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Lord Sean wants revenge against the Turtles, The Turtles finally see the full brunt...
[Introduction] This is the more direct sequel to Contact http://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/1951179-Contact the 'merging worlds' subplot is going to be dealt with rather quickly, we'll now move on to Edward's family, Lord Sean and Lady Gloria wanting their revenge on the Turtles, not just any revenge, the Shredder's revenge normally just means killing the Turtles, the Wranglers want to beat that by fully humiliating and degrading the turtles by breaking their spirits and making them slaves, they seek to make an example of the Turtles,

The Turtles will learn the full extent of the Wrangler's cruelty towards Humanimals getting on the receiving end of the punishment themselves, Belladonna and Tiamat seek to rescue the Turtles but it will not be easy
Here is how the world merging thing was solved

When Bishop was going to dissect Rama, Rama's boss Rumble Red would not have it, he may be an evil bastard, but he lets no one mess with his employees!

So using his immortal power he forcibly separated the two universes, and restored all that was lost.

At the Turtles' apartment, Donatello and Belladonna were enjoying they're evening snack of plain toast and herbal tea, when for a moment there felt like a massive earthquake.

"What was that?" Donny asked

"Felt like the universes were being separated..." Belladonna said

Uncle Rama lay flat on his back in Earthport, grateful to be free of Bishop.

"Sir..." It was the voice of Matoaka Redfeather "Do you need a hand?"

"Many Thanks Good Captain." The Water Buffalo said as Matoaka helped him up
"Who are you Good Sir?" Matoaka asked

"Most people call me Uncle Rama but you can just call me...Rama."

"Were you the one Bishop kidnapped?" Matoaka asked

"Yes. But I'm safe now." The Buffalo said as he dusted himself off

'Why do I have the feeling this Buffalo knows more then he's telling?' Leo thought to himself but he didn't dare say it out loud

"Maybe we should check up on Donny." Mikey said "See how he's feeling."
Meanwhile Lord Darkseid along with Triceraton leader Zanramon are discussing stratigies, "There's someone I like you to meet." Darkseid says as turns to one of his guards "Bring in Lord Sean." The guard says "Yes sir." In a few minutes Lord Sean enters "You wanted to see me my lord?"
"Yes," Darkseid said. "This is Zanramon, leader of the Triceratons."

Lord Sean bowed. "I have heard of you, sir, and heard of your great successes. It is an honor to meet you."
"I hear you have met some old enemies of our's" The Triceraton said "The Turtles..."

"Well...Yes..." Said Lord Sean, "What we have planned for them is to make an example out of them, Captain Matoaka sees the Turtles as a symbol of hope, what the Humanimals can become, we plan to rob them of that vision, by crushing the Ninja Turtles' spirits...Completely and utterly breaking their spirits will hurt them more then simply killing them ever would, if you kill them instantaneously then their pain is over in an instant, if you really want to make them suffer, make them slaves, the more demeaning the work the better...Breaking their spirits they lose all sense of self...All hope...All faith."

"Tell me more..." Said the Triceraton

Meanwhile, Belladonna and Donatello were in deep conversation

"You're really serious about having a kid with me?" Donatello said

"Yes." Was all Belladonna could say

Donatello sighed "OK...First things first, there are things you have to know about Mutant Turtles sex...Do you even know what a Mutant Turtles' phallus looks like?"

Belladonna shook her head

"Well let me tell you..." Wild Natural Turtles are horrifically well endowed, if we were in proportion to a normal Turtle are penises would probobly past our knees and beyond."

Belladonna gasped she wasn't expecting this

"If that's how long a normal turtle's phallus is how long is yours?"

"Fortunately..." Donny said "A Mutant Turtle's junk is not nearly as long as a Normal Turtle's about only a foot long." He said putting his hand a foot apart.

"How thick?" Belladonna asked

"Thick..." Donatello murmured "About as thick as my wrist..." Donatello said

"Well at least not as thick as your forearm." Belladonna said "I think I can handle that."

"No doubt you could." Donatello said "I think I'm glad you're larger then I am, I don't think most small females are really equipped to handle...You know Ninja Turtle sex"
Belladonna chuckled. "We'll see about that."
We'll leave the Turtle Romances alone for a moment and focus back on Ichabod and Marzipan's romance.

As Donatello and Belladonna were discussing their genitals, Marzipan and Ichabod were appeasing their more basic appetite...As in for food.

"What would you like tonight?" Marzipan purred as she rummaged through the fridge.

"I'm starving..." Ichabod said rubbing his belly "I'd be happy with just some leftovers..."

"I know that." Marzipan said "But which leftovers? I have prepared several options ready at a moments notice..."

"How about the beef stew..." Ichabod replied licking his lips "I could really go for some of that... It always taste so much better after a few days anyway!"

"One bubbling beef stew coming up!" Marzipan said as she got the stew out of the freezer

As they dined on the stew Ichabod noticed Marzipan looking at him lovingly as he ate

"Marzipan..." Ichabod said "Are you OK?"

"I was just thinking..." Marzipan said "You look really beautiful and alive when you eat something delicious, everyone does..."

Ichabod chuckled "You always say that."

"It's true!" Marzipan said
"Of course, I do worry a bit about the future," Marzipan said.

"Live for today," Ichabod said. "Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow."
Ichabod paused from his stew to help himself to some brown bread and sweet butter

"I think Marzipan we've got a food-related love as Jim would say..." Ichabod chuckled as he buttered his bread "My Father told me something when I was very young but I think it was the soundest advice he ever gave me, he said to me 'Ichabod, as you grow you'll soon learn that over the years kisses loses their fire but the cooking tends to get better.' He bit into the bread Marzipan chuckled

"Ironic..." She said "Considering his wife would only make vegan cuisine and anything he liked he had to make himself."
"There might be some truth to it though," Ichabod said. "We haven't had any serious arguments, at least over food."
"What's to argue about food?" Marzipan said. "It's not like you know how to cook."

"I can cook a few things."

"Eh, boiled eggs, maybe."

"I can grill a good burger," Ichabod said.

Marzipan's eyes lit up. "We need to have an outdoor picnic with food cooked on the grill."


(Edit: I'm changing pancakes, to boiled eggs as Ichy does not eat pancakes)
Donatello was still with Belladonna when he heard his brothers come home

"Donny!" Mikey called "Are you feeling better?"

"I'm feeling fine!" Donny called

He turned to Belladonna "Can I have my mask back?"

"Donny..." Belladonna said

"Please..." Donny said "Give me my mask back."

"Did I upset you with what I said about your eyes?" Belladonna asked "I don't mind that your eyes are black, really they're fine the way they are..."

"That's not the issue." Donny said "I just don't feel right without my mask on so please...Give it back to me."

Belladonna sighed, opened a drawer and pulled out Donatello's purple mask, and gave it back to him

"That's better." Donny said as he tied his mask back on

"You really do seem to change when you put your mask on Belladonna said "I'm not sure why but you become an entirely different creature when you put it on."
As Donatello went out to greet his brothers, Belladonna lay back down on the bed thinking

"My Dear Dorky Donny..." She mused aloud to herself "You don't know how much I want to bear your child...You've done so much for me that it's the least I can do."

Meanwhile on Planet Darksied, Lord Darksied was talking with Lord Sean

"Believe me Lord Darksied!"Said Lord Sean "Just give me a chance and I will bring those Turtles to you and they will be broken in and made into good proper slaves!"

"And if they won't be broken in?" Lord Darksied asked

"Then...We shall subject them to an excruciating death." Lord Sean said "Either way we'll make an example out of these rebellious reptiles!"

