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by Skuld
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fantasy · #1177230
The new Eien no Densetsu. Two mages begin their journey across the world of Eien.
[Introduction] For those of you who read the original campfire, Eien no Densetsu , This is a renewed version of the former story. We (and Warm-blooded Winterdrake ) have decided to redo the story without or former campfire members because they have moved on to other things. So, we're beginning the story from scratch, we're using the same two main characters and same place names. We're going to try mixing things up and seeing what happens. We hope it will turn out for the better.

UPDATE NOTE (11/11/06): We are NOT accepting invitation requests for this campfire. Firedrake and I have decided to write this by ourselves for fun. Sorry about the delay in mentioning it. However, we do hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Since this is a new story, I'll briefly lay out the main details.

Two friends have just graduated from the Magic Academy.

The beginning of their journey across the world of Eien starts from the town of Kimyou, where they two were born and raised. Follow them as they embark on their adventure.
Today is the graduation ceremony of Kita Magical Academy. There is much excitement as the graduates follow through and receive their diplomas and many recognitions for a successful finish to their schooling. Surrounded by many friends and family members. The story begins with this joyous occasion.


"Asakust!!!" A young girl's voice filled the air, as many people gathered in the quad of Kita Magical Academy to congratulate the students after the ceremony finished.

Her name was Tsukino Mizuyo, a young but bright magician of seventeen years of age. She had been searching for her best friend, Nagato Asakust in the sea of students, their families, friends and faculty. It was a little overwhelming to be around so many people. But in the town of Kimyou, where Mizuyo had grown up, pretty much everyone knew everyone and there was no awkwardness even though she was different.

Mizuyo was not an ordinary human girl. She was half human, half water sprite. Although she had a humanoid appearance for the most part, what singled her out of the crowd was that she possessed a pair of small but noticable faerie-like wings on her back and a few markings that looked as though they might be some sort of tattoo art, on her forehead and cheeks. Despite this, she felt no shame of being different.

"You'd think it wouldn't be hard to find someone with green hair, wearing red robes... sheesh." Mizuyo said to herself, as she continued searching in the crowd.

"Where could he be...?"
Asakust looked to his left as someone shouted his name in the distance. It sounded like a girl's voice, and there was only one person he could think of who would be shouting his name like that who had hadn't already seen today. He turned toward the voice, searching for its owner. Being several inches shorter than the majority of the people gathered in the quad, he couldn't see very far in the crowd, so he began walking toward where he thought he had heard the voice coming from, weaving around the groups of friends and family members standing in disorganized clusters.

He caught sight of a flash of light reflecting off a pair of small wings, vanishing between two people, and raised his staff above his head, waving. "Mizuyo!" he shouted, trying to get her attention. The staff was made of old mahogany, polished to a smooth, dark reddish brown. The wood was inlaid with thin lines of silver that traced abstract swirling designs along the length of the staff, which was long as he was tall. It had been given to him by his father as a birthday gift the year before, and he carried it most everywhere he went.

Ahead, the girl with the silvery wings saw the waving staff and turned, pushing her way through the crowd. Asakust lowered his staff back to his side, his dark red cloak falling back over his arm. The cloak contrasted with his green hair, pulled back in a short ponytail behind his head, an effect he liked, even if he was constantly told that it clashed by the more fashion-savvy of his friends.

"Asakust!" the girl shouted as she came closer. "Where've you been? I was looking for you."

"Hey, Mizuyo," he said, speaking loudly to be heard over the noise of the crowd. "I was at the other end of the quad, guess I got swept away by the rush of people after the graduation ceremony." He looked around the busy quad, the crowd of people blocking the sight of the cobbled ground and the trees and bushes that dotted the open space, providing shade for students eating lunch or just enjoying themselves. "I don't think I've ever seen this place this crowded," he said, turning back to his friend. "Oh yeah," he added, catching sight of the scroll she held at her side, identical to the one he held in his free hand. "Congratulations on graduating, by the way!"

Mizuyo grinned. "You, too." She turned back to look at the school, the building rising several stories above the level of the quad. "Glad to finally be out of school."

Asakust laughed. "We definitely agree there. So, what's up anyway?" he asked, remembering that she had been calling him.

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