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10 friends leave hometown, now that 1 has died they must return. *FULL*
[Introduction] Ten years ago, ten friends left for college and to start their lives. When one dies, the rest return to their childhood home. A place full of memories and friends.

I am not one for rules, do what you want. I only have one do not rape or murder anyone.

I hate skipping, I am giving you 5 days to write. If you need some time write me and I will extend it.

Character Profiles: SEND TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where they live:
Name: Cillian Blackwell (Eli Bennet)

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Appearance: She is built small, short and thin. Cillian has shoulder length, golden hair, which is layered. Her large dark blue eyes are surrounded by long, dark eyelashes. Cillian still has the scar on her shoulder, and a tattoo of a blue star on the back of her neck. She has not changed much since she left brave.

Personality: Cillian is intelligent, sarcastic, sweet, goofy, kind, and loves to travel.

Job: Writer/photogrpher

Family: Cillian's mom and dad still live in Brave. Her brother Cosmo is away at college and her oldest brother is living with his wife and children in CA.

Where they live: Cillian has a house in London and likes to travel throughout europe.
Name: Heyden Waverly (Blake Watson)

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Appearance: Heyden is petite, somewhat curvy. She has long, curly chestnut hair and large icy blue eyes.

Personality: Heyden is very outgoing, spunky, sarcastic, with a witty sense of humor.

Job: Lawyer, she works as a D.A and a women's rights attorney .

Family: Heyden has a five year old daughter(Ginny), although she is not married. Something which is a disappointment to her mother.

Where they live: San Francisco
Name: Brighton (Bright) Westhouse (Cienna Lee)

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Appearance: Bright is curvy with long legs. She has long, ruby red hair. Her dazzling green eyes, cannot not truly be discribed. She has a four-leaf clover on the small of her back.

Personality: Bright is very intelligent, sophisticated, kind, sweet, aminal-lover, enjoys outdoors, and loves the ocean.

Job: Marine biologist, and part-time student.

Family: Mother and Father live in Ireland. Her sister, married to Cillian's older brother lives in CA.

Where they live: Bar Harbor, Maine with her dogs, Jesse, and Charlie. She also has a horse named, Chaos.
Name: Trey (Writing_chick)
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Appearance: Short, spiky black hair, cold blue eyes that seem to look right
through you. 6'2, tanned, and muscular. Usually wears a black muscle top with
dark brown cargo pants.
Personality: Cocky, sarcastic, and quick tempered. Often seems like a jerk when
you first meet him, but really nice when you get to know him.
Job: Car Mechanic, otherwise known as a 'Grease Monkey.'
Family: Father died a few months ago, mother ran out when he was a baby. Living
with his younger brother.
Where they live: California.
Name: Peipei Paul (Goes by Paul, for obvious reasons.)
Age: 28
Sex: M
Appearance: He used to be short and skinny, with thick glasses, bad acne and curly red
hair. Since high school, he has lengthened greatly and developed a moderately toned body.
The glasses are replaced by contacts, and, thankfully, his skin is smooth as silk- except
for his short, unshaven beard. His hair has blonde highlights, to give him a strawberry
blonde look, which goes considerably well with his light features.
Personality: Shy, quiet, reserved, and kind to strangers and animals. He is known for his
soft spoken manner and modest artistic flair.
Job: Animator
Family: His mother was a hippie. She said that Peipei meant "child of earth", but she was
probably high when she made it up. She died when Paul was in 5th grade, and he was scarred
for life after that. He is an only child as far as he knows, but his father was some what
of a player, so he could be connected to half of the population. His father is an old war
veteran and teaches European History at the high school in Brave.
Where they live: Recently moved from Illinois to Denver.
Cillian, sat back in her comfy chair. Her desk was covered in pages, all neatly typed. She quietly read her last page and set it down, putting the rest in order.

She quickly dialed a phone number, after a couple rings a female answered,

"Hello, Parker Publishing company. Mrs. Tamber's office. May I ask who is speaking?"

"Hello, this is Cillian Blackwell."

"Oh, Miss Blackwell. I will put you right through."

"Cillian, it is so nice to hear from you."

"Gabby, I have finished. Finally, it took forever, but the last page is complete. I wanted to call you before sending it out."

"That is wonderful. Your second novel, after two years is done. Cillian, your readers are going to love it. What I have read, it is great."

"Yeah, hopefully. Well, I am headed to the post office. I will have to call you later."

"Ok. Be good," Gabby replied hanging up.

Cillian, took a deep breath and put the loose papers into a large brown envelope. She made sure it was properly addressed. Then grabbing her keys and jacket. Stepping into London during the fall, Cillian loved it here.

Name: Christian Meadows
Appearance: lean, with slight musculature. Stronger than he looks, light browne hair with naturally occuring golden high lights and bright amber eyes. A nice face with nice features. Average height
Personality: Calm; almost too calm. Always thinks things through and can take a lot of crap. Not easily angered and quite agreeable
Job:He was a telemarketer up until recently when he decided his job was a dead end and took the risk of opening his own candy store. He offers unusual and unique candies and chocolates from all over the world. Some of which he makes himself. (don't worry, he's straight...just has a sweet tooth)
Family: His dad died when he was really young, so he grew up with his mom, who lived with her sister (his aunt) and her three girls. So...he's in touch with his feminine side.
Where they live: He no longer lives with ma, but they live close to each other, in a quaint suburban neighborhood somewhere in the south east united states, due to his moms failing health.