"You better hope so Lord Sean...For your sake, ever since your stepson was completely transformed to the Federation's side I have kept close watch over my Wranglers, making sure any of them don't fall as your son so blatantly did!"
"I'm sorry!" Lord Sean said. "How many times do I have to say I am sorry!"

"Do not raise your voice to me!" Lord Darkseid said.

Lord Sean hung his head. "I am sorry, my lord."

"And I'm getting tired of hearing how sorry you are. I know you are. Now is your chance to redeem yourself. Bring me the turtles."

"Yes, my lord!"
Belladonna sighed as she got out of the bedroom, Donatello was talking with his brothers

"So how did the merging universe problem get solved so quickly?" Donny asked

"The problem just seemed to solve itself." Mikey said with a shrug "Seemed the universes didn't like being merged."

"It can't be that simple..." Donny said stroking his chin "There has to be something more..."

Belladonna walked up to Donny and kissed him on the cheek. "I have to go now..." Belladonna said "If I don't want to be horribly late for my radio show..."

Belladonna walked out the door, her tail swaying seductively from side to side as she did so.

"How about tomorrow night we go on a more proper date?" Belladonna asked "As fun as this was, I don't think our we want to spend every night just cuddling in a bed."

As he brothers snickered, Donny blushed "Sure...Bell-Bell," Donny said "What did you have in mind?"

"We'll think about it when tomorrow gets here..." Belladonna said seductively "You never know what tomorrow might bring."
"Makes you wonder if they did the nasty," Mikey said with a chuckle.


"What was that for?" Michelangelo roared as he turned to Raphael, who glared at him.

"You never could learn to shut your yap."
On the Fellowship, Bob got an incoming communication as he put it on screen a face of a triceratops is seen "This is Commander Mozar of the Triceratons challenging the Turtles to try and beat me or else." Bob says "Or else what." Mozar says "Or I'll order my fleet to destroy Earth." Bob says "You will not destroy Earth. Both the Turtles and the Federation will stop you." As communications are broken. Mozar turned to Lord Sean and. grinned fiendishly "They have taken the bait."
Lord Sean slapped his forehead "Idiot!" He said "Now you've alerted the Federation to our presence! I was intending this to be a quick kidnapping mission! Sneak in get the Turtles and get out! Now we'll have a freaking battle on our hands!"

"What's wrong with that?" Mozar asked

"You have no idea how advanced the Federation's weaponry is..."Lord Sean said darkly

Just then, the ship they were in started shaking violently

"Now you've done it!" Growled Lord Sean

Suddenly he got a message on his communicator "Lord Sean!" Came the voice of one of his Hunters "We got the Turtles!"

"Very good Mercuito..." Said Lord Sean "How did you get them so fast?"

"They ordered a pizza for supper..." Mercuito said "I just had to slip a few drops of Silverweed juice onto their pizza before they ate it and they were sleeping like babies after the first bite."

"Some Ninjas..." Lord Sean said smirking "Can't even detect a sleeping potion, but then again it WAS Silverweed juice."

"Quickly!" Lord Sean said "Get the Turtles and I'll beam you back onto the ship, time to make a hasty retreat!"
"There's just one minor problem," said Mercuito.

"What?" asked Lord Sean.

"It seems that some wolf came into the place, and had a little too much to drink."

"What? You can't handle one drunk wolf?"

"He must have studied Drunken Master or something, because when my guys try to get near, he hits out at them, or trips them up."

"Uhg! Shoot him with a dart and bring him along- I think I know that pain in the ass."
James, drunk as he is, is surrounded by Wrangler soldiers but the scene is something out of a Jackie Chan movie. A soldier rushes in only to be knocked out or deflected by the drunken wolf. One of the other soldiers says "How do we handle this problem?" The other one says "Lord Sean says shoot him, he wants him eliminated."
Lord Sean stood at the cargo door watching the sleeping turtles being loaded onto his ship. "Heehee! Anyone feel like having some turtle soup? Make sure they are securely bound and tied and locked away."

"I did good, didn't I?" Mercuito said.

"Do you want a gold star on your performance log?"

"Oh, please, could I?"
"All right!" Lord Sean said "Warp speed back to Wrangler Territory!"

And the Wrangler ship warped its way back to Wrangler Territory

When the Fellowship crew learned what happened to the Turtles they were shocked!

"Oh god!" Matoaka sobbed tears streaming down her face"Leonardo...Donatello...Raphael...Michelangelo! I should never have left them alone! I should known the Wranglers would try something like this!"

"None of us could have known..." Minsk said putting her arm around Matoaka "You did the best you could..."

"Why didn't they take James?" Matoaka asked

"Probably cause they didn't want to die prematurely." Bill sighed "The big question is...Where in the Wrangler Empire are they taking the Turtles."

Acting on a hunch, Edward, scanned the room and found a business card

"Viola Sierra Slave Academy..." Edward murmured "We turn bad animals into good slaves..." Edward felt his heart sink

"I remember that place well..." Edward sighed "Back when I was a Wrangler I broke in my fair share of Humanimals myself, some of the meanest Wranglers work there..."

Meanwhile on the ship carrying the Turtles, a guard approaches Lord Sean

"We've bound them good and tight!" The guard said "They won't be getting out of their binds quickly when they wake up!"

"Very good." Lord Sean said

"When shall they be fed?" Asked the guard

"Not for another few hours, not for half a day at best...I want them to be hungry when we get to the slave academy, hungry enough to eat old boots! I have my own special plan for breaking in those Turtles, you remember what the Romans said about animal training? You can get an elephant to walk a tight rope if you starve and beat it enough!"
Meanwhile, back at the eating establishment, James was coming around. "Where'sh thosh necked whoman at?"

"James, you're drunk," said Matoaka.

"None sharied with mesz," James said. "So I'z drunks it alls."

"What happened to the turtles?"

"Urtles? Oh, a buncha angry boyfrieds comein," James said. "They'z didn't likes that I'z better than them where it counts. Try to take sleeping green drinking buddies. I no likes that. So I fight them. One pulls a gun, next thing I see is foolish horned horse giving me a big headache."

Matoaka sighed. "Take him to a room and lock him in it."

"Better post a watch," said Bill. "No telling what he can do in this state."

"One thing's for sure," said Edward. "The turtles must have been drugged or something- test James' blood while we're at it- he'll probably need an antidote or something, if he's still this drunk."
The turtles woke up, Mikey says "Man that pizza must've had bad pepperoni." A voice says "Far from it and it'll get worse for all 4 for you." They looked at the cage and see the Triceraton Commander Mozar. Raph yells "YOU!" Leo says "If this is about Professor Honeycut. We haven't seen him latly." Mozar says "It's not the fugitoid we're after this time. It's you four." Donny says "Who hired you?"
"You'll find out soon enough!" Laughed Mozar "I'd like to see you get out of those hog ties! Those are some nasty looking knots! I'm not sure I could break out of them!"

"Mozar turned around and walked away laughing as the Turtles feebly tried to struggle out of their binds

"You sure know how to taunt." Lord Sean chuckled

"A Thousand Thanks Lord Sean..." Mozar said saluting

"I think it is now time to feed the Turtles..." Lord Sean said

"I thought they weren't going to be fed for another 12 hours." Mozar said

"Slight change of plans..." Lord Sean, said "The computers show their hunger meters are already reaching zero, but I have a plan to really mess with them..."

