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A group of young adventurers helps a relic hunter find clues from the past.
The land is lush and beautiful, dangerous and dark, magical and mysterious. Explore the land as you wish, but be careful, wanderer. There are dangers beyond, mysteries to discover, and treasures to be had.


The plague and war lasted centuries. Mountains were destroyed and created, oceans and rivers boiled and remade, the moon shattered, civilizations destroyed, and entire races displaced. Much magic was used in place of technological weapons, and the places of magic were targets of attack. Knowledge of technology and magic was lost. —Think a true Dark Ages.—

Sometime near the end of the war Dwarves packed up and disappeared.

After a thousand years of recovery, civilization is just starting to emerge in some areas.

When it was all over races of all kinds were thrown into upheaval. Having moved from their ancestral homes to get away from whatever battle or disruption was happening at the time, different races moved and moved again. When it was all over races were scattered in small groups all over the continent. Humans, elves, orcs, halflings, and the other races that were left, all lived in small clusters close to each other. During the Dark Age, some groups clustered together, finding others of like kind.

Other groups stayed where they found safety, regardless of who else lived there, learning to accept and work with other races over the centuries.

Additional Note:

I wrote many of these pieces in response to writing prompts. Stay tuned for additional entries as our story progresses.

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1: Suncall 0.36k
Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Nemeademore 0.46k
Chapter 3 Chapter 3: Irewick 0.16k

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