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Harry Potter...
[Introduction] Your a witch attending Hogwart's school of wizardry.
Bio block is below:

Name: Karown Landon

Nickname (if one): Kara

Age: 17

Description: hourglass figure with tan lightly freckled skin, hazel eyes and curly gold blonde hair to her lower back,


Quiditch position (if plays):non

Wand type: Dragons blood with a unicorn wing feather core cherry ash 8 inches.

Other: As a twin

Wears (without a robe): black tank top with see through lace arms got reach over her finger tips they are multi-colored with stars and moons on them, long black skirt with slits on each side as a wrap around which is the same lace that ties into a blet around her waist. wears a silver chain on her neck with a silver moon inside of it is a blood stone gem cut to make a blood red moon, above it hangs a sun with a orage tiger eyes inside the middle, charm necklace with matching bracelette that jingles it also as stars and moons and the sun apon it, Combat boots.

(Okay first things are first you can play an original c if you do not wish to make one up but if you see theone you want taken please post another. If someone wants to play my c's twin post it if you see it taken same thing)

Please only post bio blocks for first posts thanks!

Karown streched letting out a yawn as she arose from her bed. Today she would be heading off for her seventh year of wizardry at Evallon. As she headed downstairs to the kitchen grabbing up an apple from the counter. She opened the fridgerator door and heard her mother come up behind her. Quickly she grabbed the milk and a glass from the cabinet next to the fridge and set the stuff down.

"Mornin' mum." Karown kissed her mother's cheek and sat down pouring a glass of milk.

"Your father and I have got some great news. You will be attending Hogwart's this year. We just got your letters of acceptence in the mail this morning."

Karown lifted her head to look at her mother she had no idea what to say. She grabbed the apple off the table and looked at it.

"Mum must we switch schools each year!?" Karown asked taking a bite of her apple.

"Now Karown just think about the experience and this school is here in England."

"Then why didn't you send us there in the first place?" Came a voice from behind Karown.
Name: Julain Landon

Nickname: NA

Age: 17

Description: Tanned, blemish-free skin, his eyes are a dark gold colour and his hair is black as a raven's feather. Medium build, lean and muscled and well-manicured (Think Louis in Interview with a Vampire) hands. Has a scar in the shape of a crescent moon in the back of his hand, recieved from the one year he spent in Durmstrang.

Year: 7th

Quiditch position: Beater

Wand type: Black oak, 13 in. with vampire blood and dragon wing-vein.

Other: One of two, his twin Karowyn, attached at the hip.

Wears: Pure-blood clothing, seeing as both he and his sister are pure-bloods, usually beneath the robes are a pair of supple leather pants and a colonial style shirt, looks pristine and well-dressed always.


"Then why didn't you send us there in the first place?" He asked, his gold eyes seeking his sister in the spacious kitchen, "It would have, not only, been easier on you both, but on myself and Kara as well." He spoke softly, but his words held authority and quiet strength, even without raising his voice to deafening levels as his father did sometimes.

"Julian, you know why, we wanted you to have a..."

"A wide range of expieriences before we went to a school as highly thought of as Hogwarts, yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard this a thousand and one times, mother!" Kara huffed angrily, throwing herself down in a chair, her lip jutting in a full-on pout at the thought of moving to another school where things would be strange and different, forcing the pair of them to fit in wherever they could.

"Calm down, Kara." Julian murmured, "Harry Potter will be there. And future Death Eaters... And future Order members... And a dead Headmaster... And... Oh gods, I think I'm going to be ill." Julian was indeed looking a tad green around the gills at the prospect of going to a different school, much less one with the infamous Draco Malfoy and famous Harry Potter.

"Now who needs to calm down, brother dearest?" Kara smirked, standing next to him and helping him to a chair.

"I..." Julian glanced at their parents, "Let's talk upstairs, Kara, about the Dark Arts." He sighed, tugging her hand. "At least we aren't separated this time." He said, perching on his bed as Kara curled up with him.

There was only one year that they had been apart, when Julian had gone to Durmstrang and she had gone to Beauxbatons. Julian didn't used to have gold eyes, they were blue when he had gone to Durmstrang and as he had finished the year, his eyes came back, golden as Jason's Fleece. He never told anyone about how, not even his sister, the scar on his hand was also testament to the year there and then the schools were regulated constantly, never being in one more than a year. Their grandparents, on both sides, were heavily integrated into the Dark Arts and their parents had done the same, but had dropped out from Voldemort's regime shortly after he had been defeated by the Boy-Who-Lived. Now they no longer knew where they stood, their parents disappeared at odd intervals and they were never around anymore.

"Julian..." Kara seemed at a loss for words, which for her was a pretty big thing.

"It's hard, but we'll get on, like we always do." Julian said, standing suddenly with a sigh.
Name: Zane Gardin


Apperance:The his half veela and .He has kind of long dark purple hair that tilts over one eye. His eyes are dark purple.He is 6'1 and has a strong build.He does have the an american accient.