Meanwhile in the Ship's holding cell, Leonardo has finally managed to find his way out of his binds

"Don't worry Bros..." He said "I'll get you out of there..." He said undoing his brothers' binds

"Oh man!' Mikey groaned "I'm starving! I don't think I had more then a bite of that pizza!"

"I have no idea how long we were knocked out..." Donny said "But it must have been more then a couple of hours...I'm feeling pretty famished as well..."

Suddenly a slot in a wall opened in came a Roomba like robot with a large dish on its back on the dish were four steaming hot dogs wrapped in pretzel buns (You know like you might get at Aunt Annie's and four large glasses of soda.

"Oh man!" Mikey said "That smells good!"

"Wait Mikey..." Leo said "How do we know it's not poisoned?"

"It doesn't smell poisoned!" Mikey protested

"That doesn't mean..." Leo said

"I just have to eat something!" Mikey said grabbing a sausage and taking a big bite of it

"Oh man!" Mikey said "It's good!"

Donny and Raph unable to contain their own hunger, grabbed a hot dog and ravenously devoured, Leo quickly succumbed to his own hunger and ate a hot dog as well...

"Oh man..." Mikey said licking his fingers "That was GOOD!"

Some sinister chuckling,made the Turtles blood run cold, they looked up and saw Lord Sean, looking down from a barred window

"Just as I thought." Lord Sean "You're not real Humanimals...No true Humanimals would dare eat those sausages even if he or she was starving!"

"What do you mean?!" Leo snarled reaching for his swords...Then to his horror he realized his swords were gone! They had all been stripped of their weapons while they were unconscious!

"Foolish fool!" Snickered Lord Sean "You don't know what Wrangler Sausages are made of do you?"

"Bet we're about to find out..." Mikey said

"They're made of Humanimals!" Lord Sean cackled "After Humanimals are slaughtered "They are butchered and made into sausages!"

The Turtles gasped "T-That's sick!" Donny exclaimed

"No it's not." Lord Sean said calmly "It's recycling...Recycling is good right? Take old paper and plastic and make useful things out of it, well take old or useless slaves and make delicious food out of them!"

Raphael reached for a glass of soda, took a deep drink, then swished the soda round in his mouth and spat it out, as if to wash the taste out of his mouth

"Oh you should see the looks on your faces!" Lord Sean laughed "It's priceless! You're probobly thinking how ashamed you are...That you enjoyed those sausages...That they tasted good..."
"There's an old saying somewhere," Leo said. "You Reap what you Sow."

"What does that mean?"

"It might bother us a bit that we ate someone," Raph said. "But you'll be choking on your own blood soon enough."

"Even I know that one," Mikey growled, something he rarely did.

"You'll pay, big time," said Donny.
In the Fellowship's Infermary, James is fed camomile tea to help sober him up, Bob came in "Captain, if ir helps. Before the Turtles were taken, I received a communication from a Commander Mozar challenging the Turtles or he'll distroy Earth." Matoaka says "No doubt to distract us from the real attack." Who is this Mozar and which Wrangler hired him?"
Jim sighed. "Bernadino Mozar, Commander of the Triceratons. He's quite famous, you know."

"Really?" Bob said. "I guess you have to be a war buff and study space battles."

"That's probably true," Jim said. "I can tell you this about him. He's cold, calculating, clever, and efficient."

Matoaka frowned. "How do you know so much about a Race not native to this universe?"
Back in the Wrangler Ship's holding cell, The Turtles were feeling mighty uneasy about what they had just ate...While they did say it bother them a bit they ate someone that was an understatement...A really big understatement...The mere thought of eating another sapient being made all of them worry they had committed a horribly dishonorable act, dishonorable enough to commit Seppuku which is basically suicide by disembowelment.

Mikey was the one most distraught, as he had been the one to take the first bite...He felt the most regret feeling his gluttony had gotten the better of him at last.

"Mikey..." Leo said putting a gentle hand on his shoulder "Are you OK?"

"No! I'm not OK Leo!" Mikey yelled, tears stinging his eyes "We just committed cannibalism! And that creep was right! We enjoyed it!"

"Mikey..." Donny said trying to defuse the situation "We had no idea what we were eating..."

"Yeah that's right!" Mikey said "We still have no idea what OR who we ate!" Mikey started panicking "What if...What if we ate some sweet old lady Humanimal...Or a third grader who failed math class? You remember what Matoaka said about the Wrangler planets? The punishment for failure in Humanimal elementary school is DEATH! What would Master Splinter say if he found out about this? What if....What if...."

"Mikey..." Leo said gently but firmly grabbing him by the shoulders "Calm down. I know how you feel but this isn't worth committing Seppuku over..."

"Leo's right." Donny said "As disgusting as this whole thing has been, the truth was we were starving and we needed to eat something, this was a deliberate attempt by Lord Sean to mess with our heads."
"Heck, for all we know, it was just regular pork and beef with some spices that we aren't used to," Leo said.

"That's right," said Raph. "Someone like this guy wouldn't be above lying to his prisoners."
Commander Mozar and Lord Sean were watching the progress through a monitor "Hahaha, the one in orange is thrown in a disarray." Commander Mozar says "Is that hot dog you fed them really a dead humanimal?" Sean says "No, that's just a regular hot dog, I only said it to start breaking their spirits." Mozar says "So what do you have planned next?" Sean says "This is where you come in." Lord Sean whispers something in Mozar's ear and Mozar grinned fiendishly "Ahh. Sheer cruelty, I like it."
Mozar told his man, Treeble, what to do.

Treeble entered the turtles' cell with a grin on his face. "Do you guys like to play video games?"

No answer from the turtles.

"Do you like to save children in distress? Well, today you get to do both! See this video game?"

He put the game on the table. It had a screen and some controls. It was already running and a tiny voice was saying, "Help me! Help me!"

"This is an unusual game," Treeble said. "You see, that little girl is about to be eaten by a Mouther. Do you know what that is? It's mostly teeth. Got it? But here's the catch. That's a real little girl and a real Mouther. If you win, the girl does not get eaten. if you lose, the girl gets eaten. Interesting game, huh?"

The turtles kept their silence.

"Well, I'll just leave it here with you. You don't have long to decide. If you don't play, the girl dies. See you later."

And Treeble left the room, leaving the game behind.

"What do you think?" Donny said.

Raph studied the game. "These fiends are cruel enough to be on the level. If we don't play and win, the girl dies."

"But how are we supposed to even know what to do?"
Luckily for the Turtles they didn't have to think about it for long as they arrived at their destination

"All right!" Said the Poilot "All Humanimals marked for the slave acadmy!"

The Triceratons put leashes on the Turtles' necks, noticing they didn't even bother with the video game.

"They don't seem to have responded." Mozar said "Either their spirits are breaking or they are hardening."

The Turtles were placed with Other Humanimals who had been captured, and they were subjected to a long speech about how they were goign to be slaves for the rest of their lives and that there was no hope of escape.

"Punks." Raph growled "If I had my weapons I would..."

"You would do nothing." Nickered a Horse Man chewing a straw "Do you not know what they do to Humanimals who try to rebel?"

The Turtles were silent

"They have the robot police kill them." The Horse said "Any Humanimals who try to rebel are all eventually killed...I'm not saying there is no hope I'm just saying a daring jailbreak won't work in this prison, the Wranglers are fat too prepared, I'm Barly by the way I am from Planet Pekopon."

"Thanks." Leo said "But we're not Humanimals...We're Mutants..."

