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Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #873782
A story about the elven maiden Chrysanthys as unexected events unfold around her.
After a Coming of Age ceremony gone bad, Chrysanthys struggles to evade her captor's plans for marriage. Somewhere her life-mate awaits her arrival so their formal betrothal can take place. Then there is the little problem of a goblin invasion that she had dreamed about when she was a child.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 A Guide to Who's Who 2.37k
Chapter 2 Prologue 12.64k
Chapter 3 Harsh Reality (Chrysanthys) 11.17k
Chapter 4 Keeper of the Forest (Jonquil) 11.42k
Chapter 5 Making Alliances (Chrysanthys) 15.20k
Chapter 6 Dinner Party (Rathim) 15.28k
Chapter 7 Eagle's Dance (Dholar) 15.75k
Chapter 8 Riding High (Jacareth) 0.50k

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