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A small group of tourists decides to go on a long vacation....to Earth!
[Introduction] A group of aliens have decided to take a vacation together. They are visiting a distant planet that they have heard strange and interesting tales about. The place? Earth! The planet they are from is called Zgoob. It is a lot like Earth in climate and gravitational pull. It is also the third planet from it's sun. However, they have a very different outlook on life, religion and politics. Wondering what that is? Read the story and find out!

When you join, your first post should tell us about your character. Are you one of the visiting aliens? Or are you an Earthling that happens to encounter the aliens after they've arrived? The choice is yours. I'd like between 6-12 aliens, preferably, and up to 12 Earthlings that they meet and get to know.

First post should include:

Planet: (Earth or Zgoob)
More info about location you're from(if desired):
Physical Description:
Religious beliefs (if any):
Anything else you think we should know:

If the story has already begun, still introduce and describe yourself as well as adding to the storyline.

Thanks and have fun. The content rating is GC, so you can get graphic if you need to. Just please don't have sex or violence just for the hell of it, make it a part of the story and have it in some way move the plot along or enhance the plot.

To keep things moving smoothly, if you don't post within 24 hours of your turn being announced, you'll be skipped. If you know you're not going to have time or can't think of something, you can skip yourself, however, being skipped or skipping yourself three times consecutively will cause me to disable you as a member until you email me letting me know you're ready to join in again.

Also, if you don't make a FIRST post within 3 turns, I will delete you. You can still ask to rejoin in the future, though.
Name: Pengy

Age: 634 Earth Years

Planet: Zgoob

Additional Info: The area of Zgoob that I'm from is in the Northern Hemisphere. Similar in a lot of ways to Earth's Midwest USA region. I'm from the town of Zergeba in the province of Churgu, in the country known as Skala.

Physical Description: I am similar in looks as to your human women. I have long, black hair, purple eyes, and my skin is very pale.

Personality: I'm easy-going and friendly unless provoked. I tend to be quite opinionated and stubborn.

Religious beliefs: I believe there is a Higher Power/Creator who is most likely female. I believe there are lesser gods and goddesses. I believe that organized religion is inherently evil and should be stamped out of existence.

Phobias/Fears: poisonous snakes and heights

Strengths/Weaknesses: My biggest strength is telepathy and telekinesis.
My weakness is men. I can be brought to my knees, easily, by a sexy male.
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Name: Shelly

Age: 38 years old

Planet: Earth

Additional Info: I'm from the land down under, Australia. My State is NSW. My City is Wollongong. Here we have many beautiful beaches, great resturants. It's a small City compared to all other Cities.

Physical Description: Long Blonde hair, freckles, green eyes, tall and upturned nose.

Personality: Easy going like most Aussies, Shy and caring...if I haven't slept in a week then my personality changes to blunt, reckless and crazy.

Religious Beliefs: I believe in creation, free will and the bible.

Phobias/fears: Phobia of spiders and small places, fear authority and marriage.

Strengths/weaknesses: I'm loyal to my friends and family/ my weakness is chocolate.
Name: Eisa.

Age: 20 years old.

Planet: Earth.

Additional info: I'm from Big Sky Country...the state Montana, in the U.S. My city is Bozeman.

Physical Description: I'm short and slender, with long blonde hair and violet-blue eyes. I'm very pale~almost ghostly.

Personality: I'm extremely shy, I like hiding behind my hair. I'm also very intelligent, although I hide that sometimes by acting silly. People call me a sweetheart, although I'm very self-effacing.

Religious Beliefs: I believe in God and the Golden Rule.

Phobias/fears: I'm afraid of the dark, heights, insects, spiders, and water.

Strengths/weaknesses: I will do anything to protect what's mine.//My weakness is that I won't speak up for myself, only others around me.

NAME: Stovus

AGE: Prime of Life


INFO: I'm an inventor. I was married once but my wife and I went on a camping trip and she prematurely went into labor and hatched her brood right there in Zgoobian Desert Memorial Park, not a safe place to lay your eggs as we found out from bitter experience when her eggs were eaten by a Zgoobian predator. After that our marriage deteriorated and now we're divorced.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Prominent beak. Very shiny feather scales with an irridescent glow. I preen and wax every day.

PERSONALITY: Irritable, but with a sense of humor. I'm neither liked or disliked. On the other hand, people do notice me.

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: God is a tiny microscopic being who knows almost nothing, yet if he whispers in your ear you will instantly do whatever he tells you.

PHOBIAS/FEARS: Sand rats and feather fleas. People who say "gnu" as three syllables.

STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: I know how to do advanced mathematics... but it gives me a headache.
Name: Rob Newbanks

Age: 28

Planet: Earth

More info about location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA - actually, its suburbs.

Physical Description: 6'1", athletic build, long brown hair, blue eyes, neatly trimmed goatee.

Personality: Intense but comical, distant but focused, ethical but lazy.

Religious beliefs: Atheist

Phobias/Fears: Clowns, Hello Kitty.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Physically strong, quick-witted, and agile; but also socially inept with an aversion to hard work. Has a weakness for, as he puts it, "hot babes."