         Christian had just returned home from a confectioners convention in South Carolina. He was exhausted from the weekend, and found his portfolio crammed with girls numbers and email addresses. he blushed slightly as he tossed them away. "There is only one girl for me, sorry ladies," he whispered quietly to himself, reminiscing over his youthful days in Brave.
         Some would call it pathetic or rediculous; possibly even obsessive, that he had held on for this many years. "When I find myself, you'll be the first to know," she had told him. He was patient, and so waited. Besides, hadn't all great romanticists said this was how love worked? But not all great romanticists would have waited 10 years for their true love to find themselves. And the tohught crossed his mind, "what if she found herself in someone else?"
         But the thought was quickly pushed away with the fateful ring of the telephone. As he had done so many times before, silently he hoped and prayed it was who he wanted it to be as he answered. Maybe it was her; it had to be. Yet, despite his faith, it never was. Not once. And it wouldn't be this time either. Only, this time, it would be about her; in the most horrific of ways.
Cillian, finally returned to her apartment. The red light on her answering machine was going off. She hated that red light, it brought bad news, almost everytime she had seen it.

Cillian stepped closer,

"Should I press it," she asked herself out loud. "No, but I will."

"Cillian," came the voice of her mother.

Cillian, rolled her eyes. Everything to her mother was an emergency. She stepped away to go into the kitchen, but stopped when the machine finally said it's message.

"Harker Porter, died this morning honey. He was in a terrible car accident, a drunk driver hit him. The funeral is this Monday. I am so sorry."

Of course the damn machine brought terrible news. It always did. Cillian picked it up and yanked the cord out, walking into the kitchen she threw it in the waste basket.

Visions of her childhood came flying back. Her old life, things she had not thought about in a long time. Of course if you read her novels you would tell, they both dealt with her youth.

Cillian took a bottle of water out of her refridgerater and sitting against the door she started crying. She said she would call them all, life got in the way, college, a short marriage. She had lied.
         "Christian?" the all too familiar feminine voice whispered from the other end of the line.
         Christian choked, shocked it was her. He suddenl felt weak, and found a place to sit. The world almost seemed to tilt, as though his vision were begining to blur. "What is it?" he asked, sensing something askew in the tone of her voice.
         "It's- it's Harker. He died yesterday morning in a car accident," it was then that she lost it. The phone became occupied by muffled sobs, and Christian was left more stunned than ever. He could not believe it; the one he loved finally called; and only to bear this kind of news. He didn't know what to think or what to say. This certainly wasn't the phone conversation he'd dreamed them having one day.
         "Are you ok?" he asked, trying to be strong for his friend. He gulped hard, "When is the funeral?"
         "Monday," she choked. "I think everyone will make it there. I just hate it that we're all meeting again for the first time in ten years under circumstances like this!"
         "Sh, Cil. It will be alright," he tried. He wished desperately then that he could hold her. What he would have given to do so right then, "I'll see you in Brave, ok?" he said, "Just hang in there. This is hard for everybody."
         "Ok," she said simply before quietly hanging up.
         "Oh, and one more thing," he said, tears in his eyes, "I still love you." But all that heard him say those words were the tones of a hung up phone.
"Look, James, I told you. I can't work today." Trey went quiet for a moment, listening to his boss yell at him over the phone. "Because I'm on a freakin' plane! Didn't you get the message?"

More yelling.

"How is that my fault? Get organized, or, better yet, hire someone to do all that stuff. Anyway, I'm going to a funeral, and I'm not going to be back for a while. Bye."

Sighing, he shoved his mobile back into his pocket, and closed his eyes as he leant back against the seat. It was just so damn unbelievable. Harker. Dead.

As he let his mind wander back over the years, he couldn't hold back a smile. Man, those had been some twisted, fun times.

Wonder how the others turned out? He wasn't too sure how they'd react. Who would've guessed that the guy voted most likely to suceed would end up a mechanic on lousy pay? Least I love my job. Still, bet the rest of 'em are filthy rich and have successful lives...
Paul's hand slid from his stubbled upper jaw and his head dipped with sleep. Nodding back up, he let his eyes clear for a moment and looked down at the lit up drawing board in front of him. A blank white paper stared back at him. Blank. He hated blank. "Shoot," he said out loud, and his studio apartment echoed in the dark. A fish tank bubbled somewhere in the background, and the slanted drawing table seemed to sigh with impatience. A dull yellow pencil sat rigidly on the edge of the clean table, yearning to put its hidden talents on paper.

Slowly, he reached around the base of his brass light and with an obnoxious click, the room was in darkness. A car honked outside, and he slid from his stool. With great effort in staying awake, Paul shuffled across the wood paneled floors and to his bed. Only moments later, he was asleep, dead to the world, collapsed on his plush white comforter.

He began to dream memories, or remember dreams, and then the picture played out in his mind like a school play.

The music was too loud. The street was too wet. The car was too fast. And the driver was too drunk. Without so much as a passing glance, the car kept speeding on, dodging trucks, people, and cars narrowly. Too fast and too slow. He was too close. And Harker's eyes...

The electronic jingle of Paul's cell phone rang in his ear. The sun was barely peeking through his windows, and he knew without a doubt who it was.

"Bright, Harker's dead."
Everything was black, then color came into focus. She hated flying, she always wondered if she ever wanted to come back, from London. Cillian had run so far, for so many reasons. Now, those reasons were pulling her back to Brave.

The woman next to her was softly snoring. Cillian watched her for a couple minutes. Somewhere behind her was the sound of a baby crying, it did not seem to bother her though. She always liked children.

Cillian turned the overhead light on and opened her carry-on, the book she had been reading was on top. She opened it, but the words were not what she wanted. Instead Cillian closed it and pulled out a journal, she laughed at the stars, Heyden, had drawn on the blue cover.

Opening it she read the pages, they were full of thoughts and untold feelings. Pictures were taped to pages, pictures of her old life. She flipped the page and there was Harker and Christian, both in their graduation robes.

