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Daily life is sometimes stranger than fiction...
Welcome to Crescent Hills!

A small town in the sunny Australian countryside, the idyllic Crescent Hills is home to a close-knit community of eccentric, (mostly) well-meaning folk. There is a bit of everything: foreigners, hippies, artists, businessmen, housewives, adventurers... and, of course, the born and raised in Crescent Hills.

All of them have their quirks. All of them respect (or at least seem to) each other.

There's an old saying which goes, "Every day there is something new in Crescent Hills." And trust me on this: truer words have never been said.

The current mayor of the town is Rupert McQueen; he has a loving wife, Anna, and six daughters:

Therese (21 - In Your Dirtiest Pants )
Cassandra (19 - Professor Q: Live from Detroit )
Roxanne (17 - Cammy is free! )
Olivia (16, twin - A Light in the Darkness )
Moira (16, twin - Jade )
Audrey (14 - **Jo tired & pretty stressed** )

This is the story of the six girls, their parents, the people they know (and the ones they don't) and a town that always changes... but it's still somehow the same.

--> OK, so the main characters are the McQueen sisters; they're very close to each other, the daughters of the mayor, and pretty much everyone knows who they are - and they know a lot of people. Keep in mind Crescent Hills isn't a large town - it has around 10,000 habitants - and everyone has varying degrees of eccentricity and quirk.)
--> Pick which sister you want to be, and from then you can do whatever you want with her - just watch the age, but other than that... anything is game. (This CF doesn't have much planned ahead - we'll let it flow *Smile*)
--> Bio-blocks the first time around. Any doubts, suggestions or concerns, let me know. Have fun! *Smile*
--> Also, I'm going back to the 4-day period for additions - but if you need more time, just let me know!
Name: Roxanne McQueen

Age: 17

Appearance: Roxanne stands at 5'9'' and is a girl of medium build. Used to be a skinny kid, but her figure has gotten more slender as time passed by. Shoulder lenght, wavy, strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and fair skin (she never really gets tanned, but more like sunburned). She has a small nose, rosy lips and a heart-shaped face. She's the epitome of cuteness.

Personality: At surface, Roxanne is calm and courteous, but deep down she's a bit of a rebel without a cause; she is often seeking excitement and change. She's carefree, joyful, bold and talkative, and loves to let her imagination work. She is also an pacifist and incredibly laid-back; she'll never demonstrate anger or impatience. She loves a good challenge and everything that's new and unexplored. She's also a bit of a romantic, and believes in true love (although she doesn't tell people that).

Habits (if any): Always wearing cloth scarves, even if it's hot. Going everywhere with her camcorder recording all that goes on in the town. Wearing her "lucky earrings" (silver leaf-shaped ones.) Stargazing. Hardly stopping quiet.

Relationship Status: She is dating Daniel "Danny" Mercury, age 19, son of James Mercury, one of Crescent Hills' most respected doctors and drummer of the town's most known rock band, Beagle (actually, that's this week's name - they haven't found the "right" one yet). They've been going out for six months and she's rather smitten with him and vice-versa.

Other: Roxanne, like her sisters, never went to school; she and her sisters were/are homeschooled by Anna and a few tutors. She plays the piano, but not many people know this (another little known tidbit about her). Roxanne loves movies (deep down she thinks life's just a big movie) and wants to go into the film business in the (near) future; she has already made a few shorts of her own that got her some recognition in the country.
Name: Cassandra Isabeau McQueen. Called either Beau or Cassie

Age: 19

Appearance: Beau is a striking girl and everyone knows it. She is 5'10 with a body to die for (curves where there needs to be curves and muscle where there needs to be muscle); a wonderfully cool, milky white skin tone, with hints of peach and pink; long, curly red hair- not orange-red...ruby red masses of wave that fall to the middle of her back. Wide, emerald eyes are framed by a fan of thick lashes and carefully maintained eyebrows, and a straight nose and cupid's bow mouth of full, pink lips follow. Beau has an oval face, with high cheekbones and amazing teeth (not necessarily given her by birth), and is amazingly beautiful. Her looks are not typical, movie-star, but they're unique and that only adds to her beauty.

