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A grandfather teaches his granddaughter of nature's delicacy with a poem about sea otters.

Grandpa Daniels, a retired marine biologist, often stays with his son's family on weekends. The Daniel's neighborhood has a beautiful pond nearby and he and his granddaughter, Gabby Daniels, visit it whenever he stays over. One late afternoon after a storm has passed through, Gabby asks him where fresh air comes from. For some reason, the grandfather answers by bringing up a tale of sea otters who revitalize a kelp forest destroyed by sea urchins. (A group of otters — a hundred or so— really did swim up the Washington coast and enter the Strait of Juan de Fuca and revive a kelp forest ravaged by sea urchins. YouTube otters vs. climate.) Grandpa Daniels paints himself into a corner when he says there is a poem describing it. He stays up three-quarters of that night now having to write the poem. With three more visits to the pond interrupted by two events, he recites the poem to Gabby. By the end of the story it has become more about the importance of passing on what needs to be cared for.

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