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About a life of a boy...and its mystical..which he soon finds out!
[Introduction] My second campfire!!
Okay, here are my SIMPLE...yet well thought out rules! :

{c:Light Blue} 1. No sexual content...that will just make it gross and stupid...
{c:Light Teal} 2. You make your own character, can be anyone, any gender, any type, as long as its a pretty much main character in the campfire!
{c:Light Blue} 3. I really need someone to be Naira first off - at least pretty soon..!
{c:Light Teal} 4. Lastly, just have fun and be creative! PS: I'm trying to make the plot go towards his name (backwards) has an important meaning in his past and future..hopefully magically and mystically interesting! THX!

The Introduction! (My character is Lataf, and after someone adds their character/part, I'll begin mine as 1st person view! So anyone, feel free to start this campfire! :)

Lataf finished his work with a curvy line running off the edge of the crimpled paper. He laid his dull pencil down and glanced around the room. Students were busy at work, pencils making swift moves of their own on the crisp, beige colored paper of the schoolroom.

“Lataf,” a high pitched voice said, sending shivers up Lataf’s spine.

“Yes, Mrs. Chingford,” Lataf replied, looking behind him at a small, thin figure of a tight faced young woman, about Lataf’s height, and probably weight, Lataf guessed. The woman’s thin lips drew together in a bright red, straight line and her cold, ice-blue eyes froze into Lataf’s bored, green ones.

“Lataf,” she repeated, “how many times must I tell you to actually work on your drawings?” She impatiently tapped her long, red fingernails on Lataf’s paper full of miserable little scribbles.

“Mrs. Chingford, my dear teacher,” Lataf said, his voice a fake gentleman’s, “I must tell you that I am not to say the least, finished on my work of art! Must such an artist be pressured in such little time?”

Mrs. Chingford’s arms tightened to her bony sides and her eyes narrowed to unfeeling slits of danger. “Lataf Derujni. I will NOT tolerate any more of this nonsense. Now sit down and finish that oh so easy assignment….young artist,” she said firmly, adding much sarcasm to the last bit of her lecture.

“Yes, Mrs. Chingford,” Lataf replied, settling down into his seat, to watch the lady glide away, glaring over other’s papers just as nastily as his own.

The bell rang and Lataf stuffed the poor, abused paper into his pocket and hurried out the door. The wind and snow caught himself off guard, and he fell to the ground, hitting the cold cement with a thud.

“Are you alright?” a voice asked, small and kind.

Lataf looked up. Oh, he thought, recognizing the familiar face almost instantly.

“Naira, I thought you were sick,” Lataf answered, bringing his aching body up, ignoring her outstretched hand.

“Oh, I was.”

Lataf studied his little sister, half annoyed, half amused. “You were, were you?” he asked, walking briskly away, rubbing the sore area of his buttocks where he had hit solid ground.

“Yes, indeed I was, Lataf,” Naira said again, this time right beside him. Lataf glanced to his side and saw his sister, her red head bobbing up and down as they practically jogged down the deserted street of Osaka, their home town.

“Mum said I ought to go to school or I will never live a life,” she declared, a note of sad emotion in her last word.

Lataf glanced at her. “So you came even though you look like you just escaped from the Devil’s hands?”

Naira sighed. “Lataf, I want to live a life, don’t you?”

Lataf laughed. “Oh, of course I do. Just not go to school. Anyway, you still listen to Mum and all of her nonsense? You know, it’s just a bunch of jumble to get us kids out of the house so she can bathe in herself,” Lataf said, slowing to a regular walk now.

Naira slowed too, wrapping her scarf around her pale neck tighter. “But Mum! We must obey her, you know, even if she is half-ant, half-human,” Naira said strongly, blowing into her pink hands.

“Oh, Naira. What to do with you, what to do.”

They finally reached the big, blue house with the white picket fence surrounding the entire lot. Lataf unlatched the gate with frozen hands and led Naira up the broken stairs and into the cold, white-washed walls of their big, Victorian home.

“Mum! We’re home!” Lataf yelled, setting his coat down on their red, Chinese chair by the door.

Naira ran around the corner into the kitchen, where Lataf followed her to find his mum baking on their once again, red oven and stove.

“Mum,” Lataf greeted, kissing his small, plump mother on the cheek.

“Lataf! How was school, my dear boy?”

“Oh, the usual.”

“Mum, I’m feeling much better now that you made me wisely go back to school,” Naira said, pulling a chair up to their counter.

“Oh, you are, Naira?” Lataf mumbled angrily, throwing glares back at his even paler sister.

“Lataf, be nice. That’s good, Naira. No more of this sick business. You want to have a career, don’t you? A husband? Farm?” His mother went on and on, throwing a cookie onto a platter at each new phrase of the list.

Lataf finally retired from the kitchen and ran up the winding staircase to his bedroom. He sat down at his wooden desk and pulled out a blank sheet of paper.
He wrote his name at the top, in slow, sloppy letters as follows:

Lataf Derujni

He sat and stared at his name for awhile. She had to name me that? And the last name too! Her last name isn’t even Derujni! She gets to change it, and I have to stick with it forever? he thought angrily, shoving the paper behind the desk in a forced movement of frustration. First off, Derujni backwards: injured. Injured? Me? Naira? Why injured? Secondly, Lataf backwards: fatal. Injured fatal. Fatal injured. Might as well be deadly scorpion for all I care!