Personality: He is smart, funny and charming. He is very hard to make mad and uselly thinks on the brighter side of things. He hates it when people judge him


Wand:Dragon heart string with one veela hair, ash 13 inchs

Wears:He wears alot. With his robe he magicly tears off the sleeves and from the waist down he makes them into strips. He wears a black tight short sleeve shirt. He also wears black baggy cargo pants. He also wears knee high combat boots or a black pair of skating shoes.

Other: He is a transfer from Salem. He can control his veela powers. He uselly gets in trouble and he likes to roller skate in the halls. He trys to get alot of few friends but all he could find was Harrys gang and the twins.
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Name: Chiron (pronounced KI-ron) Black

Nickname: Chi

Age: 17

Description: Has short black hair with three blonde streaks. His eyes are very dark. He has an athletic build. He is a very helpful person, looking to help anyone in need, though he also has a bad temper.

Year: 7th

Quiditch position: Chaser

Wand type: 9 inches, willow wood, dragon heartstring core.

Other: He's the son of Sirius Black. Many people still don't trust him as his father's name was never openly cleared.
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Name: Emalezianna Cobbiz

Nickname: Zia

Age: 17

Description: Zia has always been a short and small girl. Though her childish features have long since left her to be replaced with a womans. She has medium length curly black hair and large almond shaped brown eyes.

Year: 7th

Quiditch Position: Keeper

Wand Type: Maple with werewolf hair and unicorn ash.

Other: Zia is a transfer student from Preditan, an Eqyptian school for magic. She has moved to England with her father because her father was needed at the ministry of magic.
"I supose, but what about Malfoy and the rest of Voldemont's regime? Mum and dad quit after wonder boy beat him remember?" Kara heaved a sigh. Julian knew that she was worried about having problems while they were and hainvg it make their parents hysterical.

"Mum and dad aren't so worried. So, you shouldn't be either." Julian sighed in thought perhaps she did have a good reason. Worse yet they might be attending the same school, but what about the different houses within it? They could end up in two different houses.

Kara was watching him when he looked back up at her. He disreguarded her eyes not wanting to worry her and stood up gathering a suitcase from his closet.

"So, your not at all worried anymore like you were downstairs?" Julian could tell by her voice she wasn't buying into his act.

"Alittle bit maybe, but it is nothing to go getting all worked up over." He set the suitcase on the bed and walked to his dresser gathering up some clothes.

"Then why did you bring me up here? You acted as though you were in diyer need of a talk." Kara stood and looked around thr room to a few of the pictures in them mainly the ones from his year at Durmstrang.

Julian turned and looked at her she looked up from one of the pictures that held her gaze.

"Why do you always look at those pictures in particular?"

"You never told me anything about what it was like! Nor did you even ask me about Beauxbaton." Kara brought up in protest. Julian gulped back what he was about to say and sat back down on his bed.

"It wasn't exactly the greatest year of my life. Being split up from you for the first time and all I just don't wish to recall it to memory." He hoped for his sake the answer would be good enough as he closed the suitcase she stood with a huff and walked out of his room.

Julian sighed, Kara was headstrong, she always had been. His trunk was packed quickly and he set to work on hers, if left to her own devices, she would never get it done. While he did so, he thought back on his time at Durmstrang, well known for it's Dark Arts education, he had... he shuddered, glancing once at the back of his hand, he wouldn't bring up bad memories where they weren't wanted. He glanced up as Mother came in, looking hesitant and nervous under the scrutiny of his gaze.

"We'll be leaving soon," She said, "Ten minutes." She was always like that, clipped and hesitant, like she would get in trouble for talking to long with the twins.

"Yes, Mother." He said, resuming his packing and shutting the lid with a bang, purposely startling her.

Kara came in, "Was that necessary?" She snapped.

Julian smiled softly, "No, but it made me feel better." He replied.

She huffed, then looked at her trunk, "Thanks, Jul." She said, glancing at the pictures that still remained on the dresser, "Not taking these?" She picked up one when he still had blue eyes, he looked less... weighted then.

"No." Julian replied, "I am taking this one." He emphasised the last word as he held up a picture of him and her after they had been separated, both with a wide grin after seeing each other.

"All right, come on, Father wants us down." Kara grabbed her trunk and the cage with her barn owl, Orion, in it as he grabbed his eagle owl, Perseus, draggin their trunks down the stairs and into their car.
Zane was in the Leaky Cauldron and strapped his rollar blades to the side of his case. He wheeled it out of the room and went down the stairs.

He had walked out a spread out his veela wings and took off with the wizards of the alley looked.

30 min. later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zane had finally arrived at the train station. He looked arond for the platform and saw a boy with black hair rush through the wall. Zane had gotten the idea and went through behind him.

Zane rushed to the train behind the barrior and rushed onto the train. He caught up with the black haired boy and met with him in the carriage and sat next to him.

