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These stories are for The Musicology Anthology Challenge. There will be fifty-two of them.

KISS Alive 1975-2000

     It was a hard choice to make between KISS, The Eagles, and Queen. I also could have chosen Styx, Kansas, ZZ Top, or Boston. Even Ted Nugent and Peter Frampton may have been selected. The reason why I chose KISS is for two reasons: one is that they are my favorite group. And the second reason is it’s the first group that I think that I remembered listening to.

     I really wasn’t that much into music until I was about fifteen or sixteen. True, I was kind of into Country a little before then because of my mother. And I was serious about several singers. But I wasn’t really into it all that much either. That drove my oldest brother crazy because I wasn’t into Rock. When my parents got a divorce, I and my mom moved from Overland Park, KS to Lee’s Summit, MO. I’m not exactly sure when I started getting interested in Rock. But it was soon after that.

     The reason why I selected this album is that it has a lot of songs on it that I like a whole lot. If I don’t love them. It also has quite a few that I don’t know too much about. And some that are kind of new to me. In total, there are six-nine songs on this album. But there are seventeen that have been duplicated elsewhere. The lyrics are the same. Only the times are different.

     I’ve got fifty-two short stories to write for this Challenge and three months to do them. So, they probably won’t be too long. I’m going to try to do about a thousand words for each one. But if anyone knows me, what I want to write and what I end up doing are two separate things sometimes. I have decided to do these stories as a series.

     Thomas and Joann Winston are professional educators who work at two different High Schools in towns on both sides of where they live. At least they did before they gave it all up to Home School their four children. They didn’t decide to do that because of violence or drugs at the High Schools. It’s because those schools favored athletics over education.

     Both Thomas and Joann are big KISS fans. Three years ago, when they started Home Schooling, they missed out on going to a KISS concert. They spend the whole night listening to one song after another again and again. At first, Peter, Gene, Christine, and Beth didn’t like KISS. But after that very long night, they gradually became fans too. This year Thomas and Joann have decided to take their kids on a road trip during the summer. To teach them more about KISS. These stories are based on that road trip.

     How did I get these lyrics? It wasn’t easy. I started with YouTube. But they only gave me the songs, not the lyrics. So, I did a Google search under one of my favorite songs, if not my favorite one, aka Beth lyrics. Two of the sites they gave me among many are www.genius.com and www.lyrics.com. I decided to use the lyrics one. Except for one. That one I had to get from genius because I couldn’t get it from lyrics.

     Below is the list of those lyrics. One can be found on www.genius.com. And two can be found on this album. The rest you will find on KISS Alive, KISS Alive II, KISS Alive III, and KISS Symphony: Alive IV. All of them you will find on www.lyrics.com. They are…

 1.  Deuce (Alive)
     Deuce (Alive III)
     Deuce (Alive IV)

 2.  Strutter (Alive)
     Strutter (Alive IV)

 3.  Got to Choose (Alive)

 4.  Hotter Than Hell (Alive)

 5.  Firehouse (Alive)
     Firehouse (Alive)

 6.  Nothin' to Lose (Alive)

 7.  C'mon and Love Me (Alive)

 8.  Parasite (Alive)

 9.  She (Alive)

10.  Watchin' You (Alive)
     Watchin' You (Alive IV)

11.  100,000 Years (Alive)
     100,000 Years (Alive)

12.  Black Diamond (Alive)
     Black Diamond (Alive IV)

13.  Rock Bottom (Alive)

14.  Cold Gin (Alive)

15.  Rock and Roll All Nite (Alive)
     Rock and Roll All Nite (Alive)
     Rock and Roll All Nite (Alive III)
     Rock and Roll All Nite (Alive IV)

16.  Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll (Alive)
     Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll (Alive IV)

17.  Detroit Rock City (Alive II)
     Detroit Rock City (Alive III)
     Detroit Rock City (Alive IV)

18.  King of the Night Time World (Alive II)
     King of the Night Time World (Alive IV)

19.  Ladies Room (Alive II)

20.  Makin' Love (Alive II)

21.  Love Gun (Alive II)
     Love Gun (Alive IV)

22.  Calling Dr. Love (Alive II)
     Calling Dr. Love (Alive IV)

23.  Christine Sixteen (Alive II)

24.  Shock Me (Alive II)

25.  Hard Luck Woman (Alive II)

26.  Tomorrow and Tonight (Alive II)

27.  I Stole Your Love (Alive II)

28.  Beth (Alive II)
     Beth (Alive IV)

29.  God of Thunder (Alive II)

30.  I Want You (Alive II)

31.  Shout It out Loud (Alive II)
     Shout It out Loud (Alive IV)

32.  All-American Man (Alive II)

33.  Rockin' in the U.S.A. (Alive II)

34.  Larger Than Life (Alive II)

35.  Rocket Ride (Alive II)

36.  Any Way You Want It (Alive II)

37.  Creatures of the Night (Alive III)

38.  I Just Wanna (Alive III)

39.  Unholy (Alive III)

40.  Heaven's on Fire (Alive III)
     Heaven's on Fire (Alive III)

41.  Domino (Alive III)

42.  I Was Made for Lovin' You (Alive III)
     I Was Made for Lovin’ You (Alive IV)

43.  I Still Love You (Alive III)

44.  Lick It Up (Alive III)
     Lick It Up (Alive IV)

45.  Forever (Alive III)
     Forever (Alive IV)

46.  Take It Off (Alive 1975-2000)

47.  I Love It Loud (Alive III)
     I Love It Loud (Alive III)

48.  God Gave Rock & Roll to You II (Alive III)

49.  Star Spangled Banner (genius.com Alive III version)

50.  Psycho Circus (Alive IV)

51.  Into the Void (Alive 1975-200)

52.  Do You Love Me? (Alive IV)

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