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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2227051
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Having defeated the Aerilosac insurgents and the Hunters of rebels, Rivin has found a new purpose to continue on his journey. However, the sands of Peru have grown restless, and Rivin has already made an oath to never leave his companions alone again. For one, he would gladly fight. For two, how far would he go?

Losar has lost precious time, and he must return hastily to his original plan. With a rampant creation on the loose in the glaciers of Iceland, Losar must perform the simplest yet the most brutal task he has ever been asked to do: Eradicate.

Being a human best friend to an alien has its benefits, but there are also risks that come with it. When Edward tags along to Peru with Rivin, he gets swept up in troubles and stories far beyond his power… but best friends don’t leave each other hanging.

On this unfamiliar Earth where aliens and otherworldly technology looms around every corner, a human cannot possibly survive, and certainly not an ordinary boy travelling with a group of ignorant and reckless children. Unbeknownst to them, the Storyteller has much to tell, but stories are best shown, and not told…

The third book of the seven in the Vessel Chronicles: Gardens and Paintings and the World In Between


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#1. Prologue
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