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by Britt
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Jack and Araina set out to kill eachother but end up depending on eachother to survive.
[Introduction] Looking through the open window, she quickly climbed out, tearing her worn house clothes, landing with a thud in the dirt. No one heard her escape and that's the way it remained until...
She stepped on a dried up stick. CRACK! Suddenly the door to the old cottage swung open and her capture came storming out his shotgun and flashlight trained on her. "You best get back here liddle lady, I wouldn't wanna hurt that pretty face!" Suddenly her brother who was tied up rammed into the huge gruff man knocking him off his feet and the shotgun out of his hands. "RUN TO THE WOODS HURRY!!!" then another man grabbed him and threw back inside.....
As she was running through the woods, the thorns and leaves scratching up her pale legs, she tripped on an enlarged root coming up from the ground...THUD! She pushed herself up in a hurry, not looking back she begins on her abdication once again...
Alexandra run as fast as she could through the woods. She dare not look behind her shoulder. Suddenly she found herself in front of a stream, and a small cave. Alexandra needed to rest, so she sat in the darkest part, yet enough to see or hear anyone who dares to follow. Alexandra listened closely.
Suddenly she heard footsteps. ALexandra peeked over, and saw nothing.
"Alexandra." Popped her little sister Rebecca. Alexandra was frightened of her sisters appearance. Alexandra grabbed her little sister, and held her.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here." Stated the Captain. Jack was again tied up, and found himself looking straight into the most feared...., the most powerful...., the most beautiful....Captain Du Von. But the real name of this Captain was..... Captain Araina Du Von. The Most Powerful Woman on the Sea.
"Well if it isn't miss Araina Du Von. The most annoying pirate on the seas. What do you want with my family? What could a high profile no gooder want with a poor farm family?" asked Jack despisingly of the pirate standing in front of him. he had landed hard against a metal bunkbed with a semi sharp edge. He could feel a little blood coming from where his head hit the edge.
And then he thought...If he can rub the rope that held him against the edge maybe he can get free......
As Rebecca and Alexandra pressed on further, and further away from Jack, Rebecca was getting weary from the non-stop running.."Alexandra...I..I can't go much further", she stated trying to catch her breath."We can't leave Jack.."Alexandra stopped for a minute and embraced her. "It'll be ok Rebecca, If I know Jack he'll find a way out and catch up with us...But Right now we need to focus on getting as far from Captain Araina Du Von as possible..
Alexandra decided to set up camp, in another small cave, near a river. Alexandra decided to build a small campfire, but to make sure that it did not draw attention to Captain Du Von's evil, crew. Rebecca found some nuts, and berries for food. All her energy was lost from all that running. Alexandra made a small pile made of Huge leaves from the trees.
Rebecca, and Alexandra helped themselves to the berries, and nuts, and got cozy next to the fire. Alexandra held her little sister.
"Do not worry for your brother. He will know what to do. In the morning...," Alexandra sighed, "we will find Araina's ship, and see what she wants with our brother." Rebecca nodded.

Meanwhile back on Captain Du Von's ship called The Silent Killer. We find ourselves in the Captains Quarters.

"Jack." Araina broke the silence. "You know what I want." Araina got up from her chair, and walked to where Jack was sitting, all tied up. "I want the location to the Secret Island."
Jack turned his head away from Araina. Araina grew hot with anger, and slapped him cross his face, leaving a nice red mark.
Digging the heels of her boots into his feet, she stared at him. He could feel her breath on his face as he winced in pain. She didn't know that he had already untied his ropes, but remained in the position so not to give away his secret. With one harsh swift move, he bolted out of his chair doing a flying leap towards her, knocking her down. Suddenly, the drunk pirates came bolting in, tripping over eachother, not knowing who to fight first. Jack had merciless dominance over Captain Du Von. He swore he would never hurt a female in any way. He was raised better than that. But this time, his very life depended on it. As he drew back his huge fist, ready to sock her a good one, he no longer needed to...
The drunken pirates fumbled to get their swords drawn. Jack momentarilly left Araina and punched one pirate full on in the face before he could get his sword out sending him sprawling. Jack grabbed his sword and faced the others. One came at him lazilly with his sword. Jack parried and knocked him on the head with the butt of the sword and he was about to face the other when he felt the barrel of a revolver against his neck.
"I would drop that sword farmboy before you get hurt!" Said Araina in an almost calm tone. Jack casually tossed the sword away and sat down when Araina gestured.
"So about that island....Where is it???"
Jack Laughed sarcastically.
"Secret Island? Haha i took you for ruthless but not crazy! There is no secret island." jack answered....
As the sun poured into the cave Rebecca slowly awoke from what she thought was a dream..She remember running on and on through the woods..and Jack all tied up...But as she came to, she realized it wasn't a dream at all!! She looked around the musty cave, then nudged her sister. "Alexandra..Wake up!", she shouted..Her sister was always so hard to arise from her deep slumbers.."Hurry, we have to go find Captain Araina's ship!..We must find Jack!"..
Alexandra woke with caution. Like Rebecca she wanted all of this to be a dream.
"Right." Alexandra stretching. They both went to the river,and washed up. Then they both went back to the home. Rebecca, and Alexandra quietly, and careful crept to the side of the house. Alexandra peeked over, and found 2 crew members from Araina, sleeping. Alexandra looked around, and saw something that caught her interest. She looked at Rebecca, and Rebecca looked at what interested Alexandra. They both gave eachother smirks.
Alexandra, and Rebecce went behind the 2 crew members, and wacked them with frying pans, then soaked them in hot grits that was still on the stove.


"Jack. We can not do this to eachother no more. Right now my crew is hunting like wolves for your braty sisters. They will be hunted like rabbits." Araina took a sweet, green apple, and took a bite.
Jack was tired, and weak.
"Would you like some Jack?" Reaching out to him with her apple. Jack just turned away.
Araina took another bite, and chuckled to herself.
"Oh Jack. We go way back." Araina went up to him. "Remember....you were my first mate, until your sisters came into the picture, and you betrayed us. I should have killed you when I had the chance."
Meanwhile, Alexandra and her sister quickly jumped behind the wall that separated them. She motioned for her sister to be very still and quiet, as they listened to the pirates agonizing shouts of horrific pain...until, eventually, the noise stopped. Fearing that they were right behind the girls, Alexandra couldn't help but scream, as her sister did the same. They fearfully looked down to see the melted faces of the pirates, as they passed out in pain...She had never hurt anyone before and was almost stunned at what they had done to the pirates, but glad for their safety....So they thought.
Araina rolled her eyes at Jack with frustration.
"You really don't know how ta be a captive do you? I tell you what to do, and you say yes ma'am you are the greatest pirate who sailed the seas. And i say good boy or you get hurt!"
Jack smiled at Araina. "You still act like you have control of everything don't you? You never had control. My dad was in control until u killed him. you thought u were so smart killing off the captain. Maybe you killed off your only chances of finding treasure too!"
Alexandra and Rebecca saw that the pirates carried guns.
"Alexandra, don't you think we should grab their guns?"
"Well I really don't want to, but it looks as if we are left with no option. Alright grab their stuff and we'll go the shore is down the path a little ways...And let's tie them up!"
Rebecca slowly crept up to the pirates for fear they might suddenly awake...She almost had both guns in hand when all of the Sudden..."YOU WAIT RIGHT THERE MISSY!!",bellowed another pirate from Alaina's crew.."I 'ad a feeling them lazy pirates wouldn't complete the job right, so I came too!" Rebecca trembling with fear, still had one gun in hand he hadn't seen. As he was closing in on her, Rebecca threw the gun to Alexandra, since she was too frightened to handle it. Alexdra quickly aimed at the pirate and exclaimed "Your times up, unless you lead us to Captain Alaina's ship!!"
"Had enough?" Jack have been slapped around by Araina. She rested on her table, and threw her long, curly hair back behind her shoulders. Jack was weak, and tired. "Jack come on. Whether you like it or not, are going to tell me where it is." Araina took a sip of her water, and whistled. Inches from Jack's face, Araina whispered, "I want you to meet the man who took your place."
The pirate grinned evilly at Alexandra, knowing that she didn't have the confidence to pull the trigger. Alexandra took a step back away from the angry pirate, her sweaty palms holding the gun tightly, one finger on the trigger. The pirate quickly grabbed Rebecca, holding her up by the neck in front of his face, telling Alexandra, "Go ahead and shoot, she'd love to take a bullet to save an old friend like me." Rebecca screamed so loudly, she passed out in fear, and also from no oxygen. The pirate threw her limp body over the wall, letting her land roughly on the hard wood.
"Rebecca!!!" Alexandra screamed, pulling the trigger. She dropped the gun and covered her head, waiting for the sound of death from the pirate. As the pirate fell backwards, landing on his back, he closed his eyes tightly, according to plan. Alexandra, crawled over to him, looking into his face, shocked that she had actually done it...when the pirate flashed his eyes open and grabbed her hair roughly. "Can't you tell a blank when you see one? Stupid girl!"
Jack quickly regained compsure from Lurker's entrance.
"Lurker Devon....Hmmm can't say I've heard anything about you. Perhaps you haven't made a name for yourself yet. As for telling you where this island that you think i know is, all i have to say is, In your dreams maggot!!! If i wouldn't tell me old pal DuVon, what makes you think id tell another low life like you!"
Jack wasn't afraid of what they might do to him, but he was worried about what they could do to his sisters....If they caught them....
The Greasy old pirate chuckled with apparent satisfaction. "What did you little girls think you were going to do, to a well trained Pirate like me?" Alexandra raced over to where she found Rebecca, still motionless, on the other side of the wall. Alexandra didn't know what to do..This is where her plans ran out. The pirate stormed over to the girls, picking them both up with ease, Alexandra screaming and kicking, and Rebecca's limp body. He started off towards the Captains ship..
"Tell the Captain I have the girls, and there in the cell." The pirate said to the second mate.
"oi." Said the second mate.
The dirty, old pirate took Rebecca, and Alexandra to the cell, and through them in.
"You girls have fun eh? I will be back to see if you would like to come to dinner with the whole crew." He chuckled an evil laugh. Alexandra knew what he was thinking. Then without giving it a second thought she hurried to Rebecca.
"Oh Rebecca, speak to me, wake up." Alexandra shook her, and huged her tight. Then found a bucket of water, and poured it on Rebecca. Rebecca woke up suddenly, afraid of where she was. Then seeing that she was in a ship, in a cell, with Alexandra, put her into a depressing mood, and cried in Alexandra's arms, frightened that she will never see her brother, or the sun shine ever again. The only thing Alexandra could do, was rock her.
Jack was eating some apples in his chair.
"I have just been informed that we found your sisters."
Jack looked up.
"There in my custody." having a smirk on her face. Jack dropped the delicious, green apple. He did not mean to put his sisters in danger. Lurker Devon chuckled.
"I guess your plan did not work Jack. Remember what I told you," Araina got into his face, "I will always find you." Jack grew hot with anger, and tried to grab her by the throat, but Araina swiftly moved out of the way, and tripped Jack, making him fall to the hard, wooden floor.
"Jack.....," putting her nice, lether boot on this back, "I am disappointed in you." Having a evil smirk on her face.
Jack cringed as he felt the sharp heel dig into his back. With one swift move he grabbed Araina's Boot turned around and pulled Araina onto the floor, putting his hand around her neck.
Suddenly there were musckets and revolvers from her pirate crew jabbing into Jack's side telling him to let her go or else. Jack hesitated to move.
"If you touch either of my sister's i swear i don't care what you do or who you are, I will get you!"
As a couple pirates grabbed Jack and pulled him off Araina and started to carry him bodilly off to the cells where his sister's he called out defiantly to Araina and Lurker.
"Oh Araina...Im dissapointed in you. Sacrificing sure footing...Shame!" he smiled, he knew he had her spitting mad.
Araina threw beat her fists and screamed in a fit of rage. As some of her crew tried to aid he in getting back up she pushed them away angry as ever.......
"Oh Alexandra...I really hope Jack is ok..If we could only see whe..",Rebecca was cut off by the loud Clanking of the Cell door being raised..Rebecca and her sister grabbed onto eachother, backing as far into the corner as they could,frightened of what the pirates could possibly want with them now. Rebecca shrieked with joy! "What is it?",asked Alexandra."Jack!" the girls chirped in unison. "Are you guys ok?" Jack inquired. "We are now Jack, we have been so very worried..I was afraid that you might have.." Rebecca trailed off almost in tears. "No matter of that now",Jack stated.."I'm ok, We just need to find a way outta here...I have an Idea"...
"LURKER!" Araina shouted from the Captains Quarters. Araina was getting her boots polished.
"Yes Captain." Lurker with his sneakyness.
"I want you to watch those brats, and Jack. I do not want them to miss our party." Giving Lurker a smirk.
"Yes Captain," Lurker sharing in that smirk, "would you care to join me?" Lurker showing her the way.
"I would love too." Araina shouted at the pirate who was polishing her boots to put her boots on. Araina followed Lurker down to the Brig.
"Now Jack, I am here to settle.....AHHHHH!" Araina yelled. Lurker looked up, then suddenly went towards the bell, and swung it like a mad man.
"THE PRISONERS HAS ESCAPED!! SEARCH THE CABINS, THE BUNKS, THE WINE COOLERS, EVERY NOOK, AND CRANY WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED!!!" All the pirates started searching the whole ship, while Araina went to her quarters. She took out her favorite Cuban cigar, and light it up.
"I have told you, many times to quit, Araina."
Araina gave a smirk. "Why? Your the one who taught me.......Jack."
Alexandra, and Rebecca gave eachother a look. Araina turned around to find a pistol in her face.
Jack held it up with anger blazing in his eyes while his 2 sisters stood behind.
"I still can't believe that you quit." Araina glaring at Jack. Again Rebecca, and Alexandra looked at eachother. "What is she talking about?" They both thought. Finally Rebecca wanted some answers.
"Jack, what is she talking about?" Araina found the perfect moment.
"Why Jack, have you been keeping a secret from these girls?" Araina giving him a questionable face.
"Araina I will shoot you, if you do not shut up." Jack grabbing her arm, and guiding her to her chair, and throwing her into it. "Now sit!" Jack giving her a evil look.
"Jack, I am surpised at you, hiding your life from your poor, braty sisters. The only family you have now? tic tic tic tic. waving her index finger at Jack. Jack then slapped Araina in the face.
"We are leaving girls, lets go." Jack said.
Alexandra, and Rebecca looked around in the cabin, then found a couple of swords, and both of them grabbed them, and ready to fight whoever got in there path. Jack was very proud inside. Then as they were about to leave. Jack looked outside, and noticed that they were moving. Jack run to the other window that faced land.
"What is it?" Alexandra worried.
"Yes Jack, leave, what could be the problem now?" Araina stated.
"We have been moving eversince Araina came in." Jack in shock.
"Bravo, Bravo," Araina clapping her hands, "good work Jack. I have told you I have mad some modifications on this ship. As you may well see, it's faster, and more quieter."
Jack ran up to Araina grabbing her beautiful curly hair, and putting the pistol towards her chin.
"We want off." Jack in whispered in hot anger.
"Im afraid I can't do that." Araina standing her ground.
"Araina I am not playing with you, you will let us off. NOW!!"
"Fine." Araina surpised. "You don't want to tag along with me? We always had soo much fun, right Jack?" Jack was about to pull the trigger when he heard, "NO!" Jack turned around to find that his sisters were captives once again.
"Sorry Jack." Alexandra giving a brush. Jack was disappointed. He let go of Araina, and put the gun on her desk. Araina smiled. Then in her anger Araina, slapped Jack, and did a back kick sending him down to the ground. Araina was feeling much better.
"Hook, Butch. These girls will join me for dinner. I think it's about time we get to know eachother." Alexandra, and Rebecca looked at eachother, and held hands.
"Would you girls care to join me tonight, or shall I let the men handle you?" Alexandra, Rebecca scared for there well being quickly accepted Araina's offer. Jack still on the floor in pain by Araina's back kick.
"Jack," Araina blowing out a sigh, "what shall I do with you? Ah!" Araina had an idea. "I have the perfect place for you. Butch, Hook take the girls to my chambers, and watch over them. I do not want them to miss dinner."
Before leaving Alexandra stated, "Would it miss it for the world, Captain." Alexandra giving her a smile, and a certain attitude. Butch, and Hook left with the girls. Lurker Devon appeared out of nowhere.
"Ah! There you are. I would like your assistance of taking Mr.Turner to where he will be staying, you know how I like my prisoners to be well cared for. Since Jack will be helping us once again." Putting her head to the side, and giving Jack a smile.
"Let's go then." Lurker guiding Jack to his special place. Araina, and Lurker led the way.
"This is where you will be staying." Araina opening the door. Jack walked in. He couldn't believe his eyes, Araina has brought his past back to hunt him.
"The torture room." Jack whispered then turned around to Araina, and looked her straight in the eyes. Araina looked back. 2 pirates took Jack, and put an individual chain on his wrist, and pulled the chains, ready for him to be whipped. Araina came from behind, up to Jack's face, with a whip.
"I still have the scars Jack," Getting into his face, "Your Scars. The Scars you gave me. 40 lashes, for you. Then 10 more.....each year." Araina walked around Jack.
"Do you remember Jack?" Jack was in a daze. Then Araina grabbing his chin, yelling into his face,"REMEMBER WHAT HELL YOU PUT ME THROUGH!!" Araina walking away. "I REMEMBER LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY. I REMEMBER EACH WHIP." Then Araina went again into Jack's face. Silence was in the air for quite awhile, until Araina broke the silence.
"Your sisters are going to find out tonight, the evil kind of pirate you really are. The man you were when you sailed these waters. Once I tell them the horrible, evil, merciless pirate you were....there stomachs will ach, there head will hurt, ther limbs will grow weak, there tears will never stop. They are going to know the sad truth about you, Jack. They are going to go through there torture." Then Araina going behind his ear, and whispered.
"They will find out why you were gone for 13 years." Araina about to leave then turns around. "If your wondering, I am not going to torture you, like you did me. I want you to stay here, to remember my screams, my achs, my pains, my cries for mercy. As you sat there, and watched." Araina lead out everyone out of the room while she was about to close the door.
"I told you Jack. Your past will come back to you." Then Araina closed the door, leaving Jack to hang there. Araina told the 2 pirates to be on guard.
"LURKER!!" Araina screamed. Lurker came out of nowhere.
"I want you to join me for dinner with the girls. This will be a nice bed time story for them. To know what there brother has been doing for soo long." Lurker gave a evil smile, and both walked along to her chamber.
"Here, let me help you out of those chains." Lurker said, pulling them tighter, laughing wickedly. "You see, it's not that I don't think you're gallant. It's not that I even want you to suffer. It's just, well, I think the word is fun. I'm kinda enjoying how this is all playing out. If I really wanted you out of here, I could simply release you. Araina left the keys in the caring of my keep. I just want to see where this is going. You may die, or you may become a pirate again. Your sisters may die, or they may, well, die. It really doesn't depend on how well you fight to survive. It just depends on what we feel like doing."
Jack's sweat began collecting to the center of his neck, falling drop by drop. He wasn't even paying attention to Devon. His focus on the pain of being chained up so tightly took most of energy.
"Lurker! Come Take these two brats! They want to see Jack one last time before they go!" Araina shouted.
Jack snapped out of his painful gaze, fighting and wiggling violently. "Before they go where!?!" He shouted to Araina. He gave a pleading look to Devon. As Devon got up, keeping his evil eyes on Jack, he put the key down on the ground right in front of Jack, knowing that Jack could never wiggle out of his chains to get it; and then marched out, leaving Jack in the dark room alone.
Jack yelled after Lurker, not caring if he heard or not. "Lurker! that's a good name for you Devon! You always lurked in the shadows you coward! And you always followed the crowd because you were to afraid to anything!!!" Jack was fuming mad. He waited till the girls were brought in.
"Jack! JAck are you alright???" Asked Alexandra worriedly.
"What did that witch tell you? Look i didn't tell all the things i did because me and Father wanted to protect you, we didn't want you end up like us so hid it from you! But i've changed Im no longer like that. But that traitor over there was the reason that dad is dead! She tortured and mutil......" He was cut off by Araina.
"Not that this little story isn't interesting but it's getting old quickly and we have plans to carry out! Come on boys and bring my guests along! Oh and Lurker nice touch with the key just out of his reach! HAHAHA! But i do believe he just called you a coward.....You know what to do!" Araina walked out without another look at Jack and other pirates followed muscling the girls along.......
Lurker couldn't wait to get his filthy hands on Jack! 'How dare he call ME a coward!', Lurker thought to himself.As he stormed over to Jack, Jack was already wincing at the pain he knew was about to be brought upon him...