Once, he had asked Mum why, why on earth, had she named him such a thing, and the thing she said was, “Why, Lataf, dear boy! That was the first thing that came to mind!”

So, Lataf supposed he wasn’t that special type that had a meaning to his name, unless of course you wanted to believe that fatal or injured meant something, but other than that, he was a dump.

Naira, on the other hand, was Arian backwards. That’s pretty enough, he thought.

That night, Lataf couldn’t sleep. He rolled around, throwing pillows at his bare walls, until he couldn’t take it anymore. He finally got up and went across the hallway to his sister’s room. He slowly opened the door and went over to her bed.

Lataf kneeled down and touched her pillow. There was nothing there but a warm, recently made dent of small, Naira like head. He jumped up. Then he saw it. The window. The window’s curtains. Blowing in the wind, like a suicidal attempt to blow the life out of Naira’s soon-to-be-cold warm room.

He looked over the edge of her windowsill and saw a white night gown streaking across their gray, bleak yard. Naira.
Lataf sped down the stairs and out the back door. He looked frantically across the yard and when he saw nothing but dead grass and snow mounds, he ran around the house several times, calling Naira's name softly, peeking into every nook and cranny of their lot.

Soon Lataf was getting weary and he sat down on a stone at the edge of the big forest. They didn't own it, but they were right on the border of Wolf Creek Forest, where coyotes howled and winds rushed through the barren trees. Lataf had of course ventured it, but never the whole thing. Once he went in, he never found the other side, so he concluded that it must be a very big forest.

Lataf finally regulated his breathing and his air was coming in steamy puffs in the cold night wind. Suddenly he heard a twig crack from a little inside the forest and he quickly turned, squinting his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the forest.

"Naira?" he said aloud, rising from his rock. "Naira! Was that you?" He tried to see through the darkness and he was about to give in to his imagination's blame when he heard another crack of a twig just a couple of feet away now.

He started to panic. "Naira! Stop fooling around, its freezing outside! Let's go in," he said, trying to convince himself that Naira was playing another silly game on him.

His heart was thudding, ready to burst out of his chest, when it practically did, as a strong grip grabbed his arm and yanked him into the deep, forbidden forest of nowhere.
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Naira awoke to a sound outside.

"What the-?" she murmured.

Lataf was outside calling her name.

"Lataf! Up here dillbrain!" she hissed, trying not to awake her parents.

He seemed to ignore her - and kept calling her name, looking in every direction.

"Naira - this isn't funny!" he called out frustratedly. "Naira!"

"I'm right here! Lataf!" she yelled.

He looked up at where she was standing vaguely.

"I swear I heard something.." he muttered.

'Sheesh' thought Naira, 'dumb or what!?'

"Maybe I should check her room," Lataf said. "She might've gone back...hopefully."
Lataf blindly rubbed his eyes and squinted into the pitch black darkness. After awhile, he seemed to adjust to the darkness and he saw a shaft of dim light from the moon peeking through an opening which seemed to be the edge of the woods. He could barely see the outline of his house in the gap, but his arms were tied tightly and quite painfully behind his back.

He looked around and could scarcely see a rugged figure sitting behind him on a log of some sort.

"Who are you?" he demanded angrily. "Let me g-"

"Shut up," a deep feminine voice cut in.

"Who are you?" Lataf repeated.

"Shut up," the supposedly woman repeated. Lataf opened his mouth again to retort to the response, but the woman seemed to think better of that.

"Shut up or your arms will be gone. Understand, Mr. Derujni?"

Lataf gulped. How does she know my name? he thought.

"I have my ways, Lataf," the woman said, as if she could read his mind. He gulped.
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Naira stared intently at the woman speaking to Lataf.

Suddenly the woman looked at her and muttered the words:

"Naira nomorphon"

Naira's eyes opened wide, and she sat up in her bed - pale as a ghost. Lataf was sitting by her bedside.

"Are you okay? You were crying out my name in your sleep."

"Yeah - " she panted, as she wiped the sweat off her face "Fine...just a nightmare I guess. A scary one."

"Okay well, it's nearly morning, so.....we should just get ready for school."

"alright" she sighed.
Lataf was worried about Naira - he kept awaking to find her yelling his name in her sleep...but the weird thing was that she was yelling his name backyards - as fatal.

Anyway, they walked to school and as they went into different doors, Lataf called to Naira.

"Yeah?" she asked, jumping from one foot to the other to stay warm.

"Just.." Lataf couldn't find the words that his throat was itching to say so anxiously. "Just don't talk to strangers, Naira. And don't wander. Stay right here until I find you after school."

Naira looked at him strangely and nodded slowly.

"Promise me," Lataf said.

"I promise. Sheesh! Talk about obsession of siblings.." she muttered under her breath as she disappeared through the doors.

Lataf sighed. Another long day of school, and all he could think about was the dream he had, and how Naira had one...that seemed almost identical as she had described it so frighteningly.
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Naira waited outside the classroom like Lataf had told her. She waited.....and waited. For about half an hour she stood there like a loner. Finally he showed.

"LATAF! God! What took you?" she demanded

"Don't worry" he panted. "I'm....fine now"

She raised an eyebrow. "Now you've made me worry big bro."

"DON'T WORRY!" Lataf snapped. He immediately apologised: "I'm sorry, let's go home...okay?"

Lataf quickly ran out of the classroom as the last bell rang. He skidden down the hallway, anxious to get home with Naira.

