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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Short Story · Sci-fi · #1052054
A group of young interstellar travelers crash land on a seemingly deserted planet.

This is the story of a group of young interstellar travelers who were on their way to the planet Earth Prime Delta. On the way, their ship The Liberty crashed on an uncharted planet, in an unknown region of space. Our story begins when our young friends wake up from cryosleep.

*Star*When you start, please list the fallowing:*Star*

*Bullet*Age: (Please keep ages between 8 and 19.)
*Bullet*Race: (You can be any race you come up with, however, don't go to crazy, no super powers or stuff like that, keep it somewhat normal.)
*Bullet*Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta:
*Bullet*Last memory before being put into cryosleep:

*Star* Remember these things please:*Star*

*Bullet*No killing main characters
*Bullet*No fowl language, keep it 13+
*Bullet*Please use good grammar and spelling
*Bullet*HAVE FUN!
*Bullet*Name: Sam Cowel
*Bullet*Age: 16
*Bullet*Gender: Male
*Bullet*Race: Human
*Bullet*Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: His parents sent him and his sister so he could avoid the full scale war between him home planet Earth Prime Beta and alien world Lansinton IV.
*Bullet*Interests: Reading, and searching for rare items.
*Bullet*Last memory before being put into cryosleep: His mother's voice saying, "You will find yourself on this trip, son."


The smell of smoke, burning circuitry, and melting metal filled Sam's nose. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. All he saw was a burning crashed ship.

He sat up where was he?

He suddenly remembered. He was on his way to Earth Prime Delta, him and his sister, he was put into cryosleep. He looked around again. We must have crashed. Sam thought.

He sat up, amazingly he was unharmed. He started to make his way over to where his sister was placed for sleep. He looked into the pod, she was there, still sleeping soundly.

He looked around again and saw that a few other people were starting to come out of their pods and walk around. A few of them looked hurt, but not bad, they made their way to the exit of the ship.

He opened his sister’s pod and tried to wake her, they needed to get out of the ship. He pressed the red button marked WAKE

"Christina, wake up," Sam said.

His twelve year old sister opened her eyes and started to cough. "Sam, what happened?"

"I think we crashed, we need to get out of here. Are you okay, Chrissy?"

"I think so, help me out of here."

Sam helped his sister out of the pod, and started to walk to the exit, stepping over rubble along the way. When they got to the door way, they saw not the glorious skyline of Earth Prime Delta, but the grassy plains of some unknown place, they had never seen before.

Grass everywhere, as far as the eye can see.

"Where are we, Sam?"

Sam sprayed the unknown land with his gaze. There was air, he could breath fine, and gravity seemed to be normal, but where were they? "I don't know, Chrissy. I don't know."
*Bullet*Name: Tony Toriello
*Bullet*Age: 18
*Bullet*Gender: Male
*Bullet*Race: Human
*Bullet*Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: Ecaping a mobster that his father had bad dealings with, his whole family is being hunted and "wacked".
*Bullet*Interests: The Itallian Mob, food, reading, and romance.
*Bullet*Last memory before being put into cryosleep: His father giving him a hand gun for protection, with plenty of ammo.


Tony woke up on the floor, surrounded by smoldering debris. He stood up slowly and looked around. Devastation, there were a few dead people lying around, and some still sleeping.

He checked his pocket to see if the .45 pistol was still there. It was. His father wanted to make sure he was safe, to carry on the Toriello name.

He was raised in Brooklyn, Earth, and lived there all his life. Tony only hoped that Earth Prime Delta had any place like it, or a least sell good pizza and garlic knots.

He walked around some of the rubble. "Hello, any one?" No one stirred, he knew that only a few of them were really dead, but the rest were asleep. Let the sleep.

Tony saw the exit and walked out onto the grass of the strange planet. He saw a group of people standing around, and a boy and a girl next to him. "What happened?" He asked.

The boy turned to him. "We crashed, and this isn't Earth Prime Delta. I don't know where we are? I'm Sam, this is my sister Christina."

"Ea, how ya doin'? I'm Tony." He shook his hand. "I saw the captain of the ship in there, he looked dead."

"I figured as much. You're accent is strange."

"I would say the same bout' you. I'm from Brooklyn, New York."

"I've heard of it."

"So, what do we do now?"

Tony didn't know what to do. "I don't know. Wait and see, I guess."
Sam felt strange, like the reality of what had happened finally hit home, they were stranded on some unknown planet, or so his mind was telling him.

Tony seemed to be nice enough, his accent made him a little hard to understand.

Christina tugged on Sam's shirt. "I'm hungry."

Sam looked at Tony. "Yeah, I am too."
Tony felt his belly grumble. "Yeah, that makes three of us." His three sounded like tree to Sam and Christina. "I say we go back in The Liberty and see how many are dead, and who's still sleeping. Maybe we can find some food too."

Sam looked at his sister, who looked no more that 12 or 13. "I don't know if they'll be any, everyone was put to sleep before we took off, and normally we don't wake up till we arrive, no need for food."

Tony scratched his nose. "Nope, the captain always stays awake for the trip. He needs to eat, so I bet you my left leg that there's food somewhere in the cockpit. Come on."

The three of them walked into the ship and made their way, as best they could, to the cockpit, inside, it looked like the captain was dead, just like Tony had said. The reason why the crashed here was unknown. They searched for food, but alas, they could find none.

They walked back into the cabin, there was still a lot of smoke and bodies, some dead, most asleep. It'll be best to let them wake up naturally. Tony thought to himself.

The three of them stood there surveying the damage, saying nothing.
Name: Joanna "Jo" Anderson

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: She ran away from home because she was tried of being abused by her step-father and stowed away on this ship. She had no idea where it was headed to.

Interests: music, books, dancing, adventure

Last memory before cyrosleep: She never went into cyrosleep and was knocked out when the ship started to crash. Her last memory was hearing glass shattering and being thrown by against one of the steel walls.


"I'm so sorry, Daddy. I promise I won't do it again," Jo cried. She was back home in Chicago backing away from her step-father who was getting ready to punish her once again.

"No, Daddy! Please don't hurt me!! Please!"

Suddenly she felt a gentle hand on her face and heard a voice speaking softly to her.

"It's okay. No one's going to hurt you. Shhhh. Everything's okay."

Everything seemed to dissappear. Her step-dad was gone and everything was black. She opened her eyes and saw three faces looking back at her, two guys and a girl.

"Good morning, Sunshine. Have a good rest?" one of the guys said. He was kneeling on the ground next to her as the other stood protectively by the young girl.

"Who are you and where am I?" she asked sitting up. She rubbed her head hoping to make her headache go away.

"I'm Tony and this is Sam and his sister Christina and we have no idea."
Sam wondered why the Girl was so jumpy. She had a bump on her head. He guessed it was from one of the loose panels that fell off, something didn't seem right though, if she was in a pod, she would have been protected. He decided to make small talk. "We crashed. I don't know how long we've been out in space before hand. We don't know where we are."

"Two weeks, we've been out in space for two week."

Tony stared at her. "How would you know that?"

The girl stood up fast. "Ah, it's just a guess."

"What's your name?" Sam asked.

"Joanna, just call me Jo." She said as she brushed the dust off her shirt.

Sam looked around. "We've been looking for food, but it seems that the captain ate it all before he died. I'm going to look outside again, maybe something will come by." Sam and Christina walked out. Tony followed, but Jo stayed in.

"Tony, did you see that bump on her head?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, so?"

"How do you think she got it? If she was in a pod..."

Tony shifted his weight. "I woke up out of my pod, and few of them were shattered."

Sam walked around the ship. "I miss mom and dad." Christian said.

Sam hugged his sister. "Yeah, so do I."
Tony surveyed the landscape. All he saw was grass, the little group of people that was standing out there had moved on, he guessed to find food.

There was something about that girl they had just met, she seemed scared, but not we-just-crashed-on-an-unknown-planet scared, it was different. He couldn't place his finger on it, she seemed nice, but reserved.

Tony put his hand in his pocket and felt the handle on the gun. Cold. He was glad that his father had given it to him. He might need it, for protection yes, but also for food. He they found anything they might like to eat, he could take it down. His Father trained him on how to use such a weapon, and he was good at hitting his target. He had plenty of ammo in his satchel to last a good while.

"My bag!" he had forgotten it. He ran back into The Liberty and started to look near the place where he woke up.

"What are you looking for?" Jo asked.

"My bag, its beige. Have you seen it?"


"There it is." He found it under a broken pod. He checked inside. The ammo, a few books, a flashlight, and a few candy bars. All of it would be reserved for later. He zipped it up and put it on his back. "I would hate to lose this." He looked at Joanna. "Are you okay?"

"Just very shaken."

"I hear ya."

They both jumped when they heard a loud noise, one that couldn't be described.
The noise seemed to be caused by a small exploision of some kind.

"The fuel tanks! They've caught on fire! The whole ship is gonna blow!" Tony yelled.

"We have to safe what we can!"

Jo and Tony worked together to save as many people as they could that were still asleep.

Another bigger explosion shook the cabin causing Jo to lose her footing. Just as she regained her balance a pod started to fall down on top of her.

