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The completely revised version of the first book in the seven book series, 'Box'
The Raixiens were a race of unbeatable Seers; that was what the entire universe thought, until the race of Aerilosacs eradicated them and drove them to extinction.

But there was one Seer who had successfully escaped, and one who had bore two children after escaping to Earth. This family of three are now the last Raixiens in the known universe, intermingling with Humans in an attempt to stay undetected by the Aerilosacs.


Fifteen year old Raixien siblings, Rivin and Samantha, are the children of the one Seer who had escaped, and are now living a quiet life in Oakwood, a small-time town in the middle of Illinois.

One day, Rivin learns that there is a cure to his frailty and sickness - the weakening symptoms that makes Rivin's life unbearably annoying and inconvenient - and that to get rid of it, Rivin would need to meet with four of his doppelgangers spread all around Earth.

Of course, Rivin and Samantha would go and try to find the doppelgangers for the cure that would treat Rivin, but things were never supposed to be easy for these Seers.

Nobody could have expected that the Aerilosacs are also here on Earth, and that they are livid at one of Rivin’s doppelgangers for stealing their wares.

What was supposed to be a peaceful trip to Chicago to find a cure for Rivin’s sickness quickly spirals out of control, and if Rivin and Samantha does not find the doppelganger and understand the nature of this suddenly unfamiliar Earth that they live on, then hell hath no fury like an Aerilosac scorned…

The first book of the seven in the Box: Detach and Foresee
#5. Chapter 4, Losar: Thief
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#4. Chapter 3, Samantha: Trip
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#3. Chapter 2, Rivin: Dream
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#2. Chapter 1, Rivin; Fracture
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#1. Box: Prologue
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