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A cole mine worker and his three sons story.
Once upon a time, in a remote area, there was living a mine labour named Alfred. He was a worker of a coal mine. He was very industrious. Everyday he worked hard, all the day and night. Thus, he earned a lot of money. Alfred had his wife and three sons. They were a happy family. Alfred's wife Alexa loved him very much. She had no argument against her husband except her youngest son Andy. Andy was of reckless
type. He had no moral, characterless. And Alfred had anxiety for him that what he would do in his life.When Alfred became older and he was not getting work for his physical incapacity, he retired and staying home all the day. He had a own house made with wood. One day, naturally, a thought came in his mind of distributing his property and money to the legal heir.They were his wife, and three sons Albert, Arron, and Andy. The house that he owned had three blocks of U pattern. Alfred decided to give each of his sons a block. And the money he saved all his life in bank decided to give each son in equal amount, so they can't make any argument. Alfred loved Albert, his elder son for his moral character. Albert was of solid character. He had all the good qualities that a man wants to see within his son. And so Alfred decided , he and Alexa to live with Albert, under the one roof together. Albert was very happy to be with parents. Whole day he was in charge to meet what they need. Asking every time "Do you need anything?" Alfred and Alexa were very pleased.
Alfred had a habit of reading book. It was an addiction that he can't live a day without reading book. He regularly went to the library of the nearest area. He bought books whenever got money.This was making him wise. Alfred's second son Arron was of luxurious and fanciful mind. He loved to buy goods those are luxurious.He liked latest model watch, costly leather wallet, electric goods of recent model. For this he even giving away old model goods to the friends those were in his possession, thinking "these are of old model, I need latest model. Thus, he became unconscious in spending money and wasting .Alfred knew about this but told nothing. He thought that, he was mature enough to understand what he was doing.. He didn't wanted to keep upper hand on Arron' s freedom.
As told before Alfred's youngest son was characterless, he was abusing drugs and he had regular physical contact with call girls. This type of reckless life living was throwing him to the physical hazards, he was destroying oneself.
Alfred took rest from work but not from thinking. Whole life he lived a very honest life. But he had to see his sons are doing wrong in front of his eyes. He, the father, can't remain quiet and let his sons go to hell.!
Alfred saw Albert is interested in knowledge, reading and writing. For him he made contact with a mine owner if he had known any News paper publisher or owner who can employ Albert.This was not much hard for him to find out a job from the social relation he kept. And Albert is not a lazy boy, who refrain from doing any work. Rather became very happy and always ready to accomplish a order that came from his parents. Alfred choose two sweet girls within his community and secretly arranging for marriage too. One for Albert, and another girl for Arron with the objective that Arron will become miser and shouldn't waste money.
Alfred took Arron to the market, there one shop owner appointed him as a salesman as he had good knowledge about models of different consumer goods. Albert & Arron' s problem was solved. They were living life following the root their father had shown for them. They became happy, as they were living a very disciplined and punctual dutiful life.
But for Andy, the youngest one, Alfred became rude. He admitted Andy in hospital where drug abusers get treatment, though the physiology did not make progress like modern time. Alfred realized that Andy needed physical treatment. After recovery Andy was placed in a Cole mine, where he had to work for living, because Alfred had to freeze his account and give punishment to rectify him.
Thus,within two years time, all three of his sons became employed and started a dutiful life.
On the coming Christmas day they decorated their house together, and celebrated a very happy Christmas !
So, to all of you ,readers, wishing you a very "Happy Christmas" and "Happy New Year 2020 a.d."Thanks a lot.
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