Tony, seeing this, ran towards her and brought her with him as he crashed into the back wall.

"Thanks," she said when they came to a stop along the wall. He had postioned himself between her and the wall so she didn't hurt her head even more.

"No problem," he answered, "but don't thank me yet. Wait until we get out of here."

He helped her up and held her hand leading her to the exit. Just as they past through the doorway, the whole cabin exploded throwing debris everywhere.
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Name: Ellie Dalhon

Age: 16

Gender: female

Race: human

Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: Ellie and her mother left Earth Prime Alpha to make a new lives for themselves after their entire region was taken out during an attack from hostile aliens. Ellie and her mom had narrowly escaped with their lives and had lost everyone they ever loved on that fateful day.

Interests: reading, history, and taking risks

Last memory before being put into cryosleep:

“We’re going to be ok,” Ellie’s mom said softly as the cryo pod began to shut, “Everythings going to be better.”
“I know, mom...I know,” Ellie whispered before the chambers shut and she drifted off into sleep.

Ellie moaned as the pain began to seep in. She opened her eyes and was greeted with a hot blast of air. Everything was on fire. The walls were burning, the pods were burning, the people - oh god, the people were burning!

Out of the misty orangeness of the burning flames and smoke, Ellie spotted someone coming near her.

“Over here! Help!” Ellie cried, trapped insider her cryo pod.
The figure came near and lifted her out of her would-be coffin. The figure began to drag her out of the ship, but just then Ellie spotted her mother.

“No, wait,” she cried to her unknown-savior, “my mother. I have to save my mother!”

She tore from the figure’s arms and raced over to her mother’s shattered pod. As she ran over part of the ceiling collapsed onto the pod. It exploded in flames.

The rest was like a hazy nightmare. She felt arms dragging her out of the ship and then she felt fresh air being drawn into her lungs.

And then the ship erupted into flames, staining the sky black with smoke and casting broken pieces of ship all across the land.
Sam and Christina were blown forward by the massive blast. After Sam got up and saw that his sister was alright he started to run to the front of the burning ship. "Chrissy, you stay right there, don't move."

Sam ran to the front, he saw Tony and Jo running out. "What happened?!"

"The fuel cells, Sam," Tony said. "I got a few of them out, there's still a few in there, only the doorway blew. Come on." Tony let Jo go, and Sam fallowed him into the burning ship.

"We don't have much time," Sam said as he started to drag some sleeping people out.

After they got about ten of them out, they heard the voice of a girl. "Over here! Help!"

The two boys dug her out and were about to bring her to safety.

Suddenly everything went hazy for Sam. He was blacking out, he heard the girl say something about her mother then another explosion. And all went dark.

When Sam woke up, he was in the grass surrounded by bodies. All alive, but still asleep. They would wake up when their bodies were ready. That’s how cryosleep worked.

He stood up and saw Tony with the two girls. Everyone made introductions, and Sam called his sister over.

“Well, a small amount of the group walked off, the rest are asleep here, or dead in the flames. Now what?”
Tony stood there looking at everyone. "Well, there's only one thing we can do. Survive and wait for rescue."

"Don't you get it!" Sam burst out. "We don't know how long that will take, we don't know what happened before the crash because we were all in cryosleep!"

Tony noticed Jo shift her weight, she looked nervous.

Sam didn't miss a beat. "We don't know if the captain had time to send a distress signal or anything! We don't know where we are, no one knows were we are! We could be here for the rest of our lives!"

Ellie, who had tears in her eyes because of her mother said, "He's right."

Tony spoke up. "Right, we don't know, but there’s nothing we can do about it. All we can do now is try to live here. We don't know anything about this place, what it's called, if anyone lives here, weather there's food or not. We don't know. But we have to live, we have to survive. We need to be strong...for those who didn't make it.

Tony thought about telling them about the gun he had, but he decided to keep it a secret right now.

"Face it, we're going to be here a long time. Even if they did send a rescue ship, it'll be a while. We need to learn to live here. Like I said, we need to survive."

Jo piped in. "You're right, Tony."

"Face it, if we're going to live together for a while, we all need to get along." Tony said.

Sam stuck out his hand at Tony. "Yeah, your right. Sorry about that."

Tony shook his hand. "Ah, forget about it. So, here we are, until more people wake up, all we can do is wait." Tony turned to look at the plains. "Welcome to our new home for a while, boys and girls."

Tony felt good, he always had a knack for speaking out and making people feel alight and safe. His father had always told him, "Son, when you open your mouth, people wanna listen to what you have to say." Tony missed his father. Again, he caught himself caressing the handle of the gun in his pocket, his father's last gift to him.
Jo looked out on the plains. She had to admit. They were beautiful. She found herself looking more at the guy in front of her though instead of the plains.

She had never really felt safe before with any guy, but when Tony was with her. She knew everything was going to be okay. It was a weird feeling, one she had never felt before.

She wanted to tell him everything. She wanted to tell him about her step-father and the truth to her being out of a pod. But she couldn't not yet. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't trust him yet. He might just be like every other man she had ever met. Not that she had met many, mainly it was her step-father and his friends who would take turns punching her. No. She couldn't trust him just yet.

The sun was begining to set and a cold wind came up which made her shiver. Feeling it, they all realized something. They needed shelter for the night. None of them knew what nights were like on this strange planet. They needed to be prepared.

"Sam. Can you find some fuel and get a fire started? It shouldn't be that hard with some fire still burning from the exploision," Tony asked.


"I'm going to see if there's anything in the ship that can be saved," Tony said.

"I'm going with you," Jo answered.

"Okay. Ellie, help Sam in any way you can and keep an eye on Christina. Jo, follow me."
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Name:Ramses Tilt
Age: (Please keep ages between 8 and 19.)19
Gender: Male
Race: (You can be any race you come up with, however, don't go to crazy, no super powers or stuff like that, keep it somewhat normal.)Genetic Research
Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: Ramses was geneticlly build by scientist, he's human kinda but was birth from a tube. The scientist watched as they creation was reproducing and growing inside of a tube. The government found out about GRG testing and told them to shut it down, so the scientist didn't want the governemt to find out about their test tube child and sent him on his way to Earth Prime Delta to start a new life. There is something strange about Ramses, he can feel peoples emotion. He know if they're hurting,happy, sad, or any other emotion people have. That's why he can be so understanding.
Interests: Ramses dosen't really have any interest, he lived under government protection and really couldn't do anything. He was always tested on and expiremented on, he dosen't really know anything that could be fun.
Last memory before being put into cryosleep: Ramses remember feeling quite happy to leave GRG, and as he left on the ship he turned and flipped off his creator.

Ramses was slowly coming to, he rolled over on his side and slowly open his eyes. And to his surprise seen a huge green field,

"What is this?" Ramses thought to himself.

Ramses got up and dusted his full black what looked like jumpsuit off with the letters GRG knitted on the collar of his uniform. Ramses ran his hand through his jet black shoulder lenth hair as a few strings fell in the front of his face. Ramses started walking out towards the great plain, he didn't understand where he was or what was all this green doing out there. He turned to see other beings lying on the green patches as he was. He kneeled down on his knees by one of them.

"Strange, this being looks like me? But more feminine, what do you call this being?" Ramses thought to himself.

He jumped up on his feet as he heard voices coming his way and seen a boy and girl caring fuel tanks in their arms.

"Cool, another crash victim woke up." Sam said, as he sat the fuel tank down.

Sam walked over towards Ramses and held out his hand.

"Hi, I'am Sam and this is Ellie. Glad to see you're awake." Sam said.

Ramses looked down at Sam open out hand and placed his hand on top of Sam's, Sam laughed alittle and looked back at Ellie.

"OOOkay, well if you like you could help us get a fire started." Sam said.

Ramses looked over at Ellie with his cold silver/blue eyes, he never seen a female before and was curious about them. He was always locked up in the government center, he never even knew what the outside of the world looked like. Ellie spotted Ramses starting at her and smiled, Ramses could feel Ellie was getting alittle nervous around him. He could feel her heart beat racing alittle, so he kept his distance from her.

"What happen to me?" Ramses asked.

"Well," Sam said, wiping his eyes with the end tail of his shirt from the smoke coming from the burning ship. "The ship crashed for some reason, I don't know how or what casused it and for now we're stuck in the middle of a green plain." Sam said.

"What kind of place is this?" Ramses asked.

"I don't know, I wish I did." Sam said, he spotted the letters GRG knitted on the collar of Ramses black jumpsuit.

"Hey, what do those letters stand for? Your name?" Sam asked.

Ramses looked down at the letters and could remember the torture those sick scientist put him through, he didn't even want to mention it right now.

"No, my name is Ramses. And those letters don't concern you, it want help us to get out of where ever we are right now." Ramses said, getting alittle mad.

"Whoa, ok calm down. I didn't mean no harm, we all have to get along with eachother right now because we'll be stuck here for awhile. So let's forget about the letters for now and you can pitch in a helping hand with the fuel tanks, we need to get a fire going before dark falls." Sam said.