Zane said,"Hi, I'm Zane Gardina. Thank you for showing me the way. Can I sit here?"

"Sure, I'm Harry Potter." Harry said.

"Thanks, I'm from America."Zane said
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Chi found an empty spot on the Hogwarts Express and sat down. He hugged his knees and stared out the window. Remus Lupin smiled back at him, but Chiron just returned a blank stare. Chi knew what he had to do, but he wasn't looking forward to it. He wanted to change into his wizard robes early so he wouldn't be rushing to do it later, so he opened his trunk and found a letter he hadn't seen before neatly folded on top of his belongings. He recognized Remus' untidy letters and groaned as he opened it.

I know that you've been through a lot these past years. The loss of your father, the distrust that many of the students express towards you because of a simple misunderstanding. But you must put that all behind you now. Dark times loom ahead. This year will be especially tough for you. But know that you're never alone. Harry is a good boy and you'll gain a lot from his friendship. Once he learns that you are Sirius' son, he'll become an invaluable ally.

The Order will be keeping a close eye on Hogwarts this year. Your background training with us puts you in a unique situation. Dumbledore taught you as much as he could. You've never attended normal Hogwarts classes before though, so don't expect everyone to warm up to you right away.

I may not be your father, but I only want what's best for you. We all do.


Chi folded the letter and stuffed it in the bottom of his trunk. He felt odd for a brief moment and couldn't find a reason for his feeling. He shrugged it aside as he pulled his black robes on over his head. Chiron sat back down in his seat and watched the landscape changing as grey storm clouds rolled through the sky.

"A storm's coming," Chi thought to himself. "Fitting, really, as there's a storm coming this year..."
Name: Boniface Zechariah Howell

Nickname: Boni

Age: 17

Description: Tall and lanky (6'4 to be exact). He has black hair that goes down to his shoulders and has pale colored skin from lack of sun. He doesn't eat often and would be malnourished if it weren't for that fact that the food he does eat is magical.

Year: 7th

Quiditch position: doesn't play

Wand type: 10" walnut with Hippogriff talon.

Other: A loner and outcast. Really quiet and able to retain everything that is said to him. Boni listens to heavy rock and is a vegan. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on how you look at it) he comes from a family of pure bloods. He is in Slytherin for this reason only and acts nothing like anyone else in that house. He is very tolerating of others and their opinions although he is rather blunt.

Wears (without a robe): Anything in black that covers most of his skin or jeans.
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Name: Jeanette Bower

Nickname: Jenny, Bowie,

Age: 17

Description: 5'6, straight brown hair down to just bellow her shoulders. Blue eyes. She eats fairly healthy and will eat junkfood, but not much, she's sporty and loves playing quidditch particularly as a chaser.

Year: 7th

Quiditch position: Chaser

Wand type: 9" sandlewood, lavender and unicorn.

Other: Willing to talk to anyone, and is always honest with anyone if they ask her a question, maybe she had too much truth syrup given to her by her mother when she was young. Lots of people like her as she is a sports person, but those that don't like mudbloods don't like her because a lot of her friends are mudbloods even though she is not.

Wears (without a robe): Usually jeans and any kind of t-shirt that she can put her hands onto.
Julian followed Kara downstairs and the two of them stood before their parents.

"I know you two are displeased with moving around so much, but I asure that you will both find Hogwart's quite the learning experience. Your mother and I both attended their and we are eager to see you two attend as well."

"The train will be leaving in the morning. So, you two will need a good nights rest." Their mother smiled.

"Your mother and I are both very proud that you two have recieved acceptance letters to the school. Please do your best and no dollying around." Kara rolled her eyes knowing verywell what her father meant that the two were to be on their best behavior.

As they were dismissed from their talk which ended up more like a lecture. Kara stopped short on the stairs to her room and turned to face her brother.

"Something eerie is going on here. They've never been so happy to send us off to school before. Mum normally cries her eyes out!"

"Mum and dad are just happy to see attending Hogwart's."

"I hope your right." Kara sighed and headed off to her room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kara followed Julian through the train station. She was glad their parents had decided to let them get on the train alone and said their good-byes at the train station's parking lot. She looked around despritely trying to find the right train number. She stopped short of running into her brother of stood before a brick wall. When Kara's eyes arose to the wall a boy their age ran through it with Julian following and Kara not far behind. As they stood apon the train Kara glanced around.

"Lets find a car." Were Julian's first words. Kara nodded.

Kara walked over to a door and opened it slowly as she peered in she watched four heads arise to look at her.

"Excuse me." Kara said quickly almost shutting the door afterward.

"There is room in here if you want to join us."
Julian grabbed the handle at the dark haired boys reply and opened the car door wider. The dark haired boy looked taken back at the sight of him then glanced back to Kara.

"I supose." Kara muttered over her shoulder at Julian as she made her way in with her things.