"Lataf," the same voice called as last night's nightmare.

He spun around and when he saw the black hooded woman standing at the end of the hallway, leading to the back of the school, he started to back away.

"Lataf. I have something to tell you," she said dangerously, showing no skin except bright red lips.

"What do you want with me?" he asked angrily, as kids stared at him as they passed him.

"Just to tell you something, Lataf."

Lataf was about to turn and follow the crowd of kids out of the school, but he suddenly felt and a sense of curiosity, hoping he might learn a secret from the woman.

Lataf slowly edged his way towards her, and the building seemed to empty out at each step.

He finally reached her and she grabbed his arm again as in the nightmare, and she hurled him out the door.

He landed on his butt, yelling. The woman clapped a hand over his mouth and sat down next to him.

"I'm not here to hurt you," she said, her voice more calming now.

"Like you just did?" Lataf whispered angrily. The woman put a black gloved hand up.

"Lataf nomorphon," she whispered, placing a finger on his mouth to quiet his protests.

"You and Naira must get out of here. It's dangerous," she said, slowly standing up. Lataf stayed seated.

"But-" he started, but the woman shook her head.

"Soon," she said, before disappearing into the woods behind the school. Lataf stood up and tried to follow her, but she was too fast. Suddenly he remembered Naira and rushed to the entrance, finding her impatient and worried.

They headed home silently.
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"Well......" Naira asked after the silence "what happened?"

Lataf explained his encounter with the woman.

"Strange" she mused "I had a day-dream of the same thing."

"What do we do?"

"Your the 'BIG Brother....what do you think?"

"What she says."

"No! What about mum?"

"What about her?" Lataf answered as he turned the gate.

"I'm hoping 'her' is a girl at school...?" Olivia (their mum) said.

"Yeah mum....course it is." Lataf said quickly silencing Naira with a little nudge.

That night Lataf sat at the edge of his bed, his lamp light flickering uneasily. He thought and thought, making decisions, then changing them.

'What would happen if we left and people went searching for us?' he thought. 'And what if we did go and someone kidnapped us and did something horrible to us?' he added with a shudder.

'But then again, if we didn't leave, could the danger that the strange woman actually mentioned hurt us?' With that, Lataf tip toed quietly to Naira's room.

"Naira, wake up!" he whispered, nudging her shoulder.

"I wasn't sleeping," a quite irritated Naira voice retorted.

"Good, because the sooner we're gone, the better."
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"Fine!" she muttered pulling on her coat. "Let's leave a note for mum at least!"

"Okay. How's this?:

Dear Mum,

Sorry to leave on such short notice, but we've gone to meet Dad. Naira needs to meet him. Please understand that you can't come with us...we have to do it ourselves. We love you.

Lataf & Naira." Lataf finished

"Fine Fine...let's go!" she yawned "Jeez"

They packed hurriedly and headed out the back door without a sound other than Naira crashing down the bottom of the stairs from tripping on my work boots.

"OW!" she yelled out.

"Shut up!" Lataf hissed, pulling her to her feet and rushing out the door. As soon as they were outside, their fingers began to numb.

"We're not going to last long, Lataf!" Naira said angrily, brushing snowflakes off her eyelashes.

"We'll just have to see about that," Lataf grumbled.

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"brrrrrrr, this is STUPID!" Naira chattered
"No! We have to leave!"
"Oh, okay Lataf - let's stay and freeze to death..that's much better than dying when were 80 something." she said sarcastically.
"Lataf?" she grew worried "Lataf where are you?"
Lataf was once again yanked backwards by the now familiar strong arms of the anonymous woman.

"What do you want?" he hissed angrily at the fully gloved and covered figure. He was leaning against the stone cold wall of the side of the house, the womans hands gripping his shoulders tightly.

"What do you think you're doing?" she whispered hoarsely, giving his bony structure a fierce shake.

"Um, exactly what you told me to do," Lataf replied, trying to control his anger. He could here Naira's panicky voice calling to him quietly from the backyard, but he couldn't budge.

The woman seemed to consider this piece of information. Finally she fixed a steady gaze on him.

"Don't let them see you," she said, her eyes boring into his in a cautious sort of way. Lataf stood frozen against the house as the figure ran away, disappearing into the waterfall of snow.

He ran into Naira as he stepped around the corner of the house. "Geez, watch where you're going," he said tiredly, grabbing her freezing gloved hands and guiding her towards the woods.
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*Back at Home*

