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Cohthel wants to be a man but can't learn how without Father. Might Father still be alive?
Cohthel wants to be a man but doesn't think he can pick an apprenticeship, love a woman, or even grow a beard without a man rearing him into manhood. When he discovers his father might still be alive, he runs away from school, home, and friends to find him, but his journey teaches him that manhood comes from within and not from without. Only after he accepts this does he find out where his father has been these ten years—and why.

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PART I - Graveless Grave 0.08k
Chapter 1 52.18k
Chapter 2 58.41k
Chapter 3 42.14k
Chapter 4 54.91k
Chapter 5 21.79k
Chapter 6 21.85k
PART II - Dreams of Paragons 0.08k
Chapter 7 10.74k
Chapter 8 24.42k
Chapter 9 25.42k
Chapter 10 12.28k
Chapter 11 13.85k
Chapter 12 8.67k
Chapter 13 13.07k
Chapter 14 16.53k
PART III - King of Kings 0.07k
Chapter 15 34.57k
Chapter 16 31.44k
Chapter 17 20.02k
Chapter 18 51.13k
Chapter 19 25.14k
Chapter 20 10.11k
Chapter 21 12.22k
Chapter 22 13.63k
Chapter 23 25.32k
Chapter 24 19.82k
Chapter 25 22.95k
Chapter 26 36.97k
Chapter 27 17.63k
Chapter 28 9.88k
PART IV - Evermore and Nevercease 0.08k
Chapter 29 27.33k
Chapter 30 23.25k
Chapter 31 24.25k
Chapter 32 3.44k
Chapter 33 19.02k
Chapter 34 22.36k
Chapter 35 47.29k
Chapter 36 18.29k
THE END 0.26k

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