"Dark falls?" Ramses said, looking confused.

"Uhh, yeah when we can't see anything because the color of your jumpsuit will take over the sky that's above us." Sam said, pointing up.

Ramses shook his head in understanding, and started picking up fuel tanks to help out. Sam walked over to Ellie and stood next to her.

"I wonder what's his story, he didn't even understand the theme of night time." Sam said.

"Yeah, well give him time and he will probably unfold his own story to us." Ellie said.
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Name: Peter Dew
Age: 8
Race: Human
Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: He just wanted to get away from the pain that he was having to endure. His parents were a part of a cult that believed very heavily in children being used for their own pleasures, mostly sexual and he had never known anyone other than them. He was schooled in a place where only members of that cult went and was treated like that often.
Interests: He loves playing on the computer has never heard of internet because the cult wouldn't let him play on that. He only ever played cult related games.
Last memory before being put into cryosleep: Peter remembers running from his home, from his life, from everything when he found a newpaper which said that life wasn't meant to have any of the things he had been raised with in it. He found it in a bin near his local park. When he found it he took off and hid in the first moving thing he could find..that happened to be the spaceship.

Peter turned left and right in his dream with his eyes closed, he looked as if he was going to have some kind of a fit. But Jo noticed him and gently shook him awake.
"Hello? Hello kid?" she said gently.
"My names Peter," he said wearily, "what's your pleasure?"
"Well Peter..you do talk, my pleasure is simply to see if you can stand up," Jo said holding out a hand to him. Peter stood shakily onto his feet. "What did I drink last night?" Peter asked.
"I don't know," Jo said, "but you were in a crash,"
"What crashed? Something crashed?" Peter said.
"Yes, come with me and I'll introduce you to the others," Jo said lending a hand to the little boy. He took it graciously and followed her over to everyone else.
Sam saw Jo bring a boy younger than Christina out of the blackened ship. She brought him over to them. "Hey guys, this is Peter, he woke up in the ship, I guess we missed him when we went though, it's a miracle that he survived.

Sam walked over to him. "Welcome, Peter, I'm Sam." Sam introduced him to everyone, and Ramses to Jo.

Jo turned back towards the ship.

"Where are you going? It's getting dark?"

"I still don't understand that," said Ramses.

"You don't know what dark is?" Peter said. "I saw darkness all my life. They only let me out when they wanted something."

There was a way the boy said 'something' that made his skin crawl. Christina walked over to him and started to talk to him.

"I'm going back to help Tony." Jo smiled. "You might wanna get that fire started; we don't know what happened here at night." Jo ran back to the ship.

"Who's Tony?" Asked Ramses.

"Tony's cool. He's a real take charge guy. He's led us quite well so far, he seems to really be survival savvy. He knows people too. I guess he's kind of like our leader."

The others who knew Tony nodded their heads in agreement.

Sam looked over at Ellie she was starting to gather stuff that would burn around so they could set the fire aflame.

We're out here, stranded on a strange world, with a guy from Brooklyn as our leader. Why do I feel more at home here with these strangers then I did with mom and dad?"
Tony walked through the cabin to see if he could find anything useful that wasn't burnt. He had found a few things already. He stuck them all in his back pack. A sharp knife, matches, another gun and box of ammo. This gun he would tell the other about. It wasn't as good as his brand new .45 and ammo that could last him months if need be, but still it was an extra gun. There was also a bottle, and a few first aid kits. And his back pack still had room for more.

Jo walked in. He looked at her. She was pretty. He had to admit, he never met a girl like her before. He smiled at her.

She smiled back. "Find anything else?"

"First aid kits, three of them. I'll keep one in my pack, and the other two I'll give to Sam and you."

"Great! Someone else woke up."

"Yeah, I saw you walk the kid out." Tony searched the floor and picked up a book of some kind. It looked like a journal. It was in good condition, so he stuffed it in his pack.

"No, someone else outside. Ramses, or something like that. He seemed strange." She shifted her weight. "As I was running back they said something about you being our leader."

Tony stood up. "What? No, I aint no leader."

"Well, they think you are, and they want you to be. I guess they look up to you. You seem to know what you’re doing."

"I was raised to survive. I know what I'm doing, but I don't know if I can lead group till we find help."

"I think you can."

Tony looked around. "Well then, what do I do?"

"Just what you've been doing, I guess."

Tony laughed. "Come on, I think we have all we need for now. I'll check again in the morning. I have a few candy bars in my pack. It should be enough for everyone."

"Great, I'm starving."

They walked out, and Jo lingered behind. Tony felt her eyes on him though. "You were raised to survive, and I'm just learning. Maybe I can learn some stuff..." She trailed off.

Tony wondered what that was all about, she was pretty, gracious, and nice, but she had a past. He knew it. She had a past, like he did.

He walked out into the night air. By this time, the sun was gone, and the sky was filled with stars. And two moons. Amazing. He felt like he was home for some reason. He knew that this wasn't Earth Prime Delta, but it was an amazing place.

"Come on, let's meet up the rest." Tony said to Jo, who had caught up.
"You were raised to survive, and I'm just learning. Maybe I can learn some stuff..." Jo stopped when she noticed Tony listening. She blushed by lucky he had his back to her so he couldn't see it.

She quickly caught up to him and they headed to where the others were. Sam had gotten a blazing fire started until a wing of the ship that would serve as shelter for the night till they could find something better.

Jo thought about home again, sitting around the fire as Tony showed everyone what he found. She was stranded on a strange planet where no one knew what was going to happen next with complete strangers and she felt safe.

It didn't surprize her that she felt safer than when she was at home, but it did surprize her that she actually felt completly safe. And she felt like she could trust these people. She wasn't sure what to make of it.
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Ellie was warming her hands by the fire when Tony and Jo got back. She gazed into the crackling inferno of flame and remembered seeing her mother's still figure right before the ceiling collapsed on top of her.

Ellie turned away. She wouldn't think about what had happened to her mother.

The sun finally slipped below the horizon leaving the land in darkness. Only the fire provided light.

As the group prepared for bed there came a sharp piercing cry that echoed across the land.

Ellie's face jerked up and she looked at the others and saw her own fear mirrored in their faces.

"What was that?" Peter asked in a hushed terrified whisper.

His question was greeted with silence. No one knew what the noise was. And no one wanted to find out.
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Ramses face drew alittle smirk and shoved his shoulder's, he lend over alittle towards Peter and whispered.

"Are you afraid?" Ramses asked, he knew all about being afraid as he was expirenmented on so many times when he was little.

"Of course, aren't you?" Peter asked.

Ramses sat back up straight staring out in the horizon.

"No, I learned not to be afraid anymore. I learned to wipe all my fears away and bury it." Ramses said.

Sam looked over at Ellie, he knew that was another clue to Ramses past. Ellie didn't pay much attention to Sam signals, she wanted Ramses to unfold his past on his own and not try to figure it out like Sam. Ramses stood up and everyone eyes settled on him.

"Where are you going?" Tony said, Ramses looked at him in a strange way.

"You have a funny way of talking." Ramses said.

Tony laughed alittle,

"Of course, I'm from Brooklyn. What about you?" Tony asked.

"Me....I don't know?" Ramses said, looking for an answer.

"You don't know?" Tony said, confused.

"No, I can't remember....I don't know where GRG was located." Ramses said.

Sam stood up, hoping for an answer soon to Ramses past.

"What do GRG stand for?" Tony asked.

Ramses looked at Tony for a moment, he thought about telling them. But he just met these beings and didn't want to expose his freakish development, he wasn't for sure if he could tell them.

"It....stands for Genetic...." Ramses suddenly stopped.

Everyone was waiting for him to finish what he was saying and suddenly every painful expirence he went through flowed through his body knocking him out. His body fell backwards and Tony ran over catching him and lying him on the ground. Peter quickly stood up and ran over towards Ramses, the whole group surrounded his body.

"Is he going to be alright?" Jo asked, concerned.

Tony checked his palse and stood up right.

"Yeah, he's still breathing. I think he's just tired." Tony said.

"Yeah, but that's strange. You asked what do GRG stand for, the place where he is from. And the first G stands for Genetic? That's strange." Sam said.

"Yeah, it is." Tony agreed.

"Yawl it's best if we just wait until he wakes back up before we start judging him about who he really is." Ellie said.

The group agreed and sat back down around the fire, waiting for morning to approach so they could start moving on and finding food for surviel. As Ramses laid there unconsious, he dreamed about being in that lab he hated and the torture his creator put him through. The fear that swept upon him when he was little almost killed him by stoping his heart, but he grew to endure it and bury his fears. That's why he grew stronger as he got older, than his dream switched to the group he's with now. He seen everyone standing around him and saying something he couldn't make out, and everyone dissapeared except Ellie. Ramses stared at her while she stood over him looking quite sad, Ramses could feel her emotion. She was a sad young lady. Ramses thought and didn't understand why, he reached out his hand towards her as she dissapeared. Ramses moaned alittle as he was coming to slowly. Ellie was the first to look back at him and than the group eyes followed Ellie's as they stared upon Ramses.
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Peter looked at Ramses. He looked like some of the other children had when they hadn't eaten for a while. "Maybe we should get him some food and water?" Peter asked. Nobody responded. Maybe he was being too quiet. As the sun was setting over the horizon he knew that he had the upper hand advantage. He knew the dark like nobody's business. He was so used to going out in the dark..often after doing his duties they would let him go free with the other children to play. Sometimes he was hungry and would stop to knaw on a leaf or two. He had learned a long time ago whilst he had been shut up in the dark reading via torch and candlelight as was their beliefs as well as the educational games on the computer which ones were poisonous and which weren't. He may have been shut up in the dark but he could do a lot of things. He found some edible food in the area and brought it back to the group. Whilst sitting munching on some food the others looked at him and just stared.