Olivia looked at the note plastered on the fridge.
"Oh no" she whispered, as she read further on, she grew more and more worried. She picked up the phone and calle Luke, Lataf and Naira's father.
"Hello?" he answered the phone
"Luke, it's Olivia, the kids are going to your house. They left last night....I think."
"Shoot!" he cursed "How far do you think they are?"
"Probably in the middle of the woods by now. I'm going to call the police"
"no! no! no!, give them a while...say 2 days....if they're not back by then, call me to see if they're there...then call the police. Okay?"
Olivia choked on a sob, finally she mustured a weak 'Yes' and hung up. Then she let the tears streak down her face.
The cloaked woman looked steadily at the children, they were at the edge of the wood.
"Lady! We know you're there just come out already!" The girl yelled at her
She emerged from the trees
"What the hell do you want with us and why did you make us leave home?!"
"you have a destiny to fufill, Arian, as do you, Fatal."
"Well tell us already! And that's not our names!" Lataf argued
Lataf, Naira, and the woman sat on a boulder at the edge of the woods. They hadn't gotten more than 10 feet when the woman had bothered them again.
"Fatal," she began. Lataf glared at her. "Lataf," she continued, clutching her cloak closer to her body, "you were never born a normal boy. Nor were you, Ar- Naira."
Lataf and Naira exchanged questioning glances.
The woman continued, "I am Tania Derujni." She stopped as she saw the shocked expressions on their faces.
"Mom?" Naira gasped, her eyes widening. The woman chuckled.
"No, no. I'm not your mom. Everyone has the last name Derujni where we come from."
"We?" Lataf asked.
The woman nodded wisely. "Yes, we. We come from Havachia."
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"Ah...yeah..sure - and I'm a magical pixie!" said Naira sarcastically
"Well anyway you were not born normally, you are from a different realm. And Olivia isn't your real mother - well, her DNA is the same.....and you came FROM her. But really you were planted there."
"What!? You really are nuts!" Lataf exclaimed
"Planted there?" Naira exclaimed, pretending to plant a seed in the frozen ground.

"Sort of like that," the woman said, nodding her head towards Naira's example. Lataf gasped in disbelief.

"You're saying we're goddamn plants?" Lataf replied, his anger boiling. "Olivia is our mom! And you're insane!"

Naira laughed. "Lataf has a temper problem," she whispered, cupping her hand to the woman's ear. Lataf glared at her.

The woman smiled. Suddenly the three of them heard a rustling in the trees about a couple of yards behind them. The woman's smile vanished and her eyes became weary. "If you go, you must be very careful," she whispered, planting her eyes on Lataf's glare. "And I mean it."

Naira said, "Where are we going?" Lataf shushed her and turned back to the woman for a response.

She looked around, and then leaned in closer. "Havachia. You must visit your planter."

"Our what?" Naira said loudly, drawing back in disgust.

"Shut up!" Lataf whispered fiercely. They leaned in again.

"I guess you would call it your father."

"Dad? We've never met him before," Naira countered.

"Well, I have. But I don't remember," Lataf said sadly, looking down at his sodden shoes.

"Well now's the time. And when you get there," she continued, "give him this." She held out a small, yellowed slip of paper about one inch long and half an inch wide. Lataf took it gingerly and placed it in his coat pocket.

When he looked up, he and Naira were alone again.
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"Lataf, you met Mum's (Olivia) husband (who we thought was our father) not our so- called 'planter'"
The two were silent
"Great! Just Great! So how do we get to another realm?" Naira exclaimed "This is so stupid!"
"Shut Up, Naira! We'll figure it out"
Naira stood up
"Hey! Lady! COme back here!" she shouted "How do we do it?"
"She won't come Naira"
"Nepo!" Naira called and spread her arms out wide
The leaves started to rustle and a tree began to divide into two behind Naira
"Esolc!" she called again and the Tree went back together
"Hey Naira - what did you just say?"
"the first one was open in a language me and my friends made up, and then close. All you have to do is say it backwards." She explained
"Well do it again...say open"
"Nepo" she said with a raised eyebrow
The tree split entirely, with a spinning vortex in between.
"What do you think?" asked Lataf
"Why not? It can't get any worse"
And with that they stepped into the vortex.
Lataf blinked, his eyes adjusting to the darkness inside the other realm. Suddenly light blasted in his eyes, and he fell to the ground, his head exploding.

"Lataf!" Naira said, helping him up. They looked around, taking in every little detail. Except every little detail, was the same detail in their real world.

"We didn't go anywhere!" Naira whined, throwing her arms up to the bleak, frozen sky. The same tree was in front of them, normal as normal, and his fingers were frozen icicles.

"Great.." he muttered. "Wait," he said, "we stepped into that tree and then there was a blinding light, so we must be in the other realm. We're in Havachia!" he exclaimed, his heart beating faster as if this world looked the same, yet was completely different in every other way.
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"Halt - who goes there?" A man asked as he pointed a spear at their head
"I am La - " Lataf began
"Fatal...and I'm Arian" finished naira. The she whispered "Don't let them now our real names! Duhh!"
"Oh! Sorry!" said the man, and the guards behind him bowed down low.
Lataf was puzzled why they were acting as if they were royal, or really even that they belonged here.
"Right this way, please," the man said, leading them through the thick brush of trees. Suddenly they came upon a clearing, one of which Lataf had never seen before in their woods.
"We have been expecting you for some time, sir," the man said without turning around, "ma'am."
Naira and Lataf exchanged glances.
"Umm..excuse me, but why?" Naira asked.
The man and the guards turned around abruptly.
"You do not know, Lady Arian?" he asked.
Naira glanced at Lataf. "Er- not exactly."
The man raised one bushy eyebrow. "Ah. Then the time has come."
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The man faced the sky and called out "O' priest of prophecy - come to Havachia and speak"
The sky seemed to erupt as a figure cloaked in white descended and gazed upon to the children.
"You have come then" he almost whispered "You want the prophecy, here it is - sit down, this will take a while"
He sat down, and his pupils became white as he spoke
"Long ago, when Earth and Havachia were the one realm, but known as two races, there was a human - and a Mystical (now known as Havachian.)
They fell in love, and created two children. One known as Arian, Lady of the Land - and Fatal, King of the land. One, Fatal - was destructive, impulsive and chaotic.
Arian was peaceful, and calm.
Once when the King died, Fatal took his place by lies and deceit. He destroyed forests, killed animals, and made servants of his people. He was a tyrant. Airan stopped him and made him a peaceful king, through truth, and love. The evil god, Soac, hated a Good King, and hated Arian. He took their souls and threw them 1000 years into the future, as well as splitting the realms.
You two - are the younger versions of the Lady and King. Fatal, you are the Peaceful and Wise King, and Arian - you are Lady of the Land, as well as a Mystical, the most powerful there will ever be. But no-one must know you are here, for there will be plans to assasinate you, and if Soac finds out....well, let's just pray the good gods may conceal us."
Fatal and Arian looked at each other - seeing a new light each other's eyes. They didn't say anything, their lips a sealed tomb.