"I can't take this anymore!", Rebecca whispered to Alexandra earnestly.."We need to do SOMETHING..Jack cannot win by himself this time."

"Ok little brutes, I have to take care of a few things, but don't worry!, I won't keep you dears waiting too long"..Araina announced as she leered at them with hatred. "I take it you two can keep everything under control right?" she said in reference to the pirates.

"Yep!, these brats ain't going no where!" Butch replied, somewhat reassuring himself with the answer.As Araina left, the girls plan went into action...
"Take them back to the quarters, that way we can finish eating, and enjoying eachothers company." Araina giving a smirk.
The girls could see the end of Araina's whip under the table where she sat. Jack saw them looking at it in fear. He had to do something. Even if this would be his last night alive, at least he could give his sisters the chance to live past this night. Jack quietly kicked his boots off, letting his toes wiggle freely. Then, he moved his feet far under the table, wrapping his toes around the end of the whip, keeping a tight enough hold on it. One wrong move would be his last. When Araina stood up, ready to whip some butt, she didn't realize the whip had been held down by Jack's foot, as the handle slipped out of her hand, falling on the floor. Rebecca, who was already in fetal position preparing for a whip lash, was in the perfect position to reach the whip first. With one swift move under the table, she got hold of the whip and quickly threw it to Jack. She didn't know how to use it...(yet, haha.) At that, Jack ran to the window and dumped it out in the sea. One less weapon to worry about now, he thought to himself. He was still breathing deeply, surprised that he could do it in time without Araina beating him to it. When he turned around, he nearly passed out cold, as he got the shock of his life...
Jack saw Araina open a chest filled with whips. Araina smiled to herself. Araina took one out, and sat down playing with the whip.
"Why you didn't think I was going to hurt you?" Araina in shock of there thinking. Araina just chuckled to herself, she loved nothing more than putting fear into there eyes. She knew that they were wondering what she will do next.
"LURKER!" Araina shouted. Then all of a sudden he came silently out of the shadows. The girls gasp in fear. "Would you take the girls to there chambers. I promised Jack they would rest easy." Araina smiling to Jack. "Certainly." Lurker whispered creepy. The girls got up, and followed Jack. "But what!" Alexandra turning around. "Your not going to hurt Jack?" Scared for her brothers will being. Araina got up, and came to Alexandra.
"I know he has hurt you, and has caused you grief, and....." Araina cut her off. "My dear," Araina playing with her hair, "Jack will be fine."
Rebecca turned around, and faced Araina. "Because if you do, we will never let you live it done." Rebecca gave her the evil eye. Araina was about to whip Rebecca, then Jack grabbed her hand.
"Leave her Araina, let them go, and lets talk." Araina agreed, then came straight to Rebecca's face. "I will let you go this time Rebecca. Next time I wont be so nice." Araina walked away, and Lurker took them away.
"Now Jack lets get done to business." Araina getting he maps, her drawings, and her pistol. Jack just looked at her funny.
"I dont get you Araina." Jack concerned. "Why aren't you getting your revenge on me? Torturing me, beating me, killing everyone I love? What is the catch?"
Araina just smiled. "Oh Jack, why would I kill you, when I want the Secret Island? How dumb do you think I am?" Jack questioned it. "Now tell me what the coordinations of the Secret Island, and I will let you go." Jack stood up from his seat.
"WHAT!! YOUR GOING TO LET US GO LIKE THAT?" Jack has never been confused in his life. Araina just put her feet up on her desk. "Have I told you what your father said before I killed him?" Jack sat down, and waited. "'He said kill me, do whatever to me, just please, please spare my family.'It was the please the caught my memory, I promised him I wouldnt, and I took his own sword, and beheaded him, then threw him to the sharks." Jack got up, ready to give Araina the one, two. "What are you going to do Jack? If you kill me what will happen to you, and your bratty sisters? Do you think you will make it out alive," getting up from her chair, and throwing him a sword. Araina spreaded out her arms, and closed her eyes. "come on Jack, do it. Go ahead, Kill me. Send me to Daving Jones Locker. Come on. Do it. I am unarmed, you have a chance right here, right now." Jack wanted to kill her, he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Jack threw down the sword, and sat down. Araina opened her eyes, and sat down. "I guess both of us can not forget the times that we had. You were like a brother to me." Jack could not help himself. "I am sorry for betraying you like that." Araina forgave him. "Now tell me where the Secret Island is, and I will let you go, with your sisters." Jack was about to tell her when they heard a knock. "What is it??" Araina shouted. Lurker, and some of the crew members came in behind them. Lurker spoke out. "It seems Captain, that this is a mutiny. Time for someone to take your place." Araina stood up. "Oh really, and who have you chosen?" Lurker came closer. "They have chosen me."
Alexandra looked through blurry eyes at Rebecca. Rebecca's forehead had turned a slight purple color from the way she landed when they threw her into the brig. "Alexandra," Rebecca said, "You have a black eye."
"And you have a purple brow." Alexandra stated evenly. They started crawling closer to eachother, each step hurting more than the last one. At last they had a moment to look at how dirty they were. They were filthy actually. They're clothes were torn, and their red hair full of dust. Their hands were gross, and feet black as mud. Rebecca looked intently at Alexandra for a long time, without saying anything; but it was when Alexandra pulled her towards herself that Rebecca began to cry long and hard.
"Shhh." Alexandra cried. "Not so loud! They might hear us and torture us more! Quiet now!"
Rebecca cried all the more louder, until Alexandra started. They sounded like two howling animals trapped in a cage. "I wish Father were here now." Alexandra said through her tears.
As Araina and Jack were dragged toward the brig where his two younger sisters were he stated sarcastically. "Wow you pick great first mates there Araina." Araina just rolled her eyes.
They were thrown in the dark dreary cell next to Alexandra and Rebecca. Jack went over to the dark corner that they were in and they all sat next to eachother the girls putting their heads on Jack's shoulders. He hugged them closely. The two girls looked at Araina sitting in the opposite corner with a confused look on their faces.
"Yeah girls I'm just as confused as you are right now. I've been betrayed and but in the brig o' my own ship. i never shoulda trusted that coward Lurker!"
"I told you! He lurks in the shadows and does ur bidding until he sees an opportunity and lunges for it! We need to figure a way out of here, something tells me that bloak aint gonna be as nice as you Araina. As nice as a dirty pirate can be i guess!"
Jack looked at his two sisters."Look girls i want you to know that my past wasn't so great and neither was FAthers. I did somethings im not proud of, even if they were out of revenge. Araina im willing to forget our bad blood seeing as it looks like were gonna have ta rely on eachother. Only if we can agree to get along can i tell you something that will shock all of you."

"Im with you Jack, i guess i really don't have a choice anyways.....o what's this secret you have Jack?"

"Girls, remember the stories that Father used to tell us?" They nodded. "Well especially the one about Death Cove island?" They nodded again.

"That was my favorite one! Why JAck what does old fairytales have to do with anything right now?" Said Rebecca.

"That's just it Becca, Death Cove Isalnad aint no, myth. It aint a fairytale, everythign about it was real! he took me there when i just started on with his crew. Before you Araina and before Lurker. Absolutely everything was true!"
Araina jumped up in excitement! "I knew it was true!!! i knew it!! You were bluffin me the whole time! Good play JAck good play!" Yelled Araina.
"SSSHHH Keep ur voice down! Yew want to alert da whole crew??" .........
"So Jack, If Death Cove is REAL, then does that mean that the horrendous monsters, and booby traps are too?", Rebecca asked shaken up a bit, by this astonishing information.

"Yes" Jack answered. "So if anyone were brave enough to venture there, they would have many things to confront first!"

They heard the Pirates quickly approaching the brig.."What could they possibly want now?!"Araina asked in fury, still in disbelieve of the betrayal that had just taken place. As the cell door creaked open, Lurker Devon stormed in. Rebecca,Alexandra,Jack and Araina, all huddled in the corner.

"Oh! How sweet, Looks like everyone has become the best of friends again!" Lurker remarked sarcasticly. "See Araina, that's exactly the reason for you gettin the boot, your becoming too soft!" Lurker sneered. "You just wouldn't get the job done right!" He stormed over to Jack and Araina, "NOW SHOW ME TO DEATH COVE ISLAND" he bellowed.

"There is no island you blithering IDIOT!" shouted Araina back at him, forgetting she no longer was the one in charge.

Lurker got so furious he struck her with the back of his hand. He never hesitated to do this, since he had absolutely no respect for women. He had has a

Lurker grabbed Araina by the arms, there were two guards men with him. Araina smirked to herself.
"What is that for Araina?" Lurker thinking what hope could she possibly have. "Its for this." Araina stepped on his foot, and hit him with her elbow knocking him out cold, then Jack did a one, two on the guards, and knocked them out. Jack looked at Rebecca, Alexandra to see if they were alright, but found them already out, and grabbing the guards pistols from them. "Come on." Rebecca whispered.
"Make sure Lurker is comfortable." Alexandra said giving Araina the evil smile. Araina looked at Jack, and Jack looked at Araina, they both knew what to do.
"Well since it seems that both of you have a plan, what do you expect to do with all the crew men." Alexandra looking at Rebecca, then Rebecca turning to Jack, then Jack turning to Araina.
"Come on Araina, you were always the clever one."
"Me! you were the one with the plans, I just followed along." Araina whispering.
"Well any minute now Lurker, is going to wake up, and yell for help." Rebecca fed up with there silly nonsense. All of them thought what they can do to take over.
As like a light bulb, Araina suddenly had a plan, and turned to Jack, Jack turned to Alexandra, Alexandra turned to Rebecca.
"What?" Rebecca confused.
"Jack, we both know how stupid, and gulliable the crew members are, and they will believe anything they see.....even a ghost." Araina coming behind Rebecca.
"Yup, they would Araina. Even a ghost." Jack coming in front of Rebecca.
"OH no, your not thinking what I think your thinking." Rebecca trapped.
"Rebecca, your perfect, and your a great actress." Alexandra trying to comfort her.
"Well then let's get started. She needs to look good for the show of a lifetime." Araina gathering everyone together.
When finished,all of them were smiling to eachother, except for Rebecca.
Back to Secret Island
It was getting onto nightfall, the moon was beginning to rise casting erie shadows onto the lone ship in the middle of the sea. All of the crew were very superstitious this time of day was the worst for them. JAck wispered to Rebecca as it was just about time for her to act. "Time to raise some chaos sister. Go to it!" The crew layed low below deck. Rebecca was dowsed in white paint so bright that it almost glowed and her worn and tattered clothing also painted white was a picture of horror for sure if your a very superstitious pirate. The game began............
Rebecca was so very afraid to approach where the pirates were. As Jack ushered her closer, a cloud of chaos and confusion seeped nearer and nearer.
She began taking on her role as a "Ghost" and practiced her most haunting "Wooooooo."As she creeped down the corridor towards the noisy drunk pirates, she became more excited about her task. Jack stayed behind at this point hidden with the others, watching.
She barged into the room with a loud BANG!, the doors slamming into the wall. The pirates gasped in horror and disbelief!

"Wha....What is that THING?", squeaked Butch.

Rebecca now giddy with excitement screeched, "You must follow my commands, or you shall be haunted til' the end of time!"

The pirates, so scared they were shaking, backed into the corner earnestly seeking for an escape..She approached them very steadily with a ghostly look on her pale face, covered in white paint.

"What do you want with us?" one of the pirates pleaded.

"I am the Ghost of Isabella the Third, Whom you betrayed and killed 4 years ago, the Brig is the only safe place where you might not be tormented."

Although they knew of no such 'Isabella the Third', this came of no discord to their already hindered judgement. They easily fell for this small trick, since they were intoxicated..They didn't want to be in the presence of this hideous ghost any longer! As they stumbled their way almost to the brig, Jack and Araina raced out and grasped their weapons. Now that they had no means of protecting themselves it would be effortless from here.The pirates stunned, were pushed and locked into the prison.

Rebecca had a look of fulfillment on her face..

"Well, we now know what to do" stated Araina, heading to navigate the ship toward Death Cove....

Nobody seemed to be listening to Rebecca, as they all headed toward the front of the ship, Araina leading the way. Rebecca stayed behind her sister, who was following Jack closely, holding his hand tightly. The ship seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer as they walked the creepy halls. Rebecca swore she heard something behind her. "Do you hear that?"
"Shut up, you brat!" Araina shouted behind her. Jack couldn't believe his ears. After Rebecca had just helped them all out, and she had the nerve to talk to his sister like that?!
Well now Jack had some nerve too. He didn't trust Araina to begin with. He kicked her in her backside so hard that Araina went flying forward, into the upcoming wall. He merely stepped over her limp body and continued holding tightly to his sister Alexandra's hand. They both went around the corner about ten feet away from where Araina was lying on the ground, waiting for Rebecca to come. They waited. And waited. "Where did she go now?" Jack said, annoyed. "Come on, let's go look for her."
As they turned the corner, they saw nothing. Nothing, that is, except a torn piece of her cloth dress in the hallway. Jack ran to it and grabbed it, looking at it closely. He couldn't tell in the dimly lit hall, but there looked to be a large dirty thumb print on the cloth. "Rebecca!" Jack screamed loudly, almost going insane with fear. "Rebecca answer me! Rebecca!!!"
Araina came to, sitting up slowly. "What's going on?" She asked Jack. "Who's screaming?"
"Rebecca!!!!" Jack screamed again. Araina tried standing up, getting a head rush. "OH!" She moaned. "What happened?"
Jack grabbed Alexandra, running in the opposite direction away from Araina. His loud footsteps made it easy for a stalker to track them down. Alexandra couldn't keep up with him, he was very fast. She let go of his hand to go at her own pace, still following him closely. Jack ran fast, calling out: "Rebecca!" He came to the end of the hallway, where there was another hall to his right. "Come on, Alex!" He said to her, turning around to face her, only to find that she was gone!
Jack began sweating, thinking that she was only pulling his leg. Surely she was about to come out and say 'boo' at any moment. Although this was no time to be playing silly games.
"Alexandra." He said in a normal voice. 'Hey, Alex?" He said louder. He looked down the hall and saw Araina on the other end, just standing there.
Araina began walking toward Jack. "I saw him take her." She said.
"Who?!" Jack shouted.
"I don't know. I didn't recognize him. But I saw someone jump out and grab her by the neck. That's probably why she couldn't scream for help."
"Well, why didn't you scream for help?!" Jack said angrily. "You just watch someone steal my sister? What about Rebecca? You were out when someone must have gotten her too."
"I don't know who he was, what if he killed me for saying anything. Besides, he was too fast. Let's just not panic and look for them." Araina said, catching up to Jack.
"Let's not panic?" He said, with hot tears running down his cheeks. Wiping them away hurriedly, he looked at her angry: "I never knew panic until the day I met you. Now, I live and breathe panic. One day, when I'm old, someone will write a story about this panic I'm living. You will be the enemy who doesn't live to see the end of the book. I'll make sure of that."
"I was forced onto your side Jack. I'm here now. I'm not going back to the old Araina. I wanted to at first, but...I'm sticking with you now."
"And, yet either way you choose, it will be fatal." He said to her.
"Don't believe me. But if sticking by your side means I make you angry, then I'm here 105%"
Jack couldn't help smile at Araina.
"Wow only 105? Your slacking my good friend! Look, im sorry for hurting back there, I think all this running around and being captured must be getting to me. I'm willing to cooperate so we can get out of this place alive. And maybe we can set our differences aside. Let's find my sisters!"
Araina, and Jack went up, and down the halls, and to each room, but found no one. Jack was getting more worried by the second. "Don't Panic Jack." Araina said while patting him on the back.
"How can I not worried." Jack, thinking the worst. Araina, and Jack thought of where they didn't look yet. They both went up to the deck, and called out for the girls.
"Rebecca! Alex! Girls!" Jack shouting. Araina thought long, and hard of who can be behind this, who is after them that we didn't already capture? She had know idea. But like a lightening bolt, a thought came into her head. She has seen this before. A long time ago in her younger years, with Jack, and his father she remembered that some of the crew have gone missing before, and they all have looked for them before, just as Jack, and her were looking for the girls. And then with excitment inside of her, she knew who it was. Of course she thought. They are near the port of Tortuga, and who else could recognize her ship. Araina with a smile on her face, ran to her Quarters.
"Araina where are you going?" Jack shouted. Araina didn't yell back, but ran up to the door, and slowly opened it hoping that she was right. She looked inside, and found it empty. As she was about to give up hope, she saw 2 chairs that were facing the window. She slowly walked towards the chairs, and found Rebecca, and Alexandra tied up. She was proud of herself, she knew that she was right. She untied the girls, and the girls got up. Surpised to see Araina, and even more surpised to see the person behind her.
"I knew you would have figured it out." A voice from behind.
"How can I forget......William." Araina whispered as she turned around, and found a handsome, tall man behind her with the most gorgous smile, and behind him his trusted friend Mattalino. Araina was relieved to see him. She screamed in excitment, and ran to William hugging him. Jack ran in finding Araina in some man's arms, and his 2 sisters in no harm.
"Jack!" They girls both yelled in comfort. Jack held his sisters. "Is this the man who did this to you." The girls both nodded. Jack nodded his head. He walked towards this tall man, took Araina from his arms, and punched him right in the face, watching him fall to the ground.
"If you dare touch my sisters again, I will show you true pain." Jack with a firm voice.
"Jack are you crazy!!" Araina filled with confusion, and anger, while helping William to his feet.
"Thats alright Araina, he hits like a woman." William stated.
"I will give you a hit, a hit you will soon never forget." Jack getting into Williams face.
"Then lets tango, little man." William getting even closer to Jacks face.
"Boys, boys." Araina coming between them.
"Who is this Frankinstein, Araina." Jack said while folding his arms. Araina came to Williams side.
"Jack you may not remember, because the man you knew was small, thin, and not well equipped. But this is William Veredo. My old, and yet my closes friend." Araina looking up into Williams eyes.
"So he kidnapped my sisters just for fun?" Jack getting furious by the second.
"Yes actually I did. I love a good mystery, and I love when Araina finds my clues, and solves the mystery. Your sisters werent in any real danger. I just wanted to amuse myself." William proud of himself.
"You want amusement, I will give you amusement." Jack threatened. Araina came in front of him. Araina turned to William with a smile, and came around back to Jack with a threatening look. "Over my died body Jack." Holding her hands up. Jack was about to blow off steam, when Araina turned him around.
"Listen my friend, they mean us no harm. They are my friends. We need there help. We have the crew in the brig, and how are we going to work this ship without a crew. So calm down, your sisters are fine, and lets find that treasure, that way we can move on with our lives." Jack thought about the situation. "Oh and by the way, if you ever touch a single hair on his gorgous body I will kill you. Alright? Now lets find that treasure."
Jack sized up William with hatred. What did he have that Jack didn't, he thought. Not that Jack had any interest in Araina all. But still, it was the principle of the thing! Except for the whole kicking Araina in the back thing, Jack had remained a complete gentleman throughout the whole nightmare, while playing "daddy" for his sisters, keeping himself alive, and not killing Araina, even though he had the muscles in his body to strangle the life out of her. If Araina was to be attracted to anyone here, Jack should have been first in line! Jack held his sisters hands, not realizing that he had been squeezing them in anger, until Alexandra let go annoyed. She quickly left Jack's side and ran next to William, looking up at him with darling eyes. Jack's jaw dropped. That traitor! Didn't she realize that this man had just kidnapped her, tied her up, and then laughed about it?!
"Alex!" He demanded. No answer. "Alexandra, can I talk to you for a minute please?" He said.
No answer. "Hey, Alex, I need to tell you a secret!"....No answer.
"Alexandra! I have candy!" Jack said with a smile. No answer. He looked at Rebecca, as she held Jack's hand loyally. She looked at him and said, "What do we do now, Jack?"
He sighed and said, "Let's go Becca." They followed the trio to the end of the hall.
"Don't worry Jack, if Alex proposes to William, I'm sure he'll say no." Rebecca said, chuckling.
Jack smiled at Rebecca.
"Good to see you with a sense of humor again sister."
The group made their way to the top deck. They all stood near the front of the ship looking out at the vast blue waters.
"Jack, let's do it! You know you can't resist a bit of adventure!" Blurted Araina looking straight at Jack. He knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Your right about that, but who says i want to share any of it with you bloaks? I might've planned on going back to get it when I've gotten rid of you all."

