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About two high school girls and their lives including friends, relationships, and family.
[Introduction] This is my first campfire, so suggestions are welcome! These are the rules of my campfire:

1. The content must be under 18+...
2. We need 3 girls, and guys are optional.
3. You have to have the following when first starting your character:


Have fun! Here's the beginning:
Name: Vanessa
Age: 16
Appearance: shoulder-length, layered dark brown hair (wavy), brown eyes, medium height, thin, tan, and fit!
Personality: loves sports, including soccer, sprints, long distance running, and basketball.
Background/other: has 2 older brothers age 18 and 23, adopted, and has lots of friends (is friendly and fun!!)

Vanessa pulled on some hip-hugging jeans and a metallic halter top. She slipped out the door and bounded down the steps. Her older brother, Grayson, was making coffee and watching tv. She grabbed a cup and poured herself some and sat down at their bar in the kitchen.

"Are you going to the mall again today?" he asked, grinning at her.

"I don't know...only if I can get someone to come with me," Vanessa replied, setting her cup in the sink. She grabbed a stick of gum and headed out the door.

"I'm going surfing after school!" Grayson called out after her.

"Whatever!" she yelled back.

Vanessa started the engine in her new red Corvette convertible. It roared to life and she sped down the road, praying she wasn't about to get her 3rd late in school today.

When she got to school, Vanessa ran to her locker and was just getting her books out for chemistry class when she heard her best friend's voice call out her name.

Apperance: shoulder-length, straight strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, thin, palish-olive skin w. a few freckles around her face.
Personality: loves animals, goes horse-back riding on her horse Oats, likes track and the supernatural
Backround/other: has 1 older borther age 17 and a sister who is 25, adopted 2 times, has lots of friends and loves having a great time!

Zoe was wearing a blue top, and a pair of destroyed jeans, w. her fave pair of flip-flops.

As she called Vanessa's name her boyfriend came up behind her kissed her then walked off to his class.

"Hey Vanessa! Whats Up? Are you going to the mall today, because I was wondering if I could come?" Just as Zoe finished what she was saying the bell rang for first period.
Vanessa turned around and closed her locker, finding Zoe, her best friend, standing besider her, a huge grin on her face.

"Yeah, I was going to go to the mall anyway - how about we go to Pink's after school and then walk to the mall?" she asked, responding to Zoe's previous question. Pink's was everyone's favorite little cafe' where you could stop in and order smoothies or lattes, or you could eat a light snack with your friends. It was decorated with neon lights and of course, pink fluff everywhere.

"Thanks - so I guess let's head to 1st period." Zoe and Vanessa walked together to study hall, where they sat, Vanessa behind Zoe.

While Mrs. Larson, their study hall guide, wasn't watching, Vanessa tapped Zoe on the shoulder. Zoe's layered, blonde streaked hair swished against her shoulders as she turned around.

"Want some?" Vanessa asked, handing Zoe her cinnamon-latte lip gloss. Zoe grinned and smoothed it over her pouty lips and handed it back.

"Thanks. At the mall I'm going to buy that new sunkiss gloss and you can use it, too. I finally persuaded Jake to lend me a few bucks for hit the stores. We so need to get a job next week together - I'm practically broke from that shopping spree at A&F with you last month!" she exclaimed, runnning her hands through her hair excitedly.

Vanessa laughed. Zoe was always spending so much money at her fave stores, Hollister and A&F. It was funny because Jake always gave in to lend her around $50 dollars and it was gone by the time Vanessa and Zoe had hit the mall the next couple of days.

Mrs. Larson turned around from the board and eyed Vanessa and Zoe cautiously. Vanessa had always related Mrs. Larson to a hawk, her squinty eyes darting every which way whenever someone even shifted in their seat.

Zoe turned around continued to sort through her make-up, seperating them into piles for her and for Vanessa. Zoe's just that way, Vanessa thought. She's organized, but just for Vanessa and herself, including make-up.