Anything else: Rob is single; last girlfriend broke up with him a year ago because he missed all the "marriage" hints. He works in construction, but is trying to make a living as a stand-up comedian. Currently "between jobs."
Pengy sat staring out the spaceship window, eager to get to her destination. She had heard so much about the planet, Earth, and looked forward to seeing it for herself. Her traveling companions were still asleep, but she found it impossible to slumber with all of the excitement building inside of her.

With a sigh, she stared out into the vast emptiness of space and daydreamed of finding a sexy Earthling to mate with.
Name: Sterling Silver
Age: 22
Planet: Earth
More info about location you're from: From Bozeman, Montana
Physical Description: Tall (around 6'3) and thin. Has shaggy black hair and thick-framed black glasses. He usually wears a thin hoodie and bright colors. He also typically wears a beenie.
Personality: He has a very laid back personality. Doesn't really care about much. He loves music and considers himself to be a creative genius. He smokes weed for inspiration.
Religious beliefs: non religious. He was baptized as a baby, and he still goes to mass on Christmas and Easter.
Phobias/Fears: He is afraid of aliens. He is pretty sure that they don't exist but that doesn't mean he isn't afraid of them. He's also afraid that there is an ax murderer following him around. That's why he checks the shower before he uses the bathroom...
Strengths/Weaknesses: He is a creative genius. He is a master of music and art. Very good at thinking outside the box. On the other side, he is very bad at thinking inside the box. He makes many questionable decisions.
Anything else you think we should know: His birth name is Chris Cruz, but legally changed his name to Sterling after he graduated high school. He is madly in love with Eisa (is married to her if the writer is okay with that. if not, he is just in love with her)

Stovus the Zgoobian paced restlessly around the viewing room of the spaceship. The only other occupant of the room was Pengy, but she was from the Northern Hemisphere of Zgoob and almost human in appearance. For her there would be no problem blending in with the local population of Earth, while his irridescent feathers would mark him as an alien for sure. Maybe he could buy a jump suit.

"Hey! You there! Stovus!" Pengy called.

Oh great, he thought. Calls me like I am an animal. Those Northerners are so arrogant.

"What is it, m'lady?" Stovus said.

"The captain tells me you are an inventor."

"That I am!"

"Have you invented anything I would be familiar with?"

He shrugged. "Mostly they are small gadgets connected with manufacturing machinery."

"Oh," she said. "Boring."

"I suppose so."

"I made love to a Featherboy once."

He cringed at the derogatory term. "Did you?" he said. "I hope it was pleasant for you."

"It was like fucking a turkey. No, make that a robotic turkey."

"I'm sorry the heavens did not open for you."

"What about you?" she said.

"What about me what?" Although he had a pretty good idea what she had in mind.

"I hate to stereotype all you Featherboys just from one example. Care to show me what you can do?"

"We're getting quite close to Earth," he said, and pointed at the huge viewing window where the blue ball of planet Earth was slowly growing larger.
Name: Papagee Albright - father of God Albright
Age: 500 years - but on Planet Heaven I chose to look 69 years old, my inside body like an 18 year old
Planet: (Earth or Zgoob) Z is the Sister planet of Planet Heaven
More info about location you're from(if desired):
Physical Description: Tall and slender = ready to rock and roll
Personality: Optimistic
Religious beliefs (if any): Are you kidding? My son is God = I am Papa Gee = get it?
Phobias/Fears: = That my wife, Gamma, might get hurt in an accident
Strengths/Weaknesses: Open minded,
Anything else you think we should know:

"Where's the pizza and cold beer around this joint?"

As Sterling and Eisa lay on the hood of the Oldsmobile, a smile crossed Sterling's face. He turned Eisa towards him and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. He looked deeply into her blue eyes leaned in for another kiss. He was starting to feel frisky.

Sterling picked her up as they made out and laid her back onto the hood. As he unzipped his pants and dropped them, Eisa gasped.

"What's wrong? Is there a wart or something?" Sterling asked he looked down. Sterling didn't see anything unusual...

Eisa craned her neck to look over Sterling's shoulder. Sterling looked up into the bright starry sky but saw nothing. Nothing but bright stars.

"Sterling... I think... I saw a UFO..."

Fear raced through Sterling's veins. There was no way she saw a UFO! It must have been an airplane or a satellite or something else. Aliens just didn't exist. They couldn't!

"Oh my God! There it is! It's a flashing red and purple light," Eisa's eyes were full of fear.

Sterling looked up, and sure enough he saw the flashing light as well. He still doubted it was an alien, but there was no telling what that was. Whatever it was, it was closing in fast.

"Take about a cock block..." Sterling muttered as he zipped his pants back up.
Pengy quickly forgot about her flirtation with the sexy featherboy as Earth loomed larger on the viewing screen. Her heart raced with anticipation and maybe just a smidgeon of fear. A new planet to explore left her giddy with excitement.

Alarm bells sounded and the Captain spoke over the intercom, "Warning! We will be entering the Earth's atmosphere in less than 7 klipgongs. Please be seated and strap yourselves in."

"I wonder where the Captain is going to land?" Pengy mused. "I'd really like to see Australia first."

"No way," Stovus scoffed. "I've heard The Bahamas are beautiful."

"Prepare for landing in Montana, USA," announced the Captain.

Both passengers let out exasperated sighs. "Montana? Seriously?"

The landing was uneventful. They waited quietly for further instructions.

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