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A powerful enemy threatens the existence of all mankind.
  First Draft BlockBuster!.

The places are real places and some content is based on real situations. All characters are fictitious, except for Johnny (Todd) Collins, he was real R.I.P. Johnny.
This book is presented on Writing.com in closer relation to chapter sizes in an average paperback novel and not in the very short size of chapters on this website.
I present my books on here with the intention of them being easier to edit into a real manuscript for actual publication.
Enjoy, Constant Reader!

Explicit language is used. Author suggests readers be 18+     


    The sky was clear and blue as the ocean, towering palm trees lined the cos way and they waved in the hot breeze. Amy loved riding in Tim’s blue rag-top convertible. The wind felt so good through her hair, she felt free and alive, she tilted her head back and took in a deep breath of the salty air rushing across her face exhaling all of her worries if only for a moment. The week always seemed to go on forever until she could see him again on the weekend. Going to different colleges across the state made it seem like torture and every minute spent together turned into cherished memories. Oh no, here comes that dreaded Sunday evening racing towards Amy like a Mac truck and it's hell-bent on crashing into her joy.

I’ll just bury myself in my books until next Friday, she thought, trying to find a way to make the time go by faster.

Before I know it, I'll even have a grade point average to brag about to stuck up Laura Farnsworth,

Wow, where did that come from? Amy wondered as she began to doubt her own integrity.

“Just drop me off at the library,” said Amy.

“Sure babe, call me tonight,” Tim said as he turned right on Dover street.

"You know I will," said Amy, "It's on the top of my list, handsome."

    She loved that Tim looked like Kurt Russel, her mind went somewhere else, remembering that she had once been told that she resembled a young Sally Field. Funny how people like to use movie stars and famous singers as references to compare someone's looks to, she mused to herself. The car jolted and that brought her thoughts back to where her body was when they drove over a small pothole. Tim pulled in front of the library at the University of Miami. Amy got out of the car, she wished they could have more time together.

“Friday will be here before you know it," said Tim reassuring her.

    Amy noticed he got lost for a moment in her beautiful long hair as the sun danced through her curls. The long kiss helped, but the feeling of bliss was short-lived.
Amy could hear the zooming of Tim’s engine fading away as she climbed the white marble steps. The clicking of her shoes got the attention of the waiting librarian.

“Hi, Mrs.Collins,” Amy whispered.

“Hi Amy, your forensic psychology book arrived today”, said Mrs.Collins, quietly.

Mrs. Collins saw Amy’s eyes get big with anticipation.

“That was quick,” said Amy.

“You are in luck, your major is highly pursued, it should have taken longer.”

"I don't have much time today I have to get to the department early. I'm getting a new partner," said Amy wondering what he will be like.

    Amy handed her school card to Mrs.Collins. Suddenly, the National Civil Air-Raid horn sounded, assaulting their ears. Amy and Mrs. Collins froze. In a flat second, everything changed but no one knew how or for that matter why yet.

Amy rushed out of the library, the blaring sound of the air horn surrounding her, leaving behind her book and everyone's cell phones screaming in concert inside the library. The first thing to do is to find out what is happening, she thought looking down at the ground as she ran across the hot asphalt. There may be a huge crack in the ground at any moment, and she realized she may be swallowed up by the earth or there may be nuclear missiles soaring through the air towards the US. Two minutes later, she was at her dorm room door not doing well at getting her key into the keyhole. It took real focus just to get the door open.  She couldn't get that loud dull hum out of her head that she heard while rushing across campus. That sound had nothing to do with the air horn that's for sure. She pushed the door open and slammed it behind her rushing to the Tv.

“No! I will not be controlled by something they teach us is an emotion but is really an external enemy,” she exclaimed loudly, reinforcing her ability to brush off the unwelcome fear. Guess I better calm down, she thought, turning on the television and taking a deep breath she exhaled and her heart began to gradually slow down. She knew she wouldn't be any good to anyone if she gave into fear, least of all herself.

"This is the Emergency Broadcast System interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you critical information. The President of the United States has issued the Nationwide State of Emergency urging everyone to take shelter immediately. Do not attempt to cross state lines, blockades have been placed at all points of exit in order to contain the situation. Stay tuned to this station for further updates."

      She imagined some people were rushing to their computers to find out what was happening, she saw others turning on their televisions where they found all programming interrupted and alerts lit up cell phones, she could almost hear it, that alarming sound still fresh in her mind, Nonetheless, when she remembered the images of what she saw on the way to her dorm, Amy yelled at the television,

"What's happening?", becoming aware of her eyes getting wide.

Feelings of disbelief swept over her,

"But it's too soon," she found herself talking to walls that had no ears nor even cared.

What Amy saw on the way to her dorm-room shook her to the core, but she bounced back, she always has. It is something many people don’t deem possible or even believe in but she knew that someday this would happen.

    The small dorm room she had tried to make as homey as possible began to shake, CRASH! Her head whipped around and her eyes landed on her prom picture on the floor the frame and glass broken into pieces.

    Feeling betrayed and confused by the fact that the government had not prepared its citizens, she stumbled to the window and looked out. She could not believe her eyes! A round craft about the size of a baseball field diamond crept across the sky moving north towards Miami International Airport. Screams filled the air, screams like Amy had never heard before. A
She ran outside to get a better look and a man ran by her cutting through school property.

“Come back, wait for me!” He yelled at a silver craft, running after it as if he believed he would be beamed onboard the round spinning wonder as it glided through the panicking city of Miami.
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