After study hall, Zoe and Vanessa headed different directions, Vanessa going to English and Zoe to chemisty. Vanessa departed with Zoe and made her way down the hall towards class. She was looking down at her flip flops when she bumped into someone. Rick, her biggest crush, who was a junior like Jake, looked at her as he picked up the books she dropped.

Vanessa quickly grabbed the remaining books and gently received the rest from Rick. Rick smiled at her. "Rushed?" he asked jokingly. Vanessa blushed. She hoped that her tan would hide it, but she could tell Rick was amused by her shyness.

"Well, see ya," he said cooly, smiling and walking past her. Vanessa sighed and quickly strode down the hall and slid into her seat in the back of the English room. All period she was thinking about how her hands had brushed against his strong hands. She couldn't wait to tell Zoe!
Vanessa looked around the courtyard and spied Zoe buying a taco from the lunch ladies. She headed towards her and they sat down at their usual table, surrounded by their close friends.

"Taco again?" Vanessa asked, trying not to look disgusted.

Zoe shrugged and bit into the wrap. "It's good," she said in between stuffed mouthfuls. Vanessa laughed.

"Hey, are you going to Pink's today, Vanessa?" Kiley, her basketball guard, asked, setting her tray down beside her.

Vanessa nodded and chewed quietly on a carrot.

"Mind if I tag along? I've been so bored lately after school; I just can't wait until basketball starts," Kiley said, putting a straw into her milkshake.

Vanessa didn't know what to do. Zoe and her were going to go to Pink's and the mall together to stock up on gloss and nail polish, and whenever Kiley tagged along, she accused Zoe of turning Vanessa into a girly-girl with long, wavy hair and big red lips.

Zoe eyed Vanessa warningly and Vanessa sighed. "Just warning you; our main stop is Icing, Kiley." Kiley laughed lightly.

"More like Zoe's!" She looked at Zoe disgustedly and eyed her menacingly.

"Look, Kiley. If you want to come, you just have to put up with whatever Zoe wants to buy, too. Even if it is just make-up."

Kiley smirked and shrugged. "Fine with me. While she buys herself a new face, you and I," she said sneerily, "can go check out new basketball shockers."

Vanessa forced a smile. She glanced at Zoe who just looked down at her plate, then smiled too for politeness. "Oh, ok, Kiley," Vanessa sighed, giving up the cat fight.
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Name:Ashley Taronga
Apperance: Long, jet black hair that has a natural wave too it, that everyone mistakes as ringlets. Bright blue eyes, that seem to notice every detail. Long full eyelashes and tanned skin.
Personality: Kind, shy - generous. Loves soccer and singing. Can also play the violin.
Backround/other: Is the 'new' girl at school. Moves neary every 3 years. Has an older brother, Shaun (19), and a younger sister, Kimberly (12).
Her father died when she was 13, and she's very touvhy and reserved about it.


The bell for 5th period rang.
"Oh God!" Ashley whispered. Bursting into the room was not her preffered entrance, but she couldn't be late.
"Welcome in, Ms Taronga" the hawk face teacher said. "Introduce yourself"
"Hi...." she began searching the room for potential friends "My name is Ashley, Ash to my friends. Ummmm...I'm 15 and - "
"That's enough!" the teacher barked "Now sit down and get out your Math book"
Ashley's face went crimson, as she scuttled off and sat down next to someone.
After lunch, Vanessa was sitting in the back of American history, oh her total favorite, drawing blue designs on the back of her hand. Suddenly the door swung open and a hurried-looking girl came striding in. She looked embarrased, and quickly put her long, silky black hair behind her ears. The history teacher, Mr. Bevins, impatiently introduced her as Ms. Taronga, and the girl quietly announced herself as Ashley, and only got to her age when Mr. Bevins angrily cut her off, sending on her own to find a seat. There were a few extra seats here and there around the room, and Vanessa noticed Ashley was frantically searching the room for a seat. Their eyes met, and Vanessa smiled sweetly. Ashley took that as a cue, and hurried to the seat to Vanessa's left.

