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Video game designer gains shrinking ability, teen girl sidekick gains growing ability!
Updated version of story May 2024

I’ve posted earlier versions of this story before, I revised this so the female heroine is 13 instead of 18, I’ve also made other significant changes to the theories involving shrinking and growth. When I make this into a comic book, I don’t think mainstream audiences will mind if she’s underage, I initially made her 18 to conform to various underage rules within the giantess community.

I originally started this story around 2006 or so, I was inspired by Alyson Stoner and visualized her in the role if it ever got made into a film or TV show. She constantly swallowed Mike, which seemed out of character for a heroine, so I’m removing that aspect of the story, and having Amnesio’s nieces swallow him instead.
#4. Chapter 4: Hot On Amnesio’s Trail!
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#3. Chapter 3: Mike and Moxie Go Hollywood!
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#2. Chapter 2: Enter Amnesio!
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#1. Chapter 1: Origins!
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