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baise on the book stravaganza city of mask, city of stars,and city of flowers
[Introduction] info
the main char are not my but mary hoffman
the place are her too but the other char are my and other people at add

here char of the book

london chars
sky meadows
georgia o'grady
nichilas duke

ch 1

karjo sit in his room in his flat not far of his new school. he with his family of a lil town out outside london. It is summer time and school start soon he wish not to go to school he hate school and meet new people.

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At least he thought Georgia went this new school as well so he wouldn't be completely on his own. He tried to bring himself to finish laying out his cloths for the morning and pack his book bag. He wasn't even close to being ready when he heard his mother calling him.

"Karjo," she yelled up the stairs "it's time for dinner". How his mother's voice could carry so far and loud always amazed him.

She was a woman of petite stature but had the lungs of a foghorn. Karjo smiled at the thought then he heard, " you'd better be ready for school young whelp cause you'll be headin' to bed right after we sup".

That statement quickly removed the smile from his youthful face cause he knew now there would be trouble to be had.
karjo walk to the the head of the stairs and look at his mother "yes,am ma" he say walk down the stairs and go to his sit and look at his father and brothers he say nothing just sit here be moody he mother kown he just act but his stepfather and brother do not kown him.
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Karjo watched whilst his mother put food on the table in front of his family. First his father, then his brother, then him, his sister and finally she sat down with her own meal. That was the way she had always served them all.
karjo is board he hate have meal with the family he just that there look out the window he like behind moody in frost of his step fahter and bother. he close his eyes and lay his head down
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his dreams were full of pirates, adventure and rescuing princesses. He always loved sleeping as that was one of those few times when the girl would not only notice him, but like him as well! He often had trouble with girls at school, when he opened his mouth he was often at a loss as to what to say!
he get up to head to school wish to befor in bed again to see his dream live but just dream he walk slowly to school
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He heard the bell going when he was only a block away, yes, he was late for school! Oh he's teacher's would be upset! He raced up the hill and towards the school. "Karjo," came the sound of one of his teacher's voices. Uh oh, he was in trouble.
he sigh and run in to his frist class
he feel all eyes on him he walk to his desk and sit down see georgia in back of the class
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"Well," his teacher said, "and what is your excuse for your tardiness this time?"

As Karjo went to answer his teacher she said, "No, let me guess" with a sour expression on her face.

"You were surrounded by hostile Indians and you were holding the fort waiting for the Cavalry to arrive", she said with disdain.

The entire class was now laughing at him and he felt less than an inch tall. He didn't understand why the teacher disliked him so; after all it really wasn't his fault he was late; well at least not this time. I mean how could he be blamed for the fanciful adventures that tended to carry him away to other exciting and exotic places.

"Karjo, Karjo," his teacher screamed at him. "Can't you pay attention for even two bloody seconds young man?"

"That is it; I've had it with you; go to Mrs. Meadows office this instant.
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I do not have to tolerate such blatant insubordination" his teacher huffed.

As Karjo rose from his desk and as he grabbed his book bag, he saw the sad look on Georgia's face. She was the only one who cared about him and the only one he cared about.

Karjo lifted his head, stood straight and smiled at his teacher "Yes, mam he said" right away", and he turned and walked proudly out of the classroom.

He began walking down the hall to the principal's office and he began to feel like a man being marched off to the gallows. The next thing he knew the corridor had changed and he was shackled and being escorted by guards.
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"You have no more chances now William, you are going in here and at dawn you are to be executed." the guard said as he slammed the door of the prison behind Karjo. Karjo wanted to say "I'm not William, I swear!" but he knew that if he tried that he could be killed even sooner as they do not look well upon craziness in the medieval times. He could even be tried as a witch and that would be worse than just a quick easy execution.
karjo prass out and wake up in the offise he sit up look aorund he hand fall asleep he shook his head he sigh and look at the little mask he have of his father of italy he love it but how do it get in his bag. he wait for the principal to call him in
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He could hear Principal Meadows if he listened real close and he was pretty sure it was the school bully, Nichilas Duke, who was getting yet another 'talking to'.

