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Rated: E · Book · Fantasy · #2201625
Trying to take down the mighty Nergigante? Read this, it may (or may not) help!
The Elder's Recess echoed with the screams of the brave or perhaps foolish adventurers who dared to venture into the crystalline, lava-spewing plains. Kushala Daora perked his ears hopefully, had these visitors come to see him, the mighty elder dragon of the tornadoes?! It had been so long, surely it was time for a second attempt to fell him?! He would even clip-clop around on his tiny claws if it lured himself a little company! A screech cut through the air, followed by the sound of a thousand glass panes shattering -- Nergigante? Again!? What was so special about the raging spiked fiend anyway?!

A similar question was being asked not so far away...​

"What is so special about this thing anyway?!" gasped Zayne, he was facedown on the floor and speaking through the shards of destruction that had rained down on him only moments earlier, he lifted his head and rolled out of the way just in time to avoid becoming goo-filled scratch marks in the ground. ​

Zayne didn't hide the fact he despised everything about this creature, the way that it launched itself at anyone who came near in a sort of rabid frenzy of claw swipes, body-slams and headbutts, it's ever-changing spikey exterior! Like make your mind up buddy, will it be white spikes or black!? ​

And yet there was no shortage of hunters who queued up to fight it, speaking of which, he was also well aware of said queue, and how the hunters, some burlier and better outfitted than him, were smirking and tapping their feet. Any moment now, these cart-fillers would be hauled out of here holding their guts in! ​

Rust Charagrin came flying through the air in the most acrobatic of ways and crashed in an upside-down heap beside the panting Zayne, her fancy Decimation Claws had clattered in all directions and she could feel the onset of a headache.​

"I told you" she growled through gritted teeth, twisting herself upright and spitting out a mouthful of blood that barely missed Zayne's poofy snow trousers "I need to make my final armor. And this guy needs to hand over his horns, carapace and talons! I am not leaving without them this time!"​

Nergigante did not allow for breathers! He was on a tight schedule today. He had just a few hours to take out the eager fleshy swarms who had gathered at the mouth of his lair. He liked adding bones to his pile, they made for good toothpicks and craft supplies for when he was feeling creative. Sometimes, the squealier of hunters he would keep for his own amusement. Go on, run little thing, see if you can get out of the way of THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS!!! The squealer would usually be on the floor in paracletic shock, having been purposefully swiped and missed by the Nergi, but to add the sparkling effect he liked, Nergi ran his talons over the overhanging obsidian crystals and let them rain on and around his toy.​

But now, he was charging at full speed towards his current quarry. They were proving to be unrewarding contenders and had been running about like ants for what seemed like an eternity and somehow avoiding his mighty swinging bulk!​

Rust grabbed the only Decimation Claw that she could reach and took a diving roll towards the rapidly approaching Nergi's underbelly, the beast was still in motion, so she had to aim the roll and stab just right-- SCREEEECCCH!! The Nergigante's spikes lengthened and took on a darker shade and he began swatting at his face as if a pesky fly was bothering him. It was proving tricky to be underfoot of the tapdancing creature, but Rust was artfully darting here and there, ready to strike and slash him a thousand times, he started staggering and smashing backwards, knocking over a splintered crystal pillar in his usual over the top fashion. Nergi liked to put on a show for his soon to be dead audience!​

"Stabby stabby stabby, stab stab!!!" Zayne had somehow mounted the beast and had found a seat among his back prickles, his floating mantle flapped about him, making him look like the caped nuisance he was!​

"I was about to make the kill! Get down!" Rust's screams weren't heard among the cacophony, and she tottered some ways below fuming at how the events always moved back towards Zayne's monster riding lessons! ​

"Why do you even want this armor anyway?!" he yelled down, still in the midst of his Nergi bopping "It's like a bikini set! I didn't think that was you! It shows off too much.." he lifted a hand and swirled it about as he tried to rack his tiny brain for the right word "... fat flesh?!"​

Perhaps that moment of weakened grip or Zayne's attention being diverted to the red-faced indignation Rust was what caused the end of the mission. It had to be her fault, I mean, she was coming here, trying to pick tiny bits off this huge beast and for what? Armor that she is going to layer with something big and frumpy?! Oooh! You have so many layers to choose from! Want to be a butterfly?! A cat?! A snowperson?!​

It was then Zayne noticed that he was laying down and that he had been mummified?! He raised a hand in alarm, oh, wait, just his forehead! Phew! But wait... what happened to the... ​

"Did we get carted away again?!"​
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