"Some how I doubt that Jacko me boy!" Said Araina confidently to Jack.

"Does someone want to enlighten me over here on what's happening or am i just going to be left in the lurch?" ASked William.
Araina smiled sweetly at William. "Were just tring to convince Jack over here ta tell us where the treasure of Vallin is. I think he was about to say."
William's eyes lit up a bit at the mention of treasure.

"It's a fools journey, The island is riddled with monsters and booby traps! We'll never survive!" Answered Jack.

"Seriously is that all there is Jack? You must be getting soft in your old age, monsters and booby traps??? Nothing a pirate can't handle if there's adventure n booty involved! So Jack what do you say?"

"I say your a loony Araina, but you are right....I've been longing for some adventure. Let's do it!" Every single person was excited to go to the secret island. Jack took control of the navigating and they were off on another adventure.....But down below in the brig, trouble was brewing. The angry pirate crew that had been thrown into the cells were restless and angry........

"So another adventure for treasure eh Araina?" said William coming to her side. "When are you going to give it up? There is no treasure." William sounding disappointment. Araina looked at William feeling pity for him. Araina knew that William has been looking for treasure all through his life, only ending up with empty hands, and disappointment. But Araina didn't want to give up hope, not yet. "Yes there is, I believe there is, and I am not going to stop looking for it." Araina said with confidence, while sailing the ship. William smiled at her cute little ways, how she likes to take charge. While steering William put his hands on hers. "I think you need a break, Araina." William whispered in her ear. Araina did a little giggle, with a snort. Even though Araina was beautiful, she had a little geekyness to her.
"Araina!" Alexandra coming up upon the stairs. Araina jumped. Clearly her throat, "Yes Alexandra what is it?"
"Jack needs you, in the brig." Alexandra said noticing that she interrupted something. William, and Araina ran downstairs, seeing Lurker yelling at Jack, and Jack just standing there with his arms crossed.
"Well isn't it Young William?" Lurker noticing how Will has grown. William was shocked to see his trusted friend behind bars. William turned around to Araina, and started getting angry saying, "Araina what is the meaning of this? What are you doing to Lurker? Why have you done this?" William getting hot with anger. Araina knew how quickly William can change, first doing a little flirtation with her, then this. Jack came between them both. "William I suggest you back up, and respect the Captain. I think you know better then that to get loud with the Captian." Jack said getting into Williams face. Araina pulled back Jack, nodding to him thanks, and then looking intently at William.
"William," Araina trying to be calm, "Lurker set up a mutiny, with the crew. You know what I had to do." Grabbing his arm.
"Come on William let us outta here." Lurker stated.
"I dont think William is going to do that." Araina said with proudness.
"And why is that?" Lurker getting angry.
"Because I have something you dont. Im a woman, and your not." Araina looking at William.
"Well ummm bye Lurker, you get what you get." William said having no pity.

Jack, and Araina got to the next port, and dropped the misbehaving crew to jail, then set sailed for the Island. William was sleeping in his den, Alexandra was learning how to sail, and Rebecca was talking to Mattalino. Rebecca seemed very interested in his adventure, Jack was keeping a close eye on him. Jack went to The Captain's Quarters, and sat down at her desk with his feet propped up, while eating a green apple. Araina came in with a bunch of maps, and went to her desk to find out where they will find some supplies. Silence filled the room, until Jack broke the silence.
"I dont trust that William of yours." Jack mumbled.
"Yea well I dont either." Araina said while going through her maps. Jack stood up. "Well then why is he here?"
Araina looked at Jack, and said, "Because when we get to the Island he is willing to face the traps, and the monsters, and die. Besides he is a very good kisser." Araina going back to work.
"Is that all?" Jack wishing that Araina would snap back to her senses, if she had any. Araina got up, and put her hand on the knob. "Jack if you hate him so much, he will be dropped off at the next port. Just get some sleep, and let me work." Araina opening the door for him. "Good Im glad we see eye to eye." Jack said proving his point. Araina nodded her head, and motioned him to leave. Jack left her alone, and she went back to her desk. Araina had the feeling that Jack was right. Lurker, and William were very close, and William did mention to her that he did want to get off at the next port. But why she wondered? Why get off when he could be with her? Araina had a sense of what William was planning. Lurker must have sent a message somehow to William, and thats how William showed up on her ship. Araina felt that William is going to go against her. She was willing to find out, but if she told Jack he will never let her live it down. It was best to keep her opinions to herself. Or was it?
"Well don't kick him off on my account Araina, you decide whether you want him on here or not, you are the captain." Jack looked at William who was talking to Mattalino. He didn't trust either of them. Especially William, he was too angry about Lurker being in the cell. And how did he know where the ship was? How did he know where to find us? Jack looked at Araina, she was watching William with the same searching eyes as he was.

"Your thinking the same thing as I am aren't you? Im sorry to say i don't believe your good friend is up to any good." Araina didn't answer but turned her head away from Jack in shame.

"Im not going to make fun of you, im sorry it had to be this way. But let us at least give him to the island to see if he truly is against us! if he is, well let's just say that i wouldn't want my little sisters to see what we'll do to him!"
It had been almost a week aboard the vessel, William and his four other comrades helped to sail the vessel. Suddenly one day there was a small black dot on the horizon. Araina yelled to jack exitedly.
"Jack! JAck! Get up here you have to see this!"

Jack was below deck talking with his sisters. they all came atop and looked where Araina pointed. "Is that it Jack?? Is it???" Asked Araina.

Jack smiled as everyone came aboard to see. "Get ready, this is gonna be a wild adventure." Is all he said. Rebecca and Alexandra looked on in wonder. Was this really the fairy tale island their father had always told them about? They were about to find out......
Rebecca watched with anticipation as they gained on what they now could depict as an island. She was so excited to find out if this really could be what she had always assumed as a myth.
In the meantime, she walked down into the cabin until futher news about the island. Mattalino advanced towards Rebecca with a soft smile. They got to talking and she came to the realization that she was beginning to like this young fellow. As he went on about his perilous journies she let herself get distracted by gazing upon his cerulean eyes accompanied by his long dark eyelashes, and jet black hair. He had perfect smooth skin, although slightly darkened from being in the constant sun.
She quickly snapped out of it, realizing he had asked her a question requiring her response. He was asking what made the crew turn against Araina, since before they had such respect for her.. Rebecca wondered when the conversation headed this direction..
Embarrassed over her gawking at him she responded quickly, "Oh um, I'm not sure what came over them, but it helped bring Araina to our side."
Mattalino was trying to find out as much information as he could. He knew something was up since Araina had taken Jack's side. Jack must know something more about the secret island than we do. But whatever it was he was set on finding it out. He would report back to Lurker Devon his findings. His loyalaties still fell with Lurker Devon since he has never betrayed him. Araina on the other hand he felt no one could fully trust her. Mattalino had come across one distraction though. He didn't plan on falling for Jack's younger sister Rebecca..
Jack did know something he wasn't telling everyone about the island. They all knew there was treasure in general out at Death Cove. But if the whole so called 'myth' was true, then by far the greatest sought piece of treasure was out there, and he knew exactly where to find it..
Araina found herself lying on her desk. She feel asleep at her desk. It has been a couple days since they have spotted land. It seems that they haven't gotten any closer. Araina went to her chambers to change, and shower. She dressed herself, and sat in front of her mirror fixing her hair."How long have you been there?" Araina said with annoyance. "Long enough." William giving her a smile. He came to her said, and started gently kissing her on her neck. "I am so sorry of how I reacted to Lurker's capture. I am a bad first mate." William whispered. Araina smiled, and said, "I am sorry William but what makes you think your first mate, Jack is." William surpised of the information. "Why Jack? You do not trust your friend?" William coming closer to her. Araina stood up, and walked to the door. William grabbed her tightly by the arm. William seemed playful, but Araina can see it in his eye's he was upset. Araina felt her arm getting numb. "Araina, we are not done talking." William smiling through his teeth. "Araina bended his two fingers back, making him bend down in pain. "ah Araina, ah." William saying in pain. "I am your Captain, you will not grab me like that again. Do you understand?" Araina said firmly. Araina let go his fingers. William rubbed his fingers together, trying to make the pain go away. Araina went up to the deck. "Araina." Jack was behind her. "We are getting closer look for yourself." He said to her. She looked at in her scope, and can see the island. "Good." Araina didn't want Jack to know what drama happened in her room. She wanted to wait until we got to land, but she knew that she would have to keep a close eye on William, and his friends. She can see Mattlaino really into Rebecca. Rebecca seemed so happy. Jack watched Rebecca, and Mattalino close, really close. Araina saw that we were getting close. Alexandra was keeping a good eye on the crew members. Alexandra had a pistol if anything went wrong. Araina made sure that nothing would happen to her. She is the Captain, and as the Captain she had to make sure everyone was safe until they got the island.
They got nervously closer to land as Jack and Araina looked at eachother in suspense and eagerness. Araina went below to check on the crew memebers who were fast asleep in the brig. As she walked closer to the cells, she noticed that she was walking through large puddles of water. The puddles seemed to be moving quite rapidly through the brig from one end to the other, not forming a large puddle, but a stream. She didn't realize that the more she walked around trying to figure out where the water was coming from, she was making the floor even more weak, allowing more water to come in. She took off her shoes quickly, and her Jacket, and ran back up to Jack who was using her scope for fun.
"Jack, we have a problem. Take off all the clothes that you don't need on. Now!" Araina yelled in nervousness.
"Are we going swimming?" Jack asked.
"Possibly. Get your sisters away from their stupid boyfriends and keep them in your sight at all times. I'll get William." She said
"I can get William while I'm there,"
"No," Araina said clearly, "I'll get William. Get your sisters and meet me on the deck. If I'm not there, wait for me to get there, okay?"
Jack bolted to the next room over shirtless, clad in only his trousers. "Alex and Becca, front and center ladies."
Rebecca came out first to meet him, "What?" she answered him, as Alexandra came behind her with Mattalino. They all looked annoyed, almost like they were glad to be here on this dirty old ship.
"Okay, girls, I think we have a pretty big leak on the ship and we have to go to the top right now. Matt, take off the clothes that you don't need on incase we have to swim." Jack said, only to find that Alexandra was already helping Mattalino out of his shirt. Jack shook his head as he watched Rebecca help his shoes off. "Alex, Becca, you're coming with me, Mattalino, I need you to go to the brig and check on the crew. I guess that's where the water is coming in and they might need some help."
Alexandra and Rebecca sadly came with Jack, as they watched Mattalino take off down stairs. They met Araina and William on the deck.
Araina waited for Mattalino to come, and then asked, "Where's Mattalino?"
"Oh, I told him to go check on the crew in the brig, make sure they make it out safe. I mean they're bad, but we don't want to kill them right?" Jack said, regrettedly.
Araina looked at him in disbelief. "Are you crazy? What am I going to do with you? Thank heavens I brought the prison key with me. No! Those men tried to kill all of us, they deserve whatever calamity is coming their way." Araina said, as Mattalino came running back to them. He stopped to catch his breath and then reported to Araina.
"The crew is fine, the water down there is about yay high," he said, pointing to his middle calf on his pants which were wet and darkened from the water. "So, now what? Are we going to leave them down there?"
Jack looked at Araina. "You're right," he said, I'm glad they can't escape, he tried to hurt my sisters and I can't go through that again. It's only a matter of time before the water reaches us up here. We need to come up with plan fast, because the island is still a good three or four miles away....Well, Captain? What do we do now?" Jack asked her.
"Umm, I'm going to leave this one up to you Jack, when it comes to spur of the moment things your the man for it!" Stated Araina. Jack thought for a moment.

"Ok first things first, I've changed my mind. I'm going down to the brig and Im going to unlock the cells, and then we will leave. I will give them a chance to survive, then there's no bloodguilt on my hands if they die!" Araina looked oddly at Jack, he really had changed alot.
Jack hurried down to the brig where the water was about chest high. The pirates in the cells were going mad with panic, scrambling around and pulling and beating on the cell bars trying to get free. When they saw Jack wading thru the rushing water toward them they started to beg and plead for their lives Jack could see Lurker standing at the back of the cell in the corner with a vengeful angry look on his face. Jack stood in front of the bars as the men begged furiously to be saved.
Jack smiled and then threw the cell door keys into thru the bars. They sunk quickly into the blueish waters. The pirates all rudived into the deep waters to try to get the keys.
"Why din't ye just give us da keys?" Asked one pirate before he dived along with the others.

"You didn't think I'd make it that easy did you? I mean you did try to kill me! Gud Day boys!" Jack turned and waded quickly back to the stairs and to the top deck.
"Alright let's go! the long boats are in the water so let's git!" The small crew boarded the emergency boats and rowed quickly away from the doomed vessel The Silent Killer. Araina looked sadly upon her prized ship as it slowly submerged into the dark depths. Jack put his hand on Araina's shoulder.

"Twas a good ship Araina, a good ship indeed!" Comforted Jack. William smiled.

"Araina, I'll try to change the subject. we've got a couple hours till we get to the island anyways. I just wanted to know, why is your name DuVon? I mean your fathers name wasn't DuVon nor the rest of your family. Care to explain that? And Jack, what is your name anyways? Noody seems to know!"
Araina gave a slight worried look to Jack............
Rebecca couldn't tear her eyes away from the ship, almost fully enveloped in the water. As the last visible part of the ship went under, Araina cringed as if she were in pain.
As they slowly paddled to the island, William didn't allow his eyes to leave the area where the boat had just sank. A smile swept across his face, as he watched Lurker Devon and his loyal crew members escape from the trap of the ship beneath the water.
Araina still couldn't fully understand why William had picked up Lurker Devon and his crew again under captivity, when they had previously dropped them off. His reasoning was so that they weren't able to plan something behind their backs. But now, if they escaped from the sunken ship and reached the island, her and Jacks small crew would be in trouble up against Lurker Devons rather large crew.
Rebecca was startled as they hit land. They finally had reached the beach of the island!! Mattalino grabbed her hand to help her out of the rescue boat. Alexandra watched in jealousy...

But as Rebecca was getting help from Mattlino, William offered his hand to Alexandra, with a gorgous smile that made Alexandra melt. Araina, and Jack pulled the boat to shore. Araina fell to the ground sitting, and watching as her ship was no longer visiable. She was in pain, she felt she was no longer a Captain. Jack felt the cold silence from Araina, as in she wanted to mourn in peace. Jack gave commands to wood for a fire, and to build a shelter. Then Jack told Rebecca, and Alexandra to go with Mattlino, and William to go find some food. "Be careful when you go through the island, do not go far. Try to stay close. We do not know what is on this island." Everyone nodded, and left to do Jack's orders. Jack seeing everyone was gone, he went to Araina. Jack sat next to her, on the shore. Watching the waters with her. There was silence for a few minutes, whiched seemed like hours. "My ship is gone Jack." Araina filling up with tears but they seemed to disappear. "I don't seem like a Captain, a Captain is nothing without her ship. That was my home. That is the only place I ever lived, was on a ship." Jack tried to find something to say. "Ummm well Araina I know it doesn't mean much to you, but you have my sisters, and me." Jack sounding nervous. Araina turned to him, and smiled. Just a small smile.