Barly shrugged "It makes no difference to them. You are animals who talk and therefore you are Humanimals to them...Stick with me Turtles I know the survival skills that you need to get by with your sanity intact, for this is the slave acadamy where they train you for slavehood."
Leo says "Thanks, by we have survival skills too." Barley says "What could you all do?" Mikey says "We're ninjas."

(Hertz BARLEY! Not Batty you've got horrible reading skills!)
"They probably took that into account," Barley said. "The technicians made some upgrades."
"Thanks for your advice, Barly," Leo said. "Is it your job to greet all the newbies?"

"What do you mean?" Barly asked.

"I mean is it your job to discourage new prisoners from attempting a jail break?"

"I don't work for the Wranglers, if that's what you are thinking. I'm a prisoner here just like you."

"Maybe you are and maybe you aren't."
"All right." Barely said "I'll give you all that you need to survive here...Here they are calling us for the afternoon feeding."

"As long as they don't feed us anymore Humanimal hot dogs..." Mikey groaned

Barley looked at the Turtles puzzled

"Don't ask." Leo said "It's a long story."

In the mess hall everyone was given the kind of food creatures of their kind would eat in the wild, hay for the herbivores, raw meat for the carnivores, when the Turtles stepped up for their rations they were given bowls hard tiny pellets.

Raph asked "What the shell is this?"

The malevolent cafeteria lady smirked "Minimum wage for Turtles."

Raph started to growl, but Barley nudged him saying "Don't pick fights, just walk with me..."

He lead them to an empty table "They're just messing with you on the first day." Barley said "If they expect you to work efficiently you'll get decent food soon enough, a proper slave can't function on pellets, here I'll share some of my stuff with you."

He pulled out an assortment of raw fruits and vegetables Donatello sighed

"It's not much." He said grabbing a carrot and taking a bite out of it "But it will do."

Barley handed Leo and apple "Gee thanks." Leo said "Apples always were my favorite fruit." he took a bite, it had to be the juiciest apple he had ever bit into

"Don't mention it." Barley said "You see over at table number 45? The one with the pretty Humanimal Girls? Those are the ones being trained to be GirlyGirls."

"What are Girly Girls?" Donny asked

"About as close to being a sex slave without actually being one." Barley said "You know what a Geisha is right?"

"Yes." The Turtles said

"Well the GirlyGirl is somewhere between a Geisha and a courtesan, they are very good at charming men and that means they are very good at scoring the rest of us Flay-Rah."

"Flay-What?" Raph asked

"That's code for good food, yummy food...Fattening food everything you like eating that's not good for your body but good for your soul...They are very good at getting it for the rest of us, so if ever you boys need say...A packet of candy, some cake and ice cream, even a bottle of beer..."

"Maybe a pizza?" Mikey said hopefully

Barley chuckled "Yes, even that...Just ask a GirlyGirl and she'll find a way of getting it to you."
"What about weapons?" Leo asked.

"That might be difficult," said Barley. "You still thinking about getting out of here."

"Us and everyone else."

The horse looked at the four. "Tall order; someone here might snitch on you, in order to get extra food."

"Those will be the first to die," said Raph. "Besides, I doubt our friends will let us rot here for long."

"Well, if we are to escape, we'll need a plan."
A little do the Turtles know, a plan is already underway. Outside the complex, James, Cooper and Hunter are wearing
stealth suits and special goggles, "You both remember the plan?" Cooper asked. Hunter replies, "We knock out the power, infiltraite and rescue the Turtles." James asks, "But do I get a chance to kill some wranglers?"
"Why not," Hunter says with a grin. "Can you really say a plan is successful if there isn't any collateral damage?"

"Where's that power cable?" Cooper said. "It's supposed to be right here."

"Maybe somebody did some redecorating."

But unfortunately the slave academy was prepared for such things.

The Robot Police that guarded the academy, they were enormous robots, large as small building with Machine Guns that could kill Dinosaurs

"Stop Humanimals!" The Robots said

"Oh crap!" Cooper said "I forgot this is planet Viola Streirra! The toughest Planet in the Galaxy!"

"Retreat!" Hunter said and they made their way to their ships

"Let me guess." Matoaka said when they got back "You ran into those house sized Copbots before you could do a thing."

"Yes." Cooper and James said

"We'll need help." Ichabod said "We'll need a bit more subtly and cunning...I know! We could call my parents! I'm sure Father's fear gas could come in handy!"

Edward put his hand on Ichabod's shoulder "In order to cut the power, we'll need to hack into the system, only one man I know can hack into the Slave Academy System...My real Father Edward Nygma...The Riddler."

"I'll get on the phone right now and make some calls." Ichabod said

"Do you think you're Father will be willing to help us?" Minsk asked

"I don't know..." Edward sighed "But we must try."

As for the Turtles, well they had been taken to a darkened room, it smelled musky as there were some husky men tending to some furnaces.

The Turtles were forced to sit down, and each of them had their right foot placed in stocks

"Such interesting feet..." Lord Sean said examining their odd two toed feet "It almost seems a shame to brand them..."

"You're going to brand us?!" Mikey nearly screamed

"Your identification numbers." Lord Sean said "Since you logically can't put collars with tags on Humanoid animals...Tony! Are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be..." Said a large, round red headed man with a white hot branding iron

"Leo..." Mikey said "I'm scared."

"Now..." Tony said examining the Turtles' exposed soles..."Who's going to be first..."

The Turtles looked at the branding iron, cold sweat running down their necks, well all except Raph who was trembling with fury...

"I think...THIS ONE!" Tony said pressing the iron into Donatello's sole...Donny screamed with pain as X-31 was burned into his sole
One day, Donny thought. One day it will be you getting marked. He looked at his brothers, and nodded.

Raph tilted his head, and Leo exposed his teeth, and Mikey clenched his hands.

"He's yours," was what they were saying.

Donny growled as he looked at Tony. When the escape was actually implemented, Donny would have the pleasure of giving Tony a taste of his own medicine.
Both Johnathin Crane and Edward Nygma meets up with Matoaka, Ichabod and Edward. "I heard that you need our help." Johnathin says. Matoaka explains on the situation up until now." "Hmm," Edward says "such a complex riddle." Johnathin says "Edward's got a point there, first of all the fear gas will have no effect on these copbots due that they are only machines not living beings, secondly how long do you think the turtle can hold their breaths?"
"Actually the plan we had in mind was a bit more well thought out." Edward Green said "First, you Father will hack into the Slave Academy's computer system shutting down everything including the copbots and you Professor Crane will only pump fear gas into the Human Staff's quarters not to any of the Humanimals' quarters."

"All right." Jonathan said "You seem to have things figured out."

Just then a young girl about Ichabod's age walked into the scene, she had Riddler's red hair and green eyes (Edward Green had his Mother's black hair and blue eyes)

She yawned a bit and said "I hate flying in spaceships...They always make me nervous...Being in a tube in the vacuum of space."

"Oh." Nygma said "You haven't met my daughter Pandora yet."

"Oh!" Edward Green said "Hello Pandora, a pleasure to meet you."

"You're my famous half brother I presume?" Pandora said

"I take it you're not fond of me?" Edward Green said

"Father said you traded your birthright for the love of a weasel." Pandora said haughtily

"I see." Edward said

"Pandora..." Ichabod said "Do you remember me?"

Pandora's eyes widened, she had not seen Ichabod since they were both eight years old, he was nothing but a skinny runt to her back then, now he changed, his shoulders had broadened, his chest slightly deeper, not to mention his voice was a lot deeper, and was that a hint of five o clock shadow...It seemed like he had blossomed into a man overnight.

"Ichabod..." Pandora gasped "You've changed so much!"