Mr. Bevins started the lesson and Vanessa went back to tattooing her tan skin again. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ashley blushing and nervously stroking her hair, full of gentle ringlets, Vanessa noticed, with her skinny, tan hand.

Vanessa looked up and whispered, "Hey. I'm Vanessa. So...where did you move from?" Ashley seemed to relax, having someone to finally break the awkward silence. "Cincinatti," she replied, nervously glancing at Mr. Bevins bellowing things about the Constitution.

"Don't worry; Mr. Bevins has the worst hearing and sight in all of America. That's why he talks so loud - so he can hear himself. I'm not sure why he would want to hear that, though," Vanessa informed. Ashley laughed quietly.

"Now I want you all to have that essay done by tomorrow!" Mr. Bevins barked. "Must be 1000 words, don't forget!" Vanessa sighed and rolled her eyes.

"So, where do you live?"

"Just about 3 blocks down from here, west of the soccer field."

Vanessa laughed. "So you already know where the field is? Do you play?"

Ashley nodded. "My priority, well, its tied with singing." Vanessa was impressed. The bell suddenly rang and everyone gathered up their stuff and headed out the door.

"Well, maybe I'll see you on the field?" Vanessa asked.

"Yeah, definitely." Vanessa smiled. Ashley looked like a good player; she was thin and looked athletic, along with the tan that explained being out a lot. Vanessa waved to Ashley as they headed different ways. Then she bumped into Zoe, who didn't look too happy.
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Ashley grinned. Her first friend! But it seemed that Vanessa's other friend - didn't look happy. She walked over and introduced herself.
"Hi, I'm Ashley - are you okay?"
Ashley cared about people alot, mostly because she was sensitive herself and understood emotions.
The girl sniffed.
"Zoe. I'm....fine - it's just - " and she burst into tears.
"It's okay - what happened?" Vanessa soothed
"Well....my older brother's friends started a water fight and they wet the teacher. I was nerby and they blamed it on me! I'm going to get suspened! My foster parents'll kill me!" Zoe sobbed.
"Hey...don't worry - let's go to the principla's office abd explain. Okay?"
Zoe nodded feebly, and wiped her eyes. The group of three headed to to teacher's office.
Vanessa was surprised to see Ashley cared so much about Zoe - maybe they could all become friends..but the situation with Zoe didn't look too good.

The three of them headed towards her teacher's office, and when they stepped in, Vanessa saw an angry Mr. Keefer dabbing at his gray checkered shirt with a soaked paper towel.

"Mr. K-keefer.." Zoe started, wiping her eyes with her wet sleeve. "It wasn't me! I'm telling the truth!"

Mr. Keefer looked up and eyed us suspiciously. "Zoe, don't make me take this even farther then it has to. Lying just makes the consequences worse - and I don't know if you want to get worse than suspension, kid." At that, Zoe burst into tears again. Vanessa decided to back her up.

"Really, Mr. Keefer - it wasn't Zoe. It was her brother's friends - and I know, they would blame on their best friend's lil sis, too." Zoe looked up hopefully, but Mr. Keefer just sighed.

"Ok, you know what? I'll have a conference with your parents and theirs. But I don't guarantee nothing." He waved us off, and the three slumped out of the school.

"Well, at least suspension's still on trial, Zo," Vanessa tried hopefully. Zoe sniffed.

"But my foster mom! She'll think I'm a trouble maker! I can't believe this! I'm killing Jake and his friends!"

Ashley soothed her, "Don't worry...Zoe. I'm sure your mom will understand, especially when she finds out that it wasn't you." Zoe looked at her shoes as they walked towards Pink's.

"Thanks. Hey, I've never seen you around here before."

"Oh, I'm new here. I'm Ashley Taronga."