They turned back to find the sky a glazed silver once again, the snow falling in a peaceful blanket of white. The man began to march again with his guards and the two followed them.

"Do you understand, Fatal?" the man said softly, startling them as they headed into the expansive clearing. "Do you understand your role in our world?"

Fatal didn't know what to say. He was speechless.

"Yeah, I think he does," Arian answered for him.

"And you, Lady of the Land, you are the goddess of Havachia. The one who saves everyone, everything, when things go terribly wrong?"

Arian nodded, her head to the ground. Finally they reached the first sign of civilization, a dwelling made of logs and smoke billowing out of a chimney.

"What is this place?" Fatal asked finally.

The man didn't answer. Instead, he turned to them just as they reached the wooden door. He put a scraggly finger up to his lips and his eyes showed caution. They nodded in unison and he turned to open the awaiting door.
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*back at home*
"I'm sorry, officer - but I can't take no for an answer, my kids have been missing for over 3 days!" Olivia demanded
"I'm sorry m'am, but it's protocol. We try to see this in the eyes of the community."
"Damn the community, damn you. You don't have kids do you?"
"Well then you should know, every minute....every moment without them - it's unbearable. Its like ripping out your life source, like....death" she whispered the last word
"I'm so sorry, but" he said simply "we can;t do anything"
"You'll be sued for this b******!" Olivia screamed and slammed down the phone.
She had a moment of silence, and a word crept through her mind 'Havachia'. She frowned.
"Tobias!" she called to what seemed like nothing
"Yes, my love?" a handsome man appeared from thin air in front of her.
"They've gone." she whispered "to Havachia"
Tobias looked lovingly at the women he planted for Fatal and Arian. Sadly, but lovingly. He nodded and disappeared again.
The last words Olivia heard was 'They'll be back my love - before you know it. I love you. They love you'.
The dim lights flickered in the small cabin and Fatal could see nothing except the outline of Arian beside him and the man in front of him. The man hurried ahead to a bed in the far right corner and Arian and Fatal waited silently by the door.

They seemed to be talking, and then were motioned forward by the man kneeling by the bed. Fatal slowly crept towards the bed, afraid to see what was in it. Arian followed him, whispering urgent warnings to not go. He ignored her.

There was a man in the bed, an old one, but a man. Fatal knelt by the other side of the bed and felt a strong connection between the elder and himself.

"Fatal, Arian, this is your grandplanter. King of Havachia."
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Just as Fatal and Arian were about to speak to the elderly man, a younger man - about 35 - burst in.
"Nooooo!" he yelled "Lataf, Naira - don't speak"

"Umm, who are you?" asked Naira/Arian

"Your planter, Tobias Derujni"

"Dad?" Naira/Arian whispered

"Yes, I suppose. Lataf - do not speak to the King. If you do....you can never return to Olivia, your mother"

"Who's Olivia?" asked Lataf questioningly

"Ohno" Tobias groaned "it's begun"
"What has?" asked Naira

"The longer you stay in Havachia, the more you forget about Earth. You've already forgotten her." he began to sob

"Wait....I think, I...remember!" Naira called to him

"Good, but - do you want to go back? Is there away to be in both realms?"
Lataf looked back at the man kneeling on the other side of the bed. The man sadly shook his head, and then suddenly his eyes lit up.

"There is one way.." he whispered, pondering.

"What is it?" Naira cried anxiously. "I really miss mum now!"

"It will never work," the man answered sadly. "You must be very strong, and not at all forgiving."

"Well what is it?" Lataf replied.

The man kept his eyes on the King in bed, still thinking. "They will find you with it. They will detect anything unusual in Havachia. Especially by you two."

Lataf groaned. "I don't care."

"Okay. But I'm warning you-"

"We. Don't. Care. Now tell us!" Naira yelled angrily. She missed her mum, and she was very grateful to have her planter/dad here to save them.

