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This a a campfire about relationships in HP turned upside down. Plus, Voldie's back.
Hey everyone! This should be a fun campfire! This is how it works- we all know that in the sixth book, most of the characters are hooking up. But are these the right decisions? Besides carrying through on the plot, this Campfire will be about making up new realtionships-even Bill and Fleur won't be spared! So come on in and read more and PLEASE ask for an invite! First come first serve on the character selection!

Rules/How it Works: This is set up like an RPG, execpt that power playing is allowed and ENCOURAGED. What this means, is that you are allowed to dictate what other characters (besides your own) are doing, yet when your turn comes-you'll be concentrating on your characters own story. If this doesn't make sense, feel free to email me with any questions you have.

Cursing is allowed. Let's face it-17 year olds like to swear! However, don't go overboard. I know you have some common sense-use cursing as a writing tactic, not just to hear yourself say the word f...moving on!


You have 5 days to add, or you're skipped.

You don't need to have a bio of your character, but stick to how you're character is in the book. For example, don't play Hermione as a Quidditch star!

One character per person.

This is NOT required-but I suggest that you read the sixth book before joining-or else you'll have no idea what's going on-and you'll definately hit some spoilers.

For the kids, no original relationships. For example, Ron can't be coupled with either Hermione or Lavender-as that's already in the books. Be new and creative!

When you ask for an invite, tell me the character's name you want-and also who you'd like that character to be partnered with. ie- I want to be Ronald Weasley, coupled with Fleur Delacour. (You'll only be playing Ron of course!) This means, obviously, that first come, gets to choose who is coupled with who. So----if you want Draco to be coupled with Hermione---I suggest you get to one of those characters before someone else chooses their coupling. Again, if this doesn't make sense, email me, I'll be happy to help you!

Storyline/Setting: Bill and Fleur's wedding summer at the Burrow. But of course, Bill and Fleur won't be getting married-they don't know that yet. A lot of people are at the wedding-Minerva and Hagrid included. Draco and Pansy-hearing about the wedding party-decide to go and crash the party (with Death Eater masks, of course!). So Narcissa Malfoy is forced to go to the Burrow to retrieve them. Snape also joins the party-in secret-to keep an eye on Draco (he has to doesn't he? He's taken the Unbreakable Vow to protect Draco.) But Snape's not the only one spying on the festivites-Voldermort's watching Harry and Draco-plotting his revenge.

Here are the characters and the authors playing those characters-


Ginny Weasley-GoldenHopeisWorkinHard!


Harry- SilverValkyre loves YOU!
Fred- Hufflepuffle
George- irishmaki
Neville-Prissy Lou
Draco-Shrunk Maker
**NEW** Lupin-Ravenwand, Rising Star!
**NEW** Tonks-glowgirl
Characters Played by All- CAN be orig. relationships from book. Up to you.

Mr. Weasley
Mrs. Weasley
Professor McGonogall
Voldermort & his cronies
*New* Angelina
*New* Bill

Relationships that are Already Decided

Ginny and Draco
George and Hermione
Fred and Fleur
Luna and Ron
Lavender and Harry
Snape and Pansy
Tonks and Bill

Have fun, and remember to read the rules! Also, please don't add until we have all the characters--that way we'll all start in the same place! If this changes, I'll notify everyone.

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Ginny groaned when she saw her own reflection in the looking glass.
The golden bridemaid's dress Fleur had picked out was a big, ruffled, shiny atrocity.

"I look like a polished kettle," Ginny sighed, turning in front of the mirror. No angle could soften the garment's ugliness.

"Oh!!! Eeetz ravisheeing!" A very excited Fleur had just charged into Ginny's bedroom-followed by a resolute Mrs. Weasley. Fleur clapped her hands with delight and turned Ginny towards her. Mrs. Weasley was a little less enthusiastic. However, she had a brave smile plastered on her face.

"You look lovely, dear," she said, with a slight catch in her voice.

"You look like one of Fred and George's fireworks!" A laughing, broad-shouldered Ron had just stepped through the door.

"Shut up, weasel!" Ginny snapped, pushing the hem of the ugly dress below her ankle.

"Don't pay attention to 'eem," Fleur said, patting Ginny on the back, "Boyzee don't know anytheeng."

"I do know that Hermione and Harry are late," Ron huffed, sitting on Ginny's bed. There was frustration in his voice.

"I'm sure they're on their way," Ginny responded. "Which means, I've got to get the hell out of this dress!"

Before Mrs. Weasley could comment on Ginny's bad language, Ron had chuckled, "Yeah, if Harry sees you in that-he's sure not to fancy you anymore!"

Ginny rushed over to hit him.
"Children! Stop!" Mrs. Weasley yelled over the noise of their argument.

"That's right! Play nicely" Fred and George had just apparated right into Ginny's room.

"It's a circus," Ginny thought. But underneath, she was happy. She loved when the twins visited the Burrow.

"And look who we've brought with us..." said George. He stepped out of the doorway only to reveal Harry and Hermione.

Ron went scarlet and Ginny tried to hide the horrendous dress by ducking behind Fred. Unfortunately, Harry smiled in her direction.

"Wicked hot dress, Ginny," he laughed affectionately.

Fleur grinned, stupidly. "Eeezn't it?" she asked.
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As the awkward greetings began to finish Mrs. Weasley glanced back and forth as Harry and Ginny looked fondly at each other, and taking the hint she ushered the others out.

Fred looked back just as the force of his mother’s hands shoved him out of the door way, “don’t be too friendly!” Fred grinned sheepishly and turned to George who was standing a little too innocently at the stairs.

“Yeah, I don’t think we could handle two weddings!” George laughed as Ginny quickly closed the door in their faces.

Mrs. Weasley turned to face the two abruptly, with a light but still stressed expression; Ron and Hermione led Fleur downstairs, trying to give her just a quick break from the anxious bride. “You two will be in Percy’s room. He and Charlie won’t be able to visit and Fleur will not wait.” Her tone dwindled as the twins stealthily made their escape before their mom started her lecture-like rambling.

With a gentle pop they instantly apparated to their new room, being that Fleur had claimed their own for herself; there, they unpacked with a wave of their wands. George closed the door, a smirk spread wide across his face. Fred spun his wand and a trunk appeared at his feet. Bulging from every angle it flew open immediately.

Colorful gadgets and candies flew out onto the floor, along with other lethal looking items; they smiled evilly at their cleverness. “We wouldn’t want any guests to have reason for boredom, right?”

Fred dug through the goods, “it is only common courtesy that we honor the others with all of our lovely new prototypes. We’ll do the combustible stuff first! One prototype, sample in each room right? We should start early.”

George picked up a stack of flaming red-wrapped gag boxes which he planned to test specifically in Ron’s room.

Either the experiments would run smoothly indoors or Ron would end up bunking some where else. They expected they would be in for scornful looks from Mrs. Weasley, as well as Hermione’s constant disapproval at their every action that seemed potentially dangerous.

“Ready, Fred?”

“Ready, George.”

And so they began their work, by first dispersing items around the room; they didn’t want too great a dent in their supply if their mother happened to raid their space. Then shoving their pockets with their first round of experiments, they left the room with a snap.
Harry had fussed with everything the entire morning, from the packing of his trunk to the magical attack he had made on his hair, which, after all was said and done, did nothing at all.

