 Chapter Four: Keep One Eye Open 6.32k
Chapter 6 Chapter Five: Riddles and Ravens 14.54k
Chapter 7 Chapter Six: Back to Reality 18.99k
Chapter 8 Chapter Seven: Confrontation 23.35k
Chapter 9 Chapter Eight: The Dragon's Den 21.69k

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