Name: Ori Pennak
Race: Unknown, some sort of alien race, he looks human though
Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta:Ori did not really want to go to EPD, in a way he was forced. His planet’s council was preparing for a war with another planet. Fearing they as a people may not survive, they decided to send away their planet’s best hopes, one of such hopes being Ori.
Interests: Ori is a thinker. Sometimes he likes to go off by himself and just think. He likes to run to get out his energy and relax, and be out in his world. He doesn’t like other people to tell him how to be, but he won’t usually speak up about it if they do. He really likes the company of others, but also values his solitude. He is cautious, and likes to take his time when first getting to know others. He also like to joke, around have fun, and just be 14, though sometimes he isn’t always allowed to do so.
Appearence: Ori is pretty skinny, and he is around 5’6. He has deep green eyes and dark brown hair that hangs about an inch off his head.
Last memory before being put into cryosleep: “Orin, my light, my hope, my comfort…” the eldest on the council spoke slowly to him, in a deep voice, “This is a good thing, child,” He assured, “think of this as an opportunity for a fresh start.”
          “But I do not understand,” Ori pleaded with the elder, “I don’t want to start over. Why do you say these things? I should be here, at home, helping to fight the war, not sent away like an exile.”
          “This is the best way to insure our people’s future.” The elder tried to explain.
          “If you want to insure our future, then why send all the lights away? Why when they could help?” He was confused.
          “I know it is hard to comprehend Orin. But you must try. We are a dying race, our only hope for a future after this war is the lights. We must send them away so they not be damaged by the war, so that one day they may return.” The elder spoke calmly.
          “It doesn’t make sense!” Ori nearly yelled, on the verge of tears. He did not want to leave his planet, “I don’t belong on this ship, sir,” he said a little calmer, “I am not what you think I am.”
          “That is where you are wrong, Orin.” The elder spoke more firmly, “You are exactly who I know you are. You shall be a leader of these people one day, but for now you must go. Trust me Ori, even if you don’t know for yourself, you will… one day.”
          Ori stared straight at the elder with pleading eyes, hoping this wasn’t happening, as the door to his pod slowly began to close.

          Ori woke with a start, gasping for air, his heart rate shot up, and his breathing quickened.
          “No! Don’t do this!” He yelled still half in a daze.
          “Hey, hey,” a calm voice came to him, and he thought he felt a hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay, shhh, calm down….” Ori looked up, and his eyes met with a girl’s. She looked a bit younger than him, but he didn’t mind. Her eyes were soft and her voice was sure welcoming. It seemed to Ori that just a second ago he had still been gazing at the hard eyes of the eldest council member, this young girl was a welcomed surprise.
         ”Are you okay?” She asked him. Ori could only nod. “I’m Christina,” She said, “Do you have a name?”
          “Ori.” He said, and that was all.
          “Well Ori, you sure are a boy of many words…” she said sarcastically.
          “Where are we?” He asked, “Is this Earth Prime Delta?”
          “I doubt it. My brother Sam said that our ship crashed,” She paused, still looking at the boy in front of her, “Here give me your hand, I’ll help you get out of this pod.” Ori reached a hand up and she helped him to his feet.
          “Thanks,” Ori said kindly.
          “You sure you’re okay?” She asked, “You’re hands are really cold.”
          Ori looked down at the girl; she was shorter than him by a few inches. He smiled at her; she seemed nice enough to trust. “Don’t worry about it.” He said, “I can already tell this planet is much colder than my own.”
          “I’m from Earth Prime Beta.” She said casually, as the two began to walk slowly towards the rest of the group a little out of sight. As she said it, the words stung Ori a little- Earth Prime Beta. He shook it off… how could it be so? “Where are you from?”
          “Somewhere pretty far from here I would imagine,” He said vaguely. “You’re nice,” He said, “let’s try not to worry about origins for now,” he said more for his own self, than for this girl. “Well, where are we going?”
          “We’re trying to build a camp for the night. I was just out looking for supplies, but I found you instead. It’s getting dark and we’re trying to find food for everyone.” She started to explain. Food! Ori thought to himself.
          “Hold on!” He said quickly, leaving the girl for a moment to race back to his pod. He opened the small storage compartment and grabbed out a backpack, before running back to reunite with Christina.
          “What’s in there?” She asked.
          “Just some things we may need.” He said, “You say there’s others, how many?”
          “Well it’s kinda hard to say,” she started, “More people keep waking up every minute it seems… I don’t know which ones are dead and which ones are sleeping though. But there is probably about six or seven, I don’t know. How old are you?” She asked on a more random note.
          “Fourteen,” he answered, just as they rounded a corner. Ori was met with gazes from people sitting around a fire. From what he could tell in the dimming light, there were two girls and four boys. Six. Plus himself and Christina made eight.
          “Well… let’s see,” Christina started, “That’s my brother Sam, Tony, Peter, Jo, Ramses and Ellie.” She said as she pointed them out, “Everyone, this is Ori.”
          As Ori looked out on everyone, his eyes stopped over Ellie. All the others were still staring at him, but Ellie had only looked his direction for a moment before resuming her gaze to the ground. “Something bad’s happened to her,” he whispered to Christina so none of the others could hear, “What was it?”
          “I’m not so sure,” was the answer that came.
          Ori gazed around the circle of people. “Christina,” He whispered again, “Can we trust them? All of them?”
          “What do you mean?” She asked.
          “Some of them are hiding secrets,” he said to her as quietly as he could, “Are you sure that we can trust them all?”
          “No,” she said back in a whisper, “I don’t know who we can trust really. I trust my brother Sam. He seems to trust Jo and Tony. I trust Peter though, he’s so young.”
          “And the other two? What of them?”
          “Ellie doesn’t say much, I think you’re right about that something bad, though I don’t what it was. And Ramses…” She said, still in a whisper, “Something seems not right about him, I’m not so sure if he’s even human.”
          “You only trust other humans?” Ori asked questioningly.
          “I never said that.” Christina answered, as she and Ori made their way closer to the fire.
          As Ori settled down near the fire, no one asked him any questions like Christina had. He didn’t mind it though; in fact he welcomed the silence. A few talked quietly, and, as far as Ori could tell, they spoke of food or shelter. He didn’t care though. He was a little cold, but he would manage, and he could go awhile without food. He looked out over the land, but the darkness was like a curtain blinding his vision. He lay back and stared up at the two moons, lighting the way for these weary travelers, now stranded with little hope of rescue, and wondered what it was they were supposed to do next.
Name: Nasoe
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Carsarian (looks human except for the shoulder length pure white hair)
Reason for going to Earth Prime Delta: For fun, he wanted to see a different planet then the same ol' Carsaria.
Interests: Control over his own life, bladed weapons, and peaceful music.
Last memory before being put into cryosleep: "I hate these pod things," Nasoe thought. "I hate them with a passion. I can't wait to get off this rock and see Earth Prime Delta. They better sell weapons to minors or else I'm going to blow up." The pod began to close over him, and the hint of cryogas began to fill his nostrils. "I hate these things."

Nasoe woke up with a start. He looked around; all he could see were stars and two moons looking at him. "Funny," he thought, "Earth Prime Delta doesn’t have any moons."

He sat up. There was a nice breeze. He felt the warmth of a fire hitting his face. He looked at it, he saw eight people sitting around the fire talking. Three females and five males. He looked over to his right and saw the faint outline of a broken ship. "We crashed?!" He shouted. He watched as the others jumped.

One of them walked over to him, he had some kind the thick accent that annoyed him. "Yeah, we don't know why, or where. Not all of us made it. Just the ones you see around you, their still sleeping. I'm Tony."

Nasoe didn't like this guy. He knew it right away. Nothing special, he didn't like most people, that included Humans. He had grown up angry. He voiced his opinion and got angry fast. His friends knew not to push him. These guys would have to learn this too.

He really didn't want to tell him his name, be he felt obligated. "I'm Nasoe."

"Hey, Nasoe." Tony extended his hand. Nasoe knew that Human gesture, but he ignored it anyway. "Were you from?" Tony asked as he put his hand down.

"That's none of your business,” Nasoe snapped. He was right; these strangers didn't need to know who he was. It was none of their Business. He planned to keep it that way.
Sam was getting tired. His sister had found a friend, as did he. She was now asleep; her head was resting on his lap. He felt like he was falling asleep.