Staying at the Leaky Cauldron for the preceding week had been brilliant, he had to admit. The twins had kept a close eye on him almost from the moment he stepped off the triple-decker purple atrocity of a bus onto the street in front of the wizards' inn.

One of the best things was the trip to Madam Malkin's Robe Shop to buy the new dress robes for the wedding. It was a bother when he had to be fitted for them and then go back twice, but several times other members of the wizarding community had been there and he hadn't been half as lonely as he thought he would.

Three days ago, he'd seen Hermione right after she arrived with her parents. Her parents seemed relieved that Harry was there and had gotten her a room and left after the first night. Harry and she had prowled Diagon Alley; finding little gifts for the Weasleys and Fleur, trying out treats at the candy and treat shop, laughing at Fred and George—well, at least Harry laughed, Hermione was a stick in the mud part of the time about them and their latest inventions.

Every time Harry was alone, he worried that he was not doing what Professor Dumbledore would have wished—looking for a way to find the final horcruxes and defeat Voldemort. He did not sleep well. And then there was the fact that he missed Ginny. He could not admit that to her, he had to keep it from showing. At the end of the year, he promised to come to the wedding, but he'd also also felt he's promised all of them that he would stay away from them and get to the job at hand. It was just that he didn't know where to look.

Late this morning, the twins had burst into his room, laughing and joking, "Hey, Harry, get a move on," Fred chuckled, with a flourish of his wand that moved a suspiciously serene looking trunk into the room. What would the Weasley twins pack to go home? They had taken off a week from the shop for the wedding.

"Yes, we must have our guest of honor there soon," George said.

"Or our dear sister will roast our—" Fred continued.

"I'm almost ready." Harry interrupted quickly, "and I'm not the guest of honor. Leave that part out." He couldn't help but laugh at the twins, dressed in dashing traveling clothes including magically-enhanced dragon hide boots and gloves and deep blue-gray traveling cloaks.

"Anything you say," Fred said, moving Harry's trunk to be with theirs, "your highness," finished George.

Oh, great, thought Harry. "Where's Hermione?"

"I'm here," said Hermione brightly. She moved into the room with her own trunk and Crookshanks in his traveling case. Harry had to admit that the lavender dress she wore made her look very attractive. Very. What was this thing about noticing every girl that walked? Fred or was it George? said it was a symptom of age and being a male, a healthy male.

Fred held out his arm to Hermione. "Right this way, Beautiful," he said.

"Ah, yes, step into our fireplace," said George, holding out the floo powder. "We've got Harry's room connected to the Burrow for just this occasion."

"Ah, thanks, but I think I'll stick with Harry," Hermione said, blushing at Fred's 'beautiful' comment. She moved over and touched Harry's arm. "Good morning, Harry."

"Good morning, Hermione," he reached out his hand for her and moved close enough to whisper in her ear, "you do, you know, look beautiful." Then he cleared his voice and led her to the fireplace.

At the Burrow, they dusted themselves off and Mrs. Weasley assigned Charlie to take their things to their rooms. All the rooms had been magically enlarged for the time being, since the family and lots of friends would be there.

As he greeted Ron and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry was nervous about seeing Ginny again and just couldn't wait as well. He patted his pocket to make sure the little gift he had bought for her was still there. Then his mind began to reel. If he gave her the gift, what would she think? Would she think it was a gesture of getting back together? Perhaps he shouldn't give it to her at all. He frowned just as Fred punched him in the arm.

"Look sharp, Romeo, you're missing out on the conversation," he hissed quietly.

"I was just saying hi, Harry," said Bill, smiling through his ravaged face. "Thanks for coming to the wedding."

Harry moved forward and shook hands with Bill, then was startled by Fleur darting across the room. "It iz zo good to zee you, 'Arry," the beautiful Frenchwoman said, descending on him to take his face in both her soft hands and kiss his cheek. She smelled of lavender and flowers and the great indoors.

"Hi, Bill. Hello, Fleur," he figured Fleur would never ever ever forget about his saving her little sister at the tri-Wizard tournament. What had Gabrielle grown up to look like? he thought whimsically. Harry! Get with the program, he thought to himself.

Then they sailed upstairs like a huge galleon under sail, crowding along, following Fleur to the dressing room where Ginny was. She was dressed in a concoction that looked like she was a special pudding cake—all frills and flowers or something—a shiny cake. Her face only half hid her disgust at the dress. He grinned at her, she seemed to be trying to get away and hide.

Then suddenly they were alone. The others just left them and he felt relieved and traumatized at the same time. "Hey, Ginny," he said, "you look—"

"Like a polished kettle," she finished, frowning.

"Incredible," stated Harry, simply. "The dress is fairly bizarre and definitely Fleur's creation, but—" he stopped talking as she moved closer and swallowed hard. Oh, but she was beautiful. "I missed you. I don't care how you are dressed."
Ginny blushed. "Thanks, Harry. That's so sweet."

Ginny shuffled her feet nervously. She felt strangely tongue-tied all of a sudden. Harry seemed to be at a loss for words as well.

"So, um..." Harry began. "Who's all supposed to be coming?"
"Everyone," Ginny frowned. "Everyone's going to see me in this horrible dress. I don't want to hurt Fleur's feelings though." She sighed, exasperated. "I've got to get changed before anyone else gets here."

"Oh, of course. I'll go downstairs and see if I can make myself useful," Harry backed slowly out of the room. So many things he wanted to say, but he couldn't seem to say any of them. He felt like a fool.
Harry went downstairs to make himself "useful" while Ginny was upstairs having a conflict within herself. "Oh, should I get changed ? But then, I would hurt Fluer's feelings." she thought. "After all, it's her wedding day... no, I can't let myself humiliated like this. It isn't going to be worth it." she decided.

While that was happening, something else, something else which was much bigger was happening downstairs. As the front door opened, everybody who turned gasped. It was none other than the Death Eaters. "We are here for Harry" they growled as they pulled out their wands in unison and started casting binding spells. "We know that Harry's here, we only came for him, so hand him over or you will all die a painful death." one of the death eater said. When Harry saw that, he decided that he should hand himself over for everybody else's safety. As he tried to step out into open, out came Mr. Weasley from no where as he casted a spell that made a blinding flash. "Oh no you don't" the death eater in the middle said as he casted a counter spell, consuming the light. "Harry must be hiding upstairs" they said as they cast a spell. When everybody else opened the eyes, they were gone but they could hear a racket upstairs. "Quick, get your wands and let's go upstairs" said Mr. Weasley, to the other adults.

Upstairs, Ginny faced the most humiliating event she ever had in her life. It was none other than group of death eaters staring at her, who was top naked. "Oh, shi*" she said as one of the death eaters cast a spell. Ginny went flying and crashed into an antic lamplight. "Where is Harry?" said a voice from one of the death eaters. "W..w..what ? I'm not going to tell you where he is." Ginny resisted. "Then, you will pay the ultimate price," said one of the death eaters as he pulled out his wand and said "Abracad...". It was something Ginny would've never guessed. Just when she thought she was going to die, she heard a voice say "Expelliarmus". Not just any old voice. It was a familiar voice... Only she hated the voice. She was sure it was Malfoy. It must've been him ! "Why you little brat ?" said the death eater who just lost his wand. "We will come back some other time" said Malfoy's voice. "The Lord will hear about this" the death eater said as he cast another spell, after getting his wand, and they were gone.