Tears fell, not loud, oversized ones, but silent, painful tears. She looked at her cell phone and dialed the last number, the phone rang for a minute then the machine picked up,

"This is Chris, I am not home right now. Leave a message and I will try to get back to you."

"Hey...I just called to say I am really sorry for everything I have ever done to you. Your probably on your way to, Brave. So I will shut up, I will see you in a little while."

Cillian hung up, now feeling stupid for leaving the message. He deserves someone better, someone who is not running in seven directions all the time. "Why does he love me? I broke his heart so many times," She thought.

She flipped the pages of the journal, to one of the last entries,

August 4th, 1995

Life has changed...I am not a child and I knew it would, but not this way.

Taking a pen from her bag. She wrote underneath that,

It is is always the poet who dies.
September 25th, 2005
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Name: Rex kennedy

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Apperance: He is 6'1 and 153. He is muscular and slim. He has brown hair and eyes. he weres different types of clothes depending on his roles. Now he is dressing punk for his movie.

Personality: He is funny, smart and usually has a good attitude. He is difficult to make mad.

Job: Actor and stuntman

Family: Only his mom and dad. Dateing Cameren Diaz.

(NOTE FROM ELI: I wanted it kept in the realm of possiblity, Cameron Diaz is not really there, but I will allow as long as she does not become a main character. Otherwise Cillian might be put on deathrow.)

Were he lives: Los Angeles, California

Christian walked back into the house to grab the last bag and shut off the lights. He sighed as he saw the little red light on the answering machine blinking. "Not this time, Chris," he said to himself as he shut off the lights and walked out, locking the door behind him. Pushing any thoughts that the call was from Cillian away, he threw the last bag in the truck, and headed toward the airport.
         It didn't bother him that he left the little light blinking; what bothered him was what lie ahead. What bothered him was returning to Brave. Now he would have to face the past he always pretended he wanted too. Yet he knew in his heart he never really wanted this day to come; he never really wanted to face her. The thought that they would be together again safely entertained itself in his mind for all these years. Her actions could be controlled in his mind; they could not in real life. In real life she could reject him; in real life she could hurt him again.
         Quietly his thoughts drifted to Harker, and everything they had gone through together. He recalled the time they set the forest behind their middle school on fire by accident, and swore up and down not to tell. The fire made the local and county news, because it had quickly spread and caused so much damage. Laughing at it now, Chris thought of how frightened they were. With soot on their faces, Harker began to cry, throwing the matches down as he ran. Chris tagged close behind; laughing too hard at Harker to catch up.
         One time they attempted to kidnap Brighton in the middle of the night as teenagers. Her dad came out with a shot gun and scared them away. Harker was always secretly in love with her and too shy to say anything. Chris was the only one who knew that.
Well, this is it. Trey placed his bags down on the porch of the motel, sighing as he looked around the town. Everything was exactly as he remembered it, from the ice cream shop at the corner to the large tree in front of the bank. That darn tree...

"Common, Trey, your going to fall!"

"I'm almost there!" Trey yelled back. If he looked down, he could just make out Rex's face staring up at him.

"Common, Trey, I was just kidding about the dare. Your going to kill yourself."

"I will not, Harker, so just be quiet!" Trey yelled back stubbornly, gripping the branches tightly as he continued to climb. As he neared the top of the tree, he glared at the yellow tennis ball that was his aim. "Stupid ball... This is all your fault..."

Holding onto the branch with his left hand, he stretched towards the ball. "Gotcha!" He yelled with triumph, before heading back down. His success was short lived, however - as he neared the ground, the branch beneath his foot broke.

"AHHH!" Trey yelled as he fell, landing flat on his back. "You okay?" Harker helped him sit up, then started to laugh. "You should've seen your face!"

((For clarity, my character description is with the others at the beginning.))

The altitude pounded in Paul's ears, relentlessly keeping him from sleep. I hate planes he couldn't help thinking as the stewardess walked by in her perky little outfit with her perky smile and perky voice. The woman next to him continued with her story she had been telling him for the past hour.

"And then, I'll tell you, that little dog of his fah-lew over that fence, hoo! He was just all up in that air, and he said, my neighbor that is, he said 'ey! is that there yer dog?' and I said 'no, but he sure do fly right!'" and at that she let out her hearty Southern laugh.

Paul managed a sincere smile. "Wow..."

"Wow's right young man! Now, wheres you from? You goin' or comin'? You sure as heaven's stars don't look like a small town boy! Looket you with yer pretty suitcase, don't you just look it!"

"It's a portfolio. I do drawings," Paul said

"Now that's a fiiine profession, you can make a lot of good money and meet a lot of good folks doin' that charitable work." Paul knew she has something confused, but he didn't bother correcting her.

"So where you headed? Me I'm just transferrin'. Makin' my way over to Las Vegas. Me I'm gunna try my luck with their blackjack! I got a book and everythin'! Hoo it's gunna be fun!" She let out a sigh of excitement.

"Um, I'm going into Brave. It's a small town, you probably haven't heard of it..." he mumbled, wishing more than anything that they would land already. Paul wasn't good with people like this.

"Are you really? My sister lives in Brave! Hoo haw it's a small world ain't it! Her name's Adele! Adele Lane!" Her eyes lit up, waiting for Paul to exclaim that, yes, he knew her and they used to have tea every Sunday. That Adele’s a darling and I've heard so much about you. But Paul didn't know Adele. He didn't know anyone anymore.

"Oh yes, Adele, she's a lovely woman."

"Yes, lovely indeed!"

For some strange reason, that shut her right up. Thank goodness.

Paul glanced out his window, noticing the familiar land below. From the city he'd drive 40 minutes or so, into his hometown. Into his memories, his old life, his old friends. For now, Paul just needed to be brave.
She felt embarrassed, Cillian did not want her homecoming to be such a big deal. So, she rented a car and drove herself back to the old house she had grown up in. No one in Brave was ever awake this time of night, just Cillian and her thoughts. She did not know if she should get out of the car or just turn it back on and drive away.