He yawned and looked around. Tony was off talking to someone who had just woken up. He had never met someone like Tony. He just kept going. He must be tired. He was a true leader. The others were slowly starting to fall asleep.

The thought of falling asleep on this strange planet caused him to try and stay awake a little longer. But soon sleep crept up on him, and he succumbed to it.

Everything would be alright.
Tony wondered what was up with the newest guy who just woke up. He seemed angry, and secretive. But they were all secretive. Nasoe looked Human, but his pure white hair made him think otherwise. He obviously didn't want to talk right no so Tony walked back to the group.

Nasoe stood up, checked his pod for something, then walked over and sat down behind the circle of people, close enough to get warm, but far enough a way to stay to himself.

Tony saw that a few people were already asleep. Jo, who was sitting next to him, was looked very tired. "Why don't you get some rest?"

She blinked at him. "Why don't you. You've been running faster than all of us. You really are a leader."

"I guess so. It doesn't seem that night here is too crazy. I think we'll be fine. Tomorrow we'll get a plan together and see what we're going to do."

Tony rubbed the handle of the secret gun in his pocket. The one from his father, he then pull out the gun he had found in the ship out of his other pocket. He had stored the ammo for this gun in his pack, but out of the secret pouch where he kept the ammo for his .45. Tony had already shown everyone this gun, so they knew that he was carrying it. He had three magazines of the gun, each with twelve rounds. One was in the gun the other two in the pack. That would last them awhile. Hopefully.

Then there was his other gun. He had a lot more ammo. Almost too much. He wasn't ready to tell them about the other gun. He remembered when his father gave it to him. Registered, and licensed. He having that gun was perfectly legal. In fact, he had his name engraved into it. His father wanted him to remember that he was always there for him. A piece of him was in the gun, a gun with Tony's name on it. "From your loving father," it said on the handle.

He looked around, his eyes were getting heavy. He put the safety on the known gun. He would sleep with it in his hand tonight, just in case. Jo had fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder.

He let his weary day, and memories take over and he fell asleep. Tomorrow he would see what they would do next.
For awhile Jo slept soundly on Tony's shoulder. Then she began to have nightmares.

She was back home once again with her father punching her. She could feel the pain and hear his laughing. The intenseity of the punches began to increase more and more with her tears. Soon, she couldn't handle it any more and screamed out in pain, begging her father to stop.

"Please Dad! No more! Please, stop!" she screamed.

"Shhhhh. Everything's okay. It was only a nightmare," she heard Tony's gentle voice say.

She opened her eyes and found herself in Tony's arms. He had been rocking her trying to calm her down and gently wake her up.

She looked up at him and he gave her a reassuring smile.

"No one can hurt you here. I won't let them," he whispered to her.

At this, she just felt herself crumble. She layed her head back down and cried.

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Dawn was nearly approaching, the first faint fingers of sunlight creeping over the land. The night had been cold and with the coming of day came the promise of warmth.

Ellie took in a deep breath of the chilly air and looked around her. There was Tony and Jo, talking quietly. Sam, Ori, Christina and Peter were all asleep. So was Ramses. Though if it was sleep or unconsciousness that had befallen Ramses, Ellie didn’t know.

Ellie stood up and made her way to only other person. He was sitting all alone on the ground, his eyes staring straight at the sun.

Ellie sat down and looked at him for a long awhile.

“Your angry, aren’t you?” she asked quietly.

Nasoe turned to give her a hateful glance before turning away. There was a long silence.

“Do you really think it’s worth it?” Ellie said softly, “We’re all sad. We’re all devastated and angry about what happened. It’s life. We can’t-

“You know nothing about anger or sadness,” Nasoe cut in, his eyes blazing, “Nothing!”

Ellie looked into his eyes for a moment and then got up.

“Your right,” she said simply, “maybe I don’t.”

Ellie walked away until she was a little ways off from the small band of survivors. She turned toward the rising sun and let it’s warmth wash over her. She let it wash away the tears and the anger, the sorrow and the memories.

And with some form of hope and rebirth she walked back to the others.
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Ramses slowly open his eyes, he looked around to see everyone resting except a new guy he never seen and Ellie. The girl he keeps thinking about, she was so sad in the inside and he wanted to talk with her; to help her out. Ramses sat up slowly as the blood rushed to his head and he became very dizzy, Ellie jumped in surprise as Ramses gave her quite a fright. Ramses looked over at her with his cold eyes, and she looked back at him.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." Ramses said, with a small smirk on his face.

"Oh, you didn't. I'm just alittle jumpy because of this new creepy place." Ellie said.

Ramses stood up slowly walking towards her, Ramses could tell she tensed up alittle bit.

"Don't be afraid of me." Ramses said.

Ellie looked at him in confusion and shook her head from side to side.

"I'm not afraid of you." Ellie said, with confindence.

Ramses smiled and sat down next to her.

"I can feel your emotions, I can feel your fears drip out of you. You're nervous around me....why? Your not when your with Sam and the others." Ramses said.

Ellie face drew a blank and she couldn't believe what was being said, how could he know that Ellie thought.

"I..I dont know what your talking about. I'm not afraid of you." Ellie said.

"Answer me something." Ramses said.

"What?" Ellie asked.

"Why are you so sad?" Ramses asked.

Ellie eyes widen and she turned to her side face to face with Ramses.

"How....how could....how would you know how I feel?" Ellie asked, confused more than ever.

Ramses looked into Ellie eyes and could feel everything sadness that walked through those sad eyes and he lifted his hand up towards her face. Ellie backed away alittle.

"Don't be afraid of me." Ramses said softly.

Ellie was alittle nervous and she closed her eyes, as if she was waiting for her peacemaker. Ramses gently touched her cheeks and ran his hand down to her hands that were balled up on her lap, he held her hands and than closed his eyes. Ellie open her to her curiosty.

"What are you doing?" Ellie whispered.

Suddenly Ellie mother flashed through Ramses mind, and he could see Ellie crying and reaching out for her mother's hand. Ramses jumped back and fell over the log they were sitting on and than he stood up quickly looking hurt. Ellie stood up quickly.

"Are you ok?" Ellie asked.

"Yes, but your mother." Ramses said.

"What, I don't know what you are talking about! But don't ever bring up my mother again!" Ellie yelled angery and stormed off into a far distance.

Ramses ran after her,

"Ellie stop!" Ramses said.

Running in front of her, she slapped his hands away from her.

"Don't touch me!" Ellie yelled.

"Don't do this, I'm sorry about your mother. But I just wanted to know why you were feeling so sad all the time." Ramses said.

"What would you know about sadness!?!" Ellie yelled.

And that's when Ramses had another flashback of his torture past and he looked into her eyes.

"I know alot more than you think, I may not know sadness but I know pain....and torture." Ramses said.

He slowly walked past her and headed back to the group, Ellie turned to run after him.

"Wait, I'm sorry. It's just I don't want to talk about my mother right now. I don't understand how you could have known, but please don't bring her up for the time being." Ellie said.

Ramses agreed and they both walked back to the group to warm up, they sat next to eachother.

"So sience you know my secret, how about telling me one of yours." Ellie asked.

"My secret?" Ramses asked.

"Yeah, like what do those letters really stand for?" Ellie asked.

Ramses heart began to race, he didn't want to say so soon. But he krept into Ellie's sad secret and now he must trust her as she does him...he thinks.

"Well....GRG....stand...for Genetic Research Growth." Ramses quickly spitted it out at the end.

Ellie eyes widen and she turned to look at Ramses.

"What do you mean?" Ellie asked.

"I...I was reproduce in a tube by scientist." Ramses said.

"Oh my God, are you saying your not human?" Ellie asked.

"NO! I'am human it's just I was Geneticly grown in a tube and not birthed naturally. I'am human just alittle different with alittle more strength and intellagence." Ramses said.

"How could they do that to a baby, I mean it's confusing. It's hard to really understand what you are." Ellie said.

Ramses lowered his head, he didn't want Ellie to treat him different or hate him.

"Let's stop talking about it for today, please don't tell anyone yet. I don't want them to know yet until I'am ready to say." Ramses asked.

"Ok, your secret is mine secret. Just as my secret is your secret." Ellie said.

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Peter slept whilst the others walked around during the day. He was not used to the light and found nightime was the one time that he felt comfortable to be himself. He woke when the sun was just begining to set across the horizon. He walked around the camp, "honestly, there has to be something that I can do to help anyone," he said.

"Well you can get some twigs for the fire?" Tony asked.
"If that's what will tickle your fancy I shall do so," Peter said and off he went in his childish way to find wood for the fire. These people were really strange..he thought..why wasn't he doing his usual chores and favours? Why all these strange rituals? At least whilst still keeping up his normal living off the habitat diet he had something normal in his life.