"I..I...I'm sure that was Malfoy. I must know !" said Ginny
Minutes Earlier…

“I can’t wait for the ministry to see these,” Fred shook a small voodoo-like doll in his hand, smiling.

“Just hurry and set it down,” George took the doll from Fred’s hand and set it down upon the ground they had cleared in the field near their home. He stepped back and nodded his head, admiring their work.

Before both twins, a number of corn husk dolls faced one another in a circle, with a small scroll placed atop each dolls forehead. “Did you get the names correct?” Fred stepped back to the shade of a nearby tree.


Fred held his wand firmly in his hand. “Alright then, ya ready?”

“Yep” George nodded, joining his brother in the shade.

“Alright…” Fred took in a breath, composed his focus, then with a circular flick of his wand, he uttered the charm. “Animacious.”

Instantly, the miniature scrolls sunk into their wrapped and tied up husk bodies.

“Yes!” they both gave each other the high five, and turned back to their charmed creations as the dolls began to bubble like a pot full of boiling oil. Soon both twins stared at the life size versions of the people they had named on each scroll.

George stepped forward, “we have definitely outdone ourselves this time.”

Fred nodded, still at loss for words. After working weeks on designing the charm on the scroll paper and researching the right medium to use for the dolls, he was ecstatic that their work turned out successful.

George stepped into the sunlight, out of the trees shade and Fred shortly caught up with him. “So, when should we contact the ministry?”

He smiled, “we’ll send an owl.”

George nodded.

They came to where their husk dolls had once been, and where the new illusions stood before them. They were amazed at how detailed and realistic they were. George approached the first illusive Death Eater standing before him. “Man, looks just like the scum bag,” he gestured towards the dark figure of Crabbe in his black robes.
The Death Eaters began to walk amongst each other, talking, but in strange mutters. George furrowed his eyebrows, watching the lot, “Uh, Fred? I don’t think you used the right charm…”

Fred frowned, “That’s not right, they shouldn’t be able to act on their own, without our command…”

The Death Eaters began to look around them, muttering faster. George gave his brother a look, ‘Then why are they-?”

Fred’s expression dropped as he seemed to realize something.


Fred turned and stared at the Death Eaters now all staring at them, “Oh bloody hell-“

“Expeliamus!” Fred and George were thrown into the air, their wands disappearing form their hands and into the tall grass.

“Stop them! Stop them!” George hollered at Fred, smacking his brother as he tried to climb to his knees.

Fred crawled through the grass, finding one of their wands. He seized it, and jumped to his feet. “Trusse-“

But the illusion Death Eaters had already disappeared, heading down towards the burrow.

“What’s going on!?” George joined Fred, with the other wand in his hand.

They stared towards their creations heading to their house, Fred and George gave each other troubled looks, “I think, that the charm actually created not just and exact illusion…but made a “second-self-type” form of them.”

“So, we basically just brought them here!?”

Fred winced, “Not quite…”

They both apparated to their house, appearing in their living room with a popping noise.

“They’re upstairs!” their father hollered, “Hurry!” Leading the rest of the people with their wands at the ready up their crooked staircase.

They heard Ginny scream, and Fred and George apparated for the hall to her room.

When they appeared in the hall way, it had seemed that the Death Eaters had been pushed back out of Ginny’s room. Fred knocked a portrait off the wall as he flung his arm around to cast the dispel charm for the dolls, “trussesess!”

Instantly, the Death Eaters vanished, leaving no trace of them even being there. They dashed into Ginny’s room finding her holding her dress top over her chest, “Are you all rig-“ they both turned around immediately, “-right?”

Ginny threw her dress top over her red haired head, and pulled it down. “Y-yeah,”

They both sighed, “Good.”


“What do you mean!” Mrs. Weasly’s voice reached a new pitch never obtained by any mother before.

Everyone had gathered into the kitchen. Fleur was tapping her foot angrily while Hermione glared disapprovingly. Ron hid in the background behind his older brother, Bill, and Mr. Weasly who were standing, leaning against the stairs with Ginny watching over the scene from the heights of its steps. Fred and George stood isolated in the center of the crowded, wedding-preparations’-filled dinning room, wincing at their mothers piercing words, “We were-“

She shook her wand threateningly at them, “I told you, while you are at this house, NO experiments!!!”

“But these were for the ministry, mum!” George interjected, frowning.

Fred stepped forward, defending his brothers statement, “We didn’t expect that they would go nuts,”

Mrs. Weaslys eyes narrowed…
. . .

Luckily several ministry officials had arrived early to see what they could do to help, wedding-wise. "Thanks," Tonks mumbled, passing Fred and George, "I so wanted to work today." Fred and George blushed, deeply embarassed. Fred turned, catching Hermione glancing in their direction. Fred nudged George.

"What," George asked, irritably, trying not to look at their mother.

"What do you reckon," Fred asked, glancing back at Hermione, who immediately began looking elsewhere. "Hermione's acting a bit weird."

"Dunno," George answered, not looking at Hermione. "Let's go try to fix this, Fred."

"Too right you are, George."


Hermione rushed off to find Mrs. Weasley, talking to herself "What was I doing," she asked herself, "staring at George like that? I must be going out of my mind." She found Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen going over the last touches of the cake. "Here, Mrs. Weasley, let me help," Hermione said quietly. Mrs. Weasley surrendered the enchanted flowers which alternately opened and bloomed like muggle Christmas lights.

"I can do this," Hermione told herself, "I can get through this."
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Hermione grabbed the vase of blooming flowers and headed for the backyard, side stepping guests that were overflowing every nook and crany of the burrow. As she made her way out the back door, she bumped into someone and dropped the flowers, vase and all, onto the dirt outside. The vase shattered into a dozen pieces and the flower were scattered all over the ground.

"Oh no," she goaned, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Hermione. I thought I saw a Gorpick in the garden over there and I wasn't watching where I was going," said a bemused Luna Lovegood. "Gorpicks love to mess up nice weddings, so I thought I'd keep an eye on him."

With a quick flick of her wand, Hermoine had repaired the vase and the flowers began their continuous blooming cycle again.

"What's a Gorpick?" questioned Hermione. What she really wanted to ask though was why Luna was wearing orange robes and bottle cap earrings, but she thought better of it.

Luna just smiled at Hermione and said, "You'll see. I bet he won't stay hidden for long. They love celebrations or at least that's what it says in my dad's new edition of the Quibbler."

Hermione sighed and shook her head in disbelief. She had thought Luna might have given up her silly notions considering the important events that happened at the end of the last school year, but, on the other hand, it was comforting to know that some things wouldn't change. Without giving a response, Hermione smiled at Luna and made her way to the reception table to place the flowers.

Luna watched Hermione go and a twinge of jealousy stabbed at her heart. Hermione looked beautiful and she knew Ron would be all over her. She glanced over the crowd of people to see if she could spot Ginny. Ginny had always been kind to her and she wanted to make sure she was doing okay since Harry and her broke up. Besides, it would be someone to share her heartbreak about Ron with.

Giving up on finding Ginny in the mess of people, Luna made her way to a empty corner of the garden to be alone from the rest of the chaos. Just as she rounded the corner, she spotted a tall redhead slumped against the fence.

