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Future when outsiders mates with Gensokyo resident
Chapter 1

Gensokyo have changed a lot since the outside people came in. The human village became a huge town, including bar cinema and arcade. There were some tourists coming into the area, having fun and some freight as they saw real youkais. At the local bar three teenage boys drank some beers.

“*sigh* I want to have girlfriend.” Teen with bat wings said.

“Guess last one didn’t work out, eh?” One with Short purple hair replied.

“Heh, a vampire brat can’t get a girlfriend.” One with two horns spoke.

One with vampire wings name was Takeshi scarlet, a dhampir, one with short purple hair name was Shiro Yasaka, a goddess and humans child, and one with two horns was sako ibuki, an oni child. They knew each other since kindergarten and they hanged out ever since.

“Shut up Sako, I really need one.” Takeshi said.

“True, we have one but not him.” Shiro said.

“Well, he had one but it was short lived! Ha!” Sako laughed.

“I said shut up!” Takeshi shouted.

He slammed his beer mug down on the table as other looked at him.

“L-look, we’ll help you get new girlfriend ok?” Shiro said.

“.....thanks man, your the only one I can trust on getting new girl friend.” Takeshi thanked him.

“Hey, what about me?” Sako asked.

“You’re just annoying sometime.” Shiro replies.

Then the cellphone rang and both Shiro and Sako got their phone, talked and put their phone away.

“Sorry man, my girl is waiting at Genbu ravines.”Shiro said.

“”Mines here. I’ll pay for the drinks so keep drinking if you want takeshi.” Sako said.

“Uuuu~~” Takeshi groaned.

Sako paid, and both Shiro and himself left the bar. Takeshi sighed, drank the last drop of beer and asked for another one. As he waited for the beer, he saw the girl sat next to him...
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