Zoe nodded. Then Kiley ran up to them, panting, and walked beside Vanessa. Oh no, not now, Vanessa though, hoping she wasn't just about to get stuck in another fight, especially since Ashley would witness it.
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"OMG! Vanessa! How can you hang out with HER? God! Zoe! I thought you were above that!" Kiley sneered
"Jeez, Kiles - SHE has a name - it's Ashley. And she's a helluva lot nicer than you!" Zoe stood up.
Ashley blushed. No-one ever made a fuss of her like this...it felt...great!
"And anyway" Vanessa started "she just started! Cut her some slack!"
"Well - I don't think she's that bad" Kiley stuttered. No-one had spoken to her that way before. "It's the popular group! I swear!"
Zoe smirked. "Yeah right! That be the group you hang out with"
"So?! Well....ah...I have to go - bye!" Kiley flustered and ran off.
"Go do what - look at herself?" laughed Vanessa "like she's sort-of my friend but she can be a real cow!"
Ash smiled. Friends felt good.
Vanessa, Zoe, and Ashley walked downtown towards Pinks. After their encounter with Kiley, none of them had said a word other than "watch out for that car" or "look at that puffy dog". They finally reached the small cafe and stepped inside, reggae music beating through the walls.

"This is Pinks," Vanessa explained. "Its where a lot of us hang out after school just for fun."

Ashley nodded. Zoe and Vanessa led the way to a small booth in the back and waited for their regualr waitress, Hanna, to come by and pick up their regular orders, banana and strawberry milkshakes.

"So, what brought you here, Ashley?" Vanessa asked, suddenly curious of Ashley's sudden appearance in the middle of the school year.

"Yeah, we never heard anything about a new student coming," Zoe piped in, applying lip gloss.

Ashley blushed. "Well..."
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".....my family moves alot. My dad's an important part of some bank..and he gets transferred alot. Since my mum died, I have to go with him. Everywhere. We've been all over the country. And you probably didn't hear about me because we don't get alot of notice, we just show up and......well....I've got a good record and I'm pretty smart...." she turned red. She hated bragging. ".....so I usually get in pretty quick."

Vanessa sucked on her straw thoughtfully. "That sucks." she announced

"Nah...it's not that bad, I guess. You get used to it."

"No...it definately bites" Zoe declared jokingly

Ashley grinned and ordered herself an chocolate milkshake. "So what about you guys, what's your story?"
Vanessa and Zoe exchanged playful glances.

"Well," Vanessa began, "we're aliens from outerspace. But our mums made us come to earth to learn about the best sport in the universe."

"Which is track, of course," Zoe piped in.

"No, soccer. Everyone knows that," Vanessa laughed.

"Wow, you sure have interesting stories," Ashley said, laughing. "Rare!"

"Actually, believe it or not, we're humans," Vanessa said, sipping on her strawberry milkshake. "We're just the ordinary; both been here since preschool!"

Zoe nodded. "So..who's up to the mall?"
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"Me!" laughed Ashley. Then her face became sullen. "Oh..sorry, I can't. Dad'll kill me. I'm s'posed to be unpacking. Sorry."

"Hey! Don't worry! We'll have a 3-way chat tonight anyway, what's your phone number?" Vanessa asked

Ashley told her and then went home. She didn't have to unpack. Her dad was just.....to overprotective. At her last school, she had to pretend she was going to a study-group on the annual school disco! So going to the mall with her new friends.....was like a 5 year grounding sentence!

Vanessa and Zoe waved goodbye to Ashley as they headed different ways: Ashley back downtown to walk to her house, Zoe and Vanessa the other direction; up downtown to the big mall.

"We should get Ashley something," Vanessa said as soon as she was out of earshot. "Something welcoming. I feel bad for her because even if I don't know what it feels like to come to a totally new school and start all over, it looks rough!"

Zoe nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah...lets go."

At the mall, they bought clothes, make-up, accesories, but the most important thing that they just loved was the present for Ashley. Heading home, Vanessa thought to herself, 'she's going to totally love this!' She sighed a breath of relief as she swerved just in time, almost hitting another car.

At home, Vanessa and her mom ate, then Vanessa headed upstairs. She sat on her bed and wrapped the present. Suddenly the phone rang and she scrambled to her feet to answer it.