Personality: Beau was not always the beautiful, "it" girl she is at nineteen. From a young age, she was very awkward- too tall, too gangly, her hair unamanageable, her teeth rather attrocious and her figure packing a few extra pounds. She still had beautiful foundations (ie. the bone structure and facial features), but it was hidden behind major MAJOR geekiness. So Beau would remain introverted and get her work done and really wouldn't socialize at all. This, as you can imagine, is not good for such a politically active family, so one of the tutors talked Anna into enrolling Beau in a drama class. Given the opportunity to change and be other people really worked for Beau and she took to it like, well...a fish in water. She's got a lot of natural acting ability. As she got further into it, she became more out-going and more dominant, as well as working on her outter appearance (braces, hair relaxing, skin treatments, lose weight, etc). Now Beau is the friendly, out-going, extremely flirtacious one of the bunch. She might be a touch dramatic and is always looking at life from the angle of "the scene is...". Her past self prevents her from being too forceful or mean or cruel, but she can be really spacey and really get into imagined rolls that she's placed herself into. Sometimes this freaks people out. But usually, she puts on her happy face and is all grins and chuckles.

Habits: Turning everything into a dramatic scene. Even brushing her teeth becomes a ritualistic habit of dramatic practice. She tends to change up the scenes- horror, comedic, musical (yes, she can sing), western- but she always turns lifes little things into movie scenes. Beau, since developing her bodacious bod, has also developed a taste for shopping and going to the beach. She also cannot go out of the house unless she looks ready to step in front of a camera. Heaven forbid there's an event to go to- she looks ready for the red carpet.

Relationship Status: She's been dating Lamont Michaels for almost four years now. They're really quite serious, even though Beau has a tendency to flirt a lot. Lamont is the only one who really calls Beau by her other nickname, Cassie. In the past, there has been scandal because Lamont is black and because his family is American. The Michaels family moved to Crescent Hills when Cassandra and Lamont where 14 and 16 respectively, and they started dating when Beau was 15 and Lamont was 17. Lamont's family moved to Australia from Virginia so that Lamont's mother, Aretha, could paint in peace and Lamont's father, Roy, is the new CEO of a local communications agency. Previously, he was a stock broker on Wall Street. Lamont and Cassie are perfect for one another because he is so laid-back and naturally happy and she's so friendly and fun and people are just counting down the days until Lamont proposes.

Other: Homeschooled by Anna and a few tutors, Beau only met other people really through drama class. She met Lamont through a friend from one of these classes, a Violet L'Arbon. Because of these drama classes, Beau is a proficient tap dancer, stage dancer, and is quite the mezzo-soprano. She's already become a name through a few plays and musicals she's done, and a lot of people think that she will make it with her acting.
Name: Therese McQueen.

Age: 21

Appearance: Therese is tall and slender with perfect sculpted legs, the only part of herself that she actually adores. She has long hair to the center of her back and it's strawberry blonde. Most of the time it's pulled back into a pony tail because she has no idea what to do with it. She's artistic, even in the way she dresses. Her clothes, not on her, would seem mixed matched, but when she slips into the outfit it seems to have a flow like no other. Her eyes are radiant green, which draws attention to her plain face. She blames her eyes for boys never falling in love with her.

Personality: She's a slacker. Out of highschool for a couple years and she does nothing. She works at the local coffee shop and spends most of her time curled up in her chair, writing in a ratty old notebook. She's quick to think others hate her and are looking down on her. Therese is always hoping someone will come and save her from the boredom that is her life.

Habits: She's a smoker, nail biter, and usually silent around people other than her family.

Relationship Status: Therese is in love with the mail-boy. When she's not working she sits in her chair, which faces the window in hopes that he'll hesitate a moment longer on the steps than usual. He's two years older than Therese but there's a youthfulness about him that she is inspired by. Everytime she looks his way he looks another.

Other: Therese doesn't like answers, but she likes questions. She likes trying to figure out, but always wants mysteries in life. She has no ambitions, no motivation and it drives her family crazy, especially her Father who has acheived so much in his life.
Name: Olivia Aurora McQueen

Age: 16

Appearance: Olivia is about 5’7, pale skin, though she has a little more color than most of her sisters. Her auburn hair falls to her shoulders in near perfect curls…if she ever bothered to comb it properly. Currently it is, how do you say, a quite presentable mess, which she is most fund of. Her figure is trimmed and toned just the way she likes it, although she is far stronger than she first appears. Her dullest features (in her own opinion) are her blue-green eyes, though they are actually bright and vibrant. She wears glasses, but, when needed, supplements them with contacts.