The sky turned night, but the fire was ready, and a shelter was perpared. Everyone was eating berries, and bananas from what the girls got from the island. Araina joined the fire, and sat next to Jack. William watched Araina, plotting a plan. "You know what I was thinking Araina, you still haven't answered my question, and neither has Jack." William said like he had some mischief in his speech. "What was the question?" Alexandra asking William. While looking at Jack, William said stated the question, "What is Araina's real last name, and what is Jacks?" Still staring at Jack. Jack did not take his eyes off him either. Araina lefted up her head, and sat up straight, like nothing was bothering her. "Why are you curious William?" Araina looking curious also. "Why can you answer the question Araina? I know DuVon is not your last name." Alexandra, and Rebecca seemed surpise. "Our last names are the same, Ariana." The girls said with glee. Jack, and Araina looked at eachother. "Yes how odd is that, isn't Araina? Having the same last name as Jack." Alexandra spoke. "But wait William, you said that DuVon is not her last name." William was not shocked, he knew someone would notice, but William pretended. "That is right Alexandra because her real last name is Crane." Everyone was getting closer, and closer to the clues. "Now Araina why is your last name DuVon? Did you change it? Are you really related to this family? Or is it something else?" Everyone grew silent to await Araina's answer. "She was my wife!" Jack yelled, while he stood up. Rebecca, Alexandra were shocked. William just gave an evil grin. Araina was more shocked then ever. Jack sat down. Alexandra, and Rebecca were upset, and even angry. Rebecca stood up, "Jack how could you? How many more secrets do you have? What are you going to tell me that you have a child?" Jack lowered his head, and so did Araina. "Actually I had a miscarriage." Araina sadly spoke. Rebecca, and Alexandra even more surpised. "Anything else?" Alexandra said. Araina shook her head. "When were you going to tell us?" Jack just shrugged. He did not plan Araina for coming back into his life.
William smiled evilly, as he had embarrassed the two leaders. Jack's cheeks began to glow a rosey color. Araina stared at William with dismay. She took the last handful of berries she had and threw it in the fire angrily; walking away towards the water. Jack was torn. He didn't know whether to go after her or to keep William in his sight. He decided to stay where he was. By that time, his sisters had grown indignant toward him. They both crowded around William and Mattalino, and gave them mock headship, almost like they stole it from their "former" big brother Jack. They lost their trust in him, and it showed. Big time.
"Oh, come on, girls. It was a long time ago. You can't hold it against me if it was a long time ago. Come on, I....."
"So, William, tell me..." Alexandra interruped Jack. "Did you ever think that we'd really be stuck on this island?" Alexandra really didn't care what William's answer was, she just wanted to show Jack that she didn't care about him either.
"Well, I..." William started.
"Oh, really? I wonder how we're ever going to survive on this island, all by ourselves...Thank goodness we've got YOU here, William. Now, Rebecca and I have someone to protect us!"
Jack looked at Alexandra. He knew trying to talk to her when she was angry was like talking to a brick wall. And Rebecca would be too hurt to talk to him at all.
Rebecca let MAttalino lead her away toward the water following William and Alexandra. Jack sat down with a sigh on a log by the fire, frustrated with their present perdicament. The Ship was sunk, they were stranded on this god forsaken island, and now his own sisters were ready to disown him because of his past and the secrects that he had kept. He knew theyy wouldn't understand that he was only doing it for their own good. And that he really just wanted to protect their honor.
Jack took his mind off his sisters and looked at Araina, who had walked away from the beach, passing the camp the had set up and she paced the trees, he could tell that the buried problems they had both thrown away a long time ago so they could move on were back to haunt her. The marriage, the baby, now losing her ship. Not to mention all of her friends betraying her. for the first time in a long while JAck felt for Araina. They had been on the path of becoming bitter enemies, but now he couldn't help wanting to comfort her.

It was late at night and the camp had bedded down for the night. The women stayed in a tent that Jack had erected, and the crew stayed around the fire on sleeping pads. During that dark night Jack had slept lightly much was on his mind and it took him a long time to even get to sleep. But suddenly he was awoken, he didn't know why but something had brought him away from slumber and he intended to find out.
He looked around the camp from where he lay near the tent. All seemed fine, everyone was sleeping still. But then he looked at where William and Mattalino had lain. They were Gone! He quickly got up from his bed pad and grabbed a medium sized dagger that he kept close to him. He decided hed check the small forest trail that led off into the forest. He had walked a ways when the trail turned and headed toward the other side of the beach. He walked on a little ways cautiously until he heard voices up ahead. He quickly got off the trail and approached quietly from the forest on the group that he suspected was William, Mattalino, Lurker and his men........

Jack went behind some bushes to listen to Mattalino, and Williams conversation. Jack tried to listen carefully but he was too far from them to hear. Then Mattalino, and William went back to the campfire to rest. Jack went back to his bed pad, and tried to think what Mattalino, and William were up too. Jack was going to have a better eye on them. Especially with this sisters.

The sun beamed at Araina's sandy face. She slept under a palm tree, away from everyone. She needed her space to mourn. She wanted to be alone. She stretched, and sat up. She gazed at the shore. The beauty reminded her of home. The tumbling waves, the clear, blue water, with just a hint of light green, the beautiful, blue sky, with some white clouds. It was all amazing. She looked around to see who was up. She still mourned for her ship. Her ship was priceless to her. She wasn't a Captain no longer. She felt she didn't have the duty to order anyone around. Jack could handle that. She decided to grab her 2 swords, and go venture off to see if the island was safe. She took some fresh water, and some fruits in her sack, and disappeared into the trees.

"Jack I do not want to hear it. We are done with your lies." Alexandra, and Rebecca folding there arms, and turning away from Jack. Jack sat there trying to get through to his sisters. "I can't believe that I was an aunt." Rebecca whispered to herself. "How did the baby die?" Rebecca wanting to know. Jack looked into her eyes. "While she was giving birth. It was a boy." Jack bowed his head. Rebecca gasp, and covered her mouth in sadness. "Listen, I am sorry for lying to you. I never met to. I wanted for so long to tell you my past. But I didn't think it mattered. That was a long time ago. You both are my future now. The past can not change us." Alexandra, and Rebecca couldn't stay mad at Jack. He was all they had left. Both Alexandra, Rebecca gave him a hug. Jack felt much better, and promised that he would not hide anything from them ever again.

Jack called everyone to gather, and talk about there next move. Jack had planned it in his mind, that he would give instructions about building something to get off of this island. Jack debted whether or not to look for the treasure. Would it be safe if he just let it go? Would Lurker find it? Jack knew he was the only one that knew where it was, but did Lurker have something that Jack didn't know about? Jack gathered this thoughts together, everyone was waiting for him to speak.
"Ok look guys, we've got to make a descision here. We can press on and try to find the treasure, or we try to find a way off this god forsaken island. I can tell you that the latter is the smarter decision!"
William spoke up first. "Well Im game to keep going, actually before leaving port I told a friend that if we were gone more than a week to come looking for me, this island is near Tortuga so i suspect he may come this way soon. What do you say friends?" ASked William. Lurker looked at William with searching eyes. He was planning something, but he wasn't sure what.
"I agree with Jack we don't what is on this island, maybe we should just try to leave as fast as we can!" Said Alexandra. Rebecca nodded in agreement.

"Im just ready to go home guys!" Said Rebecca.

"Let's start foraging for things ta build a raft I guess!" Said Araina.

"Ummm.....I don't think so." Answered William a bit hesitantly.

"I think we better start getting on our way to find the treasure friends, I'd advise it!" Jack scowled at William. William stood up quickly and Jack stood up to coming within close to him.

"Oh really William, and what if we don't take your advice? What if we don't want to go find the treasure?" William seemed to expect that answer from JAck. He speedily drew a revolver from the folds of his shirt. JAck glared and slowly put his hands up.

"This is why I'd advise you to follow my instructions! Mattalino, Welco, Flax and the rest of ye, it's time!" MAttalino stood up and also pulled out a revolver pointing it at the girls. Then from the bushes the other crew members whom William had said were picking up fire wood came out with revolvers and swords drawn.

"Now We'll get going to find that treasure of yours JAcko my boy!" Said William confidently....................
Rebecca could not believe her eyes..A flood of emotions rushed through her over how foolish she had been, allowing herself to fall for his false charm. Now Mattalino was standing before her, his trembling hand holding up the gun to her and Alexandra.

"Well Jack, we would have just killed you earlier, but you seem to have more information about this island and the treasure on it.", William stated.."So you may be of use to us! But that's all up to if you want to cooperate..It would be the wiser thing to do, given the present situation of ME being the one holding the gun."

Jack looked upon William with disgust..He couldn't believe the gull he had to treat everyone with such disrespect. The tables would soon turn on William, and Jack would hold nothing back. He couldn't wait...

Mattalino found it impossible to bring himself to support William in this. As he looked at the hurt he caused Rebecca by deceiving her, he decided he was going to help them. With the gun still pointed at the girls, as not to create suspicion in William, he walked closer to talk to them. Rebecca flinched as he approached.

"Rebecca, I'm so sorry! You know I never wanted to go against you guys.", Mattalino stated in an exasperated tone. "I've allowed myself to get pushed around by William for far too long..But not anymore..If you can just trust me we will find a way out of this."

He squeezed her hand gently, reassuring her of his sincerity. Rebecca let out a long sigh, she had forgot for a moment about the present situation simply by gazing into his eyes..Alexandra jabbed Rebecca, bringing her back to her senses.

"Rebecca we have to come up with a plan. With Mattalino's help we might just be able to pull this off.", Alexandra whispered, so as to not let William hear.

It seems like they had just escaped from the past situation before this 'William' had arrived to cause more trouble. As long as this plan didn't involve Rebecca being a ghost she was in..
William shouted for Jack to come up and lead the way through the woods to find the treasure..They all were horrified after what they saw next..
Araina was gone. No one knew where she was. William looked around again. "Hey where is the Captain?" Holding Jack's shoulder, and holding the pistol to his back. "Araina!" William shouting. Rebecca, Alexandra, Jack, and the rest of the crew that was captured where all looking around, but no sign of her. Jack with a sly smile on his face says, "You don't know her very well do you William?" Jack said to William. William ignored his comment, and shoved Jack. "Alright men, we are heading to the treasure now, if you see Araina anywhere I want to wound her, not kill her. She is sly, and clever so watch out for any of her tricks." William turns to Jack, and whispers in his ear saying, "If you do not take me to the treasure, I will kill your sisters." Jack nodded to his command, and started walking. Mattalino stayed close to the girls. He wanted to protecte them as best he could.

While hiking through the thick jungle, everyone kept an eye out for Araina. William, and Jack knew that she was up to something. She always was. Some of the crew where scared of what would happen if they did see her.

"So Jack what do you think Araina is doing right now?" William whispered. Jack can tell that William was a little nervous, but trying not to show it. So Jack decided to make some stories. "Yea I mean last time, Araina almost killed the whole crew, with nothing but poison, because they all questioned her command. I was one of them." Jack said while putting on his worried face. William grew even more nervous. He didn't remember that happening. the jungle grew deeper, and deeper. Growing thicker, until most of the sunlight was gone. Rebecca, held on to Mattalino's, and her sisters hand. Quietness filled the air. Silence crept like the dark night. Then brushes started shaking, what was going on? Jack just smiled because he knew it was Araina, or was it??
The girls clung to Mattalino in fear. Jack wasn't afraid, but more curious. The fear didn't set into him until William grew afraid, and pushed the gun into Jack's back even deeper. Jack stayed gallant, not wanting his sisters to have reason to fear. The bushes began to move; more than what a mere could would move them. There was definitely something living among them. Not only living, but watching.
The crew stopped short in their path, as the bushes stopped rattling. They all gave a creepy look among eachother and picked up the pace again, as the bushes began hushing right along with them.
Suddenly an javelin zipped past William's face just a fraction from pearcing him, and thudded into a nearby tree. Suddenly the bushes were alive with commotion and shouts from hundreds of tribesmen with javelins bow n arrows and all manner of weapons. They surrounded the crew. William was angered and confused as to what to do. The tribesmen hemmed the crew in close.......
William, and Jack were tied up, kneeling before what appeared to be the chief. The chief was doing some kind of signs. Will came closer to Jack, and whispered what are they doing?" Jack tried to figure it out himself. "They are talking with us. Me, and Araina have faced this before. I just forgot how to speak there language." Jack tried to figure it out. "Well you should have been practicing all these years." A voice from behind. It was Araina. She was dressed as an Amazon, a Queen Amazon. Will could not take his eyes off her, Jack was relieved. "Great Araina get us out of here." Araina came over to the chief, and the chief bowed in respect. "Araina what are you waiting for?" Jack getting a little nervous. Araina used the natives language, and told the Chief to release them. But the Chief said no. The Chief said if you want them freed, you must face the challenge my Queen. Jack could understand that. The challenge was not easy. They have gone through this before. The challenge was to fight the creature. Araina gave a look to Jack, and turned around to see Alexandra, and Rebecca frightened. Araina did not have a way to escape. She accepted the Challenge.
Jack and the rest gasped in horror as they saw......
A hideous monster entered the makeshift fighting ring that the villagers had put Araina into. When she had accepted the challenge the villagers had a big feast to celebrate the fight, this was an important ritual to them. Then Araina and the crew were prodded along with spears and javelins down a worn pathway thru the dense jungle trees to a small clearing that had been made and a ring made of animal, and possibly human bones, sticks and vines.
On one side of the ring was a cage that the ring was built around, mad of the same things as the ring. It was covered in moss and leaves to cover what was hid inside.
Alexandra and Rebecca were in horror of the gruesome scene. They could hear erie screching and grunting sounds coming from inside the huge cage. Whatever it was inside, they really didnt want it to come out.
Jack looked at Araina who was separated from the rest of the crew, being carried by the village men on the shoulders toward the ring. She was dressed in her best pirate clothing, but the villagers had put their best jewelry on her. Flower neclaces, beautifully carved ivory, bones and a various assortment of other handmade trinkets and things. Her face was solem, she was thinking of a plan no doubt, how she could beat the thing in the cage. Jack wondered at how much she had changed, she usually would have used her apparent power over the villagers to get away for herself, but now she was about to fight a creature that none had beaten yet.
Jack could remember many a crewmate being lost to the creature.
The villagers surrounded the ring and the crew were put to stand infront to watch the fight. There was much commotion from all around, they were excited. As the gate to the ring was opened, it went silent except for the shreaking and grunting creature. It was pounding and shaking the cage angrilly.
Then Araina was ushered into the ring. she stood hesitently as the gate was closed behind her, the villagers raised their spears and javelins ready in case either beast or human tried to escape the fight.
Then the villagers let up woops and yells. A lone boy in a loincloth went to where a rope was tethered to the cage door and a sturdy tree and raised a spanish style sword one he must have taken off a dead spainerd, and cut the vine rope. The door to the cage door was loosed and it fell to the ground. as it fell the creature with a loud screach came thundering out with a flying leap into the ring growling and grunting.
it was a huge apelike thing, hairy and ugly with huge yellow fangs. It glared at the people and then at Araina.
A small spear was thrown to Araina as the creature stalked around her...........
This creature was about 10 feet taller than Araina. Araina had to think of something fast. The Beast charged at her. She stood there in shock. "Araina run!" Jack shouted from the cage. The creature charged faster. Araina stood there face to face wit the creature. She could smell the creature's breath, his breath smelled like dead creature's. The creature's fangs where as big as her face that hang from his jaw. The creature snouted at Araina, and with his powerful arm he waved his mighty arm, sending her flying. Araina fell to the ground near the crowd. She was ready now to get into battle. The creature circled around her, and she watched. He made a zigzag move, and scratched her with his mighty claws. She yelled in pain. Her back with 3 huge, long scratches on her back, which ripped half of her shirt. The creature charged again, Araina was ready this time. The zigzag pattern was the same, so she would know where he would turn up. As he came closer, withe her small dagger, she suck the dagger into the arm of the beast. The beast whined in pain. While the creature was trying to take it out, Araina had no weapon to defend herself. She would surely die. Jack knew this as well, and tried to think of a plan. As he was thinking he found something heavy on his side, and that was his sword. The villagers must have not noticed or thought it was something else. Jack grabbed the sword from his side, and throw it into the ring. Araina looked behind her, and saw the sword right in front of her. She looked up to Jack, and gave a nod. She was perpared. The creature took the dagger out, and charged once again. With his arms he trapped Araina, Araina then stood up to face the creature. But the creature just kept on running around her, hitting her from behind, from the side, from the front. Araina could not keep up, she was losing energy fast, and she was in pain. She fell to her knee's, about to give up. Blood trickled down her back. The creature smelled fresh blood, and was waiting to devour her. He came close to her head, and was about to bite into it. When Araina grabbed the sword, and jabbed it into the creatures head. The creature fell flat on his back. Araina smiled with victory, and in the village tongue she told the chief to free her friends. She looked at Jack, and mouthed "Thanks." Arina fell to her side, and blacked out, with the lose of blood.
The Chief nodded to his village the okay to free them. One by one, Jack and his crew were let loose. Jack ran over to Araina, hiding his sorrow for her. The tears came anyway, dropping in the folds of her ripped skin. Mattalino came running up with a clay pot of water from the river. On bended knee, he slowly refreshed her hair and then her body with the cold water. William took off his shirt and wrapped Araina in it, picking her up and carrying her over to the Chief.
The Chief was making an ointment for her wounds. They all watched as he took red berries, medicine leaves, and peppermint together with something that looked similar to mashed up avacado. Once applied to her skin, the burning from the peppermint snapped Araina to her senses again. She roared in pain, as her wounds were still so fresh. She saw the huge creature laying on the ground, only yards away, and then remembered what she had accomplished. She looked around at all of her crew to make sure everyone was accounted for. Lives were spared because of her courage.
A small boy who was a Chief in training, named Ynat Trib, most likely the Chief's son, came to the crew with a stick. He knelt down in front of them and drew pictures in the dirt. He spoke in the tribal language to Araina, looking at her as if the others didn't exist. She explained to the others what he was saying. He told her to remember the symbols he was drawing, because it meant their finding something that they all desired on the island. But how could they remember so many symbols and their positions?
Thinking quickly jack ripped a peice of his sleeve off. Then he spoke in the native language and signed for Ynat to bring him a stick that was burned in the fire. When the boy brought it to him, he began to burn the images onto the sleeve over a rock. While he was recording Araina questioned Ynat about what he meant by what they all desired. Ynat just shook his head and said he had already said too much. He quickly said a goodbye and shuffled off back to the village.

"Ok I got them all marked down, I guess we better get going then." Said Jack.

Once they had gone some distance from the village and were stopping for a rest William, who had proclaimed himself leader came over to Jack and Araina as they sat examining the images.

"So whats all that mumbo jumbo mean eh?" Questioned William.
Araina glared at him, he could feel the hate burning from her eyes. They seemed to peirce into his soul.

"We aren't sure yet, oh don't worry we'll find it out soon enough, but you may not be alive to see the results!" Answered Araina with obvious disdain. William laughed her comment off, but with a little discomfort. Then he walked away to where the sisters Alexandra and Rebecca sat drinking some water from a canteen. He sat down next to Alexandra. He picked up her hand, slowly and gently, he kissed it.

"Now me darlings, you just stay close to me as you said you would before, and I'll keep ye safe. Oh we dont need these untrustworthy, bloaks! Like Miss Araina, and your secret keeping brother! Oh and let's not forget...My treasonous partner Mattalino!!! Ill have to keep a closer eye on him too, wouldn't want any of them to try and do something that will only get you killed as well as them now do we? No of course not!" He held Alexandra's hand harder and more forceful as he laughed at his own wit........