Peter walked up with the twigs that were asked for "Here you go," Peter said.
"Thanks Peter..just so that I know..what are you eating?" Tony asked.
"Nothing.." Peter said and swallowed quickly.
"Oh..it's just...I was wondering what to do when our resources run low. We need some kind of food or else we will get very..very hungry," he said.
"Well..you can live off the land?" Peter said.
"Like..what do you mean?" Tony asked.
"Well..these for instance," Peter said breaking off a leaf from a nearby bush. "you can eat these."
"But how do you know what's edible and what's not?" Tony asked.
Peter gave him a blank look.
"How do you know which ones you can eat?" he asked.
"Oh!" Peter said his eyes lighting up.."I did a lot of research and lived off a lot of these plants whilst at home."
Tony was amazed at how such a small child could know so much.
"Well..my parents..they sometimes forgot to feed me, must have slipped their minds or something, but it's ok..I learned to look after myself," Peter said.

         The day had gone by so fast; it seemed as if Ori didn’t even have time to do all the things he had wanted to before the darkness crept in again. He was used to much longer days. This day had been uneventful, except for whatever happened between Ramses and Ellie. They had disappeared for awhile in the morning, and when they came back, they were different somehow. Ori didn’t quite understand it, but he didn’t try to, he didn’t really need any of their problems to become his. The food was low, but Ori wasn’t worried. He had his own hidden supply. He told no one of it though, because then he feared he might have to share with them his secret if he brought out his foreign food products. And if they knew his secret, all they would do was judge him, he was sure of it, humans weren’t as accepting as his people, he knew it.
         “Hey Ori!” Tony called over to him. Ori turned and looked in his direction, and Tony motioned for him to come over.
         “Hey.” Ori said as politely as he could.
         “You hungry kid?” Tony asked as he tended to the fire.
         “Not really.” Ori said. And it wasn’t a lie, on his planet, it wasn’t even 'lunch' time yet.
         “Well Peter here said he knows of some plants you can eat, if you don’t like our other supply of food.” Tony said.
         “It’s not that I don’t like your food, I’m just not hungry. I told you.” Ori said.
         “Hey Peter,” Tony said kindly to the small boy, “you think you can go help Sam and Christina with the shelter?”
         “Of course, if that is what you wish.” Peter said as he smiled and ran off.
         “Strange kid.” Tony said to himself when Peter was out of earshot.
         “He seems nice to me.” Ori said.
         “He’s nice, but there’s something not quite right about him ya know?”
         “If you ask me, there’s something ‘not quite right’ about all of us here.” Ori answered.
         “Good point,” Tony said, “So what’s not quite right about you?”
         “I don’t mean to go on the defensive here,” Ori said, “But I really don’t want my life put under an interrogation.” He tried to say it nicely because he didn’t want any one to hate him- especially this guy everyone thought was so awesome.
         “Well I didn’t mean to pry into your life story or nothin’,” Tony said, “You’re just pretty skinny as it is, I wouldn’t want you to just waste away on us here.”
         “Thanks for the thought,” Ori said kindly, “But don’t worry, I’ll eat when I’m hungry.”
         “Fair enough. Well, why don’t you go get ready for bed.” Tony suggested.
         “Nah,” Ori answered in his cocky fourteen year old way, “I don’t sleep much either.” He said as he walked off. Tony just smiled and shook his head as he went.

         Ori pretended to settle in like the others, but he wasn’t even a wink tired. He decided that once everyone was asleep he would go off to explore the planet. He didn’t even think about how dangerous it might be or what kind of trouble he might get into if the others found out, but he didn’t care. He was fast and figured if he got in any trouble he would run, and no one would ever catch him.
         Ori crept away from the others and went out on his own. He stayed out all night, exploring the planet, and found it basically to his liking. Nothing seemed too dangerous or too out of the ordinary, at least not for him. The scenery was different though, and so beautiful, like nothing Ori had ever seen before, he couldn’t wait to see it in day light.
         As he made his way back to the camp at dawn, he was startled to find Nascoe, sitting on a ledge overlooking a valley, a little ways away from the rest of the group.
         “Go away!” Nascoe said in a bitter way, “You’re supposed to be asleep!”
         “I’m sorry,” Ori said quietly, “I didn’t mean to bother. I was just on my way back to the camp. I don’t need to sleep as much as-” but he stopped, he had almost said ‘humans’ which would have given him away in an instant.
         “Me neither.” Nascoe went on as if Ori hadn’t said anything strange.
         “Mind if I sit?” Ori asked, though he sat down before the answer came.
         “You’re going to do it anyways, so what you care what I say?”
         “Yeah, I guess you’ve figured out I’m not afraid of you like the others. What a pity,” Ori said, “that you can’t put on that tough act and make me go away.” He was mocking him.
         “Shut up!” Nascoe nearly yelled.
         “Sorry,” Ori said, “I just want to sit. This planet is so…” he paused searching for the right word, “amazing.” There was silence as Nascoe contemplated what to say next.
         “You’re different.” Nascoe said. “But I can’t figure out why. You’re deceiving me!” He accused.
         “Calm down, tough guy,” Ori said unafraid, “I won’t ask you anything personal, you don’t ask me anything personal, I don’t care who you are or where you’re from or what you want to do about anything. I don’t. As long as you don’t care about me.”
         Nascoe was quiet, as if thinking it over. “Fine.” Was the answer that finally came. And again silence.
         “Can I ask you something? About humans?” Ori asked when the time felt right.
         “I don’t like them, what more do you want?” Nascoe said with an edge on his voice.
         Ori was quiet for a minute, but continued calmly, “What kind of a people are they? I mean have you ever talked to them before, like really talked… to find out what they’re like?”
         Nascoe turned to look at Ori and Ori turned to face him, their eyes met for a second before Nascoe turned away. “So that’s your secret is it?” He asked. Ori just shrugged. “I don’t know.” He said, “I mean I only know a little about them as a people. Not so advanced as other races, but not as much of a run down race as you might think. There’s better peoples in the universe, but there’s worse. They got their good and their bad I guess you know?”
         “I guess,” Ori answered, though not so sure himself, “Do you follow politics?”
         “What is this? Twenty questions!?” Nascoe got agitated again.
         Ori shrugged, “I’m just saying… I never really understood human politics you know… I studied them for a few years when I was younger. They tear themselves apart. They have civil wars within their planet, speak different languages… I mean, why do they try and destroy others when they’ve already been destroying themselves?” He paused, “it seems like they think they’re so deserving of other planets when really… they can’t even unite for the common cause of something so common as takeover.”
         “You say too much.” Nascoe answered, “But I understand.” He said, “You got something personal against the human idea of conquest?”
         Ori got up to leave, Nascoe turned to look.
         “Maybe.” He said, “But I still try not to judge them as individuals.” He said as he turned his back and set off towards the others. The sun was just rising as the camp came into view.
Nasoe growled to himself. I might not like the humans, but I like conquest. I admire them for that trait. He thought.

He stood up and walked to the camp where the guy with the funny accent, Tony, was giving some kind of a speech.

Everyone took Tony as their leader, everyone but Nasoe. He didn't need any leader. He was his own leader. He didn't really care about what this guy was saying, but he tuned in anyway.

"Okay, because of our friend, Peter, we can eat some of these plants, we know we won’t starve to death. We have the gun I found in the cockpit in case we come across something we might want to use for meat. Also for protection.

"We've made it two nights without any danger, so I think this place is safe. We can remember that incase we need a safe place."

"Does this mean we're leaving?" Nasoe asked, he cared now."

Everyone turned to him. "Yes, Nasoe, we are." Tony said. If we stay together we'll be safe. We need to explore this place, there could be other people here somewhere. We have enough supplies to make a camp at night."

Nasoe didn't like the fact that they were leaving. He could take care of himself, however, Tony was right, safety was in numbers. He might not like these people, but he wasn't dumb.

The one thing he didn't like was the fact that Tony was going to carry the weapon. And he spoke his mind. "And are you going to carry the weapon? Why don't you give it to me?" He wanted to be in control.

Tony walked up to him, until they were nose to nose. There was no anger in his eyes, just concern. He held up the weapon. "Do you know how to use a gun."

Ouch! Nasoe knew that this was a problem. He had never even touched a Human weapon, never mind shooting one. He had no idea how to use it. He looked at the weapon, then back to Tony. "No, but I can figure it out."

Tony didn't say anything, instead, he turned around to where there was an open spot in the circle. Without saying a word he pointed to a small tree that was quite far away. He then raised the gun, as he called it. There was a loud bang that made everyone jump, even Nasoe. The weapons from where he was from were silent.

Tony started to walk to the tree, and the group fallowed. When the got to the tree, he pointed to a hole, tree sap dripping out of it.

Tony held up the gun. "I've been trained on how to use these things correctly. Now, does anyone else know how to use a gun?"

When no one said anything, he said to Nasoe, "That's why I'll be holding on to this thing. I know how to use it. It's not just point and shoot, you know."

Now, if you gave me a blade, I'd show you who's on top. Nasoe felt humiliated, all the more reason why to hate this Tony Human. He put him into a submissive place. A place he never wanted to be.
Sam thought the stand off between Tony and Nasoe was going to turn ugly. But Nasoe stood down, and Tony came out triumphant.

He agreed with the rest of the group though, they needed to explore the planet. There could be people who could help them.

Sam looked over the motley group of strangers. They all had their secrets, they all had their fears and strength, and they would all have to work together to survive.

