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Rated: 18+ · Book · Steampunk · #2188286
The Beyond the Rails novel
Third book of the Beyond the Rails trilogy

         Greetings, and welcome to my beloved fictional world of airships over Kenya. After publishing twelve novellas chronicling the adventures of the Motor Airship Kestrel, my small but devoted fan base began to suggest, quite pointedly, that I should put the crew into a novel. At first resistant, as they had never been designed for novel work, I decided, what the heck, I'll look into it, and thus was Slayer of Darkness born. Don't be fooled by the title; there is no fantasy element herein, at least other than the history. In a nutshell, the crew becomes involved with what can best be described as a Victorian-era Man from U.N.C.L.E. style organization on the trail of a super-criminal. There are enough subplots going on to keep everybody hopping, and this book was intended to be the launch pad for a spinoff series about that organization. I suppose it still might, but the matter at hand is Slayer of Darkness, so climb aboard for some detective work, derring-do, and a threat of global proportions as I try my hand at a full-size Beyond the Rails novel.

         To commission a cover of similar style and quality to this one, contact Bryce Raffle .
Chapter 1 25.10k
Chapter 2 26.99k
Chapter 3 21.42k
Chapter 4 27.01k
Chapter 5 22.64k
Chapter 6 22.55k
Chapter 7 21.44k
Chapter 8 23.82k
Chapter 9 27.57k
Chapter 10 29.74k
Chapter 11 13.09k
Chapter 12 16.81k
Chapter 13 16.20k
Chapter 14 18.29k
Chapter 15 28.08k
Chapter 16 14.49k
Chapter 17 18.23k
Chapter 18 15.33k
Chapter 19 18.97k
Chapter 20 27.78k
Chapter 21 21.68k
Chapter 22 26.85k
Chapter 23 15.98k
Chapter 24 21.71k
Epilogue 4.91k

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