William was still in control since he had many of this friends backing him. Araina still in pain with the scars the creature has left, tried to think of some way of how to get in control of the crew. She did not know whether Alexandra, and Rebecca have fallen to the dark side of the crew. She tried to ask Jack some questions regarding his sisters but William watched them carefully. Knowing that Araina always had something in her sleeves. "Alright let's camp here for the night." William shouted. Will thought of how he would get a message to Lurker, knowing that he was on the other side of the island. He would have to travel in that direction. But realizing another way. He grabbed a crew memeber and whispered into his ear. Jack tried to listen to there secret but could not by all the crew members talking, and groaning about there feet, or back's hurting. At first the gentlemen who was being whispered to by William was afraid of what Will was asking of him. But William gave a dark look, seeming he was glaring through his soul. The gentleman nodded in agreement, and started running ahead with 3 other crew men. Jack knowing of William, thought Will was planning to meet Lurker. William called to the crew to watch the prisoners as he went to be alone for a minute. William walked away into some brushes. The crew men paid no mind to the prisoners knowing they would not go far. Araina sat down leaning against Jack's back. "We need a plan Jack. What of it?" Araina trying to whisper. But Jack was able to hear. "I dont know. The only thing I can think of is if we can get William, and hold him by capture. But I do not know if his crew is just loyal to him, or they are willing to let him go." Jack looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. Araina thought for a minute. How can she get in control with her crew? She thought of a plan that Jack would not appreciate. But she had to try. She got up suddenly letting Jack fall flat on his back. She stood on a barrel which was full of water for the crew, and gave a loud whistel. Everyone looked upon her. "Now listen to me gentlemen. We are looking for treasure here. The only people who know of this treasure is me, and Jack. WIlliam is relying on us for the finding. He has no clue. He is in with Lurker who will take the treasure for himself. Follow me, and I will split the treasure with you. You will have enough for your family, and friends. I will lead you to the treasure. Let me guide you like I have all these years. I have lead you to treasure many times. Why make this any different? Jack was impressed, and so was everyone else. Some nodded in agreement. Araina had her confidence back. BOOM! William shot Araina in the arm. Araina fell down in pain. William heard it all. He came close to Araina who was holding her arm while blood trailed down her arm. He pointed the gun in her face. "It's a shame you ended up like this Araina. We could have been good partners. I will end your suffering now." William pointed the gun at Araina.
Alexandra jumped up. She was furious with William. She had begun to trust him, only a little. But him using a gun on one of his crew was unthinkable. Even though he had good right not to like Araina...Nobody liked Araina. But Jack did, and that mattered to Alexandra.
Alexandra jumped up in front of William and sweet talked him: "William, you sure know how to sweep a girl off of her feet. Look at you holding that gun like a real man does. I know that you hate Araina. I hate her too. I have better reason to hate her since she ruined MY family. I have more roots with her. If you don't mind, Will, may I have the honors of laying Araina to rest?" Alex even batted her eyes.
What could William say? He smiled at her and pulled her towards him, giving her a rough kiss on the forehead. He handed Alex the gun. "You may." He said to her. She kissed his cheek gingerly and took the gun, her hand shaking. She faced Araina, and winked at her with a smile. Araina sat, dumbfounded, still confused, but not cowarding. She stayed gallant until the end of poor William's life; as Alexandra quickly turned around and fired at Will without hesitating. He fell to the ground as if struck by lightning. Alexandra then fainted.
The entire crew stood around William's body in disbelief. Alex had never killed a soul, much less one that she was starting to have feelings for. Eyes of all shifted at the dead corpse and then back to Alex. Silence befell all of them. Including Alexandra who stayed out for at least another three minutes. Did she really take someone's life?
Jack was shocked that his sister had the courage to kill William outright. He looked to where William lay. The crew were still shocked but now angered by the death of their leader. They quickly surrounded Araina, Jack, Rebecca and the unconcious Alexandra their guns drawn and cutlasses pointing at the group. Jack knew their life was hanging by a thread with this murderous crew, but he saw it as a chance to finally take control of their situation.
"William was nothing but a turncoat and all of you know it! But now think a minute on this... If you kill us, any of us, you don't get any treasure. If you kill me then you've killed the only one who knows where it is! And don't eventhink of touching my sister, the one who slew William. If she is harmed in any way or if any of us are harmed you get nothing! I am in command from now on! Anybody willing to challenge me?" Asked Jack testing the crew.
They looked like they wanted to, but nobody seemed willing to try seeing as he was the one that knew where the treasure was. The crew rested in that spot a day more and they buried William.
The next few days past uneventfully except for a few rustlings in the forest and odd animal sounds that none of them had heard before, xcept Jack and Araina. It was night time on the 3rd day of trudging thru the forest, they had made camp and Araina and Jack stood watch together, discussing plans and precautions.

"How far away do you think the treasure is Jack? We've no map, and we have just been going by your memory. Don't you think those signs that the boy back in the village drew are significant?" Asked Araina.

"They probably are, but hyroglyphics aren't my specialty. I can't make any sense o it!"
Suddenly there was an unearthly scream that renched the silence of dark night, it was something that Jack and Araina were afraid that they would see. There was something out in the forest, something not natural.............
"Jac..." Araina was interrupted by Jack's hush. They both listened. "Do you remember the last time we were here?" Jack whispered. Araina nodded her head. "It's watching us, it will wait until we get closer to the treasure." Araina agreed. Jack grew comfortable again by the fire. The creature would not appear yet. Araina, and Jack sat there by the fire. Araina was growing tired. "Jack the next stop is the Devil's Temple." Araina closing her eye's. "I know. Half of the crew will not make it. Do you remember the traps." Jack looking at her. "I do not remember fully, hopefully you can remember the rest." Jack, and Araina had there leaning against eachother. Watching all the sides of the forest. Jack watched his sisters as they grew comfortable next to another fire. He wondered of what has happened to there relationship. Jack longed for home, and going back to the way it was. Jack would do everything in his power to protect them in the Devil's temple. "Araina?" nudging her shoulder. "Can you do me a favor?" Jack whispering. Araina opened one eye. "What?" Jack leaned against Araina to support himself. "When we get to the Devil's temple, watch Rebecca, and Alexandra." Araina opened her eye's wide. They both hated her, why should she risk her life for them. But Araina knew how important they were to Jack. He would never forgive her. "Alright Jack, Alright." Araina yawned and went back to sleep. Jack smiled in appreciation.
Jack looked over at his sisters and couldn't wait until this nightmare was over for them. They lived nice quiet lives until now. He felt so bad, but couldn't be swallowed up in his emotion. He still had to get through this treasure hunt without losing his respected stand. He had to continue.
Alexandra had a bad case of post-trauma, which resulted in hives. She could barely stay asleep, crying and itching. Jack knew that deep inside, she was missing William. She had to do what she thought was best at that moment. Jack was grateful that she saved his and araina's life. Rebecca was sleeping soundly. She had rolled up her hair like a fluffy pillow.
The rest of the crew had dozed off too. Jack wondered what made them so unglued. Didn't they realize that if Jack only wanted to, he could kill them? He wasn't that kind of a man. But they didn't know that. 'Still', Jack thought to himself, 'they Must know that or they would be thinking the same thing about me right now...but they're sound asleep.' Jack rolled over, still uneasy. He watched the fire glow in front of Araina, making her hair glow too.
He wondered how he ever got himself into the life that he had at the moment. He had the potential to do so much more. Sail the open blue sea using his wisdom as a compass. He could have become a blacksmith, as he had been learning for a little while before he became of age. Instead, he was sleeping without a shelter, with a band of untrusted dangerous men, his ex-wife, and his two scares sisters. The weight of it all hit him like a ton of bricks and suddenly, he was tired.
As the camp dosed off by the warm of the fires, something in the forest was watching them. It breathed in deeply the smell of the humans, drooling. It knew that it wasn't to kill them until they stepped foot into the Forbidden ground, So it had to sit and wait getting more and more ornerary waiting for it's prey to step into it's trap.......
As Jack fell asleep he scanned the camp for the people he cared about. He watched Rebecca turn in her sleep, her long hair serving as her pillow. He saw Alexandra toss and turn, hardly sleeping, he could tell that she was not happy. He thought he was done looking, but his eyes came to Araina. She was sleeping with her weapons close at hand, and her face was lightened by the fire.
For the first time Jack felt truly happy to have her close by since their sad departure from eachother, years before.
Finally he closed his eyes lightly and he fell asleep, his hand close to his weapon.
Something in the forest rustled, this time it wasn't the creature laying in wait........

Lurker, and this crew watching intently at Jack, and Araina. He was mostly worried about them. Jack, and Araina knew the secrets of the Forest, so instead of charging in now, Lurker decided to watch, and stay close.

Dawn rose, with fog in the air. Jack was about to wake up Araina when she grabbed him by the collar, and held her dagger to his throat. "Oh, sorry." Araina lowering her weapon. Jack gave her a smile. "Well I must have taught you well." Araina gave a proud smile back, but they both snapped out of it when they heard Alexandra scream. Araina, and Jack looked around. They both thought it was a creature, they both ran to the scream of Alexandra. When they both got to the screen, they saw the most shocking event. Alexandra was hanging upside down from a branch. "Jack Thank God." Jack, and Araina tried to hold back there laughter. "Hold on Alexandra, I will get you down." Araina said. "NO! Jack will." But Araina was already up the tree. "Jack!!" Alexandra was getting angry. Araina was cutting the vine. "Im going to fall you idiot!" Alex screamed. Araina was getting very upset of how she was acting towards her. She wanted to drop her. But she made a promise to Jack. The vine was breaking, Araina grabbed Alexandra's hand as the vine snapped. Araina pulled her up. "There you go." Araina said. Alexandra held on for dear life. Jack helped Alexandra down. Araina jumped down by doing a front flip. "Are you hurt in any way?" Araina checking her. "Im fine." Alexandra shooing her away. Alexandra held on to Jack.

After there adventure, Jack told the crew it was time to move out. They have to reach The Devil's Temple. "Let's move out, we have to make it there by midnight." Everyone nodded in agreement, as so did Lurker from behind the bushes, and as so did the creature. The creature decided to wait in the temple. The creature could already taste the sweet, and fresh blood of humans.
On the way there, Jack and his two sisters didn't quite get along. Araina was what she was to Jack, and that couldn't be changed by their bad attitudes. The girls walked behind Jack and Araina, watching them converse. Jack and Araina were only talking about how to keep everyone protected, and what measures to take. Araina told Jack how she had risked her life to save the crew, so if worse came to worse, Jack should be the one to do it this time. Jack argued that his sister's wouldn't want to be in Araina's keep in he were to perish. That was the conversation that they were having at the moment.
The girls didn't realize that Jack was only looking out for them. They kept on taunting Araina trying to get her to act their age and fight them back. Araina treated them like a step sister would. She ignored their angry comments to her. Jack was getting annoyed with them. He and Araina started talking quieter. He was going to shut them up, once and for all....................

Jack and Araina had already practiced their lines to say. The girls were in for quite a surprise. Before they had gotten to the temple, it was sundown. Alexandra and Rebecca both noticed that Araina was more swoony on Jack than she had been earlier. Jack seemed to be falling for it too. He had been moving closer to Araina and even allowed her to hold his hand for a while. Rebecca ran in between them and separated them. Jack simply excused Rebecca and even appologized to Araina for his sister's rude behavior. Rebecca was astonished! He seemed to be taking Araina's side on everything, like they were married again, or something. Rebecca told them: "From now on, I'm sticking close to you two. Wouldn't want any kind of weird relationship to spring up." She glared at Araina with hatred.
Jack looked down at his sister, and said, "Well, Becca, I think you should know something...In fact, I think everyone will be very surprised to see what I'm about to do." Rebecca and Alex looked at eachother, half scared. They knew their big brother would never lead them wrong...or would he?
Jack stood on top of a large rock and reached a long vine. He snapped a thin vine sappling from the large one and took Araina's hand. He got down on one knee and looked into Araina's eyes, trying not to laugh. He gave her a wink and she pretended to be serious. Jack gave some long speech about how much he loved her and was falling for her again and so glad that he was with her, and bla bla bla. He then wrapped the baby vine around her ring finger and then kissed her hand as she agreed to his proposal. They stood in front of the crew and told everyone that when they reached the temple, they would be married before one and all.
Nobody seemed to care; that is except for the girls. They cried, and wailed about how this was a big mistake. Jack and Araina walked ahead of them quickly, tuning out the girls loud cries. When they got ahead of the crew, they laughed until they cried. They couldn't imagine being married to eachother again, but they were the definition of team work. Pranking was one of Araina's many talents. Jack likewise.
Jack, and the crew were getting closer, and closer to the temple. It was time to get serious. Jack cut down some brushes, and with great relief, and with nervousness in his stomach he saw the temple. "We all need to camp here tonight. In the morning we will go inside." Jack stated. "Why can't we go around the temple?" One crew member said. "Either you want to face the quicksand all around the temple, that's fine with me. Besides we need an important key that is inside." Jack said. Everyone started building camp. Jack grabbed Araina's arm. "Scout around." Jack whispered. Araina nodded. She disappeared in an instant. Jack turned around, and his sisters were right there. "Jack this has gone too far. You have put us through alot, and you treat us like this?" Alexandra said. Jack knew that they had a point. Jack took each one of there hands, and kneeled down. The girls sat down. "Listen to me. I know this is hard for you. I want to get away like you two. But this anger that you both have on me is not fair. I'm trying my best to get out of here. I want to go home, and have everything back to normal. I'm trying to get through this. But I need you two to work with me. You can kill me, and do whatever you want with me when we are done with this nightmare. But for now, just listen to me, and just tolerate Araina." Alexandra, and Rebecca looked at eachother. "You both are not getting married are you?" Both said with a pouty face. "No were not. It was just a gag to stop you two for your behavior." Jack left, and the girls thought to themselves. Araina was getting warm by the fire. Thinking of her next move.
Rebecca thought about the scene Araina and Jack had put on earlier. She thought that it was a bit too believable, and that they seemed to be becoming infatuated with eachother once again. Maybe Araina wasn't as bad as she thought she was..She did risk her life for the whole crew, including Alex and Rebecca.

Rebecca was just happy to know everyone was safe and out of the hands of that evil William. She glanced up as Mattalino walked by carrying branches to set up as shelter. "Can I help you with something?" she asked with a warm smile. He nodded and smiled back, as Rebecca jumped up to help him. They finally were all settled in for the night. Everything seemed peaceful and serene for the moment. Maybe even a little too quiet...

A loud rustling startled Rebecca and Jack awake. The others were too tired, and seemed undisturbed by the noise.

"Rebecca, you stay here, and I'm going to look around the camp."

Rebecca just rolled her eyes and got up anyway to look around. She saw a glimmer of something in the woods. As she started inching closer she noticed the silhouette of what looked like Lurker Devon. No! He couldn't have found us, she thought. He started running realizing she was approaching him. The rustling got so intense awaking the rest of the crew. Everyone jumped up trying to figure out what to do.

Lurker dissapeared in search of his crew..
Jack was running after Lurker but it was no use. He escaped. Jack went back to the camp to Rebecca. "Did you see anyone with him?" Rebecca nodded no. Jack held her. "That's ok. You saw him, that is all we need to know. You should get back to sleep." Jack turned around to the crew. "That goes for all of you's. We wake at dawn." The crew went back to there corner. Mattalino scooted up closer to Rebecca to have a better watch on her. Jack was searching for Araina. He walked closer to the temple. Chills were down his spine. "Araina." He whispereed. Suddenly a head popped down from a tree. "What?" Araina said. "Did you see anything?" Jack was hoping she saw Lurker. "No. Listen he is the least of our problems. At dawn we are going into the Devil's temple, full of traps, snakes, and that one creature watching our every move. Lurker has to follow, and if he makes it then we will take care of him." Jack nodded in agreement. WHat they were going to face was bigger, and more dangerous then Lurker. Araina jumped down. "Listen, Mattalino is going to take care of Rebecca, I told him what to expect. You need to watch Alexandra. I will watch the crew. HE need to be close to your sisters." Araina went back into her tree, and fell back asleep. Jack watched her. She was a great leader. He went back to this campfire, and fell alseep. In his dreams, he knew how dangerous this will be. But the only way to go was go forward. The most important thing he had to worry about was Rebecca, and Alexandra, and getting to safety. He could not help but hope that Araina makes it as well.
Dawn came slowly of the side of the mountain. Everyone was ready. The crew men were armed with food, and weapons. They were going to need it. Alexandra, and Rebecca were behind, Jack, and Araina was ahead of everyone. Jack stood next to Araina, and turned around to the crew. "Men, we are going to face extreme peril. Traps, creatures, and death traps. Some of you will not make it alive. If you wish to turn back now do so. If not, stay close to me, and listen to anything I say." Many of the men nodded. "Do not say anything, stay quiet. Do not touch anything." Some of the men nodded, some wanted to turn around but knew they would have no where to go. They all walked in. Into the Devil's Temple. Everyone walked into the Temple. Then all of a sudden the door closed. Everyone was startled. Rebecca, and Alexandra grabbed Jack's arm. Araina looked around. It was as beautiful as the last time her, and Jack saw it. The crew members looked around in amazment. Jack was not too surprised for he knew that the traps were layed everywhere. Jack remembered some of the steps, and Araina knew some as well. The crew were to stay in a straight line behind Araina. This was the moment of life or death.
Araina tried to remember the location of most of the traps, but she was having a little trouble. The traps were disguised well. As they walked through the flame lit passage, with torches on either walls, the hall got more narrow and even more steep. The flames were starting to die down, as if someone had just lit them before they got there. Alex found herself clinging to Araina, since Jack was taken and there wasn't enough room in that narrow passage to stand by Jack. Eventually, both Alex and Rebecca were forced away from Jack and Araina, or else the flame written wall would have devoured them alive.
The hallway soon got darker as the flames died down behind them. There was only the torches on either of the walls, spaced far apart. Araina had remembered the last time, she grabbed a torch and set off a trap. Which one should she grab this time? "Maybe we should keep on without light, Jack. I don't trust taking any of these torches." Araina spoke to the back of Jack's head. The hall had gotten so narrow that there was only enough space for one person at a time. Jack didn't answer her question and just kept going into the dark...
As the poorly lit hall continued to dim, Jack seemed further and further away from the rest of the crew. Rebecca strained her eyes as much as possible in hopes of seeing either he, or Mattalino. The stress heightened as she heard rustling in the distance. She let out a little shriek, then realized Mattalino had grabbed ahold of her hand, guiding her in the dark. She couldn't help but smile and feel instantly safe. Suddenly the rustling became very apparent,and she saw what she thought was Jack completely dissapear into the dark.

"Araina!", Rebecca whispered in an exasperated tone. Rebecca relayed her concern at Jack's dissapearance. Araina called out Jack's name, yet no answer. She quickly became concerned. His absence could be due to anything that's lurking in the shadows.

That's just what it was too...Lurker. Jack chose to stay silent, since he was staring at a knife slowly pressing into his throat. Once the crew quickened their pace in search of him, they vanished out of sight. Lurker spun Jack around, and Jack peered into his deathly cold eyes.

"What do you want from me? I know nothing more than you!", Jack snarled.

"Don't play with me Jacky Boy, you've got knowledge and I plan on receiving that knowledge or your life, as well as your crews.", Lurker stated plainly. Jack had to make a decision...and quick....