"No, Cillian there is no choice. If you dont say goodbye you will regret it," she said breaking the silence in the car.

Cillian lifted herself from the car and was immediately met with a cool rush of wind. She quickly threw on the wool jacket that sat on the passenger seat. Taking the small bag from the back seat, she nervously walked toward the door,

"Just keep breathing, you will be fine," Cillian whispered to herself and knocked on the door.

Cillian had made her mind up to run and hide, but the door was thrown open before her feet would move. Her mother stood there, looking at Cillian,

"I wondered what took you so long. I've been up since midnight waiting for you," Her mother said with a smile.

"How did you know I was coming?"

"Oh honey, you might run away from a lot of things, but this is not one of those things. I know you better then you think."
Finally, thought Rex. The air plane finally landed. Now it was a ten mile drive to the the nicest hotel in the old town.

He couldn't wait to see Trey. one of his best friends of the ten.

Finally he got to the Iris Hotel. He had planned that sense he heard of his friends death.

(Small town, small hotel. Sorry just changed one thing, I want Brave to be small-town USA, nothing fancy.)
'Ah, brave National Airport. it isn't even big enough to fly outside of the USA,' Chris thought. He waited by the merry go round of luggage until his old, beat up bags came round. 'The wonderful thing about reservations,' he thought to himself, 'is that they are reserved.'
         Good Ole Iris Hotel...motel...whatever. The good news was there would be a bed in there, a shower, and check in would be a breeze, because he had already paid for his room over the phone.
         The small room reminded him of the one he and Cil had gotten for prom night senior year. It was such a big deal, and they had both agreed that it would be the perfect night for a first time. It was small, with one nightstand, a twin sized bed covered in plastic, and a tv that didn't even get cable. They had arrived around 1:00 in the morning and ordered some room service. After an awkward meal and nervous tension, both finally admitted how afraid they really were. After a good laugh, the two enjoyed a night of closeness and sharing secrets that would never leave the walls of that small, but cozy, hotel room.
         Christian smiled; those were the days.
Knock, knock

"Hang on a second!" Trey yawned as he sleepily pulled on his pants, then looked around for his shirt. Spotting it at the bottom of his bed, he pulled it on, not bothering to button it up as he made his way to the door.

"Hello?" His eyes widened as he caught a good look at the man standing in the hallway. "Rex?!"

Sleep forgotten, both men spent the next couple of hours in the past. "Hey, remember the time when we went to Mac's farm and 'borrowed' his tractor?"

Trey nodded, grinning at the memory. "And Harker crashed it through the barn and almost killed you. I was freakin' out, cause I was convinced both of you where dead!" Both men laughed, then slowly grew somber at the thought of Harker. "I still can't believe he's dead."

"Me neither." Trey didn't really want to think about it more then he had to, so he quickly changed the subject. "So, have you run into anyone else yet?"

Rex shook his head, then smirked. "Once I found out you where already here, I had to come up and see if you where still the same ugly jerk you where before."

Trey just shook his head, then let out a yawn. "Now comes the part where I kick you out so I can get some sleep."

"Okay, okay, I get the message." Rex got to his feet, and walked over to the door. "See ya later."

"Yeah. Later." Trey smiled to himself, slightly relieved that Rex was still the same old Rex.

As he climbed back into bed, he tried to remember the exact reason why all of them had slowly stoppped talking. Somehow, nothing came to mind.
Paul sits at his father's kitchen table. 10 years ago it would've been his. Not now. Not since everything changed.

When he got to town, he was so anxious to get out of that taxi he didn't even notice his old memories. After he got out and walked the 8 minute walk up a hidden path to his father's house, he realized one thing. Everything was exactly the same. His tree house was still right there, the one that him and Bright spent hours making posters for the whale donation. That's when he had first moved to Brave. She introduced Paul to the rest of her friends, and finally he had someone to eat with at lunch. Of course, in the group of fairly loud, opinionated people, he was someone of the quieter, more shy one, but everyone needs a friend like that.

Paul almost smiled to himself thinking about the crazy stuff they all did. By the end of high school, he was completely open and loud with the rest of them.

Slowly, Paul rubbed his stubbed chin. Somehow he knew they would be surprised with him now. Ten years was a lot of time. Sure, there were the Christmas cards every now and then, but for the most part, no one knew anything about him anymore.

“There’s lemonade in the fridge if you want some...” his father said cautiously from the doorway.

“I’m alright... thanks though.”

A long awkward pause filled the air.

“Well... I should be heading to the school.... class you know,” Paul’s father finally said.

“Yeah...” another pause “Have fun.”