"Why thanks Pandora..." Ichabod said blushing "The military has really improved my physique, you've changed to...You look pretty."

Pandora blushed "Why...Why thank you..." She said

"You don't mind if Pandora comes along with us?" Riddler asked

"Of course she can come with us." Matoaka said

"Is it true what the rumors say?" Pandora "Is it true you've fallen in love with...With a Humanimal?"

"Yes he has."

Marzipan strutted up to Ichabod "I can honestly say Ichabod is spoken for..."

"Wow Ichy..." Pandora said "I'd never thought you'd fall for..."

"A cat?" Marzipan smirked

"...A fat girl." Pandora said

Marzipan's ears flattened "What did you just call me?!"
Matoaka says "Marzipan, Pandora, Enough. Remember, you both are on a same team. Here's the plan, Nygma you will hack into the Academy's computer network remotly with a Network computer provided, once everything is shut down. Johnathin will go to the Academies ventalation system and drop some of his fear gas in the vent marked W. Then Hunter, Cooper and James will infiltrate wearing gas masks and free the Turtles and the Humanimals not broken yet. Any questions?"
After Nygma's fingers had tippy tapped on the keyboard for several minutes, he sat back with a frown on his face. "This is going to be more difficult than we thought."

"What's the matter?" Matoaka asked.

"They have security protecting the security protecting the security. You need a password just for the privilege of entering a password which will get you into the area where you are actually able to enter the password that gets you in."

"Stop with the doubletalk already. Can you get in or not?"
"Yes." Nygma said "But it's going to take a while."

They were on the Fellowship, headed to Planet Viola Sierra

"Maybe I can help with that." Edward said "After all I did use to work at the slave academy."

Minsk said to Marzipan "Could you help me put supper on the table?"

Normally Minsk and Marzipan were bitter rivals when it came to cooking but now they were temporarily putting aside their rivalry to work together as a team.

Because of Belladonna, she was so distraught by what had happened to the Turtles she blamed herself for it, she just couldn't stop crying.

As Marzipan and Minsk worked together to make supper for everyone, Ichabod went over to Belladonna's room to soothe the poor dragoness

"Ichabod..." Came Pandora's voice

Ichabod turned around and saw Pandora

"Oh Hi Pandora." Ichabod said

"Hi..." Pandora said "Ichabod...Can I talk to you?"

"Right now was going to talk to Belladonna." Ichabod said

"Who?" Pandora said

"The white dragon..." Ichabod said "Her mate is one of the four turtles we're going to save."

Just at that moment, they could be Belladonna's voice wailing "MY POOR DORKY DONNY!"

"Yes..." Ichabod said "I"d love to chat with you but right now I need to be there for my friend."

"Your friend?" Pandora said "What about your old friend? Are those Animals more important to you then your old friends are?"

Ichabod hesitated to say anything Pandora said "I can tell by your reluctance to answer that it's true isn't it?"

"I'm sorry Pandora." Ichabod said "But right now Belladonna needs me...Are you going through a personal crisis right now?"

Pandora sniffled and said "My parents got divorced."

"I know full well that was three years ago!" Ichabod snapped "I know divorce hurts but you should be able to deal with that now, Belladonna has just lost her mate and I need to be there for her in her hour of need!"

"But Ichabod." Pandora said

"No, Pandora." Ichabod said "You listen, where you when I needed you the most, the brief times we actually spent together, why did you never offer me any emotional support? Where were you when I needed a shoulder to cry on? All my life I wanted a friend, I sort of considered you and Alice my friends but neither of you were really there for me when I needed a friend...These guys are truly my friends, so I return the favor I don't hate you Pandora not in the least, but hopefully you now know how it feels to be given the cold shoulder when you need a friend."

With that Ichabod went into Belladonna's room, leaving Pandora stunned

Meanwhile at the Slave Academy all four of the Turtles had had the soles of their feet branded, they all walked with a limp

"Ow! Ow! OW!" Mikey complained "My foot feels like it's on fire!"

"We all feel the same way..." Leo said

"Hey Boys!" Came a familiar voice "Over here!"

Over at Table 44 was Barley and there were five bowls full of fruits and vegetables waiting for them as well as four glasses of ice water.

"You guys got branded huh?" Barley said

"Is it that obvious?" Leo asked as they sat down at the table

"Pretty much." Barley said "Animals with soft fleshy feet like you are always branded on the sole of the foot...For hooved animals like me...We're always branded...On the hind quarters..."

The Turtles looked at Barley shivered for a moment and started to eat, the food in their bowls was unlike anything they had ever eaten in their lives there hard round nuts with a rich buttery taste, small round roots that tasted slightly like carrots, spicy peppery leaves and leaves that oozed a thick creamy sap.

"What is that stuff?" Mikey asked as he ate

"None of it is native to Earth." Barley said smiling "It's all rare exotic produce from other Planets, that Humans discovered is edible to them and most other Humanimals."

"Interesting..." Donny said "I mean..." He crunched on a root "It's not bad tasting or anything but...It's not very filling."

Mikey took an ice cube out of his glass of water and applied it to the sole of his foot

"Ah..." Mikey sighed "That's much better."
Back on the Fellowship, Belladonna's been down ever sense Donatello and his brothers have been taken by the Wranglers, she heard a knock on the door, Belladonna says "Who's there?" Ichabod's voice is heard from the door, "It's me, Ichabod, could I come in?" Belladonna says "Sure, come in. I sure could use the company." Ichabod opens the door and comes in "I have news that could cheer you up. We're establishing a rescue plan for the Turtles, including Donny with my father's help." Belladonna says "Your father's here?" Ichabod nodded "And Edward Nygma."
(OK, this is the beginning of a small subplot, that was partly inspired by true life events, when I was in high school one of my favorite teachers told me about one her daughters was obsessively dieting and only eating salads, I lent her some cookbooks and the habit was quickly cured, but still Pandora's problem is going to be inspired by my Teacher's daughter's problem)

The Fellowship was slowly but surely making her way towards the Planet where the Turtles were held captive, Matoaka told everyone they should not announce themselves so they had the Fellowship put in stealth mode.

At supper, Minsk and Marzipan made some lovely fish soup with three kinds of salad, brown bread and butter and fresh fruit salad for dessert.

Pandora however only ate a small garden salad, and even then she only ate half, flat out refusing any dressing.

After she ate half she promptly excused herself from the table before anyone was finished eating.

Marzipan and Minsk both raised their eyebrows but said nothing, Jonathan looked at Edward Nygma

"Perhaps we need to talk Nygma..." Jonathan said "A lot has changed over the past three years."

Once Jonathan and Edward Nygma were alone, Jonathan said "Pray tell why is your already thin daughter eating no more then half a salad? If I didn't no better I'd say she's on a verge of a full out..."

"No! No!" Edward said quickly "It's not like that really! She still eats, she just eats...Pretty much only salads..."

"You think that's healthy?" Jonathan asked

"No." Nygma said shaking "I've been trying to tell her for three months that one bowl of pasta or an occasional dessert is not going to permanently ruin your figure...But she won't listen, she seems determined to stay on a lifelong diet."

"What do you think caused this?" Jonathan asked

"Her Mother." Nygma said

"You mean..." Jonathan said

"Yes." Nygma sighed "Brenda was a former model before I married her...She herself had...Issues...She was disgusted with herself with herself when she was pregnant, despite me constantly reassuring her she was still as beautiful as always, but it was never enough with her, she acted a lot like Pandora is now after her pregnancy, constantly dieting, eating nothing but health food, she was always disapproving with Pandora if she wasn't eating the same things she herself was eating."