"Oh hi Ron. You hiding too? It is so uncomfortable with all these people staring at me. I know orange is a little unusual, but it was my mom's favorite color." She kicked a rock half-heartly into the grass and whistled to herself.

"Don't worry about it Luna. You look really good. I like orange myself, it's the color of my favorite quidditch team," Ron finished lamely.

Luna could feel her face turning red, but she was sure it couldn't have been as red as Ron's face was at the moment. The akwardness was stifling, but relief came in the form of Fred and George, arguing as they walked through the garden.

The twins stopped abruptly at the sight of Luna and Ron's red faces.

"Seem's everyone is hiding something today, doesn't it George?" said Fred, a wicked grin appearing on his face. "First, my better half is caught checking out a foxy bookworm and now our little Ronnikins has stole away in the garden with a blond vixen. I do say this should turn out to be an interesting day."

Ron and George both began bellowing insults at Fred, but Fred just laughed and winked at Luna.
Ron couldn't take anymore teasing from his brothers and stormed out the garden to find a different hiding place maybe back in the house.

As he slammed the door behind him, he heard Fred shout from the garden, "I was only riding you, mate!"
Ginny wandered around the backyard, lost in thought and embarrased to be seen by anyone in her family. Although a few aunts and uncles got to her, and pinched her cheeks and remarked on her growth, she managed to dodge most of the crowd.

"Ginny, are you all right?" It was Hermione, holding some sort of vase. "We heard screaming upstairs...oh your stupid brothers!"

"No, no. I'm fine Hermione," Ginny said, giving Hermione a reassuring look. "I mean, it's not the first time one of their stunts has backfired on me."

Hermione looked a little preoccupied. "What? Oh! Oh..yeah, I mean. Well, I'll see you later, Ginny." And she rushed off with the vase.

As Hermione hurried away, Ginny saw her brother, Ron walking and talking with Harry, looking a little bedraggled. Although she would rather asked him what had happened to him, she preferred not to talk to Harry. So she sidestepped and raced off to stand behind two witches who were having a very loud conversation about Fleur's flower choice.

But Ginny heard her name called before she could get very much further.

"Ginny, wait!" It was Harry.


Meanwhile, back in the darkest part of the woods leading up to the Weasley home, two fair, sallow teenagers lurked beneath the trees. They were holding wands at their sides, and whispering amongst each other.

"I'm sure mum didn't see us leave," said the young man. His voice was deep and tired-ragged from lack of water.

"But what if HE saw us?" the girl squeaked. She was obviously more afraid. "I mean, HE can see anything right? And he's looking for you!"

The boy shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm going to be dead by the end of this year," he said morosely. "I might as well have a little fun before I'm tortured."

The girl started sobbing quietly into her hands, and the boy looked at her with disgust.

"Look, all I want to do is have one more run of fun at Weasley's expense. Before anything happens to me."

"What if Snape hears about this?" The girl asked through sniffles.

"Well, I guess he'll bring me back to the Dark Lord."

"But then you'll *gulp*..." the girl trailed off.

"Exactly. So we'd better hurry."

The boy grabbed the girl's arm and tried dragging her along the pathway that lead to the Weasley home. She dragged her feet, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Malfoy had resigned himself to his fate. He had failed in the attempt to kill Dumbledore, and he knew he would die for it. At least, he and Pansy were going to get some revenge.

"Look, Ginny, we need to talk about what's going to happen this year..."

"I thought we broke up so that we didn't have to talk about it," Ginny said softly. "I'll help you all I can with the horcruxes, Harry. But for now-let's just enjoy the wedding."
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George stood in the shadows of the yard, glaring past the sun that hindered everyone’s sight. Sighing to himself he was bored out of his mind; Fred wouldn’t be seen for a while being that he decided it necessary to go back and restock on a few items that undoubtedly failed.

He reached into his pocket and glanced around briefly for a victim. Ron was skulking about and headed inside, it was perfect. He headed off behind him, trying to decide what spell to use he was shocked when he collided with Ron’s other follower.

“Luna? What are you doing?” he looked at her curiously and couldn’t help grinning ear to ear. “It seems he is already being pursued…” he mumbled and turned away suspiciously before Luna could respond. He whipped around faster than expected and almost fell over. With all the momentum built up he sped around a corner leading to the storage room.

A pair of legs stuck out from behind a yellow box of shoes, they looked limp and walking closer George saw Hermione asleep on the floor. He leapt back and closed the door, it was perfect. “Hm…” he whispered to her knowing she wouldn’t wake to respond, “What can I do to mess with you?”

He hopped over to box between them and sat at her side, with his head rested on his fist he couldn’t think of a prank good enough. He twirled his wand between his fingers, and watched as her locks of curls fell into her face. He snagged one, “maybe I could… add some color to her hair… purple possibly….” The curl wrapped around his finger, she was pale and looked exhausted. “Definitely orange, then she’ll look like one on us…” chuckling quietly the wand slipped and fell to the floor; he flinched as it clanged to the wood hoping it wouldn’t wake his new victim.

He turned away and reached for his wand when a weight slid onto his shoulder. He froze and found Hermione had moved in her sleep. She was out cold and he could feel her light breaths on his neck, all the hairs on the back of his head stood on end. His heart began to race, a knot formed in his stomach and their weight pushed to box behind them until they were both flat on the floor.

He was sweating nervously as she slept on him; he wondered how his plan had gone so wrong while he desperately stretched his arm for his wand. He had to be silent; if she woke now she would undoubtedly get the wrong idea.

“Mnn…” Hermione moaned and she began to stir, George twitched and she pulled herself until her face was inches by his, heart pounding out of his chest he stopped breathing and she opened her eyes barely fast enough to see his face before with a pop he apparated away.

She lunged back, “What the-?” Had she imagined it or not she had no idea, she propped herself to her knees. Scoping out the room she had originally entered to escape briefly from decorating with Fleur, she wondered how she had managed to fall asleep. The floor was cold and hard at first but later on she had felt warmth spread through her. She scratched her head, hoping that the George she thought she had seen was a mere allusion.

She sighed and rose to her feet; then she saw it. Her heart leapt. Sitting less than a few feet from her was a wand, George’s wand. Pocketing it quickly, she left as fast as she could.

Mind racing, she desperately forced herself to believe that he was irrelevant ignoring her heart pounds. ‘Thoughts like that always occur after awkward moments…’ she mentally referred back to every psychology book she had ever read, “Yeah that’s it!”

George practically ran through the yard, “Damn! What the hell is wrong with me?! I’m getting rusty!”

He flew past Tonks and Ron who chatting away every topic imaginable, then by Luna. He noted Harry and Ginny strolling by the edges and tripped over a stick and face planted into the lawn. Tonks laughed and George rolled his eyes.

Ron stared dumbly at him and George felt an unexpected twinge of guilt, then nothing “Graceful today aren’t you?” Ron mused sarcastically, while Tonks continued to snort out chuckles.

“Brave you are to muse with me little one,” George arched an eyebrow maniacally at his brother. “Soon we shall see who has the last laugh, revenge is imminent.” The sarcasm broke through his voice and with a curt bow he turned an skipped away jokingly.

He noticed two figures in the distance, they looked sneaky, and he couldn’t even make out their faces. One barely resembled Malfoy, his brows raised then furrowed as he concluded, “No way, that’s impossible.”

