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by Diane
Rated: 18+ · Book · Other · #755806
A woman searches for love despite doubts that true romance can be achieved.
This is the story of a woman searching for love while examining her faith that true love exists. She fell in love at a young age but this relationship came to a tragic end. She is now in her thirties and wants someone to share her life but doesn't want to settle. The story begins with a flashback to her first true love and moves on to describe her search for another. She harbors doubt that love even exists but knows what she wants in her heart. She is unwilling to settle for anything less than she had before but the story is filled with self-examination, maybe her idea of love doesn't exist outside of romance novels.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 17.41k
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 23.84k
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 23.42k
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 8.84k

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