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by Melina
Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #2175359
The Reaper has ruled over Etias due to the longevity he has achieved through necromancy.
Author's Note: This is a novel. Below is a short description of the story. Please refer to the table of contents for the other chapters

About Where the Black Moon Rises: Ascension of the Reaper

         Prince Kyvan Andurth has the weight of the world of Etias on his shoulders, with his ever-nearing ascension to the throne of the Reaper shadowing his every waking hour. Kyvan’s grandfather, the current Reaper, is a lich—a being who has achieved immortality by sealing his soul into a phylactery. For the Reaper, the phylactery is his powerful, legendary scythe. Though his flesh has wasted away, his body and mind remains as alive as ever.
         Unbeknownst to the Andurth family, a darker force, one that has been looming for as long as his grandfather has been in power, has been watching the royal family and is now moving in for the strike. Another lich, one known only as the Daemon of Death, has summoned her elemental creatures, the Faceless Daemons, along with aligning herself with Xarsunon, the ancient lich dragon king.
         Melina Dawnshade has not had the easiest life growing up. She escaped from her horribly abusive parents after her brother, Bleiz Dawnshade, rescued her when she was a teenager. The races are stirring; humans, elves, orcs and others are now fighting constantly. Meanwhile, the dragons, who had been peaceful under the Equinox Concordant, have turned against the treaty and attack everyone in their path. Melina and her brother are no exception to this conflict after they escape their abusive household and grow together as rangers in the deep forests of Etias.
         Being humans, they have to deal with a great deal of prejudice, as the other races consider humans the lowest and weakest of the realms. The sibling’s ranger skills are put to the test when a dragon attacks their home of SilentForest. They receive the unexpected aid of the Reaper’s knight, who takes the siblings to the Reaper to be rewarded for their bravery. They got more than they bargained for, however, when the king assigns them on a mission with Prince Kyvan himself to find information on why the dragons are betraying the treaty. Kyvan holds the same prejudice as most against humans, so he must set this aside to work together with Melina and Bleiz to bring peace back to Etias and prove he is ready to become the next Reaper.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prologue 2.86k
Chapter 2 Deliverance 10.07k
Chapter 3 Amongst the Dead 4.74k
Chapter 4 Enemy of Embers 13.52k
Chapter 5 The Reaper 16.79k
Chapter 6 Foretellings Told 30.76k
Chapter 7 The Undead Dragon King 16.65k
Chapter 8 Lost Companions 25.46k
Chapter 9 Barriers Broken 20.56k
Chapter 10 Homecoming 27.67k
Chapter 11 The Ball 27.48k

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2175359