"Hello, I'm Harry and this is Ron, Hermione and Zane." The boy introduced himself and the group to them.

"I am Julian." Kara watched her brother shake his hand.

"Wait your Harry Potter." Kara looked at the boy as he nodded then to her brother.

"Well, I could of opened the car door to worse sorts I supose." Kara exhaled.

"I don't believe I caught your name." Harry looked at Kara.

"Karown Landon." She watched Hermione mouth open in a gap.

"Your family used to be in in . . ." Hermione's voice trailed off.

"Used to be and are happen to be two completely different things." Kara snapped.

"That still doesn't say much about your parents."

"So, you think it is right to punish someone and hold a grudge againest for something that someone else does? And something that they themselves cannot control? You must be by far the stupidest person I have ever me-" Julian's hand clamped down over her mouth as she stood up.

"Harry, Ron, Zane it was a pleasure to meet you, but I am afraid I must find a more suitable place to travel within." Kara grabbed her trunk and Orion's cage making the owl screech as she swung open the door and slammed it behind her.

Julian sat there and looked around the room briefly.

Kara walked along the hall of doors finally deciding to open one. As she peeked her head in a blonde headed boy turned his head looking up at her. She froze and dropped Orion's cage and her trunk on the floor.

"Malfoy." Kara exhaled quickly grabbing her things.

"Landon." Draco muttered at the same time. The two starred at eachother before either spoke.

"My father told me your parents got cold feet." Draco's lips curved into a smile.

"Your father as always doesn't knwo what he's talking about. Let alone could he find his way out of a room with only one door." Kara held his glare.

"So, then what is the truth behind your parents?"

"I don't exactly know or care. Tell me something why do always wish to talk about what your parents do? What do you do? Aside being so caught up with your fathers doings and demands have you ever thought once about where you stand?"

"It's not exactly that easy to tell your father that you don't want to be a you know."

"A death eater?"


"You speak badly of everyone else and you don't even have the gutts to stand up for yourself. Now thats pathetic."

"Are you going to stand there or come in?"

"Maybe I was just leaving."

"Then why don't you quite wasting your time on someone as pathetic as me?" Draco tilted his head to the side to face her.

"Someone has to get something through your thick skull."

"And I supose that someone is you?"

"Well, the fact that your pathetic as been brought to the front of your mind." Kara laughed.

"Very funny." Draco huffed.

"Sorry." Kara smiled as she sat Orion onto the seat and shoved her luggage underneath her feet.

"I can't say I'll be much company to you."

"Far better than the last car."

"Is that a compliment?"

"We..." Julian was suddenly very awkward without his sister, "May I stay? If not, I could go, I understand if you don't want to associate with... me." He fell silent and he glanced out the window then down at the Potter child, he was scrawny, as boys go, kind of short as well, and his companions didn't look much better, but they had bested the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters on more than one occasion. He noticed the boy hero squirming and he realized that he was staring, probably making the poor boy nervous as all hell with his eyes so he turned his gaze to the others, mentally catalouging them all in his mind. Granger, Hermione, smartest witch in her year and adept at Charms if he read her aura right, as well as a talent in Transfiguration and everything else that she set her mind to; Weasley, Ron, not the brightest crayon in the box, but loyal to a fault, even though he can be envious at times and easily angered; Potter, Harry, Boy-Hero and passionate about whatever he put his mind to, there was a lingering darkness in him that disturbed Julian, like his aura was being choked by a severe influence of Dark Magic...

He tore his gaze away as he saw a flash of red eyes and a hissing voice tore through his mind, "...Dumbledore has died, it is a good omen..."

Harry's hand flew to his scar and he was staring at Julian as he sat down, spelling his trunk and other effects up with the other four's, "I guess I'll stay then." He said quietly, his tone brooked no argument as he sat down next to the boy he had not read, Zane, his name was. He settled himself with a notebook and a pencil as the others surreptitiously scooted away from the son-of-two-Death-Eaters. He glanced at his hand, the crescent moon still as white as the day it scarred over, but it ached now, he was in the prescence of powerful magic, he looked up, spotting Harry watching him and the wand loose in the green-eyed boy's hand, but itchy, like a finger on the trigger. He rubbed the scar and the Granger girls eyes were drawn to it, he could feel it as he began taking notes on the four, mostly what he read in their aura's and the magic's surrounding them.

"How..." He glanced up at the purple-eyed wizard that sat next to him, a veela, or part veela, "How did you get that?" He shrugged towards the scar.

"A... misstep at another school." Julian replied, his gold eyes searching the aura around the other; not Dark-oriented, cheerful disposition, probably fair with his wand, good in identifying and recalling information, but poor at keeping an oraganizer.

"Which one?" Harry spoke now, wary, but curious.


"What happened?" Harry seemed to be getting bolder.

