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There is a lot within me Other Than Scriptwriting. This blog is devoted to those stories.
Other Than Scriptwriting

     Last year I devoted myself to working on two of my scriptwriting projects. And I’m still going to do that. But this blog isn’t going to be a part of that. At least I hope that it won’t be. I’m sure that it will, though. But not too often. I did it with my scriptwriting blog a few times. I’m sure that I will do it with this one too.

     This blog is for whatever it is that isn’t script and scriptwriting. It will be devoted to my short stories, poems, challenges, etc. Most of what I will be blogging about are my short stories. But I do plan on entering several challenges if they will let me. As for if I do, that only time will tell. Poetry on the other hand, probably won’t be too much. I may write some poetry. But it’s doubtful.

     Whatever I write about in these blogs will be done on my days off from work. That doesn’t mean I won’t work on my short stories, poems, challenges, etc. when I’m during my work week. But I need to start transcribing what I have written at work into my laptop. So, I’m going to try to start doing that after I get home from work. If I do, then it will cut down on my writing Other Than Scriptwriting.

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#33. Another Short Story This Month
ID #1009671 entered on May 4, 2021 at 11:26pm

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