Before Jack can think of anything at that second. Araina can smell Lurker's scent. She realized where they both were. She turned to Mattalino. "Take care of these girls. Make sure they are safe." Mattalino shook his head, with respect. Araina went behind Lurker. Lurker not realizing he was close to a trap. She creeped around them both, and grabbed a torch. Before Lurker could ever blink, Araina grabbed it, and took Jack's hand, and ran. Shutting behind them a wall. Araina knew that would not hold him for long. Jack stood up, and helping Araina up. Rebecca, and Alexandra came to Araina side. "That was amazing." Rebecca with excitment in her voice. "It was very brave." Alexandra trying not to smile. Jack just cleaned himself up, and went on ahead. But Araina grabbed his arm. "No you do not sir. I will take the lead." She went on ahead. The narrow walls were starting to open up to a round room. Araina raised her hand for everyone to stop. Jack, and Araina look around the room. There was holes everywhere, and only one passage way. "Whatever you do, do not lean on the wa..." (SNAP) It was too late. Alexandra, Rebecca, where shut out of the room. The rest of the crew where in the round room. THere only escape was closed. The holes all around became full with spicks. The ceiling slowly coming down. Araina, and Jack ran up to where Alexandra, and Rebecca were. "Girls you have to find a opening in the wall before we are crashed." Araina yelled. The girls looked at eachother, and started looking on the walls to see the passage way. On his side Jack looked around for a opening. As Alexandra was looking she felt a hand grab her, and screamed. "Alexandra it's on your right look on you right." Alexandra was relieved to know it was Jack. SHe looked, and Looked. THe ceiling was getting closer, and closer. The crew men where in panic. "There!" Rebecca exclaimed. THe hole was full of bugs. "Good reach in there, and pull the lever." Alexandra closed her eyes, and slowly reached in. "Girls, WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" Jack yelled. THe ceiling was right on top of there heads. Everyone had to get on there knees. Jack, and Araina held eachother, and closed there eyes. (SNAP) The ceiling was raising up. The spikes were going back into there chambers. The passage way was opening. The crew members cheered. Alexandra, ran to Jack, as did Rebecca. The crew members went to the other side. Araina rushed everyone out. She knew that the trap will start again. "Everyone RUN!" Araina yelled. Everyone headed to the other side, the doors were closely. Araina sled on her side, and made it. Everyone was relieved. Jack, and Mattalino helped Araina up. No one knew what lies ahead.
Araina got a burn on her side from sliding so roughly. Jack helped her up. He congratulated her for taking the lead so nicely. She did a bow with mock superiority, as the girls followed in the same manner. Jack acknowledged that it took a lot of guts to come in such close contact with bugs.
They all continued walking ahead and saw a gate of fire straight ahead. They had to get through the gate somehow. Jack stayed silent. "What do we do Jack? I don't remember this part." Araina said. Jack thought strongly for a second, and then smiled. "That's why we're a good team. I got this one. Don't worry."
Jack examined closely. There was nothing to put it out. Jack had to think. Suddenly he looked up. Remembering they never went through the gated fire, they went into a secret chamber. "Quick everyone touch the walls, find any secret button, or lever. We must get out of here, and fast." The crew, and the girls started looking. Araina walked up to Jack. "Why do we have to hurry?" Araina questioned. Jack turned around. "Do you remember the gate that closed behind us?" Jack turning around. "Yea?" Araina said. "Well do you remember that gate with spikes, and charging at us?" Araina looked. The spiked gate was coming fast. "Quick everyone hurry!" she yelled. Everyone was searching as fast as they can. Rebecca was searching on the floors. "Why can't we find it? How hard can it........." Suddenly a trapped door opened up, and Rebecca fell into it. "That was it, let's go everyone!" Jack with relief. Everyone was jumping in. Araina, and Jack were died last. "After you Jack." Araina said. The gate was coming fast. "No, no after you Araina." Jack stated. The gate was getting closer. "Jack after you." Araina said. "Ladies first." Jack said while smiling through his teeth. The gate was closing in. "No, no Leaders first." Araina getting frustrated. Jack put up his hands. "ok ok fine." Araina shook her head. "Thank You Jaaaa......" Jack pushed her in. "Why do women have to be so hard-headed. Especially this one." As Jack soon jumped in the spiked gate came crushing into the other gate. Jack was sledding down the trapped door.
He couldn't hear anyone else screaming. Maybe the rest had landed already. Jack had forgotten how long the slide was. He just kept on going and going and going. The only person he could hear screaming was Araina, who wasn't as loud as he was. He could barely hear himself think, he was screaming so loud. After many twists and turns and some bruises on the way, he finally heard everyone else screaming, which meant he was getting closer to them. It also meant that they were still sliding! "When does the slide end, Jack?" Araina yelled. Jack didn't hear her. Araina tried to make herself stop by using her finger tips as grippers on the hard metal. It only made things worse; the noise sounded like a scraping chalkboard. That Jack did hear. "Stop that!" He yelled down to her.
They both dropped down, landing on top of the girls into an old room. Araina didn't remember it. "Jack, this doesn't look familiar at all."
"You're right. This isn't where we landed last time. Something has changed."
"Maybe there were two different trap doors to that room that we were just in." Araina said, helping the girls to their feet.
"Maybe..." Jack started, "you're right."
"How do we get out of here? Even if we do get out, Jack, things might not be the same like they were before. We might not know were the new traps may be from here on out."
"Great! Just great!" Alex started in.
Jack sighed. "Well, we're not in any immediate danger." Jack turned around and whispered quietly to himself: "YET."
"I'm still leader, right Araina?"
"Why are you asking her??? You should be asking the people who's lives actually mean something! OURS!" Jack blew off their attitudes and played along with them. "Okay, then, girls...Am I still your leader?" Rebecca leaned in forward and tugged on Jack's collar and smiled sweetly. "Yes!" she said, with her eyes twinkling. "Okay!" He whispered to her, as if she was the only one that he loved. "Everybody hold hands and stay as close together as possible. Araina your job is going to be the lookout from behind. You make sure that you stay extra sensitive to any unusual sounds. Even if you get an eerie feeling, tell us and we'll take note. Alexandra, your job is to look out for Rebecca at all times. You are older than she is, if she gets scared, comfort her and keep her quiet. Any sudden noises from us could get us in deep trouble."
"And what about me, Jack? Who's gonna protect me?" Alex stated bluntly. "You're lookin' at him." Jack said to her, a smile creeping onto his face. "Stay behind me constantly. Mind Araina. Is everyone on board?"
They all responded unenthusiastically. Jack was annoyed. It sounded as if he told them they were about to get the death sentence. Jack rolled his eyes. "Good lord, this is gonna be fun."
Jack stayed close to his own family, and Araina took care of the crew. Everyone was a look out to anything strange. Araina felt this cold chill go down her spine. She knew someone was watching. She felt wind coming close. "EVERYONE LEAN ON THE WALL!" Everyone did not think, just did. Everyone felt this gust of wind go by them. "What the heck is that Araina?" Jack yelled. The gust of wind died down. Everyone was a little shaken up. Araina pulled Jack to the side. "Jack, its the creature. It wants it's revenge on you." Araina whispered. Jack thought for a moment, remembering the last time they were here. Then it came to him like a lightening bolt. The Creature. "Jack you have to destroy it. It will hunt us down until it gets to you." Araina whispered. "Look the chamber is that way, I remember where the Fighting Chamber was by the scars on the walls." Jack said. "You have to tell your sisters that its up to you." Araina said. Jack grabbed Araina's shoulders, "No it's up to us." Araina looked at him strangely, "we?"
"What I mean is, will you help me kill this thing so that we can all get out of here?" Asked Jack.
"Why thanks for askin so nicely Jack! Let's get this over with!" Answered Araina with excitement at the thought of battling alongside Jack.
They walked to the entrance of the chamber, the group could smell the nasty smell of rotten flesh and death in the air. It was putrid. The monster breathed deep and growled loudly, it reverberated throughout the chamber and halls. The chamber, like the rest of the place was dark, so the found the torches on the walls of the entrance and lit them.
The firelight shone into the room and displayed the ring, where sitting on it's haunches at the far end corner was a monster even more hideous then the one Araina had fought, and bigger. The thing was wolflike, but it stood on two feet and had huge claws, long as daggers. It sat eating on the remains of some long dead creature, until it saw Jack and Araina step into the ring. Then it growled low and deep, dropped the carcass and stood on its feet. The thing towered almost 10 feet tall.
The whole entire crew gasped in horror. Jack turned to his sisters. "Girls behind where he stands is a way to the outside. No matter what you guys must get away from here. When we distract it make your move. Mattalino, Im trusting you to take care of my family and the crew, Me and Araina have a score to settle with this thing. It took one of our good friends and nearly killed us both, we will finish this. remember girls, no matter what! I love you both." Said JAck to his teary eyed sisters and to Mattalino.
"If your quite done with the mushy goodbyes, I think that thing wants to fight Jack." Said Araina sarcastically. The thing flexed it's muscles and half howeled half growled at them glaring it's yellowed teeth and then charged. Jack and Araina brandished their swords and readied for the fight of their lives.......
Jack took a deep breath and quickly remembered his father's face. The thought didn't last long. The creature was ready and more than willing to battle with them. Their hair was blowing around from the enormous breaths the creature was taking. One nibble from the creature would be the end. Every thought counted in that moment. The main goal was to get Jack's family out; including Matt, who had proved to be a true friend to them.
Jack gave Araina a quick glance..."Follow me, and do what I do."
Araina shook her head, "No, you follow me, and do what I do."
Jack could see red ribbons of rage across his eyes. If there was one moment they needed to cooperate, this was it! 'Why does Araina always have to have a better plan than me?' He thought.
'Why does that fool think he knows how to take control!?' Araina thought to herself.
"Jack, if there is one moment you need to trust me, it's now!"
Jack had already said his goodbyes to his family. If things went wrong now, he could say that he gave his all. His life was now in Araina's hands, because he was going to trust her whole-souled.
"Jack, give me your sword." Jack did just so.
Araina quietly knealt down, letting her hair fall down around her face. She took both swords and started sharpening them. She looked up at the creature with fear and eagerness.
The creature paused in its evening meal and locked its eyes on her. Jack knew Araina would be eaten for sure if he didn't intercept. But he stayed where he was. She had to know what she was doing. She just Had to!
Araina looked at Jack and motioned him to go against the far wall. "Araina, I'm not leaving you!"
"Jack! GO!"
"NO! I'm staying right here!"
"Jack, you won't be leaving me, just trust me! GO!" Jack ran to the far wall and waited. The creature started to follow him. Araina banged the two swords together, loudly. She had it's attention again. It moved in on her slowly. Each step it took, the groud shook. She stood up and ran over to Jack, allowing his family to get out in time. Jack felt relieved that they were gone now. It was the three of them now. Araina told Jack, "As fast as lightening, run to the other side, by the exit. If we run fast enough and with enough power in our swords, we can take out its feet. I think we should get..."
"GO! Jack shouted and started running. Araina had no choice but to follow him. She was so angry he didn't listen to her, she could have cut off both of the creature's feet if she wanted to.
As they ran, they barely cut into the creature's calf's, only cutting halfway through. They reached the exit, gasping for air; but with no time to stop. The creature moaned loudly shaking the ground with it's voice. It turned around as fast as it could, about to attack them. Jack quickly grabbed Araina's sword and his, shooting them into the heart of the creature.
The enormous creature fell forward, sending the swords into it's body.
As everyone ran outside, the warm sun shined on them. Everyone hollared, and cheered to be out of that horrible death trap. Araina stormed to Jack. Everyone grew silent, as Araina was right in front of Jack's face. She stared with a evil glare. Jack felt his soul was beginning to rip apart, piece by piece. Then as Araina looked behind him, She grabbed Jack, and turned him around. The creature took the sword out, and stabbed Araina with it. Jack took Mattalino's gun, did a front flip, landed behind The creature, and shot the creature in the head. The creature was stunned, and fell backwards. Jack rushed to Araina's side. He gently layed Araina upon him, and easily wedged the sword out. Araina moaned in pain. Jack felt helpless, confused on what he should do to help her. Alexandra, and Rebecca, felt a deep respect for Araina. She put her own life to save him. Was she still in love with him? The questioned remained in the air, as Jack tried to think what to do next.
"We have got to get out of here! I think theres another village a couple hours walk from here. We must get there and have them help heal Araina, I think that we can save her. But this looks bad. Come we must hurry!" Said Jack after they had cleaned Araina's wound and tried there best to stop the bleeding. Jack picked Araina up and they walked on thru the woods along a small worn pathway. Jack carried Araina for more than an hour before stopping, the adreneline of how life close she was to death kept him going. But after awhile he tired and atlast he had to let Mattalino take over. They stopped and rested on the pathway adn after he gave Araina over to Mattalino, Jack fell to a kneeling position out of exhaustion.
"I just need.. a couple minutes to rest. Ill be ready in no time." Said Jack as his sisters came over to him with concerned faces.
"Suddenly an arrow zipped by Rebecca's head, narrowly missing her. It buried itself into the trunk of a tree above Jack's head.
"They know we are near now. You think they'll actually help us Jack?" Asked Alexandra.
"I think they will help, but we just traded with them the last time we came through here, so i don't know. Here's hoping."
The bushes around the pathway near them seemed to come alive as the villagers jumped from behind the bushes. The dark pigmies had their faces painted in weird designs and markings, and they wore loincloths. They danced about crazily as they surrounded the small group, shaking their bows and spears and circling them. Then as suddenly as it had started it stopped as one pigmy yelled some kind of command in their language. All noise ceased and the villagers stood ready to attack at any second around the group. They didn't look to friendly.........
Araina was wide awake. The whole crew knew this could quite possibly be their last day alive. One man, who wore a mask, came close to Araina, and took off his mask. She wished that he would have put it back on, for his face was more grotesque than the mask. He stood near Araina, looked around at the rest of the crew, and then back at Araina. He grabbed a double headed spear and spun it around crazy around all the crew, circling around them, until they were hunched together in a small group.
The other men didn't speak english, but the one did. He began shouting at them, words that the rest of the men couldn't understand, only Araina, Jack and the crew: "I HAVE SEEN YOU BEFORE, NEAR THE DEVIL'S TEMPLE! YOU ARE LOST, NO? FOLLOW ME WITH FEARFUL FACES, MY MEN WILL THINK I AM OFF TO KILL EACH OF YOU. I'LL LEAD YOU TO THE TOWN. REMEMBER, LOOK SCARED."
The pigmies around them began shouting. Jack could tell it was a happy cheering. "Scared faces, NOW!" He said firmly to his crew. All put on their most scared faces and followed the leader to their victorious "death".
They arrived to the town. The leader told them to bow down to him. The crew followed his command. He said to the villager's, that the prisoners have showed there respect, and are heroes for surviving the Devil's Temple. The villager's cheered. Jack blew a sigh, knowing that they were safe. He looked at Araina. She was losing blood. She started to fade out. The leader said to Jack, "Quickly this way."He was the leader of this village. He was chief. He took them to a hut, and had them lay Araina down. She was fading out fast. Jack held her face in his hands. She was very drowsy. "Araina, stay with me. Stay awake. Stay with me." Jack whispered. Araina fell out.

Ronald told Mattalino to take Jack out of the Hut, he needed to work. Mattalino grabbed Jacks arm, and pulled him out. Rebecca, and Alexandra ran to Jack's side. "Is she going to be alright?" Alexandra said. Jack looked at her. "I dont know." He took the girls to another hut. They seem to have cuts, and bruises on there arms, and legs. He layed both them down onto beds. Rebecca feel asleep, but Alexandra sat, and watched Jack tend to her. "Jack?" Alexandra said. Jack looked up. "Thank You." Alexandra whispered. Jack nodded, and kissed her forehead. She layed down, and fell asleep. He felt right by his sisters like he used too. They seem to understand, and to trust him once more. He joined the crew by the fire. They were being tended by the villagers. Serving them food, and water. Jack grabbed some food, and a bowl of water, and sat next to Mattalino. While eating, he started to feel a sense of clearness in his head. The crew seemed happy, and relaxed. Jack looked at the food.The village leader came from behind him. "Relax friend, this is to give you a sense of clearness. You have been stressed. Relax, and rest. You have a task to finish." Jack relaxed, and fell asleep.

Jack woke up from the sun shining through a window in the hut he was staying in. He felt relaxed, and calm. He was cleaned up, and had a fresh set of clothes. He felt refreshed. He went outside, and saw the leader with this sisters, and the crew. The sisters seemed happy, and were laughing up a storm. He smiled at there happiness. He joined the others. They seemed to be discussing silly stories. Jack joined in the laughter,telling his tales. He saw the man stand up, and go to the hut where Araina was. Jack stood up, and followed. "How is she doing?" He stood in the corner. He turned around, and seemed serious. "Not as I hoped." He said while turning around, and making some kind of concoction in a bowl. Jack came to her side. Araina had no color in her face. She was pale as white. She was feverish all over. He held her hand.The man looked, and said, "Are you close to this girl?" Jack suddenly stood up. "No, no, we just have a history." Jack nervous. The leader n nodded. Jack sat down next to Araina. Alexandra came in, and sat next to Araina for awhile. Alexandra wanted to know more about Araina, and Jack. "What was she like when you, and Araina were together?" Alexandra whispered. Jack smiled. "She was trouble. Alot of trouble. She never knew how to shut up, when she was told." Alexandra smiled. "But, the Araina I knew back then, was loving, and kind. Willing to be the hero. Willing to put her life before others." Jack said. "Like she did for you?" Alexandra whispered. Jack nodded. Jack stood up, and asked the man to come outside for a minute. The village leader, and Jack stood outside. "If I may ask for a favor, I need a map."
"A map? A map of what?" Asked the village leader.
"We need a map that will get us through this island. Do you have one?"
"We do not have these things called maps. Each of our people know the way around this island, I can send my son. he knows it the best. He will be your guide. THis is the best I can offer. He does not know your language, but he can show you using signs."
Jack thought about this offer carefully. He looked to the others and they all seemed to be in agreement to have the boy show them the way.
"Ok sir, we will let your son lead us. I will personally make sure that he returns unharmed also."
The man smiled. "You are the ones that need to be careful. This is an island of mysteries my friends. My son will keep you safe. Please go on your way, and I hope you fins what you seek!" Said the village leader.........(sorry im not feeling inspired this time!)
"Well you mind if you can teach me these signs?" Jack asked. The village leader looked at Araina, then at Jack. "Of course, she needs time to heal. I have never seen so many scars on a woman before." Jack just smirked. He knew her battles with creatures, pirates, and anything else that stood in her way.

