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A true story of tickling my god sister and my sister
[Introduction] So a few years ago, my god sister and my sister would usually hang out at our place every Sunday. It was always torture for me since they are always so loud. But on one Sunday it was different. For some reason my tickle fetish took over my brain that day. I asked them if they wanted to have a tickle contest and they agreed. I didn’t have any rope so I used a jump rope and tied their feet together. Then I would use another jump rope and tie their hands together and tied them to the bed post. The first person I tickled was my sister. Even though I had a tickle fetish, it didn’t turn me on to tickle her cause you know, that’s my sister. My sister is literally ticklish everywhere on her upper body. Her armpits was her worst. She survived 45 seconds without saying the safeword. Next I got to my god sister (oh and those who don’t know what a god sister is, people define it as a mom’s best friend’s daughter). She wasn’t as ticklish as my sister but she still gave a cute reaction. Her knees were her worst spot so I kept going to there.
Next part I told them to do was to raise their arms up to the bunk bed and not let go. I tickled both their armpits and they actually didn’t let go surprisingly. I got bored and stopped. So lastly I gave them revenge and let them tickle me. I was tied face down on the pillow (I didn’t want them to see my reaction) and the tickling began. They both went for my sides and kept tickling/poking me there for 10 seconds until I bursted out laughing. They wouldn’t let me go for 5 minutes. After they were done I was sweating as hell.
Nowadays, I don’t really tickle my sister. It seems weird though. Cause she’s bratty and might tell her friends I tickle her. What do you guys think? Should I tickle her? I actually have another story of me tickling my sister xD

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1850533