The man sighed. "Okay...."
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"Okay......the only way to be with both worlds, as I can be - is, to find a partner in Earth, as soon as you can. Once they love you then - you will be able to travel between the worlds. Like your mother loves me."
"But, we're only kids!" Naira protested
"Then...there is one other way" he looked at the floor "You have to kill the evil god (but also the god of the realm-gate), Soac. I'm sorry"
Lataf shot a look at Naira and they both gulped. Lataf thought about his mum and tears gathered in his eyes.
"We'll do it."
Naira gasped and shook him on the arm. "What? Are you insane?"
Lataf locked eyes with her. "No."
Naira seemed to understand. She looked down at the ground and nodded her head silently.
"Well, in that case you'll need to come with me and we'll get you your necessary equipment, and you'll have to visit Bomithia before you go."
"Bomithia?" Lataf asked.
"Our wise, 340 year old, witch. She will help you see the path you must take."
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The party, of Lataf, Naira, Tobias and the guard, travveled in a cart pulled by two bullocks.
The guard consistently apologised for the uncomfortableness, and the fact that a king and lady deserve better. But the two children knew it was for safety and concealment. Too bad, it was an onion cart.
Finally they rounded a wooded bend and came upon a warm, busy, small village. Houses made of logs and mud steamed smoke from their chimneys, clops of horse hooves sounded upon the brick pavement, and wild children darted between and around the many stalls of market. They entered the busy streets of Havachia, as the guard explained, and we're suddenly surrounded by shouts of sellers, screams of childrens, and laughter of merry men.
"Well, this is it," the guard said, halting the cart to a stop.
"Where is this again?" Naira asked.
"Nuts and Bolts. Your supplies store of Havachia."
The two children hopped off the smelly cart, gladly they must say, and entered the well lit, crowded shop of Nuts and Bolts.
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"I'm sorry I can't come, my children - but I must attend to your mother" said Tobias apologetically
"That's okay, so do we just ask the shop-guy, for Bothima or what?"
"No! Never say her name! You must go out the back and tap the wall three times, at the top. When it opens go inside and give her this" Tobias reached inside his trench coat and pulled out a dirty bundle tied up with strings.
"There's a gift and a note for her, she'll understand. But never say her name, only 'wise woman' nothing else. Understand?"
The children nodded and went out the back of the shop.
There was a large, looking like it reached the atmosphere, brick wall right in front of them, their noses almost touching it. Naira gasped and pulled back quickly.
"That's one close wall," Lataf whispered.
Naira nodded and rolled her eyes.
Lataf tapped on the highest stone he could reach three times with his knuckles. Nothing happened at first, but suddenly the wall seemed to split in half along the jagged bricks and dust flew into their eyes. The wall opened, revealing a dimly lit, small room. They entered quietly, and before they could protest, the wall slammed together again, bearing no exit whatsoever.
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The small, enclosed room looked like it was made of thousands of cobwebs. The inscense wafted through the air, smelling of jasmine and cinnamon.

"Hello?" coughed Naira.

"Wise woman?" Lataf murmured.

Silence followed. The children kept walking.
As the light shone through a gap in a heavily curtained window, they made out the shape of an old woman sitting by a chair.

"Come sit, children of Prophecy, tell me - how old are you?"

"Greetings, wise woman - my name is Lata-" Lataf was cut off from the women rasping voice

"Yes! I know who you are. Lataf and Naira of the distant realm, but names mean nothing! How old are you?" she inquired.
"I'm 14, and Nai-"

Naira cut in. "I'M.." she paused, glaring at Lataf, "12."

The woman nodded, pondering the small amount of information and motioned for them to kneel in front of her on the ground. They did as they were instructed, exchanging nervous glances.
"You have come for guidelines?" she inquired, her startling green eyes peering over her wire rimmed spectacles at the two sitting across from her.

"I think so," Naira muttered.
"Ah. I have just the thing for you, Lady of the Land." She reached behind to retrieve a big, muslim clothed bag, digging furiously in it with a beaded arm.

"Here it is," the wise woman crowed, handing a small object to Naira, who gasped at the sight of it. "This," the woman whispered, "will be your, Lady of the Land, guide through your long, dangerous journey."
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Naira gazed into the opal necklace, it reminded her of the sky, full of colour - and mystery.

"I suppose Lataf, Fatal - whatever you like, you are wondering first of all about your present. Simply, you don't get one, except for this."
The wise-woman unwrapped a sword with a golden hilt, and silver blade.

"It's indestructible, and almost has a mind of it's own, you'll figure it out. Now, I suppose you want to know about why I prefer ages, to names?"

The two children looked at the floor guiltily.

"I was curious." the woman grinned.

"Okay, now Lady of the Land, King of the Realm, go now - but with this map. It's magical. it shows your target, and where you are. Just about everything is set for you. Now, go - and stay, alive."
Back on the smelly onion cart, Naira and Lataf gazed at the parchment map.

"Why is it blank?" Naira wondered aloud, shaking it fiercely to try to will the words and figures to appear on the blank map.

"I don't know. Maybe the wise woman accidentally gave us a plain piece of parchment paper. Should we go back?"

"We are far out of Havachia, we can't turn back now," the guard reminded them from up front.

The two children glumly bounced along on the snow covered trail, slowly advancing into a wooded forest.

"That's so cool how she calls us Lady of the Land and King of the Realm," Naira laughed, posing as a lady.

Suddenly the empty parchment paper that Lataf was holding began to unfold to a main page behind two folds. They watched as words, symbols, and figures appeared, some moving, some with names on it.

"How did you do that?" Naira asked.

"I didn't! You said something and it opened!"

"I said Lady of the Land and King of the Realm," Naira laughed, rolling her eyes. Once again it folded back up again and everything disappeared.

"Oh my god, Naira! That's it! Lady of the Land and King of the Realm!" Lataf exclaimed. The parchment once again revealed a mystical map. Lataf and Naira studied it, planning their long, forbidden journey.
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"Through the forest will save us time, and looks a lot safer than the Volcano trail," argued Naira.

"But, it's not! The guard told us so, and he lives here," lataf answered hotly.

"Yeah, we should totally listen to him beacause we've only met him these last 2 days, and he's never been out of Havachia city. That makes so much sense!" Naira added sarcasticaly.