Araina was healing nicely after the healing medicine she had received. She layed in bed, taking in soup. Alexandra came in with fresh hot soup of chicken, and greens. Araina watched her as she feed her. "What brings you in this mood Alexandra. Unless you are feeding me poison." Araina taking another sip. "I have been watching you. I can not figure out why you saved my brother. But you did, and I am grateful. You are not as bad as I thought you were." Alexandra said. "First of all, your brother is not my problem, and second, I was just in a wrong place at the wrong time." Looking at Alexandra seriously. Alexandra could not believe her ears. Araina started laughing. She could not stop. Alexandra just smiled and started laughing with her.
"You know what Araina? Sometimes I think you purposely put yourself in danger, just so that Jack will think you are gallant or something. Just because you have a bad attitude and smart mouth doesn't mean you are immortal, and when you put yourself in danger just because you want him to stay in love with you doesn't mean that you'll always come out alive. Not that I'd mind if you died. It just seems to me that you want Jack to constantly think about you and be worried about you. Are you afraid he will lose interest in you, kinda like he's doing right now?" Alexandra stated bluntly, while looking at Jack outside the tent.
Alex hit Araina's nerve. She called her bluff and Araina wasn't liking it one bit. "Well," Araina started, "what about you flirting with Mattalino so much? How do you think it looks when you're always complaining about every scratch you get? You want him to notice you? Hmmm?"
Alex smiled and said, "Yea, but I'm only 15. That's what teenagers do. You have no excuse Araina, you're a grown woman...And may I add, setting a very bad example for someone so young and innocent like myself."
Araina could have killed Alex. She hated to be called out and would never admit that in a way, she was right. She started to say something to Alex, but then Alex cut her off with, "You know what, Araina? I'm so glad we've put this behind us. We don't have to fight like this anymore. Jack seems to be occupied with a new one now. Tough luck huh?" She leaned out the tent and watched as an exotic looking woman, came and sat near Jack.
Alex looked at Araina and threw her head back and laughed, just like Araina had done to her. Araina was in too much pain to look at Jack, but the wheels in her head were definitely turning now.
Alex got up and sat near Jack. The woman, who was obviously from the island, starting asking Jack questions about him. She had never seen anyone like him before and was curious. She had long straight black hair that fell past her knees. Her green eyes gazed into Jack's and Alex could tell, that even though he and Araina had a past, he was definitely intrigued with this one.
He answered all of her questions, as she asked them. He fiddled with his carving knife, as he was carving more knives for his sisters to carry with them. The woman told Jack her name was Ziva. She was part Hebrew and her name meant "splendid". She was the daughter of one of the villagers and was looking for a way out. She had heard great things about America and this was her opportunity to get there. She had to be a part of Jack's crew. Her mission was to make this handsome white man fall madly in love with her so there would be no way he could leave her behind. Jack seemed to be falling for it. He repeated her name under his breath, "Ziva..."
Araina heard laughing coming from Jack and another woman, that didn't sound like his sisters. Was Alexandra right about there being another woman in his midst? Araina fought through her pain and stepped out of the tent. Red ribbons of rage ran across her eyes as she saw Jack and another woman sitting near an open fire. The problem was that this woman sitting with Jack was beautiful and Jack seemed to be mistified by her. Araina coughed a little to get their attention off of each other for a second. Didn't work.
She hobbled over to where they were sitting and sat across from them, just glaring at the both of them.
Alexandra started to giggle. She could have cut the tension with a knife, but had to excuse herself because of her laughter. She went into the woods and burst out laughing, "BAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Jack, Araina and Ziva...Three adults who had no clue how to get to the next moment without killing eachother. It was classic. The woods however, wasn't exactly the safest place for her to be. After all, the person lurking behind her with a body sack and a knife ready to attack couldn't have asked for a better trap. Another classic.
Araina was in shock. She did not see that coming from Alexandra. She knew how important Alexandra, and Rebecca were to Jack. If anything happened to Jack, what would happen to them. She wouldn't want to be stuck with them. She would rather take her life for Jack then be stuck with two little brats. But was Alexandra right? Was her feelings for Jack in the past coming up once more to hunt her? As she was about to confide in herself she saw a rattling in the bushes. She took out her sword, and creeped into the jungle. She saw two pirates holding someone in a sack. She can hear it was Alexandra. "Go great." Araina said under her breath. She was thinking to just sneak back out, and pretend nothing happened. But something stopped her in her tracks. She couldn't let that happened. But her evil side wanted her to let her suffer, just a little bit. "Muff muff mufff." Alexandra trying to say something. Araina was about to back out slowly when her focus was shaken by stepping on a twig. "Hey what was that?" one of the pirate member said. He looked behind and saw Araina. Araina rolled her eyes. Now she is going to have to save the little brat."Well at least I can kill her myself." Araina thought. With flexibility, and swift she knocked him on the ground, and knocked him out. She anger raged. She felt so good. The one holding Alexandra dropped her like a dime. Araina smirked. She heard her moan of pain. The pirate came charging at her. The pirate punched her in the jaw, and tripped her. "How do you like that floor pretty ladie?" the pirate said. Araina smiled. She did a back flip, did a spinning kick. He bumped back to a tree. Araina she spun around, and throw her sword to pin him to the tree. The pirate screamed in pain like a little girl. Araina came closer to the pirate. "How does it feel to get your butt beaten by a girl?" Araina smiling to herself. She took out her sword, and knocked him out. The pirate didn't see that coming. Araina wiped her sword clean. She came over to Alexandra, and took off the bag. Alexandra was scared, and tearing. Araina put her sword to her neck. Alexandra grew cold. Shivery. She was frightened. "You know how much I would love to split you in half, and serve you on a plate to your brother." Alexandra was backing off but Araina put her foot on her skirt. Alexandra was turning white. Araina bend down, and putting her blade even closer. Araina got up, and walked over back to camp. As she came back to camp Jack, Ziva right behind him, and everyone else came right in front of Araina. Araina looked at Jack, and Ziva. "She is in there." Araina said then going her way to relax in the hut. Jack came to Alexndra side. He saw the pirates knocked out. "Are you alright?" Jack was looking at any scars or bruises. "Grab them, before they escape." Said Jack
Jack talked to Alexandra in the tent, while Ziva stood at the door to the tent, not comfortable enough to walk in while he talked with his sister. Jack tried to calm her down, but she was pretty frantic. She grabbed JAck's arm and pulled him close to her.

"Jack we have to get rid of her somehow Jack, she has lost it!"

"Alex, Alex calm down, what are you talking about?" Answered Jack, not understanding what Alexandra was talking about.

"Jack Araina is Crazy! We can't trust her, we need to get rid of her before she kills us all!" Said Alexandra frantically.

Jack frowned and grew indignant with his sister."Alex i thought we had gotten through this hating Araina thing! She has done nothing but help us so far, and all you have done is complain and browbeat her! Now enough of this nonsense talk!"

"You don't understand Jack! You never understand anything we say! You are just too hardheaded!" Alex was starting to raise her voice and yell at Jack. "No I know what it is, you can't decide whether you love Araina or Ziva so you are keeping them both close so you don't have to decide! Your so pathetic! And if you are not going to listen to me then just LEAVE ME ALONE!" Alexandra was heated and Jack knew that there was no reasoning with her when she was mad. So he decided to let her rest and aske her to explain later when she was calmer.
He tried to kiss her forehead and tell her goodnight, but she just turned away from him. So he walked out of the tent reluctanly. Ziva followed him and they talked as they walked away from the tent. Ziva was the first to speak up.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't help but overhear you two yelling in there. What's wrong Jack?" She asked in her kind, smooth accent.

"Oh great, you heard that. She's just spooked about something. She kind of flys off that handle and says things she umm really doesn't mean sometimes.... Man I'm ummm tired I guess I better get back to bed so we can get moving tommorow early! Goodnight Ziva!" Said Jack quickly trying to avoid the subject of what Alexandra had blurted out about Ziva and Araina. Ziva just smiled and said goodnight, letting him get away with it...............
The next morning, Alex woke up to the smell of coffee. Ziva had brought some of her coffee beans to the "Du Von" campsite and had been grinding and boiling until something similar to coffee was produced. Good enough for Jack. He had to have his coffee. Alex didn't like it, but knew the smell of it. She could remember the days when her father would save his money each week for the long awaited cup of java.
Alex watched as Jack got his coffee and went and sat near Rebecca. Araina and Ziva followed suit. They made a big deal about how sweet of a sister she was and how she had such a good attitude about being stranded with a bunch of retards like them. Not exactly their words, but that's how Alex heard it. They were trying to teach her a lesson obviously. She could have cared less. She didn't even say thanks to Araina for saving her. Araina did save her, but again, where was her big, strapping brother to save her? Too drunk with the voice of a woman to save his sister.
She snuck out of the tent while they had their backs turned and went for a walk, not too far. She noticed the trees and even the shrubbs were all dead. Nothing could barely grow out here, except twigs. Alex picked up a stick and broke it like dust. The further she walked, the plant life started getting a little greener. As she walked, she could even smell the trees, which meant they were very much living. She knew that the change in the trees could only mean one thing: they were near a body of water. And she was determined to find it.
She eventually came to what she thought was a small pond, all murky and more swamp like, that was enclosed with bushes. As she tore down the bushes, she couldn't believe her eyes...
Finally Alex found the treasure. The swamp leads to the underground city of the Aztec treasure. The treasure was going to open new ways of life. Alex runs back to camp, and bumps right into Araina. "Watch it." Araina said. Alex was about to push her aside when she decided to tell Araina. "Listen, I found the Treasure. The scrolls that you had in your ship told us that the treasure would be near a swamp, and would be a underground tunnel. The treasure is close." Araina eye's were wondering. Araina went around Alex looking at what she just went through. "I talked to the chief of this tribe. He told me that the treasure is far off from here. The otherside of this island." Araina questioning. Alex grew frustrated. "Listen to me, I know what I read, and I know what I saw. I'm telling you that the treasure is here." Araina covered her mouth. Alex was fighting her. Araina dragged her back into the forest. "Shut up you spoiled brat. I dont know why I even saved your sorry behind. The problems you have been giving me. But you have to listen. Something is going on around here, we have to keep this quiet. We can not even tell your brother, until we know why they are about to send us far from the treasure. If what you say is true, then let's check it out tonight. But if you don't trust me, which i know you dont. Do whatever you want with your information. But if you want to check this out, meet me here tonight." Araina let go of her, and walked back to her hut, passing Jack, Ziva, and Rebecca. Ziva looked Araina's way in suspiciously.
Alex walked to where Jack and the others sat with frustration written on her face. Jack questioned her.

"Alex, whats wrong with you? Why do you look so frustrated?" Jack could read his sisters like an open book, usually.
Alex looked away, only for a second while her mind raced as to what to say to them. SHe hated Araina, and she made her mad by roughing her up so it seemed so easy to just come out and tell them everything. But she held back. Something, something in the back of her mind told her that something bigger than all this was happening. She was too curious not to keep quiet and atleast for that moment look past her hatred of Araina.

"Nothing, nothing. Just Araina is so annoyiing I can't stand her sometimes! I'm fine though guys, really!" She bluffed, and bluffed well actually because the others shrugged off their thoughts and went back to talking around the fire.
As the day drew on and finally the night started to take over, the group got the camp ready to bed down for the night. Soon it was completely dark and all was quiet. Mattalino was taking his watch over the camp. All Alex told him that she and Araina had something they needed in the forest, and he didn't even ask any questions. Alex loved how he trusted her.
Araina and Alex walked through the undergrowth gingerly holding lanterns in front of them, down a long narrow path throught the eerie night forest. Hardly a word was past between them as they went along, Araina in the lead.

"Now keep your head around you child, I don't want to have to save you another time!" Scolded Araina. Alex just rolled her eyes and stepped in front of Araina to take the lead. As they came closer to the swamp and tunnel they saw firelight, and heard voices in the distance. Quickly they ducked into the woods and lay low. two pirates walked by them, conversing about women and rum.

"I recognize those no good scoundrels! They are part of my crew, which means that Lurker has gotten here already, come lets move closer and see what we can hear." Whispered Araina. They stayed low and carefully moved towards the firelight in the clearing near the swamp, hugging to the trees and the shadows. They got close enough to the camp to hear the conversation going on between a certain familiar village leader and Lurker Devon. Lurker did not seem to happy.

"What is your bloody problem! I asked you to do one simple job! Keep them away from here! You let them get close and now we have to work extra hard to finish up before they get here!" Yelled Lurker.

"You promised my people 2 chests of jewels, then at the last second changed your mind to 1! I did all I could considering." Answered the village leader.

"Well you had better do alot better or you will get nothing old man! Nothing!" Lurker grasped the leader by the shirt and pulled him close staring into his eyes. The leader jsut smiled.

"We shall see how well we do in time." He said trying to spite Lurker. Lurker just dropped him and turned away............
Lurker thought he heard rustling in the bushes near him. He shined his lantern in the sound of the echo and saw them moving. Alex quickly found a skunk near her and threw it out of the bushes. Lurker just smirked at the animal and continued with his treasure. Now that his back was turned, Araina had to come up with something fast and quietly....
She turned to Alex, and whispered to her, "What I tell ya. Greed can take over anybody. They are a distraction to us. There helping Lurker. We have to lure them away from the entrance before they find it." Alex and Araina tried to think of a good plan. Araina finally found something they could use. She turned to Alex. "Listen you have to go back to the village. You have to talk to Jack. He knows where the entrance is. But you have to lure him away from Ziva, she is keeping track of him. I will lure Lurker, and his crew away." Alex stares in shock. "There going to kill you Araina. Araina gets her sword ready. "Hey, I live to die ok. Don't worry about me you little brat. Just get Jack, and your sister. Get the treasure, and get out." Araina was about to move when Alex grabbed her. "Where are we suppose to go? We have no ship?" Araina silenced her. "When I was scouting up ahead a few days ago I found Lurker building another a sail boat. It can hold you all of you's, even the crew. When the dawn approachs, head straight in that direction." Alex nodded. "GO!" Araina yelled. Alex ran back to the village. Araina creeped along the bushes where Lurker was standing. Araina went behind him, and held her dagger into his side. "Hello baby, missed me?" Araina whispering to his ear. Lurker smirked. "You know I can't live without you love." Araina smirked as well. "You know your going the wrong way. That entrance leads to the trap of snakes, and you know how much to hate snakes." Lurker's body shivered from his toes, to his spin. "Now, I will lead you to the real treasures, but I get half of everything." Araina slightly lifting the blade. "I see your black heart hasn't left you entirely." Lurker looked to his crew. "Let's move men. We know where the real entrance is." They all cheered. Araina was distracted by there cheer. Lurker twisted out of her grasp, and held her with her own dagger. "Now my pretty one, You will take us. And maybe I will let you live." Araina just stayed silent. Her plan was going perfectly. "Alright we have to go quickly. We have to get ther by dawn." Lurker spun her around, and was face to face with her. "Why are you trying to help us?" Lurker stratching the surface on her skin. Araina looked coldly to his eye's. "Because after we get there, I will take the treasure, and leave you there to die." Lurker smirked and followed Araina. She looked back, to see if Alex will carry out with her plan. Alex had too. If she doesn't deliver, her, and her family will be dead by dawn.
Alex stumbled into the camp, all was still quiet. she shuffled quickly over to Jack's tent, she could hear him sleeping softly. Alex went into his tent, and knelt down by his head.

She whispered and shook him softly."Jack, Jack wake up." Jack woke with a start.

"Huh? Who's there? Whats going on?" He said loudly.

"SSHHHH! JAck we can't wake anyone else! JAck you have to follow me ok? It's going on tonight! Lurker is going for the treasure, and he has Araina. We have to go in through the main entrance way and get to the treasure before them!"

"And how are we going to get off this island after?" Asked Jack.

"Lurker has a ship on the coast near here. We need to get the crew to the ship and the treasure, me and Araina have a plan to get her out. But Jack, Ziva cannot know about this." Said Alexandra matter of factly..........
Jack was sleeping under the blanket that Ziva made for him, with his name stitched in it, written in her language. It was big and bulky around him, perfect to snuggle in on a cold day. Suddenly the blanket began to shift as Ziva's face appeared from underneath. "Ziva can't know about what?"
Alex was stunned speechless. She just stared at Ziva, not knowing whether to attack her now or later. She could barely see her brother due to the red ribbons across her eyes. Ziva stood up and walked out of the tent. Alex was relieved that she was at least fully clothed. Jack reached over and got his boots. He wasn't going to hear anything that Alex had to say on the subject. What it looked like happened in the tent may or may not have been the truth, but only Jack and Ziva knew the answer to that which was none of anyone's business. He put his boots on and stepped over Alex and out of the tent. Ziva eyed them both suspiciously. "So, Ziva cannot know about what? Going somewhere?"
Jack now had two angry women on either side of him, one he wanted to stay with and one he had to go with. He turned to Alex and said, "Just wait, okay?" Alexandra didn't answer him, except with a roll of her eyes. Ziva crossed her arms as Jack turned to her now. He knew the only way to make her back down with her questions was to intimidate her and make her want to back down. He crossed his arms the same as she did and stood up a little taller. He couldn't believe he was actually about to act like a jerk, but he had no choice. Jack tried to sound authentic.
Ziva wasn't buying his glare or his stance. But when he spoke, "Do women of your kind normally talk to men that way?" Ziva stared back angrily. Jack continued, closing in on her, lowering his voice. "Because where I come from, a bad tongue like yours doesn't last long." He took out his knife and cleaned it with her hair.
Ziva wasn't scared. At least she didn't look scared. Jack on the other hand...
He turned to leave and then said, "Oh, Ziva, I like my eggs scrambled." Ziva stood there watching him and Alex leave.
Alex ran ahead of Jack, leading the way, Jack ran after her to catch up. "Wait up!" He whispered loudly. He sprinted fast until he got her hand and jerked her back. "Nothing happened in the tent Alex."
"Okay." Alex stated plainly.
"I'm serious, Alex. Nothing happened with Ziva. She'll tell you the same."
"Okay Jack. Let's just get to the entrance. Then I'll take you to the doctor first thing so he can help pronounce the name of the disease you probably got from her."
"Don't believe me then. Let's just keep going. Where's Araina?" He saw tufts of Araina's hair on the ground leading to the false entrance. Jack was inclined to follow the trail left by her captors, but Alex told him to go to the real entrance. Jack stood there in wonder. Should he save her or continue in the quest....?
Jack stood on the cross road to the secret entrance of the treasure, and where Araina has taken Lurker, and his crew. Alex kept on pulling him towards the treasure.

"Come on Jack. We have no time to lose." Rebecca was helping as well to take Jack to the treasure. The crew watched as he stared into the distance of Lurker, and his crew footprints.

"What about Araina?" Jack said, confused of what he should choose. Alex came around to him. She had to knock some sense into him. She slapped him across his face, awaking him from his gaze. Jack snapped out of his day dream, and stared into Alex eye's when she spoke.

"Jack, Araina gave you a job to do. She is doing her part, and now it's time to do ours. She would have wanted it this way. You know how she is. Even though she has 2 different personalities her crazy, evil, bratty self, and her loving, protective one, she alway's wants to do whats best for everyone. Especially you, and who you care for." Alex went over to the trail leading into the underground temple. "Come on." She spoke in a soft voice. Jack nodded, and ran through the trail leading into the underground City of King Tufonia with his crew behind him. The treasure was in the eye of the city, which was the King's temple. As they ran through the trail, it became darker, and steep. They were approaching the cave of the hidden city. Where gold was abundant, and silver could be taken from the walls of the city. Where The temple stood on high like a mountain. It was only a matter of time until they approached the cave, and the villagers found out where they have gone.


Araina was being dragged along by Lurker's two trusted men, Bone, and Kane. Lurker's patience was wearing thin. He should have been taking all his precious treasures onto his small getaway sailboat. He held up his hand high, signaling his crew to stop. Araina had to think quickly of what move she should take. Lurker turned around, and walked up to Araina. He signaled his men to let her go. He grabbed her arm tightening his grip. "Where is it?" He whispered. With her dumbfounded expression, she looked around. They have finally arrived. Her plan was going well. Lurker seemed not to recognize where they were. He pushed her into a tree. "Araina, where are we?" Looking at her eye's to find the answer. With her mischief smile, she looked up into the tree tops. Lurker followed her eye's until he reached a bleached skull, with red lining. His face turned white, and his body became filled with panic. He turned to his crew. "Light! Light! We need Light!" Before the crew could make a move, sound was everywhere. The bushes were rustling, the insects became louder, and louder. Until everything stopped. The jungle fell silent. Something or someone was coming. Lurker's face was frozen in what awaited him.
Something was lurking around the crew.

"AHHHHH!" A scream. Shooting proceeded. Lurker was not going down without a fight. This crew were fighting whatever was in those bushes.

"What is that?" Bone said looking closing to the ground. He could see a small creature which appeared to be a small monkey. With evil eye's, and a taste for blood, the small creatures attacked the crew. Bone, and Krane had there own lives to hold. Araina was about to escape when she can feel danger behind her. She pulled her sword out, and hit Lurker's blade. They both gazed upon eachother, hoping there eye's can do the killing.

"Your not going anywhere Araina. If I'm going down.....your coming down with me." Pushing the blade closer to her.

Araina's eye's blazed of anger. She smirked. "Fine by me. This time.....I'll make sure your kissing death." War errupted.