Julian looked at the scar, "I refused to do what I was told." He traced the moon with another finger, making another note on his paper as his scar tingled and the compartment door swung open, a lady with a trolley peered in asking if anyone wanted sweets, Julian declined, but the others rushed eagerly to stock up on chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.
"I'll have five of each," Zane said holding a handfull of galleons and sickles.

The trolly lady gave him them and he handed them out, one each.
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Chi was lost in a train of thought...

I can't do it. Its just...awkward. I've been in the same school as him for years now and he doesn't even know who I am. Remus and the rest of the Order expect too much out of me. I can't do it.

The same thoughts poured through his mind, always ending up right where he started, not making any progress.

And now not even Dumbledore's around...How are we supposed to fight as one if we're all separate and alone?

Chiron threw his bag roughly into the empty seat across from him, startling his eagle owl, Horus.

"I can't do it, Horus. I'm not my father and I'm not as strong as everyone thinks I am," Chi said to his bird.

Horus just returned a hard stare that Chi interpreted as determination. The two were friends beyond compare. It was as if they could sense eachother's thoughts and emotions and could inspire the other just by talking, listening, or even staring at one another. Chi tucked his things away and covered Horus' cage. He stretched his arms and legs and left his car in search of someone to talk to in an attempt to get his mind off of his job.

Malfoy, Chi thought as he saw a pale, blonde-haired boy through a carriage window. Now's not the time for such an...interesting...confrontation.

Chi walked towards the front of the train but didn't see anyone he was willing to talk to. He returned to his compartment, frustrated and with nothing to deter his emotions other than his own mind and will.
Boni opened the door and looked inside the car. It had only a boy, his things and an owl inside it. "Everywhere else is packed, so do you mind if I join you?" It wasn't a question. Boni sat down next to the kid and looked at him. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"No, I don't think so," the kid said defensively.
name: karjo cold black riddle

nickname: dark one

desciption: long black hair tan skin cold dark green eyes 5'0 feet

wand type: just like harry back ash wood

other: he lives in a home for childen in the muggle world. He doesn't know his mom or
dad. Dumbledore came and took him to Hogwart's in the summer of his 14th
brithday,dumbledore hid him from the M.O.M. dumbledore taught him all magic from 1year to
5 year then allowed him to attend HOgwart's as a 6th year student. Dumledore told him that
his that he knows who his parents are. Karjo has a nervous break down and misses out on
some of his sixth year. Lord v doesn't know of Karjo and Bellatrix never spoke of him to
Lord V or to her sisters.
> about karjo. bellatrix don't tell her sisters about karjo.

Karjo sat on the train looking out the window he had never felt so alone. His black hair
fell into his eyes and out of it's tie. He sat down the cloth in his hand and retied it.
This year he would work inthe kitchen at Hogwart's with only his owl, Seakin to keep him
company. Seakin ruffled his jet black feathers watching Karjo with his blue green eyes as
he lept out of his cage to Karjo's lap. karjo smiled his wired smile as he pulled out some
of his candy he had bought along with his defense againest the dark arts book. Before he
could flip it's pages the door opened he lifted his head to see a set of ferturnal twins
come in.
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Name: Bianca Santanders

Nickname (if one): Bee

Age: 17

Description: Caucasian, dark brown hair just past her shoulders, dark blue eyes 6”


Quiditch position (if plays): Chaser

Wand type: Rosewood, 12 inch with butterfly wings, a griffins feather and a unicorn hair

Other: Has some very high connections in the magic world and is expected to follow in her mothers footsteps and be front of the class with everything.

Wears (without a robe): She reaches for any casual clothes that she lays her hands upon. Of course being from the magic world most of her things have almost a shimmer to them but she's still very casual in her attitude. Usually she wears a pair of jeans, something that she loves from the muggle world and any kind of t-shirt and jumper if neccessary that she can lay her hands on.
Draco's lips curved into a smile as the girl sat down.

"I can't say I blame you for wanting my company."
Kara near laughed has she turned around to look at Draco has she regathered her things.

"Maybe I should find another car. Just because I gave you compliment doesn't mean that I like you or your company for that matter." Kara rolled her eyes and opened the door shutting it behind her. What was the deal with everyone on the train? First the shrude Granger girl then the overly conceited Malfoy. Kara shook her head as she stormed the hall looking for another car to sit in. She peeked into a car with a pair of boys sitting in it. Neither of the two looked familiar, so she opened the door and stepped in.

"Mind if I have a seat in here?" The boys heads lifted into the direction of the door as Kara looked at them hopefully. Both shook their heads and Kara smiled softly as she sat her stuff down.

"I am Boniface Howell. You may call me Boni." The tall and lany boy replied with long black hair and pale skin.

"I'm Karown Landon. You two may call me Kara." She awaited for a response simliar to the Granger girls. When neither of them said anything about her name she looked at the other boy.

"Chiron Black." The other boy exhaled. Kara looked at him he had black hair has well only his was short with three blonde streaks through it.