"Hey," she said, hoping it wasn't Kiley.

"Hey," Zoe's voice came. "I'm dialing Ashley right now."
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"Hello?" Ashley answered the phone
"Hey! It's Zoe-"
"And Vanessa!" Vanessa piped in
"Yeah...so finished packing?"
Ashley gulped "Hey listen, I um....didn't have to unpack. My dad, just.....he's really protective he never lets me do anything and-"
"It's okay Ashley! Seriously. We didn't really think you had to unpack anyway" Zoe comforted
"Yeah, don't worry!"
"Thanks, guys"
"Anyway! Guess what we got you from the mall?"
Name: Cody Bryson
Age: 24
Apperance: Short, dangerously skinny, and still covered with acne.
Personality: Very introverted but very book smart.
Background/other: Due to intense shyness, Cody never quite fit in. He's spent most of his time reading and studying about his favorite subject - caffeine.
Vanessa hung up the phone and started down the stairs when Grayson raced past her going the other direction. She fell and landed roughly on her ankle, yelling out in pain.
Grayson came back and looked Vanessa over. Vanessa clutched her ankle and glared at him. He shrugged and descended slowly towards her.
"Uh, sorry 'bout that, Vanessa," he said, pretending to examine her ankle. "Welp, gotta run," he added and quickly ran into his room at the top of the stairs. Vanessa didn't have time to worry about him. Her ankle was throbbing, and from what she could tell, swelling increasingly fast.
She limped down the stairs and greeted her mom who was cooking dinner in the kitchen.
"What happened?" she asked, rushing over to her.
"Grayson." That was all she had to say. Her mom nodded apologetically and took her to the hospital. That night, Vanessa lay in bed, her foot in an ugly black boot and clutches laying at her bedside, waiting to torture her in the morning.
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Ashley walked into the school-yard to see Vanessa and Zoe sitting down muttering darkly and glaring at her Vanessa's foot.
"Oh! What happened?" asked Ashley
"My brother" Vanessa explained with a look that basically meant 'He's an idiot - don't ask!'.
Ashley recieved another look, a different one from Zoe that read 'Don't worry, she gets like this'
Ashley nodded and sat down to comfort Vanessa.
"Thanks Ash"
The bell rang for first period.
"Sorry, gotta run - Ms Wentworth says if Im late today - i've got detention"
Ashley ran through the double doors into the hall and bumped into a man covered in pimples (still!).
"Sorry! Gotta go!" she apologised
"To Ms Wentworths class? Can you show me? I'm a teahers aid.."
"Yeah, sure" Ashley said, and started to pull him by the hand.
Cody tripped along behind Ashley as she tugged him through the poorly lit school halls. He couldn't believe how strong she was. Or maybe he was just that weak. As they went flying around a corner near a large lit sign that said Gymnasium, he noticed his left shoe lace was untied and he tried to pull back on Ashley's hand.

"Ummm, excuse me young lady. Ummm, errr, what I meant to say is, ummm, could you maybe come to a stop for a second?" He hoped that didn't sound out loud as pitiful as it did inside his head.

"Can't stop now. Sorry, I'm not spending another day in dention, and especially not with that old windbag, Ms. Wentworth."

Cody pulled a little harder on Ashley's arm. "Yes, well, that's all well and good, but you see my shoe lace has managed to untie itself and I think we should do something about it before we..."

"Your shoelace?" Ashley turns around to look at the pimply-faced man she's towing. "Are you mental? Don't be such a baby. Besides, we're allmost there." She then turned her head back around but not in time to notice Mr. Radlum stopped at the drinking fountain. He was just a couple inches shy of seven feet tall and he had to completely bend over to use the fountains. In doing so, his rear end would stick way out into the hall. If it weren't such a common sight it would be hilarious to see. It also might have been funny if Ashley and Cody wouldn't have ran right into him.

Vanessa limped beside Zoe who was carrying her study hall supplies along with her own. They were about to turn into the room when they heard a commotion down the hall.