Jack, and his crew pushed the old wooden door. Smoke, and dust flew out. Coughing came about to everyone sniffing the odd smells.

"Let's go men." Guiding everyone. But suddenly hearing the roars of the villagers, Jack quickly gave the signal to get inside. Last one out he could see Ziva. He was confused. What did he really feel? He had to take a stand. He closed the door behind him, and motioned the men to block it with a huge stone. Alex, and Rebecca looked at eachother.

"There is another way out leading to the shore. We will have to find it after we grab the treasure." The men had no choice but to follow there leader into whatever they would face.

The stones were cold, and green from the ivy. The men were about to light some torches when Jack stopped them.

"There is no need for that." He walked over to the wall. Alex came up behind him.

"What are you talking about? We can't see anything." Alex motioning the men to start the torches.

"NO!" Firmly stating. The men where confused. "These tribes were intelligent in powering there whole city. They knew how to light up there whole city by just one spark of fire." He felt for a big hole in the walls. As he found one, he grabbed two rocks, and made sparks in the big hole. Suddenly fire was following at the speed of light. Fire made a long trail, all around the city. Leading it to the King's Temple.

Alex, and Rebecca gasp. The city was beautiful. Only what seem like gold was craved into the small temples which surrounded the King's Temple. Jack was amazed but knew time was short. Villager's where coming after them. Lurker was on there trail. Araina was risking her life. They had to act fast. Find the Treasure of King Tufonia, and get off this hell of a island.
Jack followed the trail of fire along the trench that snaked through the city with his eyes. Seeing the King's temple in the middle of the city, encircled by the fire; he was certain that the treasure was inside the beautifully lit temple. He looked at the map that he had fought for so long now to keep safe. He was right. The drawing of where the treasure lay on the map was of a blazing temple.

"Let's go crew, we will find what we have been searching for inside there. Hurry now lads, time is not on our side!" The crew rushed toward the long, long stairway leading up to the temple, Jack kept pace with his sisters behind the others.

"I really don't care about taking this treasure anymore. No amount of booty is worth the lives we lost and the ones we risked. But I am so close now, I have to see it for myself." said Jack as the trio started up the stairway to the temple door.

"Jack Im proud of you for saying that. Your no Pirate, that's for sure. Your a good man, and a good brother. I just wanted to say that seeing as we still not make it out of here alive!" Answered Alexandra.
The ship crew made it to the top of the stairs and to the entrance of the old temple. The trail of fire ended at the top of the stairs, serving as a kind of railing. This cast an eerie glow on the anchient oaken doors. The men parted to let Jack take the lead and he walked up to the doors slowly as if contemplating whether he chould open them or not.
Jack pushed firmly on the doors and they gave way with a loud screech and dust of long ages of not being opened flew everywhere as the doors banged against the side of the wall. Inside it was completely pitch black and dead silent. Jack felt along the wall in the entrance and found a torch on a wall hanging. He took it off and handed it out to the crew who still stood at the doorway, timid of taking any more steps forward.

"Light this." He said. They quickly obliged, and soon the lit torch was handed to him, and then Jack who was followed closely by his sisters and behind them the crew fearfully followed as they headed into the dark oblivion.
Jack walked along what seemed to be a corridor leading some where off into the distance. He looked along the wall and realized that there was trench running along either side of the walls. he brought the firelight to the trench and suddenly the liquid inside the trench caught fire and raged on down the corridor just the same as it had outside. It quickly lit up the darkened temple and revealed the inner building. None had seen such beautiful architechure in their lives before. They all stood dumbfounded at the huge throne room, with high vaulted ceilings with gold carvings. Down some steps to the middle of the room was where the throne of Tufonia sat, surrounded by more treasure than any had layed there eyes on before. The crew ran to the treasure with rejoicing, throwing up golden coins and trying on crowns and scepters.
JAck and the girls stood at the top of the stairs in awe of the vastness of the treasure and the of the beauty of the temple.

"It was all worth it to see all this my loves! The gretest treasure in all the world is right before our eyes. Booty from all across the seas is lying right there, yet for some reason, all I want to do is look at it." Said Jack. As he spoke he saw a shadow pass the glow of the trail of fire that lined the top of the stairs, on the far side of where they stood.

"I think the villagers are here, get ready for whatever may happen, sisters."
More shadows passed and it seemed that they had been surrounded. The villagers materialized out of the shadows and encircled the crew below next to the treasure and the three family members above. The leader of the village walked up to Jack, the light dancing off his eyes making it hard to see what his intention was.

"You found the treasure Jack, you are more clever than that Lurker gave you credit for. But you do know that this is sacred ground to my people, and they do not like it when people trespass onto the holy ground of Tufonia!" Said the cheif. Jack was beginning to feel uneasy.

"No, we did not know that this was sacred ground. We only followed the map that you helped us to understand, and that you sent your own son to help guide us on our way to."

"Yes, we did tell you how to get to the treasure. This was to trap you so that Lurker could ambush you. My daughter Ziva kept us following your trail. She was very useful." Ziva came up behind her father, she could harldy look at Jack or the girls.

"I knew it! I knew all along! That tramp was a spy this whole time! You should have listened to me Jack! Now look what you've got us into!" Yelled Alexandra. She was fuming and was going to go after Ziva, when she was restrained by some village men.

"Alex, this is no time for panicking! Calm down, she betrayed us all." He said this as he stared Ziva down with an anger laden stare. She seemed to be troubled standing behind her father.

"She played her role well. Everything was working out as we were told to have it happen," The village leader paused,"The prophecy says that only the one of pure intention shall receive the treasure. Lurker had us fooled that you were going to destroy us all once you had the treasure. That you would defme our holy ground and burn it to the ground. I was ready to kill you Jack, but now I know the opposite is the truth. This day we would have spilt your blood in this temple.......But my daughter came to me and pleaded in your behalf. She said she now knew that we all had been fooled by Lurker and that you truly were pure of intention.
Alas, I did not believe her until I heard you speak to your sisters before you entered the temple. Yes we were already here sneaking in through our secret entrance.You sai..." Jack cut him off.

"Sir, I'm so glad you see the light. I don't want to be rude, but Lurker has our friend captive and will kill her, so we really could use your help to bring him down!"
The old village leader nodded resolutely adn soon the now sizable grouup of warriors, the villagers and Jack's crew were rushing back to find Araina and to finish what seemed to have been started long ago..............
Rebecca and Alexandra stepped back against the wall as the angry villagers charged out to get Lurker and his men. Jack was on their heels, hoping that Araina was able to stay alive. He knew that she wouldn't be defeated easily.
The wall that Rebecca and her sister were leaning on slowly began to move and gave way, leading to another lit corridor. They crept down it and found yet another room filled with all kinds of old treasures. They immediately went picking through some of the gold jewlrey trying different pieces on.
"Yes I think that one looks beautiful on you Alexandra"..Zina said very softly. Alex jumped, and putt the necklace back where she had found it.
"Oops..I just thought everything was so pretty...I had to try it on. You know, I'm sorry for everything that I said about you back there...I just didn't know who to trust or believe anymore since everyone has betrayed Jack and us.", Alexandra stated while blushing. Rebecca piped in and broke the awkward moment.
"Guys! Look, there is Araina!" Araina was running past the secret door, but Alexandra pulled her inside. "Araina! How did you lose them? Where is Jack and the crews?", Rebecca inquired. Araina was whispering something while trying to catch her breath.
"I just got out of Lurkers reach, something attacked us back there and..I finally got away.. What do you mean Where's Jack? He's supposed to be here with you!!", she was getting some of her energy back. They all looked at eachother in great worry...
Araina looked at Zina, she grabbed her sword, jumped on Zina, putting her sword to her neck.Alexandra, and Rebecca yelled, "No, Araina she is with us. Stop!" Araina looked at both of them. Araina got up, and stood next to the hidden door. "Listen to be carefully. If you say she's with you then so be it. Zina guide them to the shore, get them on the boat." Zina gave her a disgusted look, then nodded. Rebecca, and Alexandra took some dubloons, and a small chest with them running to shore. Araina focused on the sound. Araina started to run, and was faced, to faced in front of Jack. As they were about to speak pirates came from different sides. Jack, and Araina pulled out their swords, and fought for there life.

"So...like old times right?" Araina knocked a pirate down.

"Yea, just like old times." Jack slashing a pirate down. All the pirates were either knocked out, or has ran for there lives.

"You don't think it's over do you?" Lurker stepping out of the bushes. "Araina, Araina, you really need to stop underestimating me. Like I said I'm taking you down." Lurker took out his sword.

"Jack get out of here. Get to the boat. Your sisters need you." Araina whirling her sword.

"Are you sure?" Jack questioning.

"Araina smiled, I'm sure. Now go or I'll take you down like I'm about to take Lurker." Araina smirking.
Jack grabbed his sisters and headed for the boat. It was ahead aways. He got his sisters on the boat safely and started to push them away without Araina. Could he really leave her here to fight for them? He thought about Lurker having the satisfaction of killing her off and thinking nothing of it. Araina was too much of a person to let die. 'Not On My Watch.' Jack thought to himself. He told his sisters if he wasn't back in thirty minutes to take off without them. He stared at Alex and then at Rebecca. He pulled them close and hugged them strongly. The girls didn't want to let go. Jack pulled himself from them, going to get Araina.
"Jack!" Alex said in a strange way. Jack thought she was being emotional. He forced himself off of them and turned to go get Araina from the clutches of death.
With his sword, he was cutting through the trees ahead of him to get through, when he met an unexpected visitor, whom he almost beheaded on accident.
"Araina!" He shouted, in shock horror. She was standing before him in a very calm manner. Her clothes were torn and she had bloody teeth and gashes on her face. Jack noticed a blood "L" scratched into her neck from Lurker's sword.
"Jack...I." She started to show him the sword in her hand, until Jack saw that her own sword was still sheathed. That was Lurker's sword in her hands. "Jack. I have taken lives all my life and never thought twice about the people. But when my own life has been in danger....for so long now...Taking lurker's life was..Jack..I'm not supposed to be happy about killing someone. I feel so relieved yet so sad. I've come to hate this place so much that I could spit if it weren't for the fact that this place doesn't deserve a drop of my blood! We can go home now for real." Araina said staring at Jack wide-eyed. "He's dead Jack. The adventure is over now."
Jack guided Araina back to the boat with his sisters and helped her in. They were going home.
The journey was almost over. Sighting a Port was a glorious relief to everyone, except Araina. Even though her dangrous, death-dealing adventure almost killed her, she could not help but think how empty it will be to not have Jack by her side. All her past memories of them she can not deny. She shrugged her feelings off, and distracted herself with the treasure they found.

Arriving in Port, the girls were so excited, tears ran down there eye's. Everyone needed rest, a hot bath, and refreshments. Weak, and battered from her last fight Araina was about to limp her way home.

Jack grabbed her arm. "Before you disappear, let's clean up those wounds." Jack put his arm under her arm, and held half of her body weight.

In the kitchen of the Inn, the crew enjoyed a delicious hot meal. The girls putting manners aside dug into the tasty buffet, and even enjoying a jug or two of fresh, cold beer. Relieved of there arrival back home the girls danced on the tables for the crew, while singing along to there favorite pirate song.

In the other room Jack, and Will were tending to Araina's wounds since they had no way of contacting a doctor.

Jack patted Will's shoulder. "Go, and enjoy yourself. You deserve it." Will nodded, and went to go enjoy the party.

Araina was laying down watching from her window the moon. Jack can feel something was wrong. Something wasn't right. He gently stroke Araina's arm. "Is there something you want to tell me?" Jack awaiting for a response.

Araina knew one day he would figure it out. There was no need in hiding it any longer. Something bothered her of her last look on the island before Jack helped her out of the jungle.

Araina turned to Jack to look into his eye's of deep pools of brown. "Something wasn't right when you found me Jack." Remembering the images. "Lurker was on the ground when I was done with him." Araina paused. Looking as if she has seen a ghost. "When I turned back to see his body for one last time..............it was gone." Araina could not help but give a huge sigh.

Jack was a bit surprised. Not knowing what to say. "Araina, you could have been a bit dizzy with all the blood you have lost. Your mind perhaps was playing with your vision." Jack smoothing out her sheets.

Araina nodded. "He's a dangerous man. I was lucky to have him has my first mate. He knows too much for his own good. He has connections to everything. He disappears in, and out of the shadows." A sudden chill came over her, as though Lurker was here.

Jack looked hard at her. "Why, you sound as if he's alive." Araina took a glance at Jack. What if he was? Hunting for revenge would be the worest nightmare for Araina. She barely got out of there alive. Lurker is the last man she would ever fight, knowing his skills, and strength can over power her. She would not be able to fight him again.

Jack closed the windows, and the curtains to her window. He stroked her head. "He's gone Araina, he is miles, and miles away from here. You don't have to be afraid." Suddenly Araina sat up with attitude. "I'm not afraid. I would be able to take Lurker again. I'm too swife for his heavy feet to catch me." Araina laying back down.

Jack shook his head. Araina was still herself. "Sleep. You need your rest for when you disappear tomorrow." He stood up, and turned around. Suddenly Araina grabbed his arm. "Can you stay until I fall asleep?," Araina shrugging, "just in case someone tries to come in. I am weak at this moment."

Jack can see through her words. He nodded, and went to get some food before staying.

Coming out he can see his sisters acting insane on the tables. The men applauded. Will helped Alexandra down. Another crew member Slip helping Rebecca down. Jack rolled his eye's. Alexandra, and Rebecca passed out in there arms. He signaled the two men to come over.

"You put them to bed, and nothing more." Jack seriously scolded. The two nodded knowing not to mess with Jack's anger. Jack grabbed some food, and a blanket for himself.

Entering back into the room he found Araina died asleep. He could not help but appreciate her beauty of her quietness.She seemed more relaxed. Jack came over, and gently kissed her cheek. If knowing what Jack has done, a smile creeped up on Araina's face.

Jack sat in a comfortable armchair from Araina watching her slumber. What if she was right, and Lurker was still alive? Knowing him he would take any chance he got to revenge himself. Seeing Araina has she is, he knew she wouldn't be able to take on Lurker again. He worried, and went into deep thought. Those thoughts led him into a peaceful sleep.
Araina could feel a hand at her throat, but couldn't scream. The person closed their fist on her jugular and was choking her to death. She could see Jack still sleeping in the corner chair. She wanted to get his attention to help her, but to no avail. She was starting to turn blue and wanted so badly to scream for help. Araina had a feeling she might not be able to wiggle out of this situation this time. She decided to make peace and to breathe in the sweet smell of death. Whoever this was that was choking her, would not get the satisfaction of seeing her struggle to stay alive. Everything went dark as Araina surrendured peacefully..............

Araina sat up quickly and breathed in deeply, gasping for breath. Jack was awake and stood up when she came around.
Jack came to her side, "Araina."
"Jack, who was choking me?"
"Nobody Araina. You were dreaming." Jack's expression didn't change as he got up and opened the curtains. The sun shone into the room. Araina squinted and tried to smile as she stretched like a sleepy lion cub.
Jack was about to see what kind of food he could scrounge up, just as Rebecca and Alexandra ran into him. He thought they were just playing around until he saw their scared faces. "I think I just saw that guy Lurker out there."
Araina got off the bed, ready to fight again. Jack put his index finger up to his mouth and requested silence. He walked over to the door where the girls had just ran in from, and looked out quietly. "Stay here." He whispered and tip toed out, sword in hand. He walked down the hall a little ways, until he could see the front desk around the corner. There was an official at the front desk talking to the clerk. It was a different clerk from last night. He didn't see Lurker anywhere around. The lobby was empty, save the two old men who had just walked in, and the officer at the desk. Jack turned and looked down the hall again at his sisters standing next to Araina. Jack shrugged his hands in the air, as if asking silently, "Where do you see Lurker?"
Alex ran up to Jack and pointed to the official at the clerk's desk. "There." She said.
"Alex, that's a town official."
"I don't know Jack. I'm almost positive that's him. It has to be. Becca saw him too."
Jack sighed. If it was him, he couldn't let Lurker see him there. If it wasn't him, they sure looked like idiots playing cowboys and Indians in the middle of a town inn. He looked down at Alex, so tired of fighting and just wanted to go back to sleep. He watched until the officer left the desk and then Jack was going to find out if it was really Lurker.
Jack nonchallantly walked up to the front desk, and asked the clerk: "Can you tell me where I can find law enforcement? My brother and I have gotten into a dispute and I need him to be arrested."
The clerk looked at Jack wide eyed for a second. "uh..I can get an official here for you. There was just one here a second ago. I'll call him back." The clerk leaned in to Jack, "does your brother know he is about to be arrested?" He said under his breath.
"I'm sure he's figured it out already. Nobody can do this to a man and not get arrested." Jack said, and showed him a fresh scar from Lurker's sword he got only a day ago. "I'd like to bring the officer in myself. Can you tell me where the officer that was here went?" Jack said, hurriedly.
"Well, as a matter of fact, he's behind you. There standing in the doorway." The clerk said, pointing past Jack. This was it. Jack was about to find out if or not the adventure was really over, like Araina said it was. His heart was racing angry blood, hand on sword, as he slowly turned around him, ready for anything....
Jack turned, and facing him was a man badly scarred, his face almost unrecognizable. But Jack recognized him.

"Lurker!! We are going to finish this once and for all!" JAck was poised to run, but before he could do anything, Lurker threw something at the ground. Suddenly smoke enveloped him and the whole entrance way.

"This will never be over Du Von! Not till you are all dead and I have all your treasure!" With that he dissapeared into the smoke.
Jack took off through the smoke after him and Araina followed. When Araina came through she almost bumped straight into Jack, who was stopped dead in his tracks.

"He just dissapeared!" Said Jack angrilly. "You mean literally?" Asked Araina.

"Pretty close! He was gone before I got through the smoke even!" Soon the girls and Mattalino came out to where they were standing. Jack told them what had happened and how Lurker escaped death at their hands again. Jack was ready to hunt Lurker down and kill him, but Rebecca stopped him.

"Jack wait. Let's go home Jack, let's just go home!" Alexandra spoke up too.

"Jack, let's let Lurker come to us, but for now it's time we have some peace, quiet and some much needed rest!" It wasn't easy for jack to agree, but he could see their small group of treasure seekers was weary. He sighed in recognition.
As the sun settled on another glorious day on the coast the small group walked together to their ship. Jack looked at Araina, she was actually almost smiling with the peace they all felt together.
The last rays of sun shone on the ship as it sailed off into the purple evening sky.

The old man dosed a bit and paused. The three children that sat around the small flickering fire sat wide eyed and silent, waiting for more.

"Old man, what happened then!" Piped up one child.

"Did Jack and Araina kill that stupid ole' traitor Lurker!?" Asked another. The children's mother rebuked them.

"Children, show some respect for this weary traveler. Let him rest now. He has traveled far and been through much, time for bed anyways." The children groaned in protest, not being the least bit tired even though it was well on in the night.
Before the children went off to their tents in the small travelers camp they were staying in the old man had one more thing to say to them.

"All I have told ye is true me hearties. I would tell ye what happened, but ye see that's another story. Fer know my children just know, the fight for DuVon's treasure still goes on terday, If ye come across it in yer travels know that bloodthirsty traiterous pirates are right behind ye and the adventure will never, ever end!" At that the old man fell to sleep near the warm fire, glowing on his worn but tough face................

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