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Soldier turned engineer, she was abandoned on a strange planet left for dead.
A soldier turned engineer. Sahara had been left by the army she once proudly served, they left her for dead abandoned on a foreign planet. However, an elderly engineer found her, nursed her back to health, took care of her as if she was his own.

She now works in his garage fixing up broken down machines, cars and motorcycles. Her normal seeming life is now under threat as the old captain of the army has found out she is still alive, he has sent numerous men after her to bring her back to her native planet. Sahara does everything she can to avoid them.

She refuses to return to a home that abandoned her so easily.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 3 4.77k
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 2.86k
Chapter 3 Chapter 1 3.97k

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