His dad chuckled and left with a mug of coffee. Paul checked his watch. 6:03. He had sat there ever since about midnight, head propped up on his elbow, gazing out the window. Time clicked by. Now it was morning. And morning meant one thing- reunions.
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Name: Taina Moreno
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Appearance: Long black braids, bright brown eyes, and dark skin (she's black). She's average height and very lean with subtle hips and small breasts. Always wears square black rimmed cat eye glasses because her mother wears a pair like them.
Personality: Goofball, she likes to make her friends laugh, and she's a very friendly person, she's also really smart, but downlplays it so as not to come off as egotistical.
Job: Translator/Interpreter
Family: Her parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic and moved to the US just before her older brother was born. Her family is really close, in fact they all live withen a few blocks of each other. Her brother is married with a few kids, she isnt' married and doesn't have any.
Where they live: Los Angeles, CA
         Taina got off the plane holding tight to her copy of abook written by the famed American British Writer. She'd seen that book a year back and was so elated to buy it immediately, and when she brought it home to show her rooommate, she felt a deep pride in knowing that one of her old friends was doing so well for herself. She couldn't wait to see her, and everyone else, although she wished she could see them on different circumstances.
         When wwas the last time I'd talked to Harker, Taina thought to herself walking through the airport. Was it when he called to wish me a Merry Christmas last year? No he had to have called me some time after that. The thoughts of not having kept in touch with Harker were stinging at her heart. Maybe if she was talking to him on the night of the accident, then he would have avoided that accident by a split second. Then she wouldn't have to be here.
         She walked quietly to the merry-go-round to wait for her luggage and did everything she could not to concentrate on her friends death and she got her luggage, and then went rent a car. On the drive, she blared her music loudly to keep her concentration on it and not other things. When she pulled up to the Good Ole Irish Motel she was elated. She could relax for a little bit before going off to find her friends. She walked into the lobby and gave the clerk her information so she could get her reservation, but as the clerk typed away at the computer she couldn't find Taina's information anywhere.
         "No way," she said, then politely asked if there were any vacancies.
         "Sorry ma'am, we're all full, this is the busy season you know."
         Taina smiled and thanked the clerk for her help and walked out. Isn't this great, she thought to herself, I should have rented a bigger car, so then I could sleep in it.
         Just as the words came out of her mouth she saw the first of her old friends leaving a room and walking towards a car right next to hers. She wasn't sure at first if it was who she thought, but she pushed that thought aside once she got a clear view of his face.
         "Chris?" She calls out to him, and he stops looking around confused. "Oh my goodness, Chris! I haven't seen you in years!"
         Chris turned towards Taina in shock and ran up to hug her. They exchanged the usual formalities of how are you, what have you been up to, and quickly went past the do you remember whens and finally touched a bit on Harker's death.
         "Yeah everyone is taking it bad, especially Cil."
         "Oh really? What about Bright? Weren't her and Harker best friends?" Taina asked and Chris shrugged.
         "I haven't heard from her yet, but I'm going to Mrs. Blackwells house right now so see if she's in. You wanna come?"
         Taina nodded and jumped in the car with him, hoping against all hope that she could fina joy at least out of seeing her old friends.
"Cillian!" Cillian's mother yelled, from downstairs. "You have visitors."

Cillian threw her legs over the side of the bed. She had a terrible headache and still wore the clothes from yesterday. Looking around the room for her book bag, which had her clothes in it from her trip.

"Where is it?" she said walking down the stairs. "Oh who cares it is probably Bright and Heyden. Chris had probably found some girl at the Airport and fallen madly in love with her and they are on their honeymoon."

Nearly tripping over the last stair and without any grace pulling herself to standing position, she saw who had come to visit her.

"Hi," Cillian said, trying to figure out whether to run back up the stairs or to shoot herself.

"Hey!" Taina said, throwing her arms around Cillian and giving her a huge smile.

"Hello," Christian stayed back, giving her a sweet smile.
Feeling awkward and a little bit shy, Chris tried his hardest to hide his true emotions. You are such an idiot, he kept repeating to himself. I should've hugged her. No, maybe not. You stupid idiot, you should've hugged her! Well, maybe she would've felt wierd. Who cares? You are so stupid. Stupid!'
         "Uh, Christian?" Cilian said, reaching out, "Are you coming?"
         "Huh?" he said, soming out of his own little self abusing world. "Yes, sure- I'm coming." Stupid!
         Chris followed the two girls into the pretty florida room of the house. The giant windows gave it an open, almost garden like feel. The rising sun shone brightly through the stained glass, and the colors dancing upon the floor brought back memories long forgotten.
         Reminiscing for a moment, Chris was brought back to their first kiss. Their first 'real' kiss. He didn't remember how nervous he was, or how clammy his palms felt. There was no recolection of the quiet fears within his soul that had risen from the anticipation of such a moment. He simply remembered the bliss, the passion; the love.
         The three of them sat around the small oak table, endulging in a breakfast of coffee and bagels. Unable to help himself, Chris stole glances of Cilian every moment he got. When she spoke, he was not afraid to focus his eyes intently on her. Had he the nerve to think so, he would have sworn she did the same.
         She is just as beautiful as I remember, he thought to himself, thinking that perhaps the only thing that had changed was possibly her eyes. They seemed bluer; deeper somehow.
         Rising to help clear the table, Chris smiled as Cillians' hair fell forward, revealing a little blue star on her neck. He smiled, remembering the discovery of that tattoo...amoung others. He recalled her beautiful curves, and judging by her shape now, guessed her body hadn't changed much. Suddenly he was jarred from happy thoughts when he finally recalled the scar on her shoulder. He remembered the deep gash, the pain; and the fact that he had given it to her.
         A loud crash brought him back to reality. "Shit!" Cil said as the plate busted into a million pieces along the floor.
         "Here, I still love you," Chris said, then blushed.
         "I said let me help you." he said, trying to hide his blemish.
         Cillian shook her head, "I could have sworn you said 'I love you'," she laughed.
         Chris just smiled, unsure of whether to act upon this moment or not. here it was, his big chance. Just say it. Say it! "Ok!"
         Cillian jumped. "Are you ok?"
         "Yeah, I'm sorry. I just, I- I don't know, I guess I'm just stressed out. I'm sorry." he said. She smiled.
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         "Hold on a second," Cillian said standing straight an looking around herself. "Lemme go to the kitchen real quick and get the broom." and with that she disappeared into another room.
         Taina smiled to herself, then let out an uncontrollable laugh as she moved to join Chris by the broken plate on the floor. She looked at him sympathetically, but felt herself begin to laugh once more.
         "Smooth." She said and Chris rolled his eyes as his face began to flush again. "You know, you should try to be a little less obvious."
         "And I suppose you're the expert on love now?" Chris said. He continued to pick up the bigger fragments of plate off the floor to distract himself, but Taina answered anyway.
         "I think I handle love situations better than you do."
         It was Chris' turn to laugh as he forgot the broken plate on the floor and turned all of his attention to Taina.
         "Really?" he asked. "It's funny because I only seem to remember you doing your best to make Paul think you had better guys to hang out with."
         Taina rolled her eyes and stared at Chris as blankly as she could. She had nothing she wanted to say other than "You leave Peipei out of this," and moved closer to Chris to help him pick up the shards of glass.
         Cillian walked into the room with the broom and quietly announced herself and Chris moved to help her. Taina sat in her spot in silence and watched the two.
         Chris is wrong, she thought to herself. I never did anything to make Pai feel like we were anything less than friends.
Name:Tavin Elisabeth McCleans
Appearance:Her hair is cut in a short 'PIXISH' cut and is a dirty blonde color with lighter highlights.Striking Emerald Green eyes with long flirty eye lashes.About 5'0(short huh?) and curvy in all the right places.Very gorgeous feature and porcelin colored skin.