They stared in disbelief as Ashley, Mr. Radlum (the English teacher), and a skinny, younger man sprawled out on the floor, books and papers everywhere. Water dripped from the water fountain on top of Mr. Radlum's bald head, and Ashley was wide-eyed.

"Let's go help them," Vanessa said, quickly limping to the scene.

Ashley looked up and had apologetic eyes, her cheeks reddened.

"What happened?" Zoe asked, picking up the books. "Traffic jam?"

"Oh my god! I'm going to be late!" Ashley panted, grabbing the stack of books from Zoe's arms. "Sorry, er, Mr....guy. Gotta go," and Ashley sped off down the hall.

Vanessa and Zoe helped the two men up.

"I'm going to need an explanation!" Mr. Radlum exclaimed angrily, straightening his tie. He stomped off down the hall, water dripping from his shoes onto the hallway floor.

Zoe and Vanessa started to turn to get back to study hall.

"Wait! Can you show me the way to Ms. Wentworth's classroom? I'm a new student aid there," the man said.

Vanessa looked down at her crutches and back at Zoe. Zoe rolled her eyes and turned back to the confused man.
"New student or not, this type of behavior will not be tolerated in these halls." Mr. Radlum raised himself to his full height as he talked. "You see kids, respect isn't something you have, it's something you earn and develop."

Cough. Hahemm. "Err, Sir. I'm sorry for what happened and all, but you see this is actually my fault." Cody bowed his head somewhat sheepishly and signaled toward Zoe and Vanessa. "They, ummm, had nothing to do with this."

Mr. Radlum released an almost imperceptible smile as he waved Zoe and Vanessa away with his hand. "And who are you then young man? I don't believe I've ever seen you around here before." He hunched down to put his arm around Cody's shoulder. "You're not here to cause trouble are you?" He could no longer keep his smile hidden.

Cody didn't realize that Mr. Radlum was teasing him because he was still too nervous to look him in the eyes. "Umm, well, no sir, I mean, I'm not planning on causing any ummm, trouble. Well, I guess I did cause ummm, a little well, trouble, I guess, but it wasn't my intention as such..."

Mr. Radlum squeezed Cody's shoulders tight and Cody looked up into the giant teacher's bright, warm smile.
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Ashley slunked out as that 'Cody' kid was getting told off.
How old was he anyway - he looked about 25? what was he doing at school?
She walked into the door of her room - to see her teacher staring at her. She gulped.
"Detention. Lunch." The teacher stated and then motioned sternly for her to sit down.
Ashley groaned. Dad was going to hate this!
"Son, come with me. I want to talk to you for awhile." Mr. Radlum started walking, guiding Cody with his large, strong hand. "That was a good thing you did - taking the blame for what happened." He stopped and gripped Cody's shoulder firmly. "You weren't the one in front. It was the girl who hit me."

Cody gulped. "Umm, yes, well sir, I guess that's mostly, ummm, correct, but then again, there's the..."

"I know what I saw. Now, I'm impressed by your willingness to take the blame to protect your friend, but sometimes you have to let someone take a fall for them to learn a lesson."

Cody gulped again. "Umm yes, lessons are, umm, well, that is to say that while I, ummm..."

"Son, I like you and that's why I'm talking to you, but you've got to quit being such a wimp. I'm being nice to you and you still act like you're about to wet yourself." Mr. Radlum shakes his head. "Now get to where you were going and for God's sake boy, grow some backbone."
Vanessa sat through study hall continuing her rapidly growing tattoo on her hand. Finally lunch rolled around, and Vanessa joined Zoe, Kiley, and a few other girls at their table.

"Where's Ashley?" she asked Zoe, looking around the lunchroom.

"Detention with Ms. Wentworth," Zoe murmured, rolling her eyes.

"Second day, too. That sucks. So who was that guy this morning?"

"Cody something. He's the new teacher aid for Ms. Wentworth. I already had that class and he's such a wimp. He just sits in a chair by her desk and looks around nervously. What a weirdo," Zoe said.

