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by Rego
Rated: 13+ · Book · Other · #840693
A story between the racing emotions od disturbed minds.
Just when you thought you could die, that last step seeming inevitable, you seem to take a step back. Amethyst could never destroy himself out of fear, even though he longed to do so. With the death of his mother at birth, and his pastoral father, a lost victim to cancer, his family happily threw him on the streets. What did he have to live for? All he had known was hate. To him their lives were of new true relevance, thus causing him to hate the world. At the age of 18, Amethyst was the most despised being in London, and why not, for he had been homeless since age 5. It was a wonder he had even lived this far into the future. The accident of his tragic death was no sooner forgotten than it happened.

Yet, there are allot of secrets that he does not even know about himself, even though it is far from being true that he believes he knows himself very well. Waking up reluctantly into a new world of purity, Amethyst begins to find things out that relate to his life in a past time.

The former ArchAngel Michael, and the remnant Amethyst seemed to be tied in a mysterical way. Will Amethyst come to accept who he truly is and begin the battle and protection that is his job?

Now taking on his former role, Amethyst must relearn what love is by meeting love. He must face himself, but only by seeing himself. How will he defeat the person who ruined his life?
#5. Chapter 5: a past
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#4. Chapter 4: the awakening
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#3. Chapter 3: a mistake
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#2. Chapter 2: still living
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#1. Chapter 1: the death
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