Personality:Fun ,outgoing,Not afraid to speak her mind.Was the faithfull shoulder to cry on in high school.Loyal and hard working.Sweet as can be and a true romantic.Waiting for that special somepne to sweep her off her feet.

Job:A Zooligist.Head zooligist at the zoo she works at.

Family:Grew up in a 'typical' american family.Mom,Dad, brother and little sister. Her mother, Sue ann, is a homemaker and the sweetest. Her father, Robert Sr. and borther Robert Jr. own a law firm called "Mcleans and Son" in Brave. Are very serious about what they do. Spencer her little sister is the baby of the family, she lives in Las Vegas with her husband, who is a black jack dealer. Tavin doesn't have
any kids and is not married.

Where they live: She lives in Sydney, Austrailia with her to English bull dogs, Sophie and Moe.


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(I fixed spelling, but it is good.)
Cillian sat back trying to look as happy as one could be, but so many thoughts kept flying in and out of her mind. Mainly, how could Christian still love her. She had done nothing, but break his heart and runaway from him.

She knew one thing though, is that she had loved him and still did. So why couldn't she just tell Christian. Then she was drawn out of her daze and back to her kitchen by Taina yelling her name. Setting the broom and dustpan back in the closet, she went back to her friends.

"So, How do you like London?" Christian asked.

"London is great, bad weather, but I love it," Cillian replied with a smile. "It would be better if you were there," she thought.

"How is your candy shop doing?" Cillian questioned.


A smile appeared on his face and he knew she had been listening everytime they had spoke on the phone. A moment of awkward silence, which was quickly broken by Cillian's cell phone ringing.

"Sorry," she said grabbing her phone off the table and walking into the kitchen.

"Hello..." was all Christian and Taina heard and then Cillian's voice disappeared into the next room.

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Chris tried desperately to keep his cheeks from flushing with embarrasment everytime he thought of the incident that had just occured. His only hope was that Taina kept her mouth shut; which was not a forte of hers. It was a given that Cillian would find out sooner or later, and the truth was looking a lot sooner rather than later.
         Quietly Christian excused himself to the bathroom. There was a great need to collect his thoughts, and the white tile of the walls suggested he could do so there. As the knobs on the little sink turned, they squeeked, reminding him of something...the time they had gone in the bathroom to 'wash their hands'. Yeah, right. More like wash eachothers mouths out....
         Taina scooted her chair closer to Cillian, with a school-girlish grin stretched wildly across her face. "C'mon, girl, you don't really think he 'accidentally' said he loves you, do you?"
         Cillian suddenly looked uncomfortable, "What did he say to you?" she asked.
         "J-," but Taina's answer would have to wait, for in that moment a loud thump, crash, and the muffled word "Fuck!" rang out from the bathroom.
         Quickly the girls ran to the bathroom. There they found, to their twisted humor and surprise, a very upset Christian sprawled out on the floor, lying there, face up. "I think I slipped on some water," he mumbled.
         "No shit!" Taina busted out, laughing so hard she had to hold her gut.
         "What is with you today, clutso?" Cil asked, offering him a hand up.
         "Me? You started it, dropping the plate, remember?" he said back.
         "Yeah, but I don't mince words. Only a real clutso does that,"
         "Huh?" Chris asked, standing up, his face incredibly close to hers.
         "Oh, come on. 'I love you, I mean, let me help you' does that sound familiar?" she said in a fake, horribly renditioned voice that mocked Chris. She meant it in jest, but his feelings looked hurt.
         Taina saw her moment to walk away, and did so respectfully; listening in on the other side of the bathroom wall. "So, what if I do?" Chris asked, swallowing hard, unable to believe the words actually came out of his mouth. He hadn't realized they'd been holding hands, for all he felt were the chills running up and down his spine. His boldness came from nowhere. "What if...what if I still love you?"
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Standing on her tippy toes she put her hands around Christian's neck and kissed him. What struck Cillian as weird is that she started the kissing. Usually she would have made an excuse and stepped around him.

Chris, seemed more surprised then anything. At first he did not know where to place his hands then finally allowing them to settle around her waist. His heart beating fast, as the distance between them closed.

Cillian remembered everything they had been through. How they had given each other their first kiss. The first time they held hands. Most of all, walking into the old room at the Iris Inn. The candles placed throughout the room and "Night Moves" playing on the record player.

Then all of a sudden Christian stepped back breaking their kiss. His cheeks burning red, Cillian was afraid she had done something wrong. Then he opened his eyes and looked straight at her,

"Wow," Chris said taking a deep swallow. "I...you...wow."

