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Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #2175359
Evil plans to destroy Etias. The king, known as the Reaper, must save the realms.
Please Note: This is a novel. The chapters are separated per Writing.com's guidelines. I have provided previews and links to each chapter below.


To proclaim the responsibility of the realms rests on my shoulders is a gross understatement for what destiny has placed upon me. I am the heir of Etias, and before long I will be king — the Reaper of this land.

As the only child of Lord Xanthus and Lady Syllia, not a soul may claim the sovereignty from me. Only a fraction of the population is not envious of my lifestyle. From my birth, I obtained power, wealth, and glory, most could not fathom. I may call upon an alluring female, sometimes more than one, in my bed each night. The people both adore and fear me across the dimensions...

Chapter 1

... Astiroth's emotionless mask cracked, his eyes widening with fury. His nostrils flared as he cried up at the king, "You should not meddle in things none of your affair, Your Majesty!"

His voice echoed in the hallway as his hands came out to his sides, the ground splitting beneath him as two long vines of stone slithered into his grasp. Stony spikes erupted in a circular formation around him in defense, forcing Casimir away.

"I sought your guidance, to bask in your strength, hoping to taste it for myself. I played the role of the dutiful guard, yet your training never surmounted to more than a mere pittance," his snarl turned into a perverse smile. "Now I shall call upon a being that will grant me the capacity I seek!"...

Chapter 2

... A twisted flicker of excitement lit in Astiroth's eyes as she mentioned attacking the village, "I suppose I need to make a trip to this town of his. I must prove my worth to our master." He pushed his hair out of his face. "Care to join me? I intend to make him, and those villagers, suffer."

Niaris pressed a delicate finger to her lips in reflection, "Very well, I will go. Just be sure the show is entertaining to me." A wicked smile spread across her pale face. Underneath their feet, deep beneath the dead earth's surface by the base of the broken angel statue, came the boom of slow but rhythmic knocking...

Chapter 3

... Azara, preparing to attack Niaris, looked towards her son with wide eyes, "Kaziel!"

Distracted, she did not note the blackened blade Niaris summoned as she sprinted at her. Azara's orbs widened in shock as the knife slipped through her abdominal wall with efficiency. Stunned by the searing pain coursing through her, her glowing eyes remained full as blood seeped from between her parted lips.

"You will face our Master for the crimes you have committed against her," Niaris hissed in Azara's ear...

Chapter 4

... The Death Daemon chuckled at Niaris's expression of annoyance, "Come now, Niaris. You will enjoy this."

Their master lifted her hand, disappearing into the fog. Astiroth smirked as he reached to yank Niaris's hands up, pinning them against the stone above her head.

"Let us begin… we have a world-conqueror to create," Astiroth hissed with lust.

Niaris's silver eyes flashed before she purred, lifting one leg to wrap around his waist, drawing him closer to her, "Just as before, you better keep me entertained."...

Chapter 5

... A low grumble from inside the cavern caught their attention, turning their eyes back to the darkness of the cave. Etriz hesitated for a moment before inching his way forward to investigate. His eyes darted around the walls, keenly aware of any movement.

The low growling grew louder when, from out of the darkness, a giant blue dragon claw stepped forward, followed by a mammoth-sized head. The deep vibrant blue of the dragon's scales shone even in the cavern's darkness. The lizard turned its icy blue eyes on the two intruders.

"Svaust beviri lekar wer okarthel di Nyvet, sargt di wer myvillion?" the deep voice snarled...

Chapter 6

..."You dare to deny our Goddess's will? Defiant wench!" her mother shrieked.

She entwined her bony fingers in Melina's long hair, grabbing a fist-full as leverage to drag her across the dirt floor. Melina reached up as she cried out, clawing at her mother's hands, twisting her slight frame in a panic to free herself from her mother's relentless grasp. The older woman threw open the lid of a large, wooden crate on the other side of the room. In a fluid motion, she lifted the small, squirming girl, tossed her inside, slammed it shut. Flat on her back in the box, knees to her chest, Melina shouted and clawed at the slatted lid. The tumblers in the lock clicked as her mother sealed it from the outside...

Chapter 7

... Wisps of vapor poured from his eyes and mouth, an otherworldly screech resonating from deep in his chest. The Reaper did not flinch, holding the scythe against the prince's forehead with determination. The blade shifted in color to match the same hue that came from Kyvan's features. Blue mist swirled around the edge like a hand grabbing hold. Blood trickled along the prince's forehead as the sharp edge of the scythe cut into his skin...