He turned to Christina who said, ""I miss mom and dad."

"Me too, Chrissy, me too." He really did miss them he wanted to crawl into his mother's arms and weep, but he couldn't.

Sam walked over to Tony, who was stuffing some of the supplies into his back pack, including the gun, which now had one less round because he had to prove himself to Nasoe. "Are we almost ready."

Tony looked up at him. "I think so."

"What direction?"

"I don't know. I guess we'll have to pick one. You pick."

"Me," Sam said, surprised that Tony would say that.

"Yeah. What harm could it do?"

"I guess. Let's go North for now."

"North it is. Let's get going. Wanna help me round everyone up?"

"Sure." Sam felt accepted, he felt important, and for once, he felt at home.
***Sorry this took so long, thanks for being patient.***

Tony gathered his stuff and put all he could in his back pack.

His mind was on two things, the gun situation with Nasoe, and Jo.

The Gun was no problem. Nasoe seemed to want power. Tony figured that was because of his upbringing or something. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something different about Nasoe, not race wise, he already knew it wasn't human, but something else.

Jo on the other hand, who before hand wouldn't leave Tony's side, was now keeping her distance. Did it have to do with the gun? Maybe, but Tony didn't think so. Something was holding her back.

He had only known Jo for a few days, and most of it was tiring to help each other with other strangers. They were just strangers themselves, be he felt like thee was a connection between them. There was a reason she was keeping her distance, and he had a feeling that it had nothing to do with him. It was something from her past.

The past, everyone here had one, yet no one wanted to talk about it. Here they were stranded on a strange planet and no one wanted to open up, not even Tony.

After everyone got their stuff together, Tony put his back pack on. "Okay, we ready to move out?"

There were nods all around.

Tony started to walk North, and the others fallowed. Why were they fallowing him? Why was he the designated leader? He didn't know, but he did know that he was their leader now, and he would act like it.

They walked for a few hours, the landscape changed only a little, still grassy plains, but there were more trees.

Tony rubbed his gun his pocket. Then felt the other "known" gun that was in his other pocket. It didn't feel the same.

Something was going to happen. He didn't know what or where, but something was going to happen.

He looked back at Jo, who was behind Sam. She looked up at him. Tony smiled at her, but she put her head down.

Tony noticed one of the trees that Peter had pointed out and said. "Let's stop for lunch. Salad anyone?"

They all stopped and sat.
Jo had stayed as far from Tony as possible since her break down that first night. He had heard her scream for her father to stop. He would want to know what had happened. What her father had been doing to her. She just couldn't let me know. She just couldn't.

She picked some of the leaves from the trees and sat herself down on the opposite end of the group from Tony next to Ellie.

She sat there eating, thinking about that horrible nightmare. She'd had the nightmare every night since then, but would not let herself scream for fear someone would hear her, especially if that someone was Tony. She could always feel the punches pound against her body and could hear the sound of her father and his friends laughter. Just the thought was making her cry.

She quickly untucked her hair from behind her ear hoping it would hide her tears from the others. Soon, they were running so freely, she couldn't make them stop. She quickly got up, mumbled something about getting more leaves for later, and walked away separting herself from the group.

She walked till she was out of sight and then leaned up against a tree and cried. She cried so much she couldn't see or hear Tony approach.

"Jo," he said quietly. She looked up at him and then quickly turned away trying desperatly to hide her tears.

"Why are you crying?"

"I just miss home, I guess," she lied.

"No you don't."

"How do you know?"

"Cause I do. That first night you screamed at your dad to stop. I don't think you really miss whatever he was doing."

"Tony, I don't want to talk about. Just leave me alone."

"Jo. Please. You can trust me."

"How do I know that? How do I know you're not like them?"

"Who's them? I know it's not Sam and them cause they haven't done anything to you."

"Tony. I don't want to talk about it. Just go away."

"I can't do that."

"Why n-" Jo cut herself short. Everything started to spin and her head began to ache like crazy.

"Jo, are you okay?"

"Yes. Just leave me alone and I'll be o-"

Just then her legs gave out and everything started to get dark.

She heard Tony's voice in the distance. "Jo. Jo. Oh, God. Someone! Jo needs help! Someone, come quick! Oh, God. Look at her head. The bump's began to swell again. Oh, God."

Then everything went black.
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Everyone rushed over to where Tony and Jo were. A frantic attempt at some sort of bandage was made to stop the bleeding that had begun to stream down Jo's face. After the initial panic was over, the group sat around the campfire, keeping a wary eye on Jo.

"Is she going to be alright?" Christina asked bluntly, breaking the tense silence.

There was a pause, everyone waiting for Tony to answer.

"Of course she'll be all right," Sam said after a bit, nervously eyeing Tony, who sat silently with his head in his hands.

Ellie sat quietly by the fire. She absentmindedly drew tiny circles in the sand while her mind drifted away to other places.

"We need a plan," she suddenly said.

The nervous faces around the fire all of a sudden turned to look at the normally quiet girl.

"We can't just keep walking when we know nothing about where we are and when we have injured people that need medicine. We can't continue on like this," Ellie finished, frustration filling her face.

"But what else can we do?" Ramses asked quietly.

"I dont know," Ellie said sadly, "I just don't know..."

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Ramses sat thinking and trying to come up with a idea of how to get out of here, he stared at the group and than his eyes landed on Ellie. She was the first female he's starting to have feelings for, because he never been around females in his life. And why does everyone look up to Tony, Ramses thought.

"I don't like being a follower, I always had to be a follower when I was locked up. I don't trust anyone, I can't I been betrayed long enough. But what about Ellie....can I trust her?" Ramses thought to himself.

Tony stood up quickly,

"Well we want get anywhere sitting here, I will carry Jo. Yawl follow me and we will continue walking until we get progress." Tony said.

Ramses looked up at Tony with his cold silver/blue eyes, Ramses stood up quickly.

"Why should I follow you, why should I trust you? No one ever did me right, I was always betrayed! Everytime they said that would be the last expirment they come back and strap me down and do it all over again! SO TELL ME WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU!?!" Ramses yelled.

He was so upset he didn't know he was exposing himself and his secret, Ellie jumped up and stood in front of Ramses face to face.

"Ramses, calm down right now. You are telling your secret in front of everyone." Ellie said.

Ramses was fired up and slowly sat back down covering his face with his hands, Tony stood in shock and didn't know what Ramses was talking about but knew it must have been about his past. Everyone sat speechless.

"Look Ramses, you don't have to trust me. But we all feel the same way, we all have a skeloton in our closet. And we have hard times trusting eachother, but the truth is we are all we got. We need to start trusting eachother, besides who are we going to tell being stuck here." Tony said.

Ramses looked up with anger in his eyes, he stood up and slowly walked over towards Tony.

"What did you say, was you being smart?" Ramses said.

"No I..." Tony got cut off by Ramses.

"I will never trust humans...I mean..." Ramses became confused and dizzy, pain shot through his head.

Ramses stumbled backwards and Tony tried to grab him but he hit the ground before he could, everybody ran over towards Ramses except Sam. He had to watch over Jo.

"What in the world was that about?" Tony asked.

"Like you said Tony, everyone got skelotons in their closets." Ellie said, taking off her jacket and putting it underneathe Ramses head.

"Yeah, but he looks human, why did he say I want trust you humans?" Tony asked.

Ellie lowered her head,

"You know why?" Tony asked.

"I promised I wouldn't say, wait till he wakes up. Than take him in private and ask, if you can get him to trust you that is." Ellie said and sat next to Ramses, trying to think of a plan again.

Tony walked off towards Jo again and sat down next to Sam.

"Maybe we all have secrets that just can't be told." Sam said.

"Yeah and maybe we all are really against eachother, like maybe this is just some sick game someone has us in." Tony said.

"Where are we really?" Sam asked.

"I don't know Sam, I really just don't know. Is it weird that it was only teenagers on that ship and the only adults was the pilots?" Tony said.

"Tony, this is starting to get weird." Sam said.
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Peter walked towards everyone else. The youngest of the group and trying to help.
"Why isn't Jo waking up?" he asked Tony whom he seemed to look at as like a father figure, "and what's wrong with Ramses? I miss Jo. Maybe if I did them favours then they would be happy?"
"Favours...what kind of favours?" Tony asked the little boy sitting beside him.
"Just..you know..favours!" Peter said standing up with his hands on his hips, "you know what favours are surely."
         Ori sat away from the group. Listening, but not caring. The fight between Tony and Ramses, Peter asking weird questions again, Jo unconscious and everyone feeling the need to do something when Ori knew they could do nothing. Ori found himself not caring anymore. He too wondered why they were here, but found no conspiracy theories swimming in his head. He pitied them. All of them, and didn’t even know why. He felt exiled, separated. No one talked to him, no one tried to find out anything. It seemed to Ori as if everyone here was just so focused on their own problems they would never be able to work together on getting out of here.

