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Item #794350
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Item #794350
Professional Member's Handbook Logo
A complete reference guide to the Premium Plus Membership level

Premium Plus Membership allows members the ability to set up and manage their own offsite domain names and websites right from within their Writing.Com portfolio!

No need to know or understand high-tech mumbo jumbo, this membership for website hosting is very simple and easy to use. Our web and community hosting features are perfect for everyone from teachers looking to host their classes to small business owners looking to promote their products and services. Authors interested in selling their books and/or ebooks while providing forums for discussion will find our facilities to be fantastic. Those who currently have a stale web site hosted somewhere else will be amazed how simple it is to update and maintain an active presence with our tools.

Premium Plus members simply use the established tools of Writing.Com to set everything up! They have the ability to setup two (2) domain names and create working websites for each using tools already provided by Writing.Com.

Create your own online community... run your business's website... market your newest publication! With a little creativity and direction, anyone can build a fully functional, professional website in hours, not weeks!

To see an example of a simple website hosted with a Premium Plus Membership, take a look at the following URL and its accompanying explanation:
         http://www.WriterU.Com/          "About Our Example: WriterU.Com

For the complete details on what each level of Writing.Com's paid memberships includes, please see "Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 What Is Premium Plus Membership? 2.19k
Chapter 2 About Our Example: WriterU.Com 3.39k
Chapter 3 Register and Setup a Domain Name 0.43k
Chapter 4 Add a Website 0.68k
Chapter 5 Add Email Forwarding 0.47k
Chapter 6 About the Website's Header 1.40k
Chapter 7 About the Website's Index Page 1.02k
Chapter 8 About the Website's Footer 1.39k
Chapter 9 Add Images and Other Files 0.97k
Chapter 10 Add Pages to the WebSite 0.96k
Chapter 11 Add a Message Forum to the WebSite 0.56k
Chapter 12 Add a Survey Form to the WebSite 0.86k
Chapter 13 Passkey Protected Page(s) 0.80k
Chapter 14 WritingML For WebSites 0.92k
Chapter 15 The 'Allow Membership' Configuration 0.92k
Chapter 16 The 'Portfolios Available' Configuration 1.90k
Chapter 17 Advanced Ideas and Usage 1.26k
Chapter 18 Head Line Configuration 0.64k
Chapter 19 Troubleshooting Problems 0.67k

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