"I know the type of woman you're talking about." Jonathan said "Always got one eye on the scales, never approving of what the child is eating...Even if it IS good for them."

"After we got divorced and the nasty custody battle..." Edward sighed "Pandora...Well when she heard that I had actually threatened her Mother with violence if I did not get full custody, she took a dislike to me, she tried to emulate her Mother in all ways, her dieting obsession being one of them...Jonathan I'm afraid it may be my fault she is doing this to herself!"

"Pandora definitely needs help." Jonathan said "Before she wastes away to nothing. But let;s focus on the task at hand, we should be to your Son's home planet in twelve hours."
"When we do get there," Edward said. "I've got a thing or two to say to the old battle-ax and her toy sword."

"And that would be?" Johnathan asked.

"That I'm twice the man he'd ever be."
After dinner, Nygma with the help of his son, continue to hack into the Academy's network. After about 30 minutes later Edward Green says "And we're in." Nygma says "Well done son, I couldn't get into the system without you." Green says "Luckaly, they forgot to change the passwords when Minsk captured me." Nygma says "Now it's my turn. Let see, copbot contriol," He clicks on it, "There you go, now the copbots will trouble you no more. As for good measure, I'll leave one of my riddles in the network just in case someone like Darkseid tries to re-establish control."
"How much longer till we reach the slave academy?" Belladonna asked

"Six hours." Matoaka said

"Six hours?!" Exclaimed Belladonna

"I know you're distressed." Matoaka said "But we can't just rush in, we have to keep the slow and steady pace...We've got to have faith they'll be OK."

"We should get ready." Bill said "It's going to be a furious fight once we get there."

Half an hour later, Pandora was hungry, she struggled with her hunger, she had eaten half her salad, she thought she had been good and she didn't want to ruin it by finishing off the rest of the salad.

"I know." Pandora said "Celery! It has negative calories...I should be able to eat that without guilt!"

As she made her way to the kitchen however she was distracted by the sounds of laughter, she strained to hear and it sounded like Ichabod and his cat girlfriend was laughing, she tiptoed and noticed the door to their room was ajar, she looked inside and gasped

"Ichabod!" She gasped

Ichabod was naked, draped over Marzipan's knee, she was spanking him

"I heard you had become a sick perverted freak but I didn't think you'd be this bad!"

She ran out of the room disgusted

"Wait!" Ichabod pleaded "Pandora it's not what it looks like! OK it is what it looks like but please! Pandora!"

Pandora then told both their Dads what she saw, the Humanimals didn't seem to care and seemed annoyed she was raising such a fuss, Edward Nygma rubbed his temples as if he had a headache, and Jonathan seemed bemused and bewildered

"Ichabod..." Jonathan said "Was...Was she really spanking you?"

"Yes." Ichabod said, his cheeks bright red with shame

"You...Really like to be spanked?" Jonathan asked

"You never spanked when I was a little boy..." Ichabod said sheepishly "So I guess I never developed a distaste for it...I don't know why I like it, everyone has their fetishes!"

"You sickening perv!" Pandora said "I can't believe how far you've fallen Ichabod! You're a real creep!"

"Pandora..." Ichabod said

"Don't you 'Pandora' me!" Pandora yelled "That image of your bare behind is now burned into my retinas for the rest of my life! That's something I never want to see again! Your rear end is as homely as your front end!"

Marzipan couldn't take it anymore "THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH!" She bellowed

Everything became quiet

"Who do you think you are?" Marzipan said to Pandora "Yelling at Ichabod like that after all he's done for you?! And who do you think you are barging into peoples' rooms without knocking? Are you not aware Ichabod is a military man? What he does in his bunk is his business! He doesn't need to explain anything to you!"

She took Edward's cane in her hand

"And furthermore," Marzipan said "You are no position the be questioning anyone's beauty...When you my half starved friend have pencil legs!"

She used the cane the slightly lift up Pandora's night gown, revealing her painfully skinny legs

"Pandora!" Ichabod exclaimed "What...What's happened to you?"

Jonathan said "Nygma could explain better then I could. Ever since her parents divorced Pandora's been obsessed with dieting, her diet seems to consist mostly of lettuce."

Ichabod shook his head, he did not seem angry or annoyed or sarcastic, he seemed sad and worried, even after everything Pandora said to him

"Oh Pandora!" Ichabod said "Don't you know you're hurting yourself? You can't live on lettuce alone! You've got to at more substantial things! As the team medic I need to help you..."

Ichabod walked over to the med lab

"Ichabod..." Pandora said weakly

"Oh you don't have the right to talk to him like that after everything you've said!" Marzipan said "You're probobly this high strung to begin with because you're so hungry! If you don't eat something substantial I'm going to slug you now march yourself over to the kitchen NOW!"

Pandora meekly headed over to the kitchen, Edward Nygma noticed Jonathan was chuckling

"Feline powers of persuasion." Jonathan chuckled "In a few moments you'll see why I love Marzipan so much."

Pandora sat timidly at the kitchen as Marzipan pulled things out the fridge, she pulled out Brie with crackers, pecan pie, ice cream, avocados, all things with lots of fat in them, Edward Nygma and Jonathan watched from the doorway, when Marzipan pulled out an enormous silky chocolate mousse, Nygma realized his mouth was watering, these Humanimals may not have had a taste for 'gourmet' foods but they ate like kings nonetheless.

Ichabod came to the kitchen with his medical kit, "Pandora..." Ichabod said "I didn't want to do this...But here are few pictures of people, who starve themselves...He showed her photo after photo... "See this?" He said "And this? And this? Do you think this is pretty? Do you think it's glamorous to be skin and bones? Little more then a skeleton? Pandora as a doctor I know you need some fat on your body to remain healthy you can't live without fat!"

Pandora felt tears running down her cheek she didn't know why

"Pandora..." Ichabod said "I don't want you die! I especially don't want you to die of starvation a shadow of your former self!"

"Ichabod is right." Marzipan said pulling out a bag of bagels and an enormous New York Cheesecake "Being a starving skeleton is not pretty, in fact it makes you uglier then most fat girls."

Pandora then started sobbing openly, Marzipan regretted saying that, she quickly toasted a bagel, slathered it with cream cheese and lox, and brought it over

"Here Pandora..." Ichabod said "Eat up..."

Pandora just sobbed and sobbed

"Please Pandora..." Ichabod said "Do it for me..."

Pandora was having a hard time steadying her breathing

"It's good." Ichabod said "I'll show you." He took one half of the bagel and took a bite slowly savoring it as he did so

"Mmmmm!" He purred "Good bagel!"

"Pandora..." Marzipan said gently "I know this may sound odd, but a truly believe we are at are most beautiful when we're eating, that's when we are truly are most beautiful and alive."

