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The completely revised version of the first book in the seven book series, 'Box'
'God does not exist in a universe where aliens do. By extension, magic does not exist in a universe governed by science and technology.'

This was what Rivin thought, until one day, he is contacted by a mysterious voice who tells him that there is a cure to Rivin's clinical sickness - and that to get this 'cure', Rivin would need to meet with four of his own doppelgangers all over the Earth.

Being a fifteen year old alien refugee with the power to disappear from the world, it was no surprise that Rivin would go try to meet with his doppelgangers, if not just for fun... While disobeying his mother's wishes and dragging his sister, Samantha, along for the trip.

It was supposed to be a relaxing trip to Chicago to find a doppelganger, get a cure for Rivin's sickness, and perhaps determine whether God really does exist in this universe brimming with life.

However, Rivin and Samantha were refugees. There was a reason why this family of three were forced to hide on Earth, intermingling with Humanity.

Because the Aerilosacs - the ones who forced the family to abandon their home planet - are also here on Earth, and they are absolutely livid at one of Rivin's doppelgangers for stealing their wares.

In this suburban Chicago where a hundred year old foul-mouthed sniper Sister, aliens with the power to command crystalline puppets, and godly voices in dreams are all unfortunately present, Rivin and Samantha must quickly understand the true nature of this suddenly unfamiliar Earth that they live on, or hell hath no fury like the Aerilosacs scorned...

The first book of the seven in the Box: Detach
#5. Chapter 4, Losar: Thief
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#4. Chapter 3, Samantha: Trip
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#3. Chapter 2, Rivin: Dream
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#2. Chapter 1, Rivin; Fracture
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#1. Box: Prologue
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