"Black, Sirius Black's son?" Kara continued to look at the boy who nodded.

"Since I know of your last name's background I am guessing you already know mine." Kara's lips turned into a frown as she started to gather her things again. Mum and dad could not have been anymore wrong about them attending Hogwart's this starting off worse then the year they had separated her and Julian.

Julian woke slowly, the heavy feeling of penetrating eyes was the first thing that he was aware of as his gold eyes opened lazily. He spotted Potter watching him and he sat up, "Your questions show in your eyes." It was a statement, "Where do we change into robes? I hear we are supposed to be in them for..." He yawned widely, blushing at his rudeness, "Sorry. For school." He finished, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Down the hall, first door at the break on the left. It's not that hard to find" He said, a semi-sneer on his face as he gestured vaguely towards one end of the train.

"Gee, thanks." Julian replied sarcastically, standing and pulling his robes down and leaving. "Moronic, prejudiced, imbecilic, stupid, Boy-Who-Thinks-He's-Going-To-Save-The-World-With-A-Ugly-Attitude. Julian muttered angrily, storming into the changing room and slamming one of the doors. A crack resounded through the room and he turned to see a split in the door. He sighed, taking a deep breath and calming his magic before it got away. His scar lanced with pain as he shoved down the voliatle powers that ached to be released. "No." He whispered, looking up as he felt another, more familiar set of eyes on him.

Kara peered through the hole in the door, a look of concern on her face, "Julian? OK?"

"No." His shoulders slumped and he leaned against a wall, sliding down to the floor, his face hidden in his knees.

"What's up?" She asked, sitting next to him, her arms going around his shoulders.

"I almost lost it... and just over a smart-alec comment from Potter. It's getting worse, do you feel it too?" He looked at her, "I think... I think that it has something to do with the extreme tensions that the school holds within her walls. It bleeds into the train and it will probably be even worse at the school." He looked away, his eyes suddenly intent on the floor, "I'm... I'm scared." It was barely audible, but Kara heard it.

"Of what?" Her hand pulled his face back up to hers.

"Of what our magic could do... of what the Dark Lord has planned for mum and dad, of what he could want with us... my scar hurts here, the magic is old and it seeps into everything." He stopped, turning away again.

"Why would your scar hurt?" Kara's interest was peaked.

"It... It reacts badly to powerful magic, I was hit... cut with a knife and it had something on it. Ever since then, I avoid being hit with magic, else my hand... it hurts so much." He flexed his hand and lowered his head sadly.
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Kara left shortly after entering the carriage, but she returned appearing slightly flustered.

"What's up?" I asked, genuinely concerned and wondering if any of it had to do with me and my family history.

"Its nothing. Just a sibling issue," she replied quickly. "So your father really was Sirius Black?"

"Yeah, and if you think for a second that my family history is..." Chi started, quickly becoming angry.

"Easy there. If anybody here knows all about family misunderstandings, it'll be me and my brother."

"Oh...yeah. Sorry about that. Its just that its so hard to convince people that my father's not evil, that I have no intention of siding with Voldemort and that I truly wish to live this year through as a normal student. Or as normal as you can be at Hogwarts."

Chi got all of this off of his chest and realized that he actually had a lot in common with Kara. If they could become friends, then who knows...

"Looks like our companion fell asleep," Kara's voice interrupted Chi's thoughts.

"We could shave his eyebrows," Chi suggested.

Kara laughed and Chi smiled at the sound of her laughter. Boni stirred and bolted upright.

"You'll do nothing of the sort!" he interjected.

That reaction led to a lot of uncontrolled laughter among the three students.

I haven't laughed this much since... Chi thought, immediately sobering and staring out the window.
"What's wrong?" Kara jolted Chi from his thoughts. He sighed and stared out the window.

"He gets like that." Boni explained and kara still watched Chi from behind.

"Well, I am glad then that it is normal and not just me." Kara tried to lighten the situation. When she could see it wasn't working to good she sighed herself and leaned back in her seat.

"So, what do you guys like to do for fun? Other than shaving a persons eyebrows that is." Kara giggled softly.

"I like to listen to heavy rock bands." Boni grabbed his many c.ds seemingly proud of his comllection. Kara looked them over not knowing any she just smiled and nodded then looked at Chi.
Julian felt cold after his sister left, alone, like at Durmstrang, "Oh God." He tucked his head between his knees. He sighed, standing and throwing his robes on and stomping out.

The train was starting to slow and people were exiting compartments, chatting happily about the upcoming year, what the possibilities that the teachers would bring and all about the war that was waging all over the world. Word was Voldemort had moved into America and was wreaking havoc on the Muggle and Magical community alike, he had targeted the Statue of Liberty, dragging it down with his Death Eaters, he had destroyed countless little magical towns...

Julian shoved his thoughts to the back of his mind and threw open the compartment, startling the occupants into dropping their things. He smirked to himself and leaned against the door, brushing a lock of hair from his eyes, "We're here." He spun on his heel and sought out his sister, grabbing her arm and dragging her away from the throng and over by a pillar, "Kara, we need to stay together for now."

