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Rated: ASR · Book · Dark · #2229575
A love triangle. A nuclear missile. A fragile alliance.
Raven is contracted by the D.O.D to investigate a mysterious outbreak on the island of Samoa. She assembles a team of the best. Yet, what sounds like a recipe for a romantic getaway, turns out to be a nightmare. She must save the S.E.A.L team that went dark after arriving on the island, extract intel on what really happened, and prevent the next world war, all, while trying to rescue her own heart in the process.

**The story is finally complete after so many years but now I need your help to make it shine. This one requires edits, reviews, and critiques.

The ML has become too much of a headache, the rest will be uploaded to Wattpad. https://cutt.ly/AflsUls
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Abandoned 21.13k
Chapter 2 You Little B 18.57k
Chapter 3 Never let down a fan 14.12k
Chapter 4 Skydive 12.93k
Chapter 5 Hard Landing 12.22k
Chapter 6 Resist The Call 17.28k
Chapter 7 Our Little Secret 15.70k
Chapter 8 Danger Close 19.92k
Chapter 9 Smell Of Death 13.05k

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