Pandora at that moment realized how hungry she was, her stomach growled loudly as Ichabod nudged the bagel over to her,

She took a bite, it was so good! She quickly ate all of it

Jonathan smiled and Nygma, and Nygma feeling tears of joy walked over to his daughter and kissed her forehead

"I'm so glad." Nygma whispered "That you can eat normally again."
Five hours later, Matoaka, Hunter, James, Cooper, Ichabod, Johnathin and Edward Nygma were in the ship's briefing room. A map of the Academy is shown on the display screen, Matoaka says "In an hour's time, we will arrive at our destination. Already the copbots are turned off so they'll be out of the equasion." James says "Thank goodness, that'll make our job a lot easier." Matoaka points to the map, the Academy is basicly have one lesson. To break humanimal spirits making sure that they'll be slaves always, but we're going to change that. The slave pens are on the right side of the academy while the Wrangler bunkers are on the left, First Mr. Nygma will remotely lock the doors seperating the two sides, Johnathin then will drop one of his fear gas canisters into the ventilation system to the bunkers but do it quick, the locks are on a timer. Then James, Hunter and Cooper will come in on the southwest side near the pens to get humanimals out including the turtles, with the wranglers in disarray. Should be a piece of cake." Nygma says "I'll leave behind one of my cryptic riddles in case someone tries to re-establish control to the academy's computer network." Ichabod asks "And what do I do?"
"You my dear Ichabod." Matoaka said "Will help your herd brothers, Bill, Jim and Bob fight any reinforcements that might try to defend the Academy, this is a Wrangler Planet after all enemy territory...We must be willing to fight anyone."

Meanwhile the Turtles were having trouble sleeping, they were scared. very scared...This was possibly the most dangerous thing that ever happened since they nearly got killed by the Shredder (See the episode Exodus for more details)

Leo was probobly the most worried of all, he was afraid for his brothers, that they would all be separated across the universe never to see each other again, Leo wrapped his blanket tighter around himself imagining the horrible fates his brothers might be sent to, the most worrying of all that any of them might become sex slaves, Barley had warned them that most Humanimal sex slaves go to infected old rakes to diseased to have human partners so they use Humanimals like condemns.

"Beware..." Barley had said "You go to those assholes and you get Teenage Mutant Gonorrhea or syphilis."
Suddenly, Leo became aware of something tickling his nose. He opened his eyes, and noticed a rope dangling by him. He followed the rope on up to the ventilation shaft, and saw three sets of eyes.

"He's up," said a familiar voice. "Let's get down."

Soon enough, the three were on the floor. "In case you're wondering, or have forgotten," said the wolf. "James, Hunter, and Cooper." The wolf pulled out a sword from a backsheath. "I heard that you were good with something like this."

Leo grabbed it. "It's not a katana, or anything else I've trained with, but it will do."

The wolf grinned. "Good answer, because we came baring gifts for everyone who wants out of this hellhole."

"Are you serious?"

"I always bring more than what I need."
Leo woke up his brothers "Mikey, Raph, Donny. Wake up," Mikey woke up groggy "Why the shell did you wake me? I was having a wonderful dream." Hunter says "If the dream involves getting out of here, it came true." Raph says "A rescue party, thank god." Donny says "What about the wranglers running this place?" James says "Thanks to the Scarecrow, they'll too pre-occupied fighting their own fears then us." James passes suitable weapons to Raph, Mikey and Donny." Copper says "Come on, the fear gas will disapate soon, and we don't want to be here if it does."
"Aren't we going to help the others?" Mikey asked

"Of course." Cooper said

As they made their way through the slaves pens, letting out all the Humanimals, suddenly there was a loud scream! The Humanimals knew that sound all to well

"Someone is trying to have their way with one of the GirlyGirls." Barley said

"I thought we gassed all the Wranglers!" Exclaimed Hunter

"Well..." Barley said "You gassed all the Wranglers in their bunks, but one was probobly sneaking to the pens for some late night pleasure..."

Mikey being the fastest of the Turtles sneaked over the The Females' pens to see what was the matter.

He saw a large powerful Wrangler trying to rape a young Okapi Girl... He grabbed the Okapi Girl's breast she screamed as her nightgown ripped and tore exposing her bare breast.

Mikey could not take it anymore, he had forgotten to take his weapon, he raced over to the Wrangler

"Hey Jerk!" Mikey yelled "Leave that girl alone!"

Using only his fists and feet he clobbered the Wrangler, so well in fact...The Wrangler died.

Mikey was slowly breathing, his chest heaving up and down, he looked at his hands, they were covered in blood

'I've never been this mad in my life...' Mikey thought his hands trembling 'Is this how Raph feels every day?'

The Okapi Girl wept and hugged him

"Oh brave Turtle Man!" She wept "I am forever in your debt!"

"Don't mention it." Mikey said
Raph says "Wow Mikey, I never thought you had it in you." Leo says "Girls, if you all want to leave, now's the time." Soon everyone is at the door, Hunter says "Hunter to Matoaka, we got the Turtles and all the Humanimals and we're on our way out." Matoaka says "Roger that, I'll inform Ichabod and the rest when you reach the ships." As they leave Hunter, James and Cooper escorts the Turtles and the freed humanials to 3 waiting shuttles.
Soon they were all aboard the ship and rocketing away from the wrangler hell. The ship was so crowded that people were sleeping on the floor, the ones that could sleep. Almost everybody was talking excitedly about their new freedom.

"I made snacks!" Marzipan announced. And a big cheer went up for her.
"Whoa!" Mikey said examining the Fellowship's fridge, seeing the cheesecake, the chocolate mousse, the pecan pie and the three tubs of ice cream, "I distinctly remember those not being in their the last time I checked."

"I had to call some stuff up from the sub-fridge, the fridge below the fridge where we keep our emergency snack supply." Marzipan said

"Why?" Donny asked "What happened while we were gone?"

"Well..." Marzipan looked over at Pandora who was sitting in the rocking chair enjoying a slice of New York cheesecake, no fruit, no chocolate sauce, just savoring the rich depth of the plain unadorned cheesecake for what is was...She looked at Marzipan and smiled

"I shouldn't divulge." Marzipan said "It's private, but you're free to help yourselves to any and all of the snacks."

"Thank you Marzipan!" Mikey and Donny said at once sandwiching Marzipan in a hug and they both kissed Marzipan on the cheek in gratitude.

"Whoa!" Marzipan said "That was rockin...Wonder what brought that on..."

"They haven't had a proper meal for a day and half." Leo said

Marzipan shrugs "I guess the wranglers don't feed their prisoners well."

Meanwhile, Lord Sean heard what happened "What? An attack on Viola Sierra? Quickly, log onto the Slave Academy's network and check the security cameras!" A technician says "Yes, my lord." After a few minutes the technician says "Uhh, Lord Sean? I seem to be having a problem logging in." Lord Sean says "How can you have a problem logging on?" the technician says "See for yourself."
There was bizarre riddle on the computer screen

It read like this

'I am that tender first kiss
I am a new father's tears of joy
I am flowers laid on a grave
What am I?"

"What the..$%^% Is this?!" Lord Sean fumed

"So...What is the answer to that Riddle?" Edward Green asked his Dad

"Isn't it obvious?" Nygma chuckled "Love, pure and simple. Of course Wranglers don't understand love so I don't think they'll be figuring out soon."

"What prompted you to write that?" Edward Green asked

"I am in your friends debt." Nygma said "Helping Pandora eat properly again."
"Dad," Green says "You're a genious."

Nygma says "I hate to brag about it these days, but no one can match wits with an intellect like mine, especially Wranglers."

Meanwhile Belladonna and Donny were having a conversation "Oh Donny," Belladonna says "I thought I lost you."

Donny responds "Sorry Bell-Bell, we didn't even plan on getting captured by the Wranglers." Donny winces in pain as he rubs his foot.

Belladonna says "What's wrong Donny?" Donny lifted his foot and showed her a W brand mark "One of the things they did was brand us like cattle."

Belladonna says "Oh, poor Donny. Do you want reliefe of that pain?"
"Welllll...," Donny said, making puppy eyes, "if you don't mind?"

"Of course I don't mind, silly!" Belladonna said. "Let's find a nice private place so I can do it right." She winked at him.