"I love you, too." Cillian whispered in his ear resting her head on his shoulder and allowing the tears to fall. "I am so sorry I put you through so much. I was scared, I did not know what I was feeling."
"It's ok, I'm sorry too," he said as she lifted her head. He took her hand and kissed her palm, then rested it upon his cheek, "Let's not go back on the past," he said slowly, quietly, "Because I have waited too long just to touch you...to go back now."
         Even more tears seemed to well in her already glossy eyes, but their moment was broken all too soon by the call of Taina saying, "C'mon, ya'll love birds! Get a room or something, please! Besides, we got a wake to attend in about three hours, and I don't have anytihng to wear!"
         Clillian let her face fall forward into Christians chest as she laughed. Chistian placed his chin atop her hair, "Ok," he said, "We'll be out in a minute."
The wake was horribly black. Everyone. Black black black. Paul got there late on purpose.

He had walked there and walked back home, then started walking again, then walked back home, and somehow he managed to get there.

He felt a little awkward to be frank. He was wearing a blackish-greyish suit with a pinstripe and a slightly blue shirt under that with a black tie. Sure, he was in dark colors, but it seemed wrong to be in all black. Harker wouldn't have been in black.

Bright was one of the first people he saw, but she turned away and made herself busy dabbing at her eyes with a wadded up napkin before she saw him. Heyden hooked arms with her and pulled her to a group at the side of the refreshment table. There they all were. Every single one had made it. With a sigh he headed on over.

"Hey guys..."

Heyden looked at him. Man. He had seen her about 5 years ago, but it still seemed like ages. Chance landed him in San Francisco, and fate put them in the same coffee shop at the same moment. They had spent the rest of the week reminiscing and reacquainting. That was a good week. He thought he was going to stay with her for a while longer, but again that pesky fate had him put in Illinois. Life went on and he rarely heard from her. But now...

He felt like he should smile at her, but resisted. She looked as though she were being strangled. Finally her eyes softened and her lips made a daring move to speak, but a child appeared at her side.

"Mommy? When can we go home?"

Paul's eyes went to the small girl, maybe around 5 or 6. She had Heyden's eyes, and lovely red hair. His face fell. She was 5, and she had his lovely red hair.
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After the episode between Christian and Cillian Taina was through with love for the day, she had to scramble around town before she could find a dress that fit and had to sit the whole way to the wake listening to her two friends fawn over each other like lovesick doves.

All if them sat together at the wake, and Taina was the only girl within a 5 mile radius that refused to cry. She saw no point in it. She was pretty sure her friend was off to a better place. Besides, if she had cried Harker would surely rise up again and laugh at her for being such a wuss. Instead Taina busied her mind remembering what things were like for them.

She liked being around her close friends again, it made her remember all the fun they used to have together. She wished she could have been able to talk to all of them but Bright and Hayden were paying close attention to Hayden's daughter, and Paul arrived late and immediately turned his attention to the child as well. Instead Taina watched her friends in silence. Wondering what she should say to them.

Paul finally noticed Taina and turned to speak to her.

"There you are!" He said slightly distracted.

"I've been here for about 15 minutes already," Paul grabbed Taina's hand and led her as far off to the side as he could without looking suspicious. "What are you all worked up for?"

"Look at Ginny" Paul said hurridly. "Look at her, doesn't she look familiar to you?"

Taina looked at the little girl as she smiled up at her mom. She was the cutest little red headed thing, it almost made Taina wish she had made more of an effort to start a family.

"She looks like a little Hayden," Taina said. "You know, Hayden would look really nice with red hair."

"Taina stop being a smart ass and think for a second." Paul rolled his eyes as he said this, which made Taina laugh inwardly. Frustrating him was still as easy as it used to be. "It takes two people to make a baby, and who do you know with red hair that looks like that little girls."

It hit Taina like a pound of bricks, and although her heart sank and the thought of it, she smiled to Paul.

"Don't tell me. . . . You and Hayden. . . . Omg Peipei, you're a daddy!"

"TAINA HUSH!" Paullooked around at the rest of the people at the wake innocently. "Look I'm not sure, but yeah, me and Hayden had something going on for awhile, I told you that before."

Taina remembered well the moment that Paul had told her he was with Hayden. She laughed off her feelings like she was doing now, and had hoped that Paul and her weren't THAT serious.

"Look, you don't know for sure," Taina said to Paul as quietly as she could. "I suggest you talk to Hayden after the funeral is over and get everything straightened out."

Paul nodded, and Taina prepared herself to go back to her role as only-his-friend as the two walked back to the rest of the group.
Cillian let go of Christian's hand and ran over to Brighton and Heyden. They looked so different and Cillian could not bare one more second without talking to them. Cillian reached Brighton first giving her a big hug. Then she turned to Heyden, she stood awe-struck at the tiny, stranger holding onto a piece of Heyden's silk skirt.

Her face was so beautiful, so angelic, so much like Heyden. Cillian, could not believe responsible, Heyden, had a child. But the truth was clear and there was a little girl. Tears filled Cillian's eyes,

"Your a mother, Heyden?"

"Yes," Came Heyden's calm voice. "This is Ginny," she said taking the hand of the child and bringing Ginny out from behind her skirt.

"Hello Ginny," Cillian gave a smile, and hugged Heyden.

They had so much to talk about. Cillian could remember the nights when all they seemed to do was stay up and talk about nonsence. That was a life-time ago. Now, they had not seen each other for a long time.

There was Harker, who needed to be remembered. Cillian, watched Brighton out of the corner of her eye. She could feel the pain under the skin. Harker was Brighton's everyone who ever saw them together could see it. Even though the pair never really got together, they had remained better friends then any of the others.