Air whipped through the grass and when he was finally out of sight George fell onto his back, confused looking up into the sky. He put his mind onto his experiments until he was interrupted by footsteps.

A wand handle was held in his face, realizing it to be his he rolled over and popped to his feet. Hermione looked purposefully absentminded at the clouds and tossed it to him. “Uh… this is yours right?” Her voice quivered, he stepped forward grinning.

“Now child, its not what it seemed back there,” he could tell she knew he was with her back in the storage room. “You were the one who came on to me,” her jaw dropped, “I’m just too much of a looker for my own good.” He pushed her jaw closed with the back of his hand and winked teasingly at her.

“I did not, I was asleep!” She was embarrassed and he could feel his face redden as the curl he held earlier fell into her eyes. The wand thrust at him, he didn’t even look at it as he shoved it into his pocket. “What were you…?” She couldn’t bring herself to finish.

Then George realized how pretty she was under the sun, and he refused to ever seriously admit it. He finally had something to do, play with her mind. He knew she was smart and was always reading to exercise her brain, but he doubted she ever did the same for her heart.

“Darling,” he held her hand playfully, “I was watching you sleep. Love, you snore, it sounds like angels.” He gazed into her eyes.

She looked shocked and then glared, “Don’t make fun of me!”

He smirked. ‘I’m not,’ he thought only to himself. 'No one but I should know...."
Harry felt responsible for Ginny's mood and wished he had not come to the wedding at all, if Death Eaters were going to appear. He had looked into Ginny's eyes earlier and the dragon curled up waiting inside his gut had raised its head and sniffed the air. But alas, he had things that he must do this year. He must keep the others from deciding to tag along on his dangerous mission. He decided to try to continue with what he'd started when school got out.

"Yeah, Ginny, I just wanted to talk. I suppose" he stumbled to a halt. "Ginny, I still care about you, but I have to go it alone." He hated to say what he did, for he knew she could get another guy any time. "I want you to know I don't blame you if you find someone else."

Ginny glared at Harry. Just as she expected, he had no idea that she had loved him with all of her heart and he had thrown it back in her face. He had no idea how much he had hurt her. All he could think about was his destiny. His mission. "Well thanks, Harry, because I will." She burst into tears and turned away from him.

Harry was speechless. He felt totally alone. Not knowing what else to do, he crept around behind the others who were talking and laughing until he made it to the kitchen.

"What are you doing here, Harry dear? You should be out with the others." Molly reached over and lifted the black lock of hair that had fallen across his eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Sure Mrs. Weasley," he said, trying to sound more cheerful. "I just wanted to get away from the crowd for a minute." He moved over to the table and poured himself a cup of tea. "I'll just sit here a moment."
Fleur gracefully rounded the corner and found herself face to face with a tearful Ginny.

"Oh, eetz Arry izn't eet?"

Without pause, Fleur swept the sobbing girl into a hug and offered her a tissue. Ginny nodded miserably in response, halfheartedly wiping her face.

"Eeet zimply cannot go on like zis!" Fleur declared and dragged Ginny into an empty room. Firmly sitting Ginny down in a chair, she delicately settled next to her.

"You love Arry, non?"

Ginny started at her words and began to nod. Then, she paused, hesitating, and began to cry again.

"I thought so. I think so. I really don't know now. He's so clueless to everything!" Ginny choked out almost incoherently, between new tears and hiccups. "He told me that he didn't need me. That he wouldn't blame me if I found some else. Fleur, he said he didn't need me!"

Fleur handed Ginny a new tissue and grabbed her hands. Squeezing gently, she spoke in a soothing voice.
When Fred and George was back at the shop, they decided to test out the "Animacious" spell again. "Well, as long as mum isn't around, what is she going to do ?" said Fred smiling at George. "I suppose," George answered positively. "Ok... so who should we do it on ?" Fred asked. "Ummmm how about Mum?" joked George. "You are bloody joking right ?" replied Fred frowning. "Nope, how about it ? Or are you too scared" grinned George. "No.. I'm not scared ...." murmured Fred. "Ok, let's do this," said George, still smiling, "I will write mum's name".

"Animacious !!!" both of them shouted as the familiar doll started to grow and change into Mrs. Weasley.

The first thing 'Mrs Weasley' said was "What have I told you about testing things when only two of you are around ? I don't want you getting hurt, I don't know what I will do if I lost you guys.". "Whoa, she sounds like the real mum" said Fred. "You know what, I think it IS like the REAL mum" said George, scratching his heads. "I think you are right..." said Fred putting his hands over his ears to block out 'Mrs Weasley' 's screaming.

" I think we had enough with mum for today, " said Fred as he pointed his wand at 'Mrs Weasley' " trussesess !!!"

" So, just to make sure, let's do another test " said George as he wrote down another name. " Ummm, who is it ? " asked Fred. "You will see" George replied with a HAPPY smile. From his pocket, George pulled out a "Can of Spiders" which said "Can of Chocolate Frogs" and he shouted "Animacious !!!". Once again, voodoo doll began to change form and it turned into Ron. " Where the bloody hell am I " said 'Ron'. " It won't matter, but take this " George said as he handed Ron the can. " Chococlate Frogs ? Wow, thanks George, you know, sometimes, I wish I could be like you and invent stuff " said Ron as he opened the can. " Bloody Hell " 'Ron' said as he saw spiders crawl onto his hand. " Help me !! Help me !! " said 'Ron'. Happily, George pulled out his wand and said " trussesess !!!". Then, 'Ron' turned back into a voodoo doll just as the spiders ran out of the time limit.

"Yep that confirms it, Ron did tell me something about him admiring me before and he said it just then. That only leaves one thing. The spell brings out the inner most self of someone" said George.
"Cooooooool" said Fred.

Ron glanced away from the busy conversation at the kitchen table, a puzzled look upon his freckled face; and his sudden strange behavior caught Harry’s attention. “What’s wrong, Ron?”

He scratched his forehead, “I don’t quite know…but, for some –strange- reason…” He leaned in closer so only Harry to hear his next words, dropping his voice to a low mumble, ” I suddenly felt an urge to complement George…” Ron glanced around the room again, as if paranoid someone might have just heard him or he had just seen something frightening.

Harry raised his eyebrows at him. “Hmm, interesting Ron.”

Ron scowled, “Oh, never mind.” He rose to his feet, still glancing around himself as if he were surrounded by spiders.

Harry watched him disappear then went back to staring aimlessly into the dull, but steadily growing, conversation Fleur was leading about the color scheme of the wedding.

“ I was thinking of soft pinks and oranges, dear…” Mrs. Weasly subtly inserted, “If we change the colors now, its going to cost more.” She gave Mr.Weasly an urging glance.
“Oh, yeah-right.” Mr. Weasly added, picking on to his wifes hints to back her up.

“No, no, mellow blue’ and vhites vould be more suiting.” Fleur pointed her wand at the piece of parchment showing the sketch of what the wedding was going to look like and the colors of the decorative fabrics, flowers, and dresses changed from warm to cool colors.

Everyone looked at the new idea, “Well, it would definitely go better with my hair color,” Bill smiled uncomfortably as Mrs. Weasly shot him a stabbing look. “But…Fleur?” he quickly added in.


“Maybe we might have to consider the affordability of the entire event as a whole…”

Fleur’s face scrunched up into a frown and Bill fidgeted in his seat under the cross fire between his fiancé and mother.