Vanessa sighed. "Well, I have it next."
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Ashley jumped up perhaps a little to high, when the bell for the end of lunch rang - and she ran off as fast as she could to her lesson with Vanessa and Ms Wentworth.
As she walked in the classroom, for her second lesson with the 'Dragon' teacher, she saw Cody sitting in the corner nervouslly. She looked darkly at him and kept moving - to the other end of the room.
As the Dragon bored on and on, about the types of buildings in medieval europe - she was interuppted by Mr Radlum bursting in the door.
"Sorry too barge in like this, Anne (Ms Wentworth) but I need to see a Miss Ashley Taronga....now."
"Of course" answered Ms Wentworth, and Ashley swore that she saw the Dragon smile viciously.
"Now young lady" began Mr Radlum "what happened this morning?"
Cody watched as Mr. Radlum lead Ashley away. He waited as long as he could stand - two minutes and twenty seconds - and bounded up to Ms. Wentworth's desk. "Ummm, I'm sorry, Ms. Wentworth, but, ummm, I need to, ummm, go use the bathroom." He wished he would have said "use the facilities" instead.

"Young man. When you come to my class to work I expect you to work. I'll let you go this once, but from now on, and listen very carefully, you will take care of your bathroom duties before you enter my classroom."

"Yikes!" Cody thought, "this is going to be a long year." He fairly ran out of the room and stopped. Which way was it to Mr. Radlum's office? He was ready to curse himself and sulk to the bathroom when he heard a familiar voice from around the corner.

"I just don't get why it's such a big deal. Nobody was hurt. I was just trying to help that goofy nerd find Ms. Wentworth's room."

"That's the problem I have with this whole thing. Yes, I wasn't hurt. Everything turned out fine, but while Cody was willing to take all the blame even though he deserved none, you aren't willing to accept even the smallest amount."

Cody crept up to the corner and peaked around. Ashley stood with her hands on her hips, staring up at Mr. Radlum and almost blowing a bubble with her chewing gum. Mr. Radlum's face shone bright red and a large vein stuck out on his neck.

"And another thing..."
Vanessa was almost asleep when a deep voice asked to see Ashley privately. Vanessa's head jerked up and nervously watched Ashley follow Mr. Radlum out of the room, peeking behind her at Vanessa and making an annoyed face.

Vanessa sighed and continued watching her shoes do nothing, when she noticed some movement out of the corner of her eye. The student aid (who did nothing all period except look around and jump nervously whenever he heard Ms. Wentworth's booming voice ring out suddenly) was up at Ms. W's desk stuttering something, and she gave him permission after threatening him about something. He too left the room, and Vanessa put her head back down on her desk for another nap.
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"And another thing.......That new student aid - he's a good bloke - you should've been more polite. I have a right mind to tell your father"
Ashley accidently swallowed her gum
"Sir, please don't. I accept full responsibility" she lied
"Very, well. But be warned ms Taronga, I will not hesitate or relent with any student's misbehaviour to be punished"
"Yes Mr Radlum"
Just as everything was being tied up nicely, Cody blusrtered in.
"Sir....umm.....Mister....umm - she's ummm innocent!" he stumbled
"Really! Cody - I expected you to be happy that this insolent girl was being punished for her wrongdoing"
"No.....sir - it was ummmmmmm...well...it was me"
Mr radlum raised a bushy eyebrow, and Ashley glared at him.
Name: Maple Lorian
Apperance: Tall, slim, with long, straight black hair with angled features. Big, dark green eyes. Hates any boy who tries to pursue her before twenty-one. Prefers to have deep relationships with few friends to shallow realtionships with a bunch of friends.
Personality: Fiery, straightforward, and completely hopeless in Maths. Her English is amazing, though. Maple is in the Gifted programme for English.
Background/other: Gets emotional when her mother is mentioned. Her mother left Maple an dher father for another man. Maple is rich, but she doesn't brag about it.