"I'm older, and you're just a little baby who doesn't know anything about real life," insulted Lataf.

"I HATE YOU!" muttered Naira darkly. "I'm going alone, and then I'm going home to our mother, and you can rot here in this stupid Havachia and live in a fantasy. Good. Bye."

She stepped out of the cart and walked into the forest, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Wait! Naira! I'm sorry!" Lataf panted as he caught up with her. "Look we'll go in the forest if that's what you want, okay?"

"Nah, lets take the volcano trail." Naira said lightly and jumped on the cart smiling. "I don't mind!"
As the guard hummed an old Havachia tune to himself in the front of the cart, Naira and Lataf started to plan their journey with the map laid out on both of their laps.

"We should cross there," Lataf said, pointing to a shorcut trail leading off of the Volcano trial.

"No! We have to stick to the trail or we'll get lost and die a horrible death," Naira said, smiling broadly. Lataf rolled his eyes.

"Fine. So we follow the Volcano trail until..whoa that's a long trail," he said alarmingly as his finger traced the winding trail across the entire forest.

"Fine, we'll take the shortcut."

Suddenly the cart halted to a stop just where the forest began.

"Wait, I thought you were taking us on the trail! At least to the shortcut!" Lataf exclaimed to the guard.

"Nope. No one ever said nothin' bout that to me. Good luck, sovereign."

Lataf and Naira looked at each other and reluctantly climbed off of the smelly cart. The cart turned and soon they couldn't see it anymore. Lataf gulped and he led himself and Naira onto the darkened Volcano trail.
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Naira frowned. 'Stupid Guard' she muttered.

Lataf looked at her alarmingly.

"WHAT!" Naira snapped.

"Naira your face, it's.....it's gone.....crimson - like...fire!"
Naira's hands flew to her red cheeks, and she screamed as she touched them.

"Are they hot?"

"YES!" Naira screamed. She shook her hands from the burning touch. Lataf slowly lifted a finger and touched the tip of her scarlet nose.

"Ow! Your face is hot!"

"What happened? When did my face get like this?" Naira demanded, glaring at Lataf. "Oh. My. God."


"Your face....its..like..blue!"
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"Lemme guess? It's cold?" Lataf put his hands on his face, his fingers immediately turned from tanned, to black with frostbite.

They turned around to the sound of cruel chuckling. The guard was there, holding his fat belly, shaking with laughter.

"What is funny about this?" demanded Naira

"Oh, you don't understand. It's so funny. This place is cursed! No-one has ever made it out alive because you can't go backwards! You went all this way to kill me, and you won't even make it out of the first 10 meters!"

"Me?" said Lataf with a raised eyebrow

"Don't you see? I'm Soahc aka Chaos. Didn't you understand? You are pathetic, and now - you'll die of your own accord. I was gonna make all of hell tremble, and make the earth split in two to kill you. Along with raising animals from the depths of the underworld to destroy you and tear you limb from limb, and I don't even have to! Hahahahahahahaha!"

"So this is what she meant." mused Lataf angrily

"She? The wise woman? What did she mean?" Naira asked coldly, glaring at Soahc.

"You didn't hear it?" asked Lataf, but after seeing the bewildered face on Naira he explained. "In my head, she told me the enemy was closer than ever before. I thought I was dreaming"

"How does that help us though?" wimpered Naira, and a cold tear ran down her face, leaving scorch marks all down her face as it turned to boiling water.

Seeing the tear, Soahc left, still laughing uncontrollably.

"Come back!" screamed Lataf. Then, noticing Naira's scorched face, his own face softened.

"Come here," he said, and gave her a hug.

Then, amazingly the two lifted into the air, and their skin turned to normal tones, normal temperatures, and they fell to the ground.

"Great! Yay! We're gonna live!" shouted Naira.

Lataf ruined the moment by saying: "How do we get outta here?"
"I don't know..do we just keep following the trail?" Naira asked worriedly.

"No! Didn't you hear the guard- i mean Soahc? This Volcano trail is cursed!" They looked up and down the trail. As they looked the way towards the trail, it got darker and darker, till you couldn't see anything anymore. It was surrounded by a thick forest of trees on both sides.

"I say we stay on the trail. That must have been the curse, and we survived it, so we should be safe, right?" Naira asked.

"Well, I don't know. What if something else happens? That we can't get out of?" Lataf countered nervously.

"Well, where do you suppose we go then? This is the only way! Wait - the map! Let's look at the map!"

Lataf opened it up, saying Lady of the Land and King of the Realm. It unfolded again and revealed them, little dancing figures on a white trail with the words Arian and Fatal above it in very small fancy letters. It showed the trail leading through a long forest, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"Let's do it, Lataf," Naira urged impatiently. "It looks like a normal trail."

"Wait! Look at it now!" Lataf said, pointing at the winding trail. Little red sparks flashed on and off along the trail, in various places. But one, particuarly large red spark, was flashing its way towards them, at a quite steady pace, to Lataf's fear.
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"Run!" screamed Naira.

"We can't go backwards! How do we?"
"Sideways!!!!!" she shrieked.

They leapt to the side and hid behind a clump of boulders, that had a large skeleton of a tree in front.

As they found a safe spot where they could see the trail, and they couldn't be seen. They sat down and started to whisper.
"What if it sees us?"

"It won't, were safe."

"What if it smells us, or hears us?"

