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The opening novella in the Jack Goldman series and the sequel to Evil Wind.
I've used several methods of introducing "The Dragon Rises." I vacillate even now. Should I keep the standard introduction which is almost like a movie bi-line, or should I allow you to see and feel the scope of the work with the poem inserted below? Credits to my wife, Writing.com author, L. A. Powell, whose "Lisa Lansing" series weaves and intertwines with Jack Goldman and his adventures. Hers is definitely a quality work and is due to be published in the new mainstream "ebook world" early next year.

"The Diaries of Lisa Lansing" also won the very first writing.com quill award for best book, or at least the parts of it she shared.

Time is the Dragon, Evil is the Wind


Jack Goldman


L. A. Powell

(The Dragon - 1963)

The Dragon rose at the behest of a few
and with a flame and a roar a King he slew.
He climbed the Cliff in November's sun
where a young knight met the Dragon's gun.

The Dragon watched him twitch and die,
then flew to the shadows for a place to hide.
He roared as he fled, and he opened wide
then sucked in our air, fresh, pure and dry.

He blew it out, and this rancid breath
with one great puff became a floating death.
The darkened gust then swirled away,
with intent to return across time one day.

(Evil Wind - 1979)

The wind had voices, did they sing?
Around about, a devil in dust danced here and there,
and struck to force the knights of day
to join its waltz, to rock and sway.
The voices, if such they were,
lingered only long enough
to cast an eerie melody.

One is in the hearts of men,
another floats in spirit.
A virus lives upon the air;
it can sneak inside,
and if dormant long,
it becomes too late
to bridge life's gap.

Does malevolence
lie in wait as well,
in the soil,
or the water,
or the firmament?

(The Dragon Rises - 1981)

Upon his rising, he sang a song
while the Red was spread
with a man made storm
that clacked and clicked
and a man made wind
that clicked and clacked.

Whiteland's black
became Blackland's white,
so the Dragon roared free,
and the lesson learned
began the desperate chase
for Time across time.

(The Wind and the Dragon - 1981)

The memory of a boy
on a knight's last day
brought the memory of the toy
who let The Dragon play.
When the toy was put down, The Dragon was revealed.
Though noble in pursuit, a destiny was sealed.

The son of a knight well known
now a knight on his own
kept The Dragon at bay,
but his escape one day
gave Time the time to take a dragon's turn
to smoke, then singe, then burn and burn.

(Time of the Dragon - 2007)

Amongst the Oaks a mother hangs
along with her innocent four;
proof alone the Dragon lives
for another twenty-six more.

A babe survives and without a word
shouts, "Love alone can't beat back Time",
then prays for The Heart of the World,

"Oh, Lord, please help them understand,
with a way of words and not a fight,
now is the time to join the knights
who have chosen to take a stand."

Innocents are The Heart of the World,
and The Heart must stay unbroken,
it's ways untouched by Time.
We must find a way
to face the ways,
the ways of

The Dragon called Time.

Without this way,
The Dragon wins,
without The Heart, our world is gone,
without this world,
those realms unseen,
alas won't last, not there, not here, not one.

This poem is laced within the short story "Evil Wind" and the novella, "The Dragon Rises". "Evil Wind" is also in the first part of the novella.

Also please have a look at L. A. Powell's works(see below), which are powerful looks at the way time has a way of eroding innocence if we, as humans are not vigilant in protecting our young.

 The Lisa Lansing Series  (NPL)
From the Diaries of Lisa Lansing
#1287637 by L. A. Powell

Below is the opening of the sequel to "The Dragon Rises". It has already been published.

Time of the Dragon: Part One  (13+)
The first part of the sequel to "The Dragon Rises" - Mulligan and the Serial Killers
#741455 by Jack Goldman

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