Even though Nick was mean just for fun to everyone Karjo often felt sorry for him. I mean it must be hard having a father with the hilarious name of Duke Duke Duke, even now he could not help but chuckle. Karjo sighed and mumbled, "I guess even royalty has troubles." He still could not help but wonder though why Nick's grandfather, Duke William Nickilas Duke, had given his son such a silly name. Many had said there was a great secret hidden in that ever so ridiculous of a name.
Karjo snapped out of his daydream when he heard his name being called. He went to stand
figuring that it was now his turn to be put on the rack when he noticed that the
principal's door was still closed.

"Karjo, Karjo over here" she whispered. As he turned his head he saw Georgia peeking her
head around the outer office door.

"Why do you care anyway?” he said in anger. As his friend’s sad smile became an even
sadder frown he instantly regretted what he had said.

"Aww, now don't look at me like that; I didn't mean it" Karjo said.

"I know" Georgia said with a sly grin. Karjo smacked himself on the head, " I fall for
that all the time; ya, think'd I'd know better by now" he said grinning.

She giggled and was about to say something when the principal's office door opened.
Karjo got to his feet and looked at a bedraggled Nick, steel grey eyes glaring, being
escorted to the outer office door.

"One more incident like this last fiasco young man and you will be suspended for 2 weeks;
and, I'm sure your father would be most displeased if that were to happen" said Mrs.
Meadows with her usual imperial manor.

"Now go straight to detention and no detours young man. Are you listening to me?" the
principal demanded. Nickilas grumbled. "What was that?” she said in a very soft yet
cold voice. "Yes, mam" Nick said clearly and off he went, head hanging low, under her
watchful eye.

As Mrs. Meadows turned around and look at Karjo he felt about two inches tall. "Well,
what have you done now Mr. Thatcher?"

Before he could even answer she headed for her office door "follow me" she said sweetly.

Karjo looked back once more to see if Georgia might still be there which of course she
was not and with much dread followed Mrs. Meadows once again into her inner domain of
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As Nick walked down the hall on his way to another round of detention with the grisly Mr. London he noticed that he was being watched.

In front of the ladies washroom he saw Miss Georgia O'Grady hiding slightly in the shadow cast by the halls great statue of his Grandfather, Duke William Nickilas Duke.

"I see you lil miss nosey pants; I swear if you say one word about this you'll regret it. Do you here me; not one word."

Georgia quietly slipped into the girl's washroom and disappeared from sight.

"That girl is always spying on me,” Nick grumbled. Absolutely no manners he thought. But what should one expect from the child of a mere servant. George O' Grady had been his grandfather’s butler and his son was the current Duke's chauffeur.
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Karjo left Mrs Meadow's office feeling a little bit disappointed at having been caught out again late for school and not concentrating in some of the classes. But if he could only tell her the adventures that he went through, the reasons why he was so late wouldn't be so disappointing then. But he knew the one rule of the stravaganzis, nobody was to know of where he disappeared to, for in the wrong hands, this knowledge could go dreadfully wrong. Imagine knowing how to transmit disease, how to cure it back in the 1500's? If someone wanted his worst enemy gone all he would have to do would be to say bring cancer cells back from the 20th century and insert them into the person. Imagine knowing having that kind of knowledge! Karjo shuddered at the thought. No, it was best he got in trouble now and the world remained safe then he told someone and the world having those kinds of dire problems.
karjo stop how did he konw that? he is a lil confused but he give he i have hear it somewhere but where see nick and geogia act like enemy. when he kown they like another karjo walk up to nick "hi" said karjo soft " what are you doing in front of the girlwash room?" ask karjo " nick look at him " i though you and geogia is firend what is going on?"
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"Buzz off..who said that I needed to tell you anything about our activities?" Nick said.
"I'm your friend Nick!" Karjo said, "what's going on?"
"Look..I'm not willing to tell you what's going on now..or ever..so please go away," Nick said nervously looking at him.
karjo shook his head and walk off he feel something is wrong but what he can not see it. he head home he is kick out of school and a week and karjo mum go to yeller at him the three time is year. karjo got home and sit in a chair his mum and step father yeller at him

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