"Then we'll get eaten alive."

Lataf was just about to open his mouth when a large, tiger like beast rammed straight through the cart that they were in moments ago.

The creature was the size of a bull, or rhino - with the horns to match. It had the shape of a tiger or lion, but with armoured plates instead of fur. Along with that, it had long thick claws, and sharp pointed teeth. All in all, a killing machine.
Once it had completely, satisfyingly destroyed the cart, it abruptly stopped and seemed to consider its circumstances.

Lataf and Naira sat breathless, staring horridly at the beast. It sniffed the air, its gigantic nostrils vibrating with each breath.

It turned its head towards the hiding children, its deep black eyes penetrating everything it observed menacingly. It sniffed the air again, seemed to look straight at them, almost seeing through the trunk, and walked steadily towards them.

Lataf and Naira panicked. "What do we do?" Naira whispered urgently. Lataf looked around, hoping to find an escape out of thin air. He suddenly, silently grabbed a large branch laying on the snow covered ground beside him, and seeing the beast only feet away from them, thrust it into the air.

It soared, amazingly not hitting any tree in its way, and landed quite a ways away, a loud crash in the branches of a dead tree. The beast's head swiveled around fiercely.

It sniffed the air again, and burst into a roar and shot off towards the noise.
Lataf grabbed Naira's arm and dashed the opposite way.
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*Hey! Happy New Year!!!!*


"Great idea Lataf, send it in another direction, so when it figures out we're not there, it can track us down"
"Not likley" he answered and plunged into a lake

They drifted down, and down, and further down - until They swam into a cave, once they got in there, the swam upwards - to find what seemed like a deserted hide out.

"Thank God" panted Naira "I'm sorry for saying what i did. How did you know it was here?"

"I just........felt it, you know?"
"Not reallly, but we're alive - and safe."
"For now."
They walked around, trying to dry themselves out, and explored what seemed like a small little cave, barely the size of a room. A few jutting rocks protruded out by the sides, but it was bare other than that. Staying far away from the deepening lake water, Lataf settled himself on an uncomfortable rock and put his tired head in his hands.

"Now what, Mr. Bigshot?" Naira snapped, plopping herself down in a dark corner. "You got us into this mess, and now you're going to get us out!" Soon Lataf found himself staring at his sister crying hysterically, throwing every kind of little pebble she could at him.

"Whoa..calm down, Naira. We're not going to die, you know. And its not MY fault we're here! If you wouldn't have...er...done something..then we wouldn't be here!"

"Oh, so now its my fault?"


"Is it getting hot in here?"

"Psh it must just be you...wait, it is.."

"Ow! The rock is steaming!"

"Its like a sauna in here! An out of control one!"
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"Great" Naira muttered
"We gotta get outta here" Lataf urged her
"Um, Your Majesty? aren't kings supposed to talk in proper english?" she said in a fake snooty tone
"Okay then, We simply must get out of here or we'll be BOILED ALIVE!" He said equally as snooty and poshlike.
"Okay. HOW?"
"You tell me, Lady of the Land" he said sarcastically
Suddenly out of thin air the mysterious lady appeared.
"Hello, children. It seems you've got a problem - hold on to me"
They both grabbed her arms, Naira on the right and Lataf on the left. "One" said the old lady firmly
"TWO" yelled Lataf
"Three" whispered Naira and they were whisked away through a time/space portal.
"Ow" yelled Naira as she hit the hard, moss covered ground. She started to slide down and landed in a ditch with Lataf
"Glad you could 'drop' in" he said
"haha, very funny. Now lets get out of this place"
"Where is, 'this place' anyway?" Lataf asked
They both scrambled out of the ditch and found themselves staring at a vast, open land, no trees, dead grass, no animals, no birds, no nothing.
"Great" Naira muttered, stomping around in a circle. "Now look where you got us!"
"Me? It was that lady!"
"Fine, let's go somewhere other than here."
Lataf sighed and led her across the wide, almost never ending open country land. Little did they know, that the map in Lataf's pocket was glowing fiery red.
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"Can we sleep now?" she whined" we've been walking for hours, days."
"Where?" Lataf asked her irritatedly "where could we possibly sleep??"
"On the ground, just...........sleep" she said as she laid down
"ok, just for a bit" he said as he knelt down onto the dusty earth.
The glowing map, fell out of his pocket and landed on a crevase in the earth. Suddenly the ground began to tremble, and the area they were sitting on open up to reveal a tunnel, which the started to slide down.
"Oh my god" Naira screamed, cluthing the earthy walls for support as she slid menacingly into the dark tunnel, Lataf right after her.

"What happened?" he asked, as he dodged a branch in his way.

"You dropped your stupid map!"

"Oh my god! Do I still have it?" Lataf exclaimed, patting his pockets furiously. He squinted behind him, and he saw the white map barely silhoutted, sliding down right after him. He sighed a breath of relief.

"Where are we going?" Naira demanded, starting a sharp turn in the very steep tunnel.

"I don't know," Lataf answered, cluthing at nothing in thin air around him blindly. Lataf heard a bump and an irritated curse, then he too felt the earth tunnel below him disappear and he was suspended in midair, until he finally hit ground. He felt a clammy hand feel over his face, and he reassured Naira that they were in fact beside each other.

Lataf grabbed the floating map and said the secret words. The map opened up, revealing little light, but enough to make out the words and figures on the map. But they soon wished that they hadn't even looked.

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