She nodded and they heard a call, "Firs' years! Firs' years this way! Unsorted uppers years as well!" A great, giant man stood with a lantern, towering over the others as the light swayed.

"C'mon, Kara." Julian grabbed her.
Zane walked into the line with the other first years being one of the tallest standing next to Julian. He hated the boat ride across the fridge lake. He chuckled at a first year get dragged down by the squid and get thrown back up on a boat. They had entered the great hall with a gaint man.

The head master greated them and she had a grave look on her face. She said, "Welcome first years and transfer students. Let the sorting begin."

The hat said his ryhm and they called up the transfers first.

"Zane Gardina, Gryfindor!" The hat yelled.
Boni went into the Great Hall and sat down on the back edge of the Slytherin table. He wasn't into this kind of thing. He might find out where Kara ends up, but otherwise this was a waste of time to him.
karjo sit at slytherin table to feel sick he hate is house he is so a lone he wish to lay his head down on the table he look aorund at all the other people. his green grey eyes look for a friendly face in the group not find one. he sigh and look over at the other table hope to be friend of same of them. karjo hate me his father son or his mother in fast. he see one of the twin of the train the girl one he sigh and close his eyes.
Kara stood beside her brother slightly perterbed.

"Not over protective are we?" She looked at her brother with a coy smile.

"Not at the least."

Kara shook her head and watched the people being placed this was the part she had been dreading as she watched her brother she guessed she wasn't the only one.

"Kara Landon." She heard the old man who called himself Dumbeldore reply.

"Oh joy." Kara muttered and walked to the small platform and sat down apon the stool. She eyed the hat wearily.

"Ah, yes a Beauxbatons student. Sraight A none the less. Very talented indeed, but there is more so much more there. This one is a tough one. Slytherin yes would bring out your true potential, but I fear it would ruin your character and natural prowess. Gryffindor on the other hand would allow you to grow and flourish. Gryffindor yes I am certain." The hat was removed from her head.

She sort of felt relieved to be away from Malfoy and his attitude. Something told her though this year was going to be the hardest year for her and brother. From the glare she could feel through her back as she walked down from the platform she knew something bad would happen this year and her and and her brother would have to stick close to avoid the confrontation.

She took a empty seat at the Gryffindor table and watched her brother as he stood waiting nervously. As she looked down she noticed her own hands were trembeling.

"He had better say Gryffindor or that wretched hat might just end up in a box of moths." Kara dug her nails ino the table and waited.
Julian smirked softly as he heard Kara's comment, but he wasn't quite sure that Gryffindor was exactly his place.

"Landon, Julian!"

He stepped forward slowly, his gold eyes sweeping the teacher's table before settling uncertainly on the white-haired headmaster, the old man gave him the creeps, he thought just as the hat slid onto his head.

Julian Landon, I believe I recall your father sitting here. The soft voice in his ear did nothing to startle him.

"That so?" He thought in return, "Well, I'll be sure to tell him you said hello."

Oh-ho! Cynical, now are we, a classic trait of the Slytherin youth. The hat laughed, Perhaps, yes, I sense the cunning that Salazar prided in his students and of course your past is an interesting feature...

"You shut up about that, or you'll have worse things to fear than a box of moths. I'll place you in a pile of dung and feed you to the boars!" Julian snarled quietly.

And the threats as well, I believe you have a house, child, welcome to... SLYTHERIN!!!!

"Bloody hell!" Kara bellowed as the Slytherin table clapped for Julian.

He glanced at his sister and gave her a wan smile as he sat at the end of the table, picking up his fork and stabbing it repeatedly into the table in frustration, the house rivalries could tear them apart...
"Bloody Hell!" Zane said at the same time as Julian. His only friend so far was in Slytherin. at least he wouls know what they were up to haveing a friend in that house.
"Bloody Hell!" Zane said at the same time as Julian. His only friend so far was in Slytherin. at least he wouls know what they were up to haveing a friend in that house.
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Boni raised an eyebrow. "This should be interesting," he said to himself.
karjo lay his head down and wish to hide of the world he look up to see the other tiwn sit down look around at the other feel not like he look down "no point and try to get freind you be outside you whole why would it be diff here " though karjo moodly
Kara fummed at the Gryffindor table watching the hat in a dead stare.

"He'll regret that choice." Kara snapped has she glanced around the table.

"The hat has never been wrong on a placement before." A familiar voice piped in Kara's glare turned to Hermione quickly.

"There's a first for everything." Kara gritted her teeth and then stood up excusing herself from the table.


Has Kara passed by Julian could hear his sister cursing as she jerked open the huge doors and slammed them shut behind her. He laughed to himself he pitied the poor fool who might follow after her to check on her. He sat and glanced around the table he could feel a hard stare from his backside he turned and met Draco Malfoy's eyes. Julian watched the boys expressions as Malfoy got up and headed for the doors his sister had previously exited.