Chapter 8

... "Grandfather, I come with news of leads to information about the recent dragon attacks," said the man. His voice was silvery and euphonious, and Melina felt her knees swoon at the sound.

"Good, you will brief these humans on the matter."

The man paused for a moment before turning to regard the two siblings behind him as if only now realizing they were present. He stared at them before he turned back to his grandfather.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, Prince Kyvan," responded the Reaper in a calm but firm tone. "I am assigning them to the investigation. They will be your responsibility now."

"Grandfather... they are humans!" Kyvan blurted, his face twisting into utter disgust at being near anyone of the race...

Chapter 9

... "A lich is a powerful undead being that has separated his soul from his body to achieve immortality," said Ivsaar as his light eyes directed towards the human. "The Reaper himself is a lich, although he is not evil. This is a rare occurrence, as most liches do not come out that way," he folded his slender hands in front of him, the long sleeves of his robes embellished with stars. "Xarsunon can travel through the material realm and the spirit realm just as the Reaper. He feeds off souls to gain power. I do not know where he has been hiding all these years. I had always assumed him destroyed before they had drafted the Equinox Concordant."...

Chapter 10

... She grunted, squinting up at Casimir with dust stinging her eyes. She took Casimir's hand as he helped her back to her feet after the disturbance settled. They both turned to look up at a black monstrosity above them.

The details of the dragon took form, revealing the horror before their eyes. Between rotted and torn pieces of scaled flesh glinted the white of bone. The angular, horned skull no longer held slit pupils, but empty sockets containing pinpoints of burning red lights. Deep in its hollow chest cavity, an eerie purple light glowed. The monster opened its jaws wide, omitting a heinous hiss down at the group...

Chapter 11

... Etriz whirled around, ready to battle again before his eyes fell on his son. He noted the sorrowful look on Kaziel's face, and his blood ran cold. Etriz looked around for Aurae before speaking, his voice low and fearful,

"Where is your sister?"

Kaziel swallowed the hard lump in his throat as he shook his head, "...I couldn't save her."

Etriz's eyes widened as he stared at his son, his heart throbbing in his chest as his emotions whirled. Unable to hold himself upright any longer, he collapsed to his knees. He stared at his hands in shock and disbelief, his physical and mental strength wiped out in a single blow...

Chapter 12

...There were a few heartbeats of silence when, from behind a gravestone, a young boy stepped out into view. He appeared no older than ten years. His skin was a dark-gray, just like his father's, and his black eyes resembled the most profound depths. There was no shine of youth or innocence in those eyes. His black hair was unkempt, spiking in various angles with his bangs dangling over part of his dark gaze. The boy wore only a pair of pants and what appeared to be a tunic on his shoulders. He lifted his head to look up at Aurae, his visage blank of all recognizable emotion...

Chapter 13

... "Damn it!" hissed Kyvan between clenched teeth. He gripped the pole of his weapon with both hands, lifting it above his head to block an over-the-head strike from his opponent. Kyvan used this as an opportunity to raise one of his long legs up and strike his opponent in the center of their chest, sending them sprawling into the grass. Without hesitation, Kyvan lifted his curved blade and sliced it into the assassin's heart.

The challenger made not a sound as the scythe ate away at their life-force. Kyvan could not see their facial expression, but he knew it held one of terror. The soul of the attacker lifted from its body and surrounded the scythe, the blade humming angrily as it glowed a bright violet. As the brightness of the sickle grew, so did the glow in Kyvan's eyes, resonating with the strength of absorbing a soul.

Chapter 14

... "Vadik, Vadik... it's OK," said Tyne as he patted his hands in the air to calm the elf. Vadik stared at Tyne with wide eyes.

"I-It is?"

"Of course!" said Tyne, a wide grin spread across his face as he paced towards the little male elf. Tyne's heavy boots gave a heavy thunk with every step he took as he walked across the wood floor. He looked around the gathering as he spoke. "I've only been trying to track them down for years, but this is OK! You want to know why, Vadik?"

He stepped behind the elf as he placed a thickly gloved hand on Vadik's shoulder, leaning his mouth close against his pointed ear as he lowered his voice, "Because this time when I track those fools down, I won't have you there to ruin it."...
Prologue 3.12k
Chapter 1 21.19k
Chapter 2 13.86k
Chapter 3 20.06k
Chapter 4 16.97k
Chapter 5 12.41k
Chapter 6 9.97k
Chapter 7 21.24k
Chapter 8 15.04k
Chapter 9 30.63k
Chapter 10 30.55k
Chapter 11 25.86k
Chapter 12 20.37k
Chapter 13 12.75k
Chapter 14 12.20k

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