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Not every criminal is ordinary, nor is every detective.
         Way, way back in the fall of 2010, my dear friends at Nerd Lunch published a blog post concerning imaginary pitches for TV shows... Yeah, they're like that. This one caught my eye, and I sought and obtained their permission to develop it in novel form.

         I made a number of false starts on it but got nowhere, as it coincided with my retreat from writing. I am determined to return to the page, and I'm going to make one last attempt to make this work before I give it up in defeat. And just so you'll know, my "sweet spot" is the novella (±20,000 words), and that's what I'll be looking at.
         The Nerds' original concept called for more comedy than I'm comfortable with, and I've moved it to San Diego and its surroundings as familiar ground for me to work on. Another issue I was having was that several of the main characters were Asian in the original concept, suggested actors being Linda Park and George Takei. Being neither Asian nor eager to be pilloried for misappropriation, I have made the co-protagonist of one-quarter Asian descent. The spirit remains in place, but I don't have to focus on her ethnicity.
         I hope that lovers of a modern, urban supernatural tale will find this agency's cases to their liking. The cover photo is a snap of my lawyer's office on East Douglas St. in El Cajon, CA... And we'll let the court ledger remain the only record of what I needed a lawyer for.
         Anyway, the story has been launched, which if you knew what I've been through struggling to write over the past year, you'd realize is an accomplishment in itself. The first eight scenes, which comprise Part I and get the action well underway, can be read at the Griffin's Blade link below. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. It's a thrill for me to finally have it in motion, and an honor to be bringing life to my old friend's vision at last.

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