Fleur rose from her chair, her white hair falling off her shoulders, “Bill, will you come with me please, for a moment?”

“Uh, sure…” He followed her into the next empty room where she closed the door behind him as soon as he came in.

“V’hat are you saying?” Fleur placed her hands on her hips, “ve’ discussed this last night; I thought you v’ere going to tell her that v’e v’anted to change the colors otherv’ise your hair would match everything there…v’hy v’ere you letting her push you av’ound?”

Bill made imaginary circles onto the floor with his foot, nervously, “Well…they are paying for the wedding-“

“I don’t believe you!” Fleur flung her hands into the air, “V’hy do you always do this? You are a brave man and you stand your ground to everyone, but v’hen its your mother, you fall back into a v’ittle boy?!”

Bill frowned, “Look, I’m sorry, alright?”

Fleur crossed her arms.

“Next time, I’ll tell her-“

“No, Bill, you tell her now!” her usual beautiful and cheerful expression suddenly fell melancholy, “Bill, I love you dearly,” She took a hold of his hand, “But if you cant take a stand for v’hat you v’ant, v’e’re going to have to reconsider even having a v’edding at all.”
Professor Minerva McGonagall sat in her "new" office getting ready for Bill Weasley's wedding to that French girl who played in the Tri-Wizard tournament a few years back. Minerva sat, sorting through letters Albus Dumbledore had left for her to pass out.

"Oh, dear," she said to herself, "I can't believe it." She reread the letter just to make sure. Albus had left a letter for her that explained thoroughly many of the events of the last two years and what needed to be done.

'I'm sorry, Minerva, that I am not there to be of more help. I imagine that my portrait, at this point, has not woken up enough to do much, either. Know, Minerva, that this hurts me more than you can imagine. Please help Harry through the last part of his journey against Tom Riddle. I've left dozens of papers that should be able to help you. Again, I appologize, and just know that I have. . .'

Minerva couldn't read any further. She was crying over the loss of her love. Pulling herself together, she read the last words at the bottom of the page: "always loved you."
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"Turn left, no right!" Lavender was thrown around in the backseat as the car skidded off the exit ramp.

Lavender and her parents wouldn't be using this stupid muggle transpirtation if it wasn't for the floo network being watched so closely. The three of them were heading to Fleur and Bill's wedding and they were a little late.

"Why were we invited to this stupid party anyway?" I mean we hardly know them" Lavender didn't dare say these thoughts out loud because she knew her parents were very funny when it came to things like this.

The only real reason she agreed to go was to see Ron. Even though they had broken up she still had feelings for him.

Lavender chuckled as she pictured the look on Ron's face when they arrived. As far as she knew, he had no idea Lavender and her family were even invited.
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It seemed that as time crawled on the guest list filled and people steadily crowded into Weasely bed rooms. When the Brown family arrived they blended quickly and if anything Ron was, to Lavender's dismay, far from surprised.

“Oh hey. Sometimes I wonder who threw together such a random guest list,” Ron’s tone was blank and rolled his eyes as she looked beyond affended.

Annoyed at his lack of enthusiasm she dragged her parents to their assigned room, it was there where something unexpected occurred. As Lavender stormed to the closet, throwing in her too many bags she turned to see no one. Where her parents had been just behind her they were gone. “What the-?”

It was perfect; Draco smiled to Pansy as they dragged the now unconscious parents out of sight. After carefully observing the entire estate, though he thought it looked more like a dump, they had made the best route to finding a victim. Ripping out a patch of their hairs the two took out two large canteens, and dropping it separately.

Draco had managed to steal some polijuice potion while he was accompanied with snape he had also used it to escape him. Now both he and Pansy had finally found the perfect disguises.

Though they were not sure of their final objective, they were surely going to stir something up. After turning into the Browns they began swapped clothes and hid the spell-slumbering parents where no one would find them: the dumpy shed that the Weasleys never used.

“You’re a genius, Draco dear,” Pansy flicked her now forty year old wrist. Draco nodded in acknowledgement and they gathered their minds and headed out.

“Ah, So glad to see you could make it!” Mr. Weasley shook Draco’s hand believing him to be Lavender’s father. “We’ve never been properly introduced….” They spoke only briefly.

Draco grinned and headed into the house.
Harry felt sorry for Bill when Fleur got upset with him. He had always been very embarrassed about having enough money to do what he wanted to any time he wanted. He wished he could just pay for the Weasley's part of the wedding, instead of watching them agonize over things that might cost extra.

He knew Bill was doing alright for himself, but probably didn't want to bring up the subject of paying in front of his parents. Harry saw Bill's ears turning pink at the tip like Ron's did when he was upset. He spend a few minutes wondering, thinking back, had he ever seen the suave and cool Bill like this? Upset? No.

What would happen when they were married, if Fleur was acting so inconsiderate now? Would it work?

Harry pinched himself on the leg to remind him to stop thinking all the time.

"If I could be excused, I'm going to walk around a little while." Harry stood up and turned to Ron, saying, "Do you want to go, Ron?"
Pansy stuck close to Draco, feeling strange and a little frightened. How on earth were they going to pull off this deception? Maybe this had been a bad idea. She pasted a smile on "her" face and held onto Draco for dear life.

"Hon, what exactly is the plan?" she hissed in his ear. But he just shook his head, warningly. With a sigh, she decided to play along for awhile longer.
Goerge and Fred's shop was busy as always. Full of kids testing it out and laughing their heads off. "Wow, we earned so much money today" said Fred smiling from ear to ear. "Oh ? Have we, that's good." said Goerge who was staring into blank space. "What's wrong ?" said Fred. "Ummm, nothing..." mumbled Goerge. "Come on, tell me." Fred insisted. "No, now stop trying to make me tell you," scowled Goerge, "I have to go to the toilet, so keep watch". "Hehehe, now that he's gone, I can find out what he is thinking." Fred said as he pulled out the voodoo doll which was rolled up in black cloth.

"Animacious" Fred whispered as he pointed his wand at the voodoo doll. Like always, the doll started to move and it eventually turned into Goerge. "Goerge, what have you been thinking about for the last few days?" Fred demanded. "I've been thinking about Hermione, I can't stop thinking about her" Goerge answered straight away. "Ooooh, I see. This is interesting." Fred said as he pulled out a bar and took a bite out of it. "What is it that you like about her?" asked Fred. "I like her because she's so kind and smart" Goerge replied. As Fred was thinking of what he could ask next, he heard the real Goerge coming back. "Trussssse" Fred whispered once again. Just as "Goerge" turned back into voodoo doll, Goerge came through the door.

"Ummm, was that what I think that was ?" asked Goerge "How about we go visit The Burrow since it is the weekend and all tomorrow." said Fred hoping to change the topic. "I asked you what that was." asked Goerge. "Ummm, yeh, it was the voodoo doll. I just tested it on Mum and asked her if she would like it if I came." replied Fred with his quick thinking. "Oh ok, why don't we." Goerge said with a silly grin. 'It's because you can see Hermione, isn't it Goerge ?' thought Fred.

It didn't take long for them to get to The Burrow. "Why don't we tell the family about the "Animacious" spell and ask dad to give it to the ministry ?" said Fred. "Sure, why not?" said Goerge who was thinking about Hermione. As they appaparted into the front door, Mrs Weasley came out. "Oh, hello boys. I thought the clock was wrong because it said "Home" for you boys. Now, come in come in. Ron's friends are still here". "Oh ok" said Goerge with a brightened face.