Personality: At times Olivia gets bored with the idea of being a twin and does everything possible to make herself different from Moira (it’s all love though). Other than that, she is well rounded and has a strong sense-of-self. She tries to keep in the best shape possible, mentally and physically. An optimist by her own right, she has a cheery outlook on life. She got a sly wit and a sort of charm that makes her the kind of person people want to be friends with.

Habits: Loves to sleep, but other than that she can hardly sit still. She runs at least a mile every day and stargazes from time to time with Roxie.

Relationship Status: Personally, she is not interested. No one’s really caught her fancy. (Not yet anyway)

Other: Most people know her as the “less artistic daughter”, Olivia simply considers herself artistically challenged. She makes up what she lacks in the arts with her natural athletic ability. She dabbles at any sport she puts her mind to, but is a runner by nature.
Name: Audrey McQueen

Age: 14

Appearance: Audrey is tall and skinny standing at almost 5'7". Her large eyes are a lovely hazel with a vibrant green around the center. Her round face is outlined by naturally wavy red curls, darker than most of her sisters' but not as dark as Beau's, which she almost always straightnes and extends to the middle of her back. According to her sisters, she is the lucky one since her skin is not as fair as theirs and she tans easily and hardly ever burns.

Personality: Audrey is the tomboy of the group. Although she likes to dress up occasionaly and wears make-up sometimes, you can almost always find her playing ball or just hanging out with the guys. She is very talkitive, outgoing, and fun-loving. She often is a trouble-maker, but not always. She is also very competitive and loves a challenge. Also, Audrey is sometimes mistakened for one of the twins which she absoluely hates. She tries everything in her power to make herself as different as possible from all of her sisters.

Habits: She is a nail-biter and always makes everything a competition.

Relationship Status: Single and loving it. Her sisters constantly tease her about all her guy friends, but that's all they are. For the time being.

Other: Audrey has been begging her mom for years to let her at least attend the local private school and it finally looks like she might give in, but it's not clear yet. Audrey is a true athlete like her sister Olivia although Audrey cannot stand running track. Mostly she plays soccer (football) but is also pretty good at basketball. Audrey also likes to write and draw and sometimes when she's all alone she'll sing. She loves to sing, but hates people listening to her although she's quite good.
Name: Moira Gwen McQueen

Age: 16

Appearance: Like her sister, Moira is 5'7 with pale skin and blue-green eyes. However, she dyed her hair black, straightens it and got a fringe cut into it for a little individuality because she got tired of Olivia and her being referred to as "the twins." Moira's style is, most of the time, casual; your usual jeans and a tight t-shirt. She wears all colors except baby pink, as she despises being classed as girlie. The contrast of Moira's dark hair and pale skin makes her eyes stand out and has a mesmerizing effect on strangers. Her trade mark is her blackcurrent-purple lipstick, which she is very rarely seen without.

Personality: Moira is slightly smarter than your average student; she's not a straight-A student, but she never gets any lower than a B. In her spare time, she is usually chilling out in her room reading the latest horror novel or writing poetry, which she gets published in books in return for some cash. Other times, she likes to hang out in her sister's rooms and talk to them when she is welcome to. If something is up with her sisters, Moira always notices and confronts them about it. She would do anything for her sisters to help them out, and supports them in their lives; she goes to watch Beau's musicals, tries to show Therese that she has the talent to do whatever she puts her mind to, takes an interest in Roxanne's movie making, goes to watch Olivia run and goes to watch Audrey's soccer and basketball matches. However, she mostly keeps herself to herself and keeps herself out of the lime light whenever her Dad and Mum are praising all the other sisters for their achievements in life. She acts like the eldest sister.

Habits: She has recently started having regular smoking sessions with Therese, which no-one else knows about.

Status: She is in a happy relationship with a guy called Ryan Samuels. Ryan wears a black leather jacket and owns a moterbike. Ryan and Moira are in love with each other and he is crazy about her.

Other: Moira and her Mum hardly ever get on; she thinks her Mum goes hard on her sisters and is contineously trying to convince her to let Audrey go to private school.

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