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The things I do to stay fed despite food intolerances.
The techniques and recipes I use after twenty some odd years of removing foods from my diet.
This is a live document and I will continue to add to it and update it for the foreseeable future.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Substitutions 1.19k
Chapter 2 Kitchen Staples: Breadcrumbs 0.42k
Chapter 3 Kitchen Staples: Celery pucks 0.53k
Chapter 4 Kitchen Staples: Lemon powder and lemon pucks 0.84k
Chapter 5 Kitchen Staples: Preserved lemons 1.33k
Chapter 6 Kitchen Staples: Stock 0.73k
Chapter 7 Recipe: Beef Pate 0.82k
Chapter 8 Recipe: Banana Bread 0.72k
Chapter 9 Recipe: Potato & Root Soup 1.30k
Chapter 10 Recipe: Sour Cream Pastry 0.75k
Chapter 11 Recipe: Swedish Meatballs 1.02k
Chapter 12 Recipe: Waffles 0.69k
Chapter 13 Recipe: Whole Spelt Bread (Breadmaker) 0.93k

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