"I feel better already!" Donny said and followed Belladonna down the hall with his tongue hanging out.
Belladonna rubbed some ice on Donatello's foot.

"Ouch!" Belladonna said "That's a horrible nasty mark. I'm sorry you had to go through that."

"You know something Bell-Bell." Donny said

Belladonna looked into Donny's eyes

"If nothing else it taught us just how hard Humanimals have it...It taught us what Matoaka was trying to say to us, all this time we hadn't been listening to Matoaka when she was trying to tell us how different our upbringings now I understand, even though we lived in the sewers we were free, we had pleasures most normal children had, as Matoaka said, good food, toys that weren't broken...Heck we even got to go trick or treating on Halloween, most Humanimals get none of those things."

"Oh...Donatello..." Belladonna said as she lay her head in Donatello's lap, in Japanese culture laying your head in someone's lap is the ultimate sign of trust so Belladonna's action had more meaning then she thought

Donny smiled and stroked Belladonna's indigo mane "The night we were rescued, I had a bad dream..." Donny said "I feel like it was the worst nightmare I ever had in my life."

"Are you going to tell me?" Belladonna asked "Or is it too much for you?"

"No I'll tell." Donny said "It starts like this, I see a table with three glasses of water on it and on a shelf I see a bottle of some green liquid marked poison...I find my feet moving beyond my control, I can control my body at all! I reach for the bottle of poison and put one drop in each of the glasses of water, the bright pure water turns sickly green next thing my brothers show up and each drinks the glass of water, I try to warn them about the poison but my mouth won't open, I can't say anything, they quickly die...Rotting before my eyes."

"What an awful dream to have!" Belladonna exclaimed

"Belladonna..." Donatello said "After having that dream, I felt a realization came to me...I want...I want to have a child with you."
"Well," said Bell. "We'll have to work on that."

Meanwhile, James was looking in the direction of the planet they'd left. "I can't wait for the big surprise."

"Don't tell me," said Matoaka. "You set up a bomb?"

"You wish," James said. "That would have been more humane."

"What did you do?"

"A certain soundbite from a show called Chowder," James said. "One of the episodes had this maze that the main character and a villain were trapped in, and one of the characters was this dancing mutant pig thing that only said, 'Boom, Chacka chacka chacka, Boom Chacka chacka chacka,' and so on. Left that on eternal loop throughout their whole PA system, once they get that turned back on."

"What episode was that?"

"The Deadly Maze," said James. "Let me show you the music video someone made, that makes it creepier."

"James..." Matoaka said shaking her head "Your mind goes to some strange places...Sometimes I feel you do all these strange things just to show off...To prove you're better then the whole lot of us put together...I'm not impressed."

Matoaka trotted away "I'm going to go get some of Jim's sugar cookies." She muttered

Meanwhile Belladonna and Donatello were still in deep conversation "If you want to have a child..." Belladonna said "And I mean serious about having a child...I suggest we do it as soon as we get back to Earth."

"Wait!" Donny said "Shouldn't we get...You know...Married first?"

"I'm not like a human." Belladonna said "I don't go into season once a month, Water Dragons only go into season once a year during the spring and summer months, my time is almost completing..Time is of the essence."

"Shouldn't we wait until next year?" Donny asked

"Considering what just happened." Belladonna said "I'd like to do this before someone tries to snatch you away from me again."
"Well we'd have to find the right place," Donny said. "The right Ambiance, and all that."

"Then it looks like we'd best work on it," said Bell. "You work on that side of the room, and I'll work on this side. We'll make things right."
Leo, Mikey and Raph are in the medbay where Ichabod and Kong are checking them after their time in Slave Academy. "My god!" Kong says, "What have you guys been eating?" Mikey says "Don't ask." Ichabod says "I suppose the Wranglers feed their prisoners disgusting looking food." Kong notices the brand on Mikey's foot. "Where did you get this?" Leo says "They branded us, we all got em." Mikey says "I hope Master Splinter doesn't notice the brands."
"Actually..." Kong said "We do have the technology to erase scars, soon your feet will be good as new."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Mikey asked

"Unfortunately..." Kong said "We'll have to wait a few days before we can."

"Why do we have to wait?" Mikey complained

"Because those scars have just been freshly burned into the skin." Kong said "The skin is much to sensitive for treatment wait three or fours days and we should be able to do it."

Ichabod said "What did they feed you at the Slave Academy."

"At the Academy mostly just fruits and vegetables..." Leo said "They weren't bad they just weren't filling or satisfying...But on the way over..."

They told Kong and Ichabod about the Humanimals Hot Dogs...Kong rubbed his chin in thought

"I think..." Kong said "I think you boys just ate regular hot dogs..."

The Turtles smiled in relief

"I say that because..." Kong said "Humanimal Sausages do exist they are considered a delicacy among Wranglers that they would not waste feeding mere Turtles to."

"I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse..." Mikey said

"Could have been worse," said Matoaka. "James could have been along for the ride."

"Wasn't he the guy that saved us?" Leo asked.

"Yes, but he's a hothead," Matoaka said. "He tends to go overboard. Said that he left an annoying song to play on the P.A. system."

"Why didn't he blow up the place?" Raph asked.

"He has his reasons," Matoaka shook her head. "And most of them baffle me."
Meanwhile Hunter has arrived tp the Planet Pekopon, "Here we go Barley, home sweet home." Barley says "Thanks Hunter, I thought I could never see home ever again." Hunter says "You don't have to worry about the Wranglers, Matoaka is putting Pekopon under Federation protection." Barley says "I feel safer already and so is my family, I can't wait until I see my wife and children. Tell the Turtles, good luck for what they have next." Hunter waves "I will, goodbye and good luck." As the ship lands, Barley gets off and Hunter takes off immediately talking into the radio "This is Hunter to the Fellowship, I just dropped off the Horse humanimal Barley on his home planet of Pekopon. Heading back to the ship."
Ichabod was walking up to the Fellowship's 'attic' he opened up the hatch and looked around, there napping in a chair was Pandora, still in her green nightgown, her long red hair splayed about her face

"She looks so peaceful..." Ichabod whispered to himself "I'll just look her over to see if she's OK."

Ichabod got closer and looked her over, she seemed so content, probobly because she had eaten something decent, he didn't want to startle her but Ichabod felt a need to check her pulse, he put two fingers on her throat and instantly she startled awake.

"I'm sorry!" Ichabod said "Please don't hate me! I was just checking your pulse...As team medic it's sort of become a habit with me."

"It's OK." Pandora yawned "It's just your hands were cold."

"Sorry..." Ichabod said sheepishly

"I'm sorry I said those horrible things to you." Pandora said "I guess I've been a real bitch ever since I got here...Marzipan is right it's probobly because I was hungry."

"It's OK Pandora..." Ichabod said

"I realized..." Pandora said "That I wasn't obsessively dieting for my own sake, I was doing it for my Mom, I was doing it all too please her...I was mad at my Dad for divorcing her...But when you showed those pictures of half starved people I realized Dad was right...Mom was putting dangerous thoughts in my head,"
Leo asks Kong "Where are all the other humanimals freed from the Academy?" Kong says "They are with Cooper and Hunter, they are being ttransported back to their home planets. Hunter just called in from Pekopon. He just dropped off Barley the Horse." Leo says "Too bad, I wanted to ask Barley something." Kong says "I could pass it on to Tiamat's ship, she's currently near Pekopon."
As our Heroes made it safely back to Planet Earth...Well...Some magical things were happening...In a Bedroom...If you know what I mean

The End!

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