At the dinner table, they were talking about things that happened lately. Fred decided that this is the time to ask Mr. Weasley because he was in a good mood since he received a bonus from the Ministry. "Dad, you know that "Animacious" spell we did ?" asked Fred. "Ummm.. Yes boys" replied Mr. Weasley looking at Mrs. Weasley who was frowning. Not just frowning. As in FROWNING. "Don't tell me you've been testing it out again" said Mrs. Weasley. "Well, yeh and there's a good news," said Fred "Ummm, Goerge, why don't you go on ?". Goerge was staring at Hermione when he was back to EARTH. "What ? Uh, oh ok. Well, the thing is, when we put someone's name on it and cast the spell, it apprarentlly creates a copy of that person. Except that they show their inner most desire. That's why the Death Eaters wanted Harry when we summoned them." stated Goerge. "Are you sure about this boys ?" said Mr. Weasley in a serious tone. "Yeh, we even tested it on Ron and Mum." said Fred. "You do know that if Death Eaters had this spell, they could use it to clone themselves..." said Mr. Weasley. "Wow, we never thought of it that way." said both of them.

While that discussion was going on, everyone was fascinated. Everyone except Genie that is. When Genie heard that the spell brought out someone's most inner desire, she was shocked. 'Does that mean when clone Malfoy saved me, Malfoy actually likes me ???' thought Genie. 'As soon as I get to school, I will check this out. I will see to it that I get to know Malfoy's true feelings.' Genie decided.
Remus gazed at the shapely girl with the bushy brown hair. She had grown into
an attractive young woman; and it made him angry that the red-headed fool hadn’t
realized. Perhaps he had, it was not of his concern. If Remus had his way, she would
remain suspended in time, never reaching the disappointment of adulthood. He sighed
and crushed out one of the muggle cigarettes to which he had developed a fondness.

He was shook out of his musings by a hand gently placed on his shoulder. He
smelled the familiar scent of Nymphadora. He reached for her hand without looking, and
realized he was holding a set of rather substantial fingers. He turned around and glared
at Fred, who began laughing uncontrollably.

“Very clever, Weasley, but how did you manage to get Tonk’s essence on your own
rather freckled flesh?” He raised an eyebrow to the ginger haired man, which only
made Fred laugh harder. “Nevermind, I don’t think I really want to know!”

Remus brushed Fred’s hand away and got up to look for the real Nymphadora. He
had something to tell her, something that had been troubling his mind ever since he
arrived at the Burrow. He knew he loved Tonks, in his own organized way. The love he felt for Tonks was the kind that reminded one of simpleness, familiarity, and security.

Remus had never been one for security. Deep in his wolf soul he craved adventure, savagery, and a certain vitality that Nymphadora, no matter how sweet and wonderful, would never possess.

The one true love of his life; the woman he would never forget and never stop
loving, died almost twenty years ago. Many long, excruciatingly painful years she
had been absent from his life. He only wished she could be here now to see what a
beautiful woman their daughter had become.
Hermione was out in the backyard of The Burrow trying to talk some sense into Fleur's parents. They were fussing over every little detail instead of enjoying the fact that their oldest daughter was getting married shorty. Hopefully.

She was pleasantly surprised, however, to see Minerva McGonagall walking towards here. "Hello, Professor," Hermione said.

"I have some things for you three, since you aren't coming back," Minerva McGonagall's thick Scottish accent tumbled out with her words. "Would it be possible to speak in private?"

Hermione nodded, looking around for Harry and Ron. Finding them visually on the otherside of the garden, Hermione lead the new Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry across The Burrow's lawn.

She couldn't help but feel as if someone was watching her. . .
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Ron scowled as he watched Hermione and McGonagall wander off into the garden. He had wanted to pick Hermione's brain about something that had been bothering him. Harry had vowed to look for the Horcuexs and Ron was getting impatient for a plan. Of course Hermoine would want to chit chat with her favorite bloody teacher when there was more important stuff to get on with.

He kicked a passing gnome in anger, making the little guy squeak and brandish a tiny knobby fist at Ron. "Bug off," he grumbled at the gnome, turning to head back to the house again. He mumbled under his breath all the way back to the house.

He should have discussed things with Harry instead of shrugging the guy off. He had wanted not only to talk to Hermoine of Harry, but also ask her if anything was ever going to amount between them. Oh well, she was too involved in her school work and Ron was getting thoroughly put off by it.

The worn, but recently scrubbed door, creaked loudly on it's hinges as Ron skulked his way into the house. Several of the Weaslys and their houseguests were gossiping about the recent events surrounding Dumbledore's death, but an uncomfortable hush fell over the room as everyone looked up to see who had entered. The conversation became a dull roar again almost immediatly as people nodded or waved at Ron.

Ron climbed over people's sprawled legs and was careful not to knock the coffee table weighed down with an assortment of fingerfoods and teacups. A particularly scrumptious looking treacle tart caught his eye and he felt, just a little too late, his foot become entangled in a stray shawl laying on the floor.

Ron struggled to keep his balance, but the floor was fast approaching. His arms pinwheeled through the air, looking for anything to gain purchase and save the inevitable fall. He grabbed something silky and heard a faint scream as he slammed into the floor and rolled over. Still clutching the fabric, he felt something land on top of him. Orange fabric obscured his vision, but he could hear the room erupt into laughter.

"Ouch Ron! That hurt. Did you have to take me down with you?" Luna questioned as she glared at Ron. Her bottlecap earrings hung in Ron's face and he was very aware of her golden locks resting on his cheeks.

"Sorry Luna. I was just trying to break my fall."

Her face turned a light shade of red again and Ron could not help but notice how pretty her eyes looked as she crinkled her face in a small smile. She sat back on her knees and Ron disentangled himself and stood up, offering her a hand. She tried to take it, but almost fell over because her robes were a disaster. Ron caught her firmly and wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her so that she was standing on the ground again. He didn't move away for a moment and then a fresh peel of laughter rose from the attending audience of relations. He quickly broke apart the embrace, turning red immediately.

"Way to go bro," Bill yelled from the kitchen. A few more encouragements and remarks found Ron's ears as he made his way back out the front door. He was absolutely aware of the giggling he was leaving in his wake, but was shocked when he made it all the way to the front lane before noticing he was dragging Luna along by her hand.
How had he missed taking her along? Was he going crazy?

Luna beamed at him. Ron opened his mouth to explain when there was a thunderous boom from inside the house.
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“OH SHIT!!!” Screams ran through the yard as George sprinted down the stairs flapping his arms in a frantic attempt to reach every one downstairs. “Calm down! Its all okay, I just made an accident!”

Turning the corner to meet the petrified eyes of the others who had shaken along with the shock wave he slipped and hit the floor with multiple thuds. Looking around briefly in a gaze he grinned stupidly to find he had taken two people down with him. “Oh, hello there lovelies,” he looked at the furious faces filling the room and back down to Ron and Luna. “So what brings you to perch your selves under my butt? Honestly-!”

“WHAT THE HELL?!” the grown ups looked outraged to his absentminded topic change; Mrs. Weasley burst through the crowd and smacked him on the head.

