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Evil plans to destroy Etias. The king, known as the Reaper, must save the realms.
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To proclaim the responsibility of the realms rests on my shoulders is a gross understatement for what destiny has placed upon me. I am the heir of Etias, and before long I will be king — the Reaper of this land.

As the only child of Lord Xanthus and Lady Syllia, not a soul may claim the sovereignty from me. Only a fraction of the population is not envious of my lifestyle. From my birth, I obtained power, wealth, and glory, most could not fathom. I may call upon an alluring female, sometimes more than one, in my bed each night. The people both adore and fear me across the dimensions...

Chapter 1

... Astiroth's emotionless mask cracked, his eyes widening with fury. His nostrils flared as he cried up at the king, "You should not meddle in things none of your affair, Your Majesty!"

His voice echoed in the hallway as his hands came out to his sides, the ground splitting beneath him as two long vines of stone slithered into his grasp. Stony spikes erupted in a circular formation around him in defense, forcing Casimir away.

"I sought your guidance, to bask in your strength, hoping to taste it for myself. I played the role of the dutiful guard, yet your training never surmounted to more than a mere pittance," his snarl turned into a perverse smile. "Now I shall call upon a being that will grant me the capacity I seek!"...

Chapter 2

... Azara, preparing to attack Niaris, looked towards her son with wide eyes, "Kaziel!"

Distracted, she did not note the blackened blade Niaris summoned as she sprinted at her. Azara's orbs widened in shock as the knife slipped through her abdominal wall with efficiency. Stunned by the searing pain coursing through her, her glowing eyes remained full as blood seeped from between her parted lips.

"You will face our Master for the crimes you have committed against her," Niaris hissed in Azara's ear...

Chapter 3

... “In starless night, block'd light, arose from shadow's bleak of the lunar blood song. The promise of the angel’s ice lips, a silhouette of the deepest black rises from the cold earth before the white. The skies blaze with the fires of suffering, mortal and god of one melting to flesh and bone.”...

Chapter 4

... She entwined her bony fingers in Melina's long hair, grabbing a fist-full as leverage to drag her across the dirt floor. Melina reached up as she cried out, clawing at her mother's hands, twisting her slight frame in a panic to free herself from her mother's relentless grasp. The older woman threw open the lid of a large, wooden crate on the other side of the room. In a fluid motion, she lifted the small, squirming girl, tossed her inside, slammed it shut ...

Chapter 5

... "Focus on me," she said, encouraging him to look into her eyes, a gentle glow emitting from them. Her orange eyes appeared to stop their eternal dance for a moment before they spun in the opposite direction.

Dante growled, resisting for a moment before his black eyes connected with her. His hand squeezed her tight as his other remained pressed at the side of his head. Xenlia squared herself with him as she reached up to take his hand from his head, holding them both between them ...

Chapter 6

... Melina got on her knees, facing the monstrous beast hovering menacingly above her. Without looking back, Melina reached to pull out her onyx bow Aicanáro. In a flawless motion, she pulled an arrow from the quiver, clicking the nock at the end of the shaft into the bowstring with practiced ease. With careful aim, she released the arrow at the dragon. The moment the missile left the string, a small fireball erupted in the sky blinding everyone nearby. ...

Chapter 7

..."A lich is a powerful undead being that has separated his soul from his body to achieve immortality," said Tezar as his light eyes directed towards the human. "The Reaper himself is a lich, although he is not evil. This is a rare occurrence, as most liches do not come out that way." He folded his slender hands in front of him, the long sleeves of his robes embellished with stars. "Xarsunon can travel through the material realm and the spirit realm just as the Reaper. He feeds off souls to gain power. I do not know where he has been hiding. I assumed him destroyed before they had drafted the Equinox Concordant." ...

Chapter 8

... Nearby, she felt a steady hand grab her arm. Though the water was dark, an eerie light glowed beside her as she turned her head to see a ghastly face sneering at her through the water. Its eyes glowed an angry red, and years of being submerged in the underground lake bloated its skin. It reached up towards her with its second hand.
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