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When the first Prism Gate opened there came those who walked rifts and changed the world.
I have struggled for a long time on how best to describe my journeys as the Rift Walker. For over two hundred years I have traveled between worlds witnessing horrors that even our mastery over science could never explain. I have seen empires built and civilizations crumble into nothing. I have seen mankind fall into the dust only to rise like a phoenix and then be dowsed again by uncertain fate. I have seen the playground of God’s and witnessed an unbending cycle that, like a circle, has no beginning and no end. I have seen worlds of mist and fire and walked within creatures so large they were planets themselves. I have seen and fought the dead, bargained with machines, and stolen artifacts so powerful that space and time itself were no obstacle. I have done this and more for the sake of our world because in the darkness dwells living hunger and hatred with depth unmatched by any mortal. In the darkness dwells an abyss that we woke when we opened the first Prism Gate and it was only a matter of time before our fates were sealed. This is my story.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Prism Gate 19.81k
Chapter 2 The Gideon Worm 13.18k
Chapter 3 The Sinner 8.94k
Chapter 4 Niflheim 38.26k
Chapter 5 The Rift Walker 14.99k
Chapter 6 The Cathedral 12.17k
Chapter 7 The Kraken 12.08k
Chapter 8 Jotunheim 47.32k
Chapter 9 The Leviathan and Nosferatu 10.44k
Chapter 10 Chimera: The Rook 11.89k
Chapter 11 Chimera: The Knight 9.62k
Chapter 12 Chimera: The Bishop 9.65k
Chapter 13 Chimera: The Queen 10.83k
Chapter 14 Muspelheim 42.39k
Chapter 15 The Corpse Tree 12.54k
Chapter 16 The Ventriloquist 11.49k
Chapter 17 Alfheim 21.79k
Chapter 18 Charybdis 9.45k
Chapter 19 Vanaheim 43.34k
Chapter 20 Midgard 35.08k
Chapter 21 Asgard/Helheim 20.47k
Chapter 22 The Demon's Wheel 4.63k

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