“Oh, right… Sorry, the explosion was a test gone array; you didn’t need to succumb to violence… sheesh! Oh and all occupants of the fifth level will have to sleep else where… the mistake spell should ware off well…”

“What did you do?!” Mr. Weasley’s face held a rare frown as he stepped behind his wife.

“If any one goes up there, they’ll be purple for at least six months… not even magic can clear that mist out!” He laughed and looked to the crowd of disappointment to meet an icy glare from Hermione; he sheepishly mocked a smirk while Fred laughed in the back ground.

“Fine… You need to be responsible. I’m Very…” the adults shook their heads, “disappointed in you.” Mr. Weasley looked around at the crowded house of people and decorations; these days he wasn’t even sure who all was staying there. “With the house like this… I’ll extend the living room and all fifth floor occupants can sleep there…” he left along with all the elders.

Leaving only Hermione, Fred, and Lavender to look like a rainbow of emotions. Fred looked like he was stifling the urge to die of laughter while Lavender looked worried; Hermione wore a frown that could kill. She still was frustrated but Fred’s teasing as well as his lack of poise.

His blank randomness was lost as Ron shouted angrily from beneath him. “GET OFF NOW!” Luna was muffled face first into the floor while Ron squirmed under the weight.

“Why?” George yawned and rose to his feet and with out a glance at anyone he left the room to the stairs. He only messed up a color product because he lost is focus; never had he been so confused over a single girl. He knew he liked her but he didn’t want to; Ron liked her. ‘Screw it! Seniority will prevail! I can flirt, and only I will know.’ He was humiliated to the bone that he liked her, she wasn’t nerdy but he knew if others knew he would be made fun of.

Fred laughed as George’s head passed out of view and as Ron was pulled to his feet by Lavender. Luna simply disappeared into the house to avoid anyone pulling her to the ground further. Hermione was left standing alone, not sure of where to go. Harry and Ginny were off walking and every one else was preoccupied putting off work with gossip.

She sighed angrily and quietly followed a distance behind up the stairs; where else was she supposed to go?

He kicked his feet trying to look bashful as he skulked to his secret room on the third floor. Knowing Hermione followed he smiled not to her knowledge as he began his set up. He left the door slightly open knowing she would follow thinking she was sneaky.

The room was dark and had walls covered in yellow paint that was tinted gray. He was bored and as she slid in blinded in darkness he jumped out to scare her, “BOO!” She leapt back in surprise until he lit the space with a wave of his wand and closed the door. “Hello princess,” her glare was back.

“Don’t do that!” she wasn’t even sure why she followed in the first place. Her usually busy brain went blank as she watched him lean exaggeratedly against the door.

“Don’t be sharp, you followed me here right?” he watched face contort in anger; her locks of hair falling around carelessly against her face now he was amused. Her glares at least meant she saw him right? “So, what do you want to do; or do you enjoy glaring in attempt to see past my handsomeness?”

“PPHHTT!” she blow air heatedly and walked closer to emphasize her anger. “How can you be so irresponsible?! I’m on the fifth floor!! I came…!” She droned off to trace her reason as he raised a brow. “I came to tell you to stop teasing me! I know I’m not pretty but your mocking does hurt!” Tears were forming at the corners of her eyes and his face sunk. Over his absence his words were the only thing she felt burning through her head; now she wanted to set him straight but of course she would fail.

‘She doesn’t know she’s pretty..?’ He smiled at her in attempt to regain his goofy tone but his instinct was dieing to have him hug her. He shook his head trying to find a way to boost her esteem while not revealing he was serious. It hit him and he laughed as loud as he could; there are always multiple ways to mess with the mind of a female….

She glanced away from the floor to see what his deal was. “Wha…?” he apparated to stand millimeters from her with a look that he hoped looked maniacal. She was stiff in confusion as he whipped the tears from their origins with his finger and she gazed as he pressed it to his face. “You don’t think you’re pretty? I do.”

She stepped back and blushed, ‘George?’ She shook her head into focus; ‘no way.’ “I was serious! Stop!” She was still awkwardly standing as he let her tear fall down his cheek; shivering she push him away from the door. He merely smiled at her and stupidly snagged her wrist as she stormed out. She whipped around with not a glare but a look of defeat.

Getting on his knees he kissed her hand, “no. I’ll never stop; not until you understand.” He had known her for years but only now felt as if her were seeing her clearly for the first time.

“Understand what?” He released and winked with out a word. She looked at him as he stood and opened the door for her; placing his hands not on her back but her hips gently pushed her out the doorway. She heard the handle latch shut and heard him laughing behind the wall. ‘I’ll get you for this!!’ she clenched a fist in front of her and marched down the hall. What was she supposed to think of him? She was too confused to know. He knew that confusing the hell out of her wasn’t the best option to amuse him but still he would rather die than be serious besides already she had forgotten he disappointment with his actions.

Brushing his face he held what was left of her pearly tear. Looking at the wall he rested his head, “don’t you know you are the most beautiful soul I can hear? The only soul I’ve ever truly seen cry such shy pearls?”
"Harry!" He hadn't heard that voice in years, and almost time he'd heard it before, she had been screaming his name. This time it was almost like she wanted his attention.

Inside his head, sitting at the Weasley's kitchen table with a cup of tea, he thought, "Mum?" The voice didn't answer him. He listened harder. He heard people talking and thinking all around him, heard the noises that made the Burrow such a special place, even heard the ghoul shaking his chains in the attic.

He got up from the table, looking around carefully. There was no one in the kitchen anymore. The last thing he remembered thinking was that he would just come in here and have a cup of tea.

Then he saw them: himself and Ginny walking in the garden. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. They were gone. He looked out a different window. Sure enough, there were Ginny and he, walking together, arm in arm.

What was going on? Where were Ron and Hermione? Should he leave the kitchen? Which one of the Harrys was he? He looked again and saw a strange Muggle couple walking around as well. Somehow they reminded him of something. Then he realized, the posture of the man was the same posture Draco had used all those years at Hogwarts. Defiant. So high and mighty. What was up?

Was he, Harry Potter, who had been through so many incredibly bizarre events, going to lose it at Bill Weasley's wedding? He ran his fingers through his hair and got out his wand. He muttered a spell, waved the wand and watched in horrified fascination as tiny fingers of flame danced around the edge of the room, surrounding him. That wasn't the spell, he thought. What is going on?
Fleur sighed silently, slowly twirling a lock of errant hair around her finger. Everything had started out badly and slowly turned worse. Bill was still avoiding her after the fight and she had begun to have second thoughts herself.

"Iz eet really wrong to vant a perfect vedding?"

All her life, she had waited for that special person to share her best years with and a perfect wedding to signify the beginning of such a union. Now, it just didn't seem worth it anymore. Everything was falling apart.

Fleur sighed again and shifted on her bed, her eyes catching sight of a picture. A miniature Bill stood proudly in the foreground, smiling happily and waving.

"He iz never zat 'appy eenymore..." she thought, just as the door swung open with a slam and Fred rushed into the room.

"Fred? Vhy are you 'ere?"
"The house is on fire, Fleur. It doesn't seem to be burning anything but it isn't safe until we can determine what's happening."

Fred stared at Fleur seriously, disheveled and out of breath. At her lack of response, he grabbed her hand and quickly began to lead her down the stairs. The unusual silver fire encircled the staircase and covered the walls, racing upwards to the higher floors.

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