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Many theories surround Roanoke. Virginia Dare is finally telling the truth.

The Lost Colony of Roanoke is something that has eluded many people. Theories surround it, but none are right. Only those who were there know what truly happened, and some can't tell, but the others are finally able to say what truly happened.

This is a CLOSED campfire between my friend, Questa, and I. So don't bother requesting an invitation, because I'll just ignore it.

Other than that, you're very welcome to read our story and post comments or constructive critism. Enjoy.

I'm not going too indepth with the characters. This is really just to go back to if you forget who a character is - or if I do.

Name: Virginia Dare

Gender: Female

Age: 181

Physical Description: Long black hair usually tied back in low ponytail, large dark violet eyes, pale face, short.

Other: First English child born in America.

Name: Quinton Black

Gender: Male

Age: 182

Physical Description: Silvery blond hair tied back into a low, short ponytail, chocolate brown eyes, pale face, tall.

Other: Came from Roanoke.

Name: Selena Moon

Gender: Female

Age: 178

Physical Description: Long silver hair, silver eyes, pale silvery face, short, silver wings.

Other: Crown Princess of the Moon Faeries.

Name: Ebony Dark

Gender: Female

Age: 198

Physical Description: Dark blue hair, dark blue eyes, dark blue skin, tall, dark blue wings.

Other: Crown Princess of the Dark Faeries.

Name: Lucien Light

Gender: Male

Age: 201

Physical Description: Pure white hair, very pale silver eyes, white face, tall, white wings)

Other: Crown Prince of the Light Faeries.

Name: Lumina Light

Gender: Female

Age: 163

Physical Description: Same as Lucien.

Other: Princess of the Light Faeries.

Name: Avani Earth

Gender: Female

Age: 179

Physical Description: Forest green hair, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, short, dark green wings.

Other: Crown Princess of the Earth Faeries.

Name: Aqua Water

Gender: Female

Age: 154

Physical Description: Bright blue hair, bright blue eyes, pale blue skin, short, bright blue wings.

Other: Princess of the Water Faeries.

Name: Fiametta Fire

Gender: Female

Age: 211

Physical Description: Fiery red hair, red eyes, pale skin, tan skin, tall, red wings.

Other: Crown Princess of the Fire Faeries.

Name: Ignatius Fire

Gender: Male

Age: 211

Physical Description: Same as Fiametta.

Other: Crown Prince of the Fire Faeries; twin brother of Fia.

Name: River Water

Gender: Male

Age: 183

Physical Description: Same as Aqua.

Other: Crown Prince of the Water Faeries.

Name: Drake Animal

Gender: Male

Age: 180

Physical Description: Hair that changes color with his emotions, eyes that change color with his emotions, lightly tanned skin, tall, wings that change color with his emotions.

Other: Crown Prince of the Animal Faeries.

Well, there you go. My characters. And, just so you know, I made it so Drake's colors are randomely changing, as his hair, eyes, and wings change, as well as his form.
A Non-Existent User

Name: Samir Air

Gender: Male

Age: 174

Physical Description: Pale, pale blue hair, equally pale blue eyes, very white skin, short, pale blue wings.

Other: He's the Crown Prince of the Air Faeries.

Name: Snowmist "Snow" Gleam

Gender: Female

Age: 165

Physical Description: Bright blue hair, pale blue skin, grayish-blue eyes, short, silver wings.

Other: An Air Faerie - Princess Aqua's Personal Maid

Name: Ivory Black

Gender: Female

Age: 199

Physical Description: Silvery blond hair, brown eyes, pale face, tall.

Other: From Roanoke. Quinton's older sister.

Name: Storm Tanith

Gender: Female

Age: 171

Physical Description: Bright blue hair with silver streaks, bright blue eyes swirled with silver, pale white skin, tall.

Other: Samir's Personal Maid.

Name: Luna Theda

Gender: Female

Age: 187

Physical Description: Dark silver hair, dark silver eyes, pale silvery face, short, dark silver wings with black tips.

Other: Selena's Personal Maid.

Eleanor Dare ran from her best friend’s house when she heard a woman scream. Pearl Black followed quickly behind.

“What is it?” Pearl asked breathlessly, looking at her shell-shocked friend. Brushing her long silvery blond hair out of her eyes, she looked at what Eleanor was focusing her clear green eyes on.

“Oh my Lord in Heaven,” Pearl breathed, her brown eyes widened in fear.

Three hundred…beings…stood before them, wearing silver uniforms. Looking closer, Pearl saw that there were just as many female as there were men. Who were these people? They were white, and yet they certainly weren’t English, or any other white nationality they had seen before, surely.

And they were holding weapons - a type of gun, it looked like, but no gun she had ever seen.

“Pearl,” Eleanor whispered. “Pearl, you must go to your child. See if he is safe.”

Pearl nodded and looked at her friend with troubled eyes. Eleanor had still not taken her eyes away from the intruders. Around them people were screaming, gathering weapons, running, and keeping the nine children of the colony safe.

“Eleanor, you must see if your own child is safe as well,” Pearl told her.

Eleanor took in a sharp breath and finally tore her eyes away from the men and women standing calmly amongst all the chaos of the colony. “Oh, Lord, Virginia. They mustn’t hurt Virginia.”

Eleanor gathered her skirts and ran, not bothering to look and see if Pearl was running to her child as well.

“Virginia!” Eleanor gasped as she ran into the house.

She found her daughter huddled in a corner of the kitchen, crying.

“Oh, dearest, you’ll be alright,” Eleanor exclaimed, gathering the black-haired, violet-eyed three-year-old in her arms.

“Mummy, daddy said that I’m in danger,” Virginia sobbed out.

Eleanor made soothing noises before saying, “Virginia, no, you’re not in danger. As long as you’re a brave girl, you’ll never be in danger.”

The small child looked at her mother with wide eyes. “Really?”

Eleanor nodded, smiling gently. “Of course.”

Virginia nodded and wiped her face of all tears before squirming out of her mothers arms. Standing as straight as she could and a determined look on her face, she said, “Mommy, I’ll be brave enough for both of us. You don’t have to worry.”

Eleanor beamed at her daughter. “That’s right, honey. Be my brave little girl.”

Eleanor paused. Something wasn’t right. The sounds…the screaming…it was all gone. It was completely silent. What had happened?

The door opened quietly. Eleanor and Virginia looked at it, trying not to show the fear in their eyes or on their face. A figure in silver came in, another behind. It was a man and a woman.

“You are both to come with us,” the woman said coldly.

Eleanor shook her head firmly. “No, you cannot take my daughter. I won’t let you hurt her.”

“You can’t take my mother either!” Virginia burst out. “I’m brave!”

“We aren’t here to hurt anyone,” the man informed them.

Eleanor scoffed. “You come here with guns, you come to take us away, and yet you still say you aren’t here to hurt anyone?”

The man nodded sharply while the woman put her hand up. A light emitted from it, and the mother and daughter dropped.

Outside, an old woman was facing down another figure in silver.

“You are to come with me,” the man said. “You are coming to Croatoan village. You will live among those people. You are too old to be of any use to us. But I won’t allow you to remember anything, so do not think that you can be any use in aiding the discovery of the children in the village.”

The woman ran. Reaching a tree, she began to scratch in the word Croatoan with the dagger she held in her hand, but didn’t get very far. The man in silver held up his hand. Before anything could happen, however, a similarly old man ran at the silver figure and bowled him over. The woman used the opportunity to scratch in Croatoan. She hadn’t the time to scratch in the distress signal. The silver man held up his hand, a light was emitted, and the old couple fell.

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