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Cadence was given a second chance, and she's not going to waste it.
Cadence Richelieu was the perfect girl - excellent dancer, stellar personality, exceptional intelligence. She was the best the Beauxrouish nobility had to offer - until she wasn't.

Sabine Beauville destroyed Cadence's life: her reputation - ruined; her money - squandered; her family - shattered; her breath - stolen.

Cadence woke up in her bedroom, one week before her engagement to the Crown Prince was to be announced. She was given a second chance, and she swore not to waste it. She knows just how dangerous Sabine is - she would do anything for power, wealth, and fame. If Cadence can't stop her, Sabine would take Beauxroux in an iron grip, utterly destroying her beloved country.
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Chapter 1 Chapter One - Awakening 22.42k

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