"What is he up to?" Julian thought has he glanced around and he too got up and followed.

Before he could make through the door they shot open with Draco flying through them and his sister standing in the open her wand pointing right at the Draco's body. Julian immediately grabbed his sisters arm and swung her around making her wand point downward.

"What in the bloody hell are you doing?" He mummered at her.

"Why don't you ask Draco before you comment on my handeling things." Kara jerked her wrist from his grasp and stormed off.

Julian turned to Draco who was now sitting on the floor rubbing his head.

"That sister of yours is completely mad. I can't see what I saw in her. She's bloody insane."

Julian bit the inside of his mouth to stop from laughing. He frowned quickly though knowing Kara was going to be in some deep trouble after that though despite what Draco might have done or said.

"Mum and Dad are going to be pissed." Julian grumbled has he shook his head.
Julian sighed, hello Howler, he thought, we managed to get separated again, and his parents said anything but Slytherin. Anything. And he still couldn't make it work. His gold eyes flashed as Malfoy escorted him to the common room, the group, smaller than the rest of the houses, driving deeper and deeper into the dungeons. Julian swept a lock of hair from his eyes, flexing his hand and watching as the scar was pulled tight over his knuckles and a spike of pain shot up his arm, the magic of the castle permeating his body and making the pain nearly unbearable. But his face remained impassive and the pain did not show, not even Kara knew the extent of the damage to his hand, and for that he was grateful, this way she would not have to worry for her brother.

"Hey, Landon, keep up, will you?" Malfoy was looking back at him with a smirk.

Julian frowned, straightening out his cloak and trotting to catch up with the rest of the Slytherins.

"Welcome." Malfoy said, speaking the password and giving Julian a wicked grin, "Welcome to the Snake Pit, Julian."

"Mr. Malfoy, it is my job to welcome the new Slytherins, sit and take your place." A dark man entered the common room, a sneer firmly in place and long black robes swirling around his ankles, "Welcome indeed new Slytherins," He said, "This is the Slytherin common room, where most of your studying shall take place. This is a house of discipline, rules shall be not broken, the consequences of such shall be... punished." He raised an eyebrow, "My name is Severus Snape, I am your head of house, all rule-breaking shall answer directly to me, and I do not go easy, even on those of my own house, regardless of what may happen outside of this place. The rules are posted on the bulletin board, if any are broken, don't you dare use the excuse, 'I didn't know' I will make sure that you will never say it again." Professor Snape gave a crooked smirk, "However, I expect the best of you new ones, you will be taught how to act the proper Slytherin, you will walk, talk, and simply be, outside of the common room, what happens inside, is of your discretion." He pulled his robes around himself tighter, "You are dismissed, get to bed, all of you."

Julian went to follow Malfoy once again.

"Mr. Landon, a moment, if you will." The Professor's voice held him back however, and he turned, looking up at the forbidding man.

"Yes sir?" Julian asked.

"As a newly starting upper year, from Durmstrang no less, I expect that you are going to impress us this year, as it is your last. I know of your parents, and remember, not all is as it seems. Pay close attention this year and make sure you know what's going on, am I clear, Julian?"

Julian was startled, "Yessir."

"And, one more thing, go get your hand looked at by the Headmaster, perhaps he can do something to allay your pain." He turned suddenly and was gone as quickly as he had appeared, into the shadows.
Kara sighed heavily after leaving Dumbledores office she knew a howler would arrive the preceding day. She made her way to the Gryffindor common room at the sight of Hermione she turned around and slammed the door heading for her room.

"Isn't there anywhere is this place to get away from people?" Kara grumbeled as she walked around looking for her ownly two friends in the place.

"Perhaps I can find Chi or Boni." Kara's mind was adrift in thoughts as she rounded the corner running smack dab into the Potter boy.

"Oh bloody hell." Kara groaned rubbing her head and looking up.

"Sorry." Harry looked at the girl wide eyed.

"It was your fault just as much has mine." Kara grabbed her wand off the floor.

"Is it true?" Harry picked up his books.

"Is what true?" Kara looked at him dumb founded.

"About your parents."

"I can see word gets around. Just because a person's parents choose something does that speak for the whole family in your opinion?"

"No." Harry looked at her in her eyes. He could see the hurt her parents choice had made among everything else.

"As for my parents I am sure Draco's father and whoever else that is a death eater have something planned for them. So, you can tell Hermione she is the least of my worries." Kara hurried up and walked off.

Harry frowned has he walked into the common room at the sight of Hermione and her questions he didn't exactly know how to answer.

Kara's walk turned to a run as she burst through the doors of the school and out into the courtyard.

"You could get into trouble for being out so late." Came a voice from behind a tree.

"Perhaps, but I am not the only one." Kara put her hand on her wand.

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