"Wait! Let me explain!" Cody pleaded. "I don't see why you have so much to do with Miss Taronga___" "But I don't get a chance to explain!" wailed Cody. A few teachers from the classrooms had their annoyed glances fixed on Cody. "Will you___will you keep it down?" growled Mr Radlum. Ashley leaned against the wall, her bright blue eyes rolling. "Mr Radlum, I've got a history class___" "No! You stay here." Ashley narrowed her eyes. "It's all your fault." she mouthed to Cody, who looked like he was about to burst into tears.

"Mr Radlum?" he whirled round, right into a girl taller than him by inches. She smiled sweetly. "There's a call on your mobile. I heard it on my way to my Gifted programme. Oh. By the way, there's a message informing you that your wife can't wait to give you a kiss." Mr Radlum blushed fiercely. Ashley almost choked on her giggle. "Really..." Mr Radlum fished out a rather crumpled hankerchief and mopped his forehead furiously. "Then...I'd better go." with a grunt, he lumbered down the hall, shooting suspicious glances back towards the girl. With a grin, the girl winked at the wide eyed Ashley.
Vanessa limped home, her bookbag leaning on one side of her back painfully. Stifling past Pink's, she saw Kiley walking her way from inside the store. She sighed and patiently waited outside the door for Kiley.
"Whoa - don't tell me you're not going to be able to play," Kiley complained, looking Vanessa's injured leg over.
Vanessa stopped breathing. "Oh my god - I forgot about that!" Vanessa's throat seemed to close and she stumbled away from Kiley, heading home.

At home, she dialed her coach's number in her room, choking back tears.
"Ello?" a woman's voice said.
"Coach? It's Vanessa."
"Ah! How's our girl doin?"
"Well, that's the thi-"
"Can't wait to see ya tomorrow on the field! You get the girls in shape, k, Nessie?"
"Coach, I don-"
"Now don't try to argue with me. I know you wanted to start today, but I ain't hearin nothing bout that, k, Nessie?"
"Sure, Coach, bu-"
"Glad to hear it. Start 'em with the sprints!" With that, Vanessa's soccer coach hung up the phone, cheerily, Vanessa concluded, and left Vanessa open mouthed.
A Non-Existent User
"Hey! Ash is that you? It's vanessa."
"Yeah well, you know how I hurt my leg? Well I need you to - "
"Need me to play soccer for you tomorrow?"
"Yeah that's it, and I need you to be there at -"
"yeah! How do you -?"
"Zoe called me, she figured you'd find out that you couldn't play annd call me" Ash said smiling
"Grrrrr" joked Vanessa "Anyway, is it okay with your Dad?"
"Ummmmm, I'll sneak out" she gulped
On the other side of the avenue, Maple Lorian had her hands on her hips. Her father was standing opposite her in the kitchen. "Maple, please go to your aunt's place for the weekend." "No." "Maple___" "I told you! NO! I've got extra English training with Miss Silverto. I'm going for that competition. I don't care if you've gott hat business trip!"
Name: Evelyn Hunt

Age: 17

Very good-looking, with a tuft of copper-brown straight hair step cut to shoulder-length. Tall and slender, one of the 'hotties' in school. Has a very attractive smile and pleasant voice.

Confident, friendly, independant, righteous and very popular. Has a temper though, and when provoked she lashes out, saying things she doesn't mean. Still everybody likes her. She is among the top three in class. Complete incompetence when it comes to sports, but excels in debates and organizing events.

Only child of divorced parents. Hops between the homes of her Mom and Dad. The fact that her parents are divorced haunts her a lot but she hides it from even her closest friends, except
Vanessa was limping to school the next day and when she neared the school yard, she the slim teacher aid nervously talking to Ashley, who didn't look too happy with him.

"Hey, Ashley!" Vanessa called out. They didn't seem to hear her, so she had to limp over.

When Ashley spotted her, her face softened and she relaxed. She looked back at the teacher aid who was chewing his finger nails and looking worriedly at Vanessa. Vanessa sent Ashley a questioning look, but Ashley just shrugged her shoulders and motioned her over.

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