         He watched everyone as they finally settled down. Night was falling again. He wondered why everyone thought Tony was so great, as he watched their “leader” snuggle down near Jo. Ori thought he could hear him sniffle. But Tony didn’t seem like the guy to break down. All Ori wanted to know was what everyone’s problem was. Maybe everyone was right about humans. Maybe all the things he had heard about their race were true. Maybe they were weak and power hungry. Maybe they were too compassionate and too caring. But these humans did not seem caring for one another. He was confused about what he should think and not think. These people were different, he was giving them a chance, but no one wanted to give him a chance.

         Ori wished everyone would be friends, or at least friendly. He wished that he could do something to make everything better. To make himself known, to make these peoples a group, to fix every wrong, and get people to trust each other.

         He flashed back to his last meeting with his planet’s elder. Ori was a light… Whatever the hell that means he thought, I’m just as hopeless as all the rest, why save me? What can I do? On his planet, the lights were highly regarded. They were all the younger people who had some supposed bright future and some special talent. The best artist, the best athlete, the best future president, the best speaker, or best fighter. They were all the bests of something, all the future of their people. Ori didn’t know what he was supposed to be the best of, or even who he was supposed to be. He was so lost.

         He only slept about once every two days or so when he got tired. He only ate once a day. He didn’t get as tired or as hungry as the humans. He was different, and he was sure everyone suspected him of some dire crime he had not really committed and that was the reason they had silently cast him away.

         If they don’t want me here, I might as well be gone, Ori thought, And I would bet anything none of them would even notice I had left. He had seriously considered the thought for a few days. He decided he would leave tonight. Eventually they all fell asleep. They all assumed he did too, but he never did. He would go off or lay back and stare at the sky, wondering where in the galaxy his planet was now and what was happening there. Had the war come? And how was it going? But as hard as he thought, he could gain no picture or insight.

         Ori grabbed up his backpack. He looked around on the ground making sure he wasn’t leaving anything. His eyes passed over Jo only for a second. Though he had not shared the contents of his pack with anyone as of yet, in this late night hour, he decided he might use one of his supplies to help. They’ll never know it was me Ori thought, and he liked that no one would ever know of his secret blessing. He knelt down so quietly near Jo and took out a container from his pack. He poured a small dose of a metallic looking liquid into the lid of the canister and softly eased it into Jo’s mouth. She would be okay now. This was a medicine that cured nearly all ills, eased all fears. He used it sparingly but felt that the group needed her awake so they could move on. He was sure it would cure her, and she would awaken without ever knowing how she had been cured.

         That was all he had to do. He left then so quietly, heading off in an unknown direction. Not knowing where he was going or what he was doing, or what he was going to do in the morning. But sure the group would not notice his disappearance till late the next day and even then he wasn’t sure they would care at all. And though he thought he didn't care, it saddened him that they probably wouldn't care, and hoped in the back of his head that they would come look for him.
Nasoe had his eyes closed. He wasn't tired. He was still making it look like he was asleep. While they were walking, he remained at the far end of the group. He wanted to be as far from Tony as he could get. He didn't think Tony was evil, or even a bad leader, but he just didn't want to trust. Not to mention he didn't like him.

A rustle sound made him open his eyes. He looked over to see someone bending over the sick girl. Ori, he was called. Ori was somewhat like him. He didn't want to be here. The only reason he had stayed so long was the fact that safety was in numbers. He wasn't stupid. But Ori, it looked like he didn't care. He was leaving. After he put something in Jo's mouth he walked off.

Nasoe stood and walked after him. Close enough to keep up, but far enough away to remain undetected. A thought came to mind; he needed to let the others know. He reached into his pockets and pulled out a small can, and in the can was some Trail Dust. A special substance that would help him find his way if he had ever gotten lost. He would now use it to lead the others to where they were.

Ori walked for a few hours. By this time, the two moons of the planet were high in the sky. A cool breeze was caressing his face. He was running out of Trail Dust.

Ori stopped and started to run, as did Nasoe, dropping the last of the dust. When he saw where Ori was going. A building! It looked like a round temple. But he didn't know what it was exactly. Nasoe watched as Ori ran into the open arch. There were no doors. Nasoe also ran inside.

It was dark, and it was small. There was enough light from the night sky to laminated the inside of the room. It was round, no other doorways other than the one they came in, with some kind of pedestal in the middle of the room. It could have been an alter, or something.

Ori stepped out in front of him. "Why are you following me?!"

"I wanted to see where you would go. We need to stick together."

"They don't want me."

"That may be, but still, it's foolish to run off on a strange planet."

"I don't need you to watch me like a baby."

Nasoe didn't respond. He looked around the room.

"What is this place?" Ori asked.

"I don't know." We will have better light in the morning.

"I don't need to sleep as much as you."

"I'm not human. I don't need to sleep either. In the morning we will see what this planet is really made of."

Nasoe sat down and began to think. Ori sat next to him. "What did you do to the sick girl?"

Ori looked at him. "I gave her something that will cure her."

Nasoe laughed on the inside. "When the others get here, they'll love this place." He thought.
*******SORRY! I had some personal reasons why I haven’t been to this site in a while. I wish to continue this story.*********

Sam woke up the next morning and looks around, his sister was asleep on his lap again, and Tony was on the ground, gun in hand. He was glad the guy knew how to use the weapon; otherwise he would feel a little more nervous with him sleeping with it.

Everyone was sleeping, and Jo was still unconscious, but this morning there was color in her face, this meant that she was most likely feeling better.

Sam stood up, which caused Christiana to stir; she rubbed her eyes and stood up as well. "I have to pee,” she said and she ran off into the woods.

"Stay close, Chrissy."

She stuck her thumb up in the air as a response. Sam watched her until she disappeared in the think forest. She was old enough to be responsible, but Sam would be ready to jump into action if anything happened to her.

He looked at the group of sleeping people. Four bodies on the ground.


Tony, Ramses, Ellie and Jo. Then there was himself and Christiana in the woods. Where were the two others, Ori and Nasoe? They were nowhere in sight.

"Ori! Nasoe," he called out, but there was no answer. Maybe they were relieving themselves as well.

About then Chrissy was walking back, zipping her fly as she walked out of the woods. When she got back to Sam she said, "What I wouldn't give for toilet paper. I hate leaves."

Sam had to educate her in woodroom etiquette...telling her that leaves were the next best thing made her scowl. "Hey, did you see Ori or Nasoe in there at all?"


"Weird, where are they?"

"Where's who?" Tony was waking up.

"Ori and Nasoe are missing, Tony."

"They're probably going to the bathroom."

"I guess." Sam wasn't sure; he had a weird feeling running down his spine. And he wasn't ready to give up. "Come one Chrissy, let's look for them."

"Ugg...Okay, but that Nasoe guy is mean."

Sam and Christian walked off to look for any sign of the missing survivors.
(Dang, it's been a long time, it's a good thing I remember the storyline. Good at being late, Zilarg!)

Tony leaned over Jo. He felt her head; it was much cooler than last night. She had color in her face again.

He felt relieved, the last thing he wanted was for Jo to die, and he had to admit, the thought crossed his mind. He stroked her hair and whispered in her ear, "Come back soon."

He got up and looked around, everyone was still sleeping accept for Sam and Christiana who out looking Ori and Nasoe.

He put some more twigs on the fire, and it lit up fast. He looked around for some breakfast, but alas there were only leaves.

Sam and Christina came over the hill and ran towards him. "Eh, how ya doin'," he asked when they got close enough.

Sam was breathing deep. "Ori and Nasone are gone, Tony. We can't find them anywhere. They left during the night."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because a little ways up the hill I found some Trail Dust."

"Trail Dust?!" Tony knew the stuff, it was a something everyone who traveled kept on them just incase of an emergency. He had some in his pack. It was used if you got lost or if you wanted someone to find or follow you. Trail Dust on the ground meant that someone wanted the group to follow the trail. "Where is it?"

Christina pointed back. "Over that hill."

"Okay, someone wants us to find that, maybe there’re in trouble. We should follow it. Help me wake everyone up. I'll see if Jo can come to yet."

Tony walked over to the girl. He picked up his pack and strapped it onto his back. He looked over at Jo, and she was beginning to stir.

He knelt down and smiled as she opened her eyes, his heart beating wildly. "Good morning, Smiles."
***Yay! I really like this story and I'm glad it's back. I'm not really that active in writing.com but I'll try and make sure I make my additions.*****

"Good morning," she mumbled instinctively, sleepiness still in her eyes. When her eyesight focused, she looked up into Tony's smiling face. She smiled, then remembering the circumstances they were in, it faded. She looked away and started to sit up. Automaticly her hand went to her head, as she almost doubled over in pain. She found herself, however, landing in Tony's arms.

"Careful. You need to be sure and take it easy from now on," he whispered.

As much as she knew she should, she could not bring herself to move out of the protection of his arms.

"What happened?"

"Well, when we were...talking in woods the other day, the bump on your head from the crash started swelling and caused you to go unconscious," Tony explained. He stroked her hair and after what seemed like forever of silence whispered, "I'm so glad you're back."

Jo couldn't handle it anymore. She buried her face in his chest and cried.

Tony held her in his arms, letting her cry, wishing he knew how to help her, wishing she would let him help her.

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