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a story about space
Location: Red Dwarf (copyright to the people that invented it)
Wider Location: Space (duh)
Plot: Cool Stuff

Name: Daeron (Dire-on) Vanya (Varn-Ya)
Age: 25 years 4 months and 2 days.
Appearence: Tall, Well-muscled, Long black curly hair (tied back usually).
Position: Daeron is an Officer of Navigation.
Daeron was checking out at the end of a hard day of navigating a ship the size of a city and walked to the golden dragon, for a curry and a beer milkshake.
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Name: Drama Kelsing
Age: 18
Appearence: Dark Brown Wavy hair, Tall, slim Built with Bright sparkling Blue eyes.
Position: Unknown

Heading towards the curry house, turning a corner you find yourself suddenly spreadeagled on the floor, as if hit by a brick wall.
"Oh my gosh, are you ok? what happened?Can you get up?"
"Yeh I'm fine I guess stupid floor and wall, hi" Holds out hands to be helped up, "what on earth did i bang into anyways....?" After gets up and looks a the person infront of him and then puts out his hand again but this time to shake hands.
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There is a snort of supressed laughter from around the corner out of sight in the battleship grey shadows. "ahem." the girl tries to cover it up by coughing appropriately. "I'm Drama. Who are you? Sorry, I uhh...didn't see what you ran into..." there is yet another snort from the shadows which she is obviously trying very hard to ignore.
"so... Your Drama hey..... whats your rank on the ship? and are you sure that you don't know what I ran into?" After saying that i checked my shoelaces and looked around for what i could have tripped over or walked into at this point I kinda just wanted my curry and beer milkshake.......
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"I...uhhh...um...I'm a trainee, yeah, a trainee and I...have positively absolutely no idea what y-" she is cut off by an explosion of laughter from around the corner as a young man cames stumbling round it in fits of laughter.

"Zaine!" she scolds the guy, with a small caring smile.

Name: Zaine Greyson
Appearence: Tanned and dark. Black hair, dark eyes and a cheeky grin. Always wears his overalls improperly, the top hanging down around the waist.
Position: Captains Son. (bum - aka trainee)

Zaine shakes his hand warmly "sorry sir, a little joke at your expense, harmless really, i couldn't resist..." he manages to gain his composure and while wrapping an arm around drama giving him the once over. "Youre not hurt? good, good good. Don't want dad needing another hologram...Joking! Sorryohs**tyou'reanofficer" the last bit comes out in a garbled mess as he realises that this isn't a man to be messed with.

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