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by Jeff
Rated: 18+ · Book · Music · #2248625
A short story collection inspired by the musical album "Asylum" by A R I Z O N A
Written for "Musicology Anthology

A R I Z O N A is an electronic pop/rock band from New Jersey. They've been around since 2015, with their first album Gallery released in 2017, and their sophomore effort Asylum coming two years later in 2019. The band members (Zachary Charles, Nathan Esquite, and David Labuguen) met and became friends in Boston while attending the Berklee College of Music. They moved around and worked as songwriters and producers in Los Angeles and England before eventually finding their way back home to New Jersey to write and produce music of their own.

I discovered this band at the beginning of the year and they've had at least a couple of songs on every one of my playlists since. At the risk of making a pun on one of their most recent hits, there's something "nostalgic" about their sound. It's honestly a bit 80s, with a modern electronic flair. I find it really comforting, something I can listen to when I just want to zone out, or even when I want to focus at work. And this album in particular has a bunch of great songs on it. Even though the band has a distinct sound, each track is a little different and leaves me feeling inspired in a different way. I'm hoping to create a short story collection from it that matches my varied writing interests.
# 1 Let Me Know 2.71k
# 2 Nostalgic 2.23k
# 3 Where You Are 1.72k
# 4 Don't Leave 1.86k
# 5 Find Someone 1.76k
# 6 Trouble 1.62k
# 7 Problems 2.03k
# 8 Freaking Out 1.70k
# 9 Still Alive 2.16k

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