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Three different tales centered on the Winter solstice
Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers, my local writing group, has an annual holiday party where one of the activities is to share a story--or story fragment--written around a common theme and using a particular word.  This year, the theme is "celebrations at winter solstice, past, present, or future," and the word is "epiphany."  The story should be in one of our group's genres, SciFi, horror, or fantasy.

The idea is that any winter solstice solstice celebration would work--say, Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons celebrating winter solstice in Rigel VII.  In fact, I'd imagined writing just such a story, but instead I wound up writing three completely different stories, all on the border between fantasy and horror.  They're all the right length (less than 1000 words), but only one is a celebration at the solstice. 

I've gathered the three stories together here, in order in which  they were written.  I think I'll use the third story for our holiday gathering, since the first two are rather dark. 
#3. The Unconquered
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#2. A Solstice Gnome
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#1. Fire on the Mountain
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