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Matthew Good Band
For "Musicology Anthology...info

<info goes here> US version (titles/songs/tracklists differ from Canadian and International releases) plus one non-album B-side from the recording sessions.
Discogs US Tracklist w/proper US titles  
<using titles from my iTunes library of the US cd...which for some reason deviate from listings on other sites.>


05:00pm Giant
06:00pm Hello Time Bomb
07:00pm Strange Days 4:21
08:00pm Deep Six 3:31
09:00pm Load Me Up 3:39
10:00pm Failing The Rorschach Test
11:00pm Suburbia 5:23
12:00am Apparitions 5:12
01:00am Jenni's Song 3:58
02:00am A Boy And His Machine Gun 5:02
03:00am The Future Is X-Rated 3:44
04:00am Everything Automatic 4:20
05:00am Born To Kill
sunup Running For Home
B-side: Flashdance II

<inc. lyrics/vid after each entry>
<1500 wc per story, GC or below>
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