The letters she had recieved from everyone sat in a large box at the bottom of Cillian's closet. Inside the box were smaller boxes, one for each person. Brighton's was almost full, her letters brought life to a lonely Cillian. They were never of any importance, most of the time talking about the old house being fixed up. Once in a while Bright would talk about a paint fight or just sitting around the finished living room with Harker.

Heyden's box held seven letters. One Cillian could recite, she had read it so much. It talked of a love, someone Heyden felt deeply for. Cillian always found it funny that Heyden never mentioned the man's name, but she had never written back requesting more information. There was never a wedding invitation or a baby shower invite. Even, Heyden had her secrets.
Of course, being wrapped up in his own shinanigons, Christian was the last of the group to take any notice of the hottest subject to hit the Brave Tensum presses. Yet, when he finally did, the whole party came crashing down in the form of his glass of water shattering upon the floor.
         It wasn't the glasses fault, oh no. The end of its short lived shelf life was due to an already faulty hand being shocked by a sudden realization. A realization that, although he was a man of privacy and introversion (if I can convert that into such a word), brought him much more attention than he ever deserved. Certainly his hot face told of the feeling one gets when the entire room of people suddenly stops in their tracks to look at you, Le Clown.
         But the event would not have been nearly so bad if the noise hadn't stopped paul mid-speech. This, in turn, made all faces turn to where a very stiff Christian was staring into the face of a very startled Ginny, who stood a steps length in front of him.
         Paul could not think of what to do. Continue and ignore the obvious? How many people are now going to make the connection? Tension began to settle in thickly throughout the room. Christian would have choked on it, had he not found the wit about himself to say, "Sorry Paul. I shouldn't be practicing my juggling in here."
         A stiff laugh strained itself free from the bulk of the room, giving Paul a chance to smile, wink, and begin again with a joke of his own. In a way this had lightened the mood, and yet created a new form of anxiety for some.
         Christian, feeling an ass, found himself leaning over the railing of the porch outside. Wishing to drown himself in something strong like whiskey, he thought for a moment to leave the place and indulge his wants. Yet....it wouldn't be what Harker wanted. Harker had gotten him through that part of his life. Harker had made him sober again; even if, at the time, he thought it was too late.
         By the time he had entered rehab, Cillian wasn't only out of his life; she had a permanent scar on her shoulder from a car accident caused by him...driving drunk. He still hadn't forgiven himself for it, even if Cil had. Having her back was beyond all he had ever hoped for. He felt in his heart, that there was Harker to thank for that. "It should be me in that box," Christian whispered to himself, "It should be me,"
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I can't believe it,Tavin thought walking down forth avenue towards the Memorial.The airline had lost her luggage.She pulled up the strap of the newly bought navy dress.Why couldn't she have visted here a few months earlier.Why?!

Arriving hear in Brave brought back such fond memroies.Harker and the gang in high school,At the senior prom.She couldn't believe he was gone now.

Finally Tavin arrived at the place.This was the place,where she would have to face the truth.

Once again,she fixed her dress and walked through the front entrance.

"Hello?Anybody hear?"

Brighton who was tired had gone off to her room to nap, leaving the rest to clean up the remains of the wake. Cillian had taken on washing the dishes. Who knew where Bright had found so many cups and plates, it made Cillian laugh. Brighton would be mad if she knew everyone was cleaning besides her. It was just one of the things you could not help, but love about Brighton, she did not like having others do "her" work.

Then a voice from down the hall snapped Cillian out of her thoughts. Slowly making her way toward where the voice was coming from, she met up with Heyden. Heyden looked equally confused. Who would be calling now? The wake was over and all, but four or five were left cleaning. Then they came face to face with Tavin.

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Snacking on half a bagel left over from the wake earlier, Christian made himself appear busy doing nothing. Being a guy, he'd do anything to wiggle his way out of chores. But when he stepped out of the kitchen and into the living area, he noticed the party of girls from earlier had gone. Silence began to make its presence known, only to be interrupted by a door in need of care for the noise it made while opening.
         Christian turned abruptly, mouth full, to face a tired looking Paul. "Too much for one day, huh, old pal?"
         "We never did get along great, did we? I mean, without him."
         "You mean without him or without alcohol?"
         "Both," Paul smiled, "And on that note, would you mind joining me for a drink?"
         Christian didn't hesitate. Ten years sober didn't hold a candle to right now. "Sure," he smiled, "as long as you drive."


         2 hours and several drinks in, the two were laughing loudly while trying to talk seriously; and failing at it miserably.
         "I mean, seriously? Do you think? Could she be mine?"
         "Well, did you...you know.."
         "What the hell do you think?"
         "What about Taina?"
         Paul seemed puzzled, "What about her?"
         "Oh, give it a rest, Pie-hole. She has been MADLY in love with you from day uno."
         "Ok, first off...don't call me that. Second, you're drunk. And third...what?"
         "I am drunk," Christian grabbed some peanuts off the bar and sloppily scarfed them down, "I haven't had a single drink in 10 years."
         "Ten years?" Paul was surprised, "There was a time I thought it'd kill you."
         "Me too," Christian said. "It almost did. It almost killed me and Cil. I almost killed Cil...."
         "You can't blame yourself for that. Besides, you have her back now, don't you?"
         "I won't for long if she finds out I'm driiiinkiiiing," Christian said. "Women...."
         "Yeah, women," Paul whispered in thought.
         "I have an idea!" Christian exclaimed, "Let's go to her, Pie-face. Proclaim your love for-for-who'd you knock up?"
         "Shut up, man," Paul said, irritated. "Let's get home. It's late."
         "Or it could be early." Christian said. "I really think we should go talk to her. Tell her what kind of man you are, and, and...."
         "Christian?" Paul struggled to hold up his drunken friend as he passed out. As the two went down, Christian banged his head on a stool, causing a small stream of blood to trickle down. "Can I get a little help here?"

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