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Isekai basically, Main characters including lgbtq+ elements, Not full summary (90 char? Y)
Summary :

On planet Earth, Adrian lived a happy life with his loving family. However, just by accidentally falling into a small pond of rainwater, he was transported to another world (isekai basically), out of pure mistake.

Now on planet Soluvia, Adrian has to learn how to survive with his summoned companion, Ash, who seemed to have his memories sealed inside a crystal. With many adventures awaiting ahead, Adrian feels as if his head will explode just from taking care of Ash, so he is rather not fond of traveling into the unknown.

However, upon hearing that the prophesized hero had been summoned, Adrian found a goal to keep his sanity from dying.

If he helps the hero, there might be a way to return back home. Although there is nothing to confirm this, just the hope that he could go meet his family again pushed out the thought of more logical thinking.

"Ash, let's work even harder to get stronger. We must help the hero with his mission!"

"...Huh? Why is his mission more important than living a peaceful life here? I'm really not up for this...."

"...STOP BEING SO DAMN LAZY! I'm already fed up with taking care of you, so man up and just help me for once in your life!"

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prologue 44.62k
Chapter 2 Chapter 1 - An Accidental Summon 15.45k
Chapter 3 Chapter 2 - Planet Soluvia 15.74k
Chapter 4